Talent of operation of numerical control machine tool is in short supply every year 300 thousand person

Final of whole nation of contest of skill of numerical control of the 3rd whole nation is in at present Dalian is held, when Yang Xuetong of executive vice-chairman of Chinese mechanical Joint Industry Conference is accepting a reporter to interview, say, our country is annual numerical control machine tool operates talent breach to amount to 300 thousand person, this is the important bottleneck that restricts development of machine tool of our country numerical control.

    Yang Xuetong introduces, development of numerical control machine tool and numerical control talent are close together union, according to the demand that different period economy grows, in the climax when, our country is annual talent of operation of numerical control machine tool is in short supply left and right sides of 300 thousand person, although be in low ebb when also be faced with 250 thousand, 200 thousand right-and-left breach. Because numerical control machine tool operates the talent’s shortage, what a lot of factories consider above all when buying a machine tool is to have a person to operate, have a person to maintain, these machine tools detect daily how to do.

    Yang Xuetong suggests, want to cast off the predicament that numerical control talent is in short supply, from long-term angle consideration, school of disparate arrangement of ideas should wait to offer the special training course of these respects in school of university, technical secondary school, ability, foster the professional of this respect.

The country pledges to product of numerical control lathe the quantity undertakes supervisory selectiving examination

To make sure the person of handlers is safe, health of industry of lathe of stimulative numerical control develops, logarithm of organization of total bureau of national qualitative check accused lathe product quality to undertake the country is supervised selective examination, selectived examination in all 33 kinds of products that 33 enterprises produce 11 provinces such as Tianjin, Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shaanxi, Shandong, Hunan, Hubei, Henan, Guangdong, municipality directly under the Central Government (do not involve exit product) , sampling percent of pass of product objective quality is 99.8% .
This second selective examination the product with partial better quality includes, group of Dalian machine tool is narrow the lathe of CKA6140 numerical control of liability company, the lathe of CAK5085di numerical control of Inc. of Shenyang machine tool, the high speed of SVT125 × 10/5Q-NC numerical control of Inc. of equipment of neat heavy numerical control the center lathe of CK7516 numerical control of Chanzhu vertical lathe and Inc. of machine tool of treasure chicken faithfulness.
Selective examination to make clear as a result, successive country is supervised selective examination promoted industry quality awareness rise, strengthened quality management, the product quality of industry of numerical control lathe had very big rise. It is protection of precision of the leakage that selectives examination this, geometry, dormant danger, mechanical overload, dangerous to twine be involved in, extruding and cut dangerous, spacing the 34 projects individual event such as the device, measure that prevent a pine, noise, safe guard is accorded with rate all achieve 100% . Total bureau of national qualitative check will continue to undertake dogging selectiving examination to quality of product of numerical control lathe, make industry of numerical control lathe rectify what the constitution measures a level to rise.

Lathe of ordinary numerical control machines big lead to close oily line

Graph 1 part drawing

Graph 2 spread out sketch map

Plan of my unit treatment shows a part 1 times (material: 2OCrMnTi, normalizing, 170 ~ 200HB) , because it has the big lead of 150mm, and for the annulus that close 8 glyphs shape. We used method of awl whorl cutting on numerical control lathe, completed the treatment of this spare parts smoothly. 1 technology program and cutting principle this oil line by the graph 2 spread out plan institute to show two phasic difference of 180 ° close curvilinear composition. If lathe earth is connected to use profiling to become in general,change make tailstock machine, finish very hard, 180 ° can rotate workpiece to install clip turning afresh again after the car goes a curve only. And use hang annulus shake the hand after the feed orgnaization linkage of dividing head and milling machine, this spare parts puts milling in as much the move is phasic problem. In the meantime, to receive relatively good curve form, the milling cutter that the requirement uses its diameter Yue Xiaoyue is good. Bring about slightness of milling cutter arbor necessarily from this, tigidity is poorer, reduce cutting efficiency. And the blemish that numerical control lathe applies special technique to be able to make up for average car milling machine. Above all, one is given out to turn by coder of main shaft position when whorl of turning of numerical control lathe signal, numerical control system is being received after getting this signal, thread tool begins to start immediately, cutting whorl, adjust cutting tool the opposite distance between initial drop can be passed adjust phasic will achieve, namely: S=NL/360
In type: S — the opposite distance with bit more initiative thread tool, mm N — the curve is phasic poor, spend L — whorl lead, mm to the graph 1 spare parts, s=180 × 150/360=75mm, namely after treatment of the first curve ends, mobile cutting tool comes be apart from place of 75mm of primary starting point, turning the 2nd curve, both synthesis accords with what blueprint asks to close 8 glyphs oily line. Next, to assure a spare parts beautiful, feed retreats knife contrail and curvilinear outline must complete be identical. We use technique of awl whorl cutting, cutting depth increases in each loop of curvilinear outline form cutting, after achieving blueprint to ask, instruction of reoccupy awl whorl retreats a knife, effect ideal. Basis of 2 to program blueprint is given element of geometry of spare parts outline, receive following figuration orders: Start of certain treatment of main program O0001;G50X200.0 Z150.0; and coordinate origin (the nodical office that coordinate origin sets in spare parts the centre of a circle and front face) G0X59.0 Z5.0; walks along diagonal to stand by cutting tool of spare parts Z -7.5; to arrive at AM98P0002 L8; of oily line start to call a subprogram 8 times quickly, car W10.0 U -4.0; of deepness of cutting of W -75.0; nap uses the first oily line thread machining means retreats awl the knife arrives at the 2nd curve to machine start to be in M98P0003 L8; to call a subprogram 8 times quickly with G0Z -82.5; cutting tool, w -10.0 U -4.0; of deepness of cutting of nap of W75.0; of the 2nd curve uses turning awl whorl means retreats knife G0Z5.0; to exit X200.0 Z150.0; of spare parts lumen to walk along diagonal to return main program of treatment start M30; to end dextrorotation of curve of turning of subprogram O0002; G32W-75.0 U0.5 F150.0; quickly part subprogram of M99; of Zun Xuan part ends curve of turning of 0.5mmW75.0; of diametical direction feed curve of turning of subprogram G32W75.0 U0.5 F150.0; , if be used at formal treatment, number of the rotate speed that still wants be classified main shaft, cutting tool and change the instruction such as the knife, cooperate cooling fluid instruction. Those who want an attention is, the rotate speed set of main shaft should satisfy the need of cutting torque already, also want to accord with the limitation of speed of the biggest feed in lathe of specific numerical control.

Numerical control lathe reachs cutting tool to cutting tool requirement

The requirement of 1 pair of cutting tool
    Numerical control lathe can hold turning of thick, essence concurrently. For coarsen car can big penetration of a cutting tool, big take a knife, intensity of cutting tool of requirement thick car tall, durability is good; Fine vehicle is to assure to machine precision above all, the precision of requirement cutting tool is so tall, durability is good. To decrease the time that change a knife is mixed convenient to the knife, answer to use machine clip knife more as far as possible. Use machine places a knife to be able to feel automatic plan a requirement to the knife. If say to go up to traditional lathe,using machine clip knife is a kind of proposal only, so machine clip knife is being used on numerical control lathe is a kind of requirement. The cutter hub of machine clip cutting tool, ask production precision is taller, the means of clamp razor blade should choose more reasonably. As a result of machine clip when lathe of knife mount numerical control, do not add spacer to adjust commonly, the precision with so tall point of a knife should get assuring when make. To growing the internal diameter arbor with diameter larger proportion, had better have fight brace up structure. The cooling fluid of internal diameter knife had better introduce cutter hub first, again from knife head around ejective. To bit, bit of coating hard alloy should be used below most circumstance. Coating is in taller cutting speed (> the advantage that body of the ability when 100m/min) reveals it. The cutting rate of common lathe is average go up not to go, the hard alloy bit that uses so need not coating. Bit coating increases cost to be less than one times, and double above can increase in the durability when be being used on numerical control lathe. Numerical control lathe used coating razor blade to be able to raise cutting rate, can improve treatment efficiency thereby. Coating material has carbonization titanium, nitrogen to change titanium and alumina to wait commonly, in the material that also can besmear a few differ on same razor blade, make compound coating. Numerical control lathe has higher demand to the chamfer breaking bits of bit. The reason is very simple: Rate of automation of numerical control lathe is high, cutting often undertakes in sealing closed circuit border, undertake very hard in turning process dealing with artificially to cutting bits in great quantities so. If cut bits to be broken badly, it can be twined go up in knife head, press bad bit possibly already, also can press cutting face. The hard alloy bit that common lathe uses is two dimension break bits chamfer commonly, and razor blade of numerical control turning often is used three-dimensional the chamfer that break bits. Three-dimensional the form of the chamfer that break bits is very much, be to finalize the design commonly inside bit manufactory standard. Its common characteristic is the function that break bits the good, range that break bits is wide. To the spare parts with particular simple material, after cutting parameter is placed, the chamfer that should notice to pick good bit. A few theory can be made discuss in choosing a course, but mainer is to undertake solid cut an experiment. In a few circumstances, OK also the chamfer according to already having bit will revise cutting parameter. Requirement razor blade has tall durability, this is need not of doubt.
    Numerical control lathe still asks the consistency of bit durability is good, so that govern a function at using cutting tool life. When life of use cutting tool manages, the set principle of bit durability regards a basis as the razor blade of lowest of this durability in approving bit. Below this kind of circumstance, the consistency of bit durability is more important than its mean life even. As to precision, ask precision consistency is good between each razor blade likewise.
    2 pairs of blade holder (clip) requirement
    Knife (blade) provide very few and direct outfit to be on the tool carrier of numerical control lathe, blade holder is used commonly between them (also call a knife clip) make transfer. The structure of blade holder basically depends on the configuration of the exterior of the appearance of cutter hub, tool carrier and tool carrier to main shaft means these 3 elements. The sort of nowadays blade holder is various, the manufacturer goes each its thing, standardization rate is very low. The standardization rate of machine clip cutter hub is higher, sort and norms are not so too much; Tool carrier is gross to the configuration means of machine tool main shaft have a few kinds only; Only the exterior of tool carrier (basically be to point to the part with blade holder connection) type is too much. The user is when type selecting, answer to reduce phyletic, type as far as possible, with interest government.

Machine tool of iron mountain numerical control makes an enterprise already amounted to 7

    Machine tool of of all kinds numerical control can be produced per year after total put into production amounts to effect 2000 (set) , production value five hundred million and ten yuan.

    As ” project year ” mobile development is begun. Equipment makes the dominant industry that reachs course of study of its form a complete set to had become an our city. Among them, with numerical control machine tool overall reach fittings to make a batch of high-tech that are a delegate sift of confused of advanced equipment production project door and put into production amounts to effect. Current, whole town is being built and already the numerical control machine tool of put into production is overall reach fittings to make an enterprise already had 7, the total investment of these 7 enterprises is 1.22 billion yuan, total put into production amounts to effect the year after next machine tool of producible of all kinds numerical control 2000 (cover) . Production value will achieve 1.5 billion yuan.

    Already the Liaoning of put into production is located at area of garden of industry of fort of waist of iron mountain county via production limited company of machine tool of abb numerical control. Basically manufacture machine tool of much axis numerical control, move machining center to give priority to repeatedly with 5 axes among them. Develop software of numerical control system at the same time. The XK series that this enterprise produces 5 axes machining center precision is tall, dependability is good, the operation is convenient, can use the dimensional curved surface with sophisticated treatment, apply extensively at the industry such as mould, aviation, spaceflight, car, home appliance, shoemaking. Technical level occupies lead position in the whole nation. Current, two of this enterprise high levels produce a workshop already complete. Complete of an office building is used, complete of a multi-purpose building, workshop of additionally 4 production is in construction. Company margin builds frontier production, to June 2008 end, already realized production value 189 million yuan. The equipment of numerical control of peak of iron mountain high that is located inside area of garden of lumbar fort industry likewise creates limited company main product is full automatic numerical control machine tool, applicable is made at the car, the production of the industry such as spaceflight, the market is had rate is very old, to this year end realized production value in June 103 million yuan. Heavy mechanical production limited company basically produces iron mountain north numerical control machine tool is overall reach component. This enterprise is divided in all period construction, the first phase project that invests 80 million yuan already in April 2007 complete put into production, build product line 4, install equipment of of all kinds treatment 116. Since put into production, produce and sale two flourishing, signed long-term supply agreement with the big company such as group of one steam, 2 steam early or late, the product sells as far as to and other places of Jilin, Shandong, Hubei: 2 period extend project invests 80 million yuan, in June 2007 start working is built, current, project of workshop main body already complete, can throw production this year. The limited company of machine tool of numerical control of Liaoning big constant that is located at moving area of garden of arms hill industry always invests 120 million yuan, year producible various machine tool 300, current, this enterprise the 1st workshop is already finishing, equipment installation ends, throw production. In the meantime, the foundation of the 2nd workshop already was finished, clutching construction.

    The main product number that builds medium Liaoning to connect numerical control machine tool to create limited company greatly accuses machine tool and series steel tube. Predict machine tool of year of producible numerical control 300, can realize production value 200 million yuan. Current, the enterprise is in construction, frame of two production workshop shows basic already and finishing. The equipment of Liaoning Lang Wei Electromechanical that limited company of numerical control machine tool mixes Xigema to always invest 160 million yuan makes the Liaoning that always invests 120 million yuan limited company all is located at new and high area, machine tool of main birth numerical control is overall reach fittings, at present these 2 enterprises are in construction, the end of the year can put into production.

    Machine tool of these 7 numerical control is overall reach fittings to create a company after total put into production, will drive an our city to cast, the relevant industry such as balata, machining grows quickly, promote the formation of industrial chain effectively.