Hengwei machinery DHV965 series: innovative design To make the wheel hub process more simple

In ningbo show ended, there is a machine tool company gained numerous attention, it is ningbo heng machinery co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as: hengwei machinery).Hengwei machinery belonging to zhejiang hengwei group, is one specialized is engaged in mechanical and electrical integration of product research and development, production, sales and service of innovative companies.This exhibition, heng mechanical jolt, together with many processing center product stunning appearance, and most especially to DHV965 series.Today, small make up for all the mysteries of the DHV965 hengwei machinery series.Hengwei machinery DHV965 DHV965 series is hengwei DHV gantry high-speed milling under categories, in order to adapt to high strength aluminum alloy wheel hub processing and development of special equipment.DHV965 series will be divided into DHV965 – A1, DHV965 – A2, DHV965 – B1, DHV965 – B2 four product.The four product in processing on the range, and the size of the spindle, machine tool, and equipped with special and fine adjustment, greatly satisfy the needs of wheel for processing.As a window of aluminium alloy wheel hub processing of special equipment, DHV965 series targeted stronger, realize the innovation in many aspects.Design: unique hengwei machinery DHV965 series as a whole structure of mechanical and electrical integration, using the 3 d design software to optimize design, lathe bed structure more reasonable, more rigid, more excellent machining performance.Three axis adopt Taiwan brand C3 level of ball screw, both ends of preloaded processing precision loss is reduced greatly.In order to meet the demand of large processing, DHV965 series by design improvements, equipped with 1000 & times;700 mm large workbench, also can add four axis or five axis nc rotary table, let the wheel processing more convenient.In addition, the application of high strength and high quality cast iron and aging treatment technology has also made DHV965 hengwei machinery series a more excellent performance in the machining process of aluminium alloy wheel hub.Processing: professional custom DHV965 hengwei machinery series of fixture, tool implements the customization.On the basis of the standard, special equipped with DHV965 series can also be added.Including DHV965 – A1 special fixture can be equipped with car milling, DHV965 – A2 special fixture can be equipped with the bus wheel PVD hole, ventilation, DHV965 – B1 can be equipped with the bus round special fixture, DHV965 – B2 special fixture can be equipped with the bus wheel.Make the production more follow professional customized service.Be worth what carry is, five-axis machine DHV965 – B2 combination of two lathe production line with high efficiency, easy to meet the processing requirements of various kinds of wheel hub.Fanuc system and imported key parts in this series of production equipment of more stability.Production: the high quality of hengwei machinery DHV965 series is the aluminum alloy wheel hub processing machine, specific design make it more outstanding performance in the processing.Such as chip design, according to the need of metal processing, DHV965 series trash ability is stronger, more efficient.On the whole machine design, according to the characteristics of the wheel processing DHV965 series adopted a stronger electromechanical integration design, the guarantee machining stability and greatly improve the machining accuracy.Machine tool quality or not reflected in the details, DHV965 series in every details of the pursuit of excellence, and corresponding design, make it better performance in the aluminum alloy wheel hub processing production.Hengwei machinery DHV965 series from development to design, from production to sales, hengwei machinery products each show originality.DHV965 series is hengwei machinery and progress on the special production.After DHV965 series, hengwei machinery will also develop more targeted products, let more customers enjoy the high quality machine tool service.(this article is provided by China machine tool business original, reproduced this website articles, subject to a written authorization.)

Mid-Autumn moon is round mation CNC happy New Year to the people all over the country

August. 35 to fall, family laugh le tao tao.The ear fragrance of osmanthus fragrans laugh, around a deep heart.The moon circle circle hanging tree, missing to keep happy and harmonious.The annual Mid-Autumn festival is coming, on the occasion of the season, wuxi mation nc machine tools with manufacturing co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “& other;Mation CNC & throughout;)All staff to wish a happy Mid-Autumn festival to the national people’s, a happy family, a successful career!At the same time, also sincerely thank the for mation of nc machine tool users along the support and affirmation.Mation and numerical control is a set research and development, design, production and sales in the integration of numerical control machine parts manufacturing company, is the production of machine tool accessories, machine tool auxiliaries earlier history, strong professionalism, strong technical force of innovative enterprises.Over the years, companies rely on the development of the science and technology products, make the enterprise full of vitality, users all over the country and abroad.Main products are machine tool protective cover, machine tool chip removal machine, filter paper tape, machine tools, circular ventilation tube, vacuum tube, rectangular tube, catheter protective cover, adjustable cooling pipe, scraping the crumbs board, groove board piece, explosion-proof pipe and fitting, and joints, corrugated hose, plastic hose and can quick connectors and other machine tool accessories products.Product quality is guaranteed, the enterprise service.Mation CNC is committed to innovation, and constantly develop, to provide users with better, update the modernization of the new product.Company product warranty for a year, quality warranty, life-long maintenance, free consultation.Mation of nc practice & other;Steady tightening & throughout;& other;Two throughout the &;Business management thought, namely the rigorous organization, strict plan, strict propulsion;Simple to complex problems, part of the overall problem.Make the company management more perfect, sales booming.In the future, mation nc will be excellent quality, good reputation, provide users with satisfactory products and services, contribute to the development of CNC products.For 2017 years, China’s machine tool industry gradually warming, but due to the appreciation of the renminbi, rising raw materials and other factors, the user of the product technology content, quality, price etc. Put forward higher demands and challenges.Mation CNC has always attached importance to product quality, always thinking innovation to guide the technological innovation, technology innovation to promote the development of transformation, out of a belong to his own characteristic development road.Love circle person and reunion, a full moon on a full moon beauty sweet cakes.Another year the Mid-Autumn festival, festival reunion reunion.Greeted with holiday joy, crash machinery all staff to wish a happy Mid-Autumn festival to the national people’s again!The domestic and international machine tool at the same time to thank and user support and trust of the company, I wish you all a happy Mid-Autumn festival, family reunion.(this article is provided by China machine tool business original, reproduced please indicate the source link.)

Huazhong CNC: miniature industrial manufacturing power of vocational education

At the end of August of hangzhou will & other;Heaven on earth & throughout;The reputation of interpretation to get incisively and vividly, just meet, from Wuhan Huazhong Numerical Control Co., ltd. and hangzhou vocational and technical college to undertake the brics skills development and technology innovation contest of intelligent manufacturing line operation and maintenance skills contest the final on August 24 to 25, was successfully held in hangzhou vocational and technical college, and was held on August 26, the brics skills development and technology innovation contest the closing ceremony.Contestant is focusing on robot debugging and the scene of the workpiece processing into the intelligent manufacturing skills contest, tense and fierce, although arena heat makes people sweat, but also failed to prevent from the bric countries of international and domestic total of 50 vocational colleges teams participating enthusiasm, the disciplines to the criteria of international professional ability which set up the competition content, with real operation result and reply result calculated in proportion to the strict match results, 15 contestants in the final five teams competing with excellent performance and good performance to stand out, won the first prize, also harvested from huazhong nc post admission letter of intent, this not only embodies the attitude of huazhong nc are thirsty, more add colour of these elite athletes in the future career.The intelligent manufacturing skills contest with huazhong CNC development & otherHNC – iFactory – m1r1 intelligent manufacturing practice platform & throughout;As a competition platform, is mainly composed of independent research and development of huazhong CNC & other;TV robot & throughout;, configuration, the central China HNC – 818 – a numerical control system of high speed drilling and tapping the seventh shaft center, digital bin, robot and other hardware devices and the cloud CNC large data such as software platform, the platform is a blend of numerical control technology, cloud numerical control, robots, RFID, MES, online detection technology.Players must be completed on the platform, including debugging and application of the RFID system (including the seventh shaft), robot programming and debugging, production line equipment operation and maintenance, large data collection and process optimization, the custom of the individualized product processing, such as eight professional ability index evaluation six tasks.In this game & other;Big data acquisition and process optimization & throughout;Games, athletes are required to complete the first specimen of automatic measurement and process optimization of related parameters, acquisition parameters, and set up the cutter compensation by related software data collection to the general control unit of production line and synchronized to the big data platform, using relevant software, process optimization, set up the relevant parameters, complete the second specimen of automatic processing, which is applied to huazhong CNC system & other;Process parameters of intelligent optimization method based on large data analysis & throughout;.Configured with huazhong HNC – 818 – a numerical control system of huazhong CNC high speed drilling and tapping center independent research and development of a new generation of cloud service platform is the collection of things, big data and cloud numerical control technology application service platform, the location of the platform through the acquisition of CNC system, current, temperature, torque, vibration, follow error, sound, graphics, video and so on big data;Big data distributed storage management;Application of large data analysis intelligent algorithms such as feature extraction, depth to develop ability of nc machine tools.So as to improve the management efficiency of nc machine tools, machining efficiency and machining quality, and guarantee the healthy work of machine tools.Huazhong type 8 systems and industrial comprehensive docking of the Internet platform, make the nc system is not only a tool machine controller, at the same time as factory information network of a node.Huazhong CNC CNC service platform of a new generation of cloud, can realize bidirectional data interaction between different factory workshop and equipment, can provide users with different levels and the size of the products and services, such as product leasing, customization, etc.Relying on central China 8 type numerical control system of intelligent terminal, with cloud nc data service platform, to build an integrated industrial chain resources, efficient allocation of factors of production industry ecological system, online to disruptive changes in the traditional mode of production and consumption patterns.It is based on this, a winning player after the game said: & other;The intelligent manufacturing overall consistency of practice training platform is very good, and the operation is simple and convenient, very easy to get started.Throughout the &;In fact, intelligent manufacture of the digital and Internet of things and intelligent are reflected in the competition, although not in constant temperature processing conditions, for example, but can through the software of the temperature compensation, realize high precision processing;Through TV robot and RFID can easily put the NCM and nonconforming orderly in digital bin & hellip;& hellip;HNC – iFactory – m1r1 intelligent manufacturing practice platform is huazhong numerical control in the industrial application of miniature version, let the contestant feel current practices on the forefront of intelligent manufacturing applications, intelligent manufacture contest the director deng three professor peng said: & other;The platform contains all the elements of industrial manufacturing, match the actual production of the enterprise, in line with the requirements of cultivating talents in college, and believe that this set of equipment will lead to the teaching reform of vocational colleges.Throughout the &;In fact, the contribution of huazhong numerical control in vocational education and advantages has been widely recognized, the many teachers huazhong CNC attaches great importance to cooperation between colleges and also pay more attention to the training of teachers and students, timely provide conforms to the development trend of the current industry application platform.In addition, lead the students to participate in intelligent manufacturing competition, is also one of huazhong nc intelligent manufacturing strategic partner colleges and universities of ningxia vocational and technical college, vice President of the institute of industrial engineering professor Wu Yuning said: & other;The competition is conducive to students’ comprehensive ability and team cooperation consciousness and the improvement of learning enthusiasm, thus to promote the purpose of teaching, in order to promote learning.Throughout the &;TV robot actually, huazhong CNC as early as several years ago for the research of the robot control technology, as a minority in the robot domestic core key components (control system, servo drives, motors, etc.) with completely independent intellectual property rights of robot production enterprises, with strong production and research and development of the technology advantage, products have been applied to the handling, welding, material, coating and other fields, at the same time in the robot automatic production line with successful experience in production line project construction and integration, comprehensive strength in the domestic front.Huazhong CNC has been fruitful results in the field of industrial robots, robot, six axis robot, at present has formed truss four axis robot three series robot various types of industrial robots, mass production and batch in the nationwide market applications.In autonomous robot in practical operation test and market feedback information, robot ontology are up to the good quality standard.Intelligent manufacturing skills contest was one of the disciplines of the brics series, combined with the current international advanced vocational education concept, the competition to promote the vocational colleges of intelligent manufacturing professional construction and talent cultivation of the direction of the guide, at the same time which laid a foundation for building intelligent manufacturing world skills contest.And contest of the brics is in China’s foreign ministry, the ministry of education, under the guidance of the ministry of industry and information technology, sponsored by the business council for the brics international comprehensive skills contest, the event is in China in 2017 as the brics rotating presidency of the important achievements, its aim is to promote the development of the brics skills and technical communication work, the implementation of the brics countries related to the talent development cooperation memorandum signed related spirit, build area all the way and the brics countries vocational skills development, engineering ability and intelligent technology innovation platform for the talents of international cooperation.(the original title: miniature industrial manufacturing power vocational education) (source: industrial online)

Sola Ruth, milling, boring and turning under the digital environment application forward thinking

Driven by innovation and experience accumulated in the past 55 years, sola Ruth (SORALUCE) to become a global leader in milling, boring and turning technology.Put innovation at the forefront, sola Lou stone too many technical leading machine tool industry.We live in a constant change of the world, a world in which requires excellent.Greater capacity, higher precision, higher efficiency, enhance performance, user friendly, human body engineering, safety, and cost-effective, at the same time to reduce the takt time, downtime, energy consumption and emissions.These requirements are important to sora Ruth.Sola Ruth, milling, boring and turning under the digital environment abide by commitment to technology application of forward thinking, Ruth is one of the best partners, to provide you with excellent service and professional advice.Through continuous innovation, the technology to the limit, and provide reliable solutions and various high value-added services.In Ruth, innovation is not a simple idea, but truly on products and projects, thus established the milling, boring and turning the application of new standards.The pursuit of digital & ndash;Digital is the future application in the processing of new digital pattern making, machine tools and machining process of interaction between easier.Sola Ruth, machine tools and its plan to rise to a new level, competitive, and full of high value-added services, in order to improve the feasibility of the plan and production capacity.Sola Ruth digital reflected in four aspects: advanced man-machine interface, intelligent components, data system and control system.Data system through relevant hardware and combined with large data, and the application of cloud computing technology, sola Ruth data system aimed at machine data driven analysis tool, from the machine to produce data to extract valuable information, at the same time to monitor the machine condition, ensure the processing properties of as high as possible.Advanced man-machine interface sola Ruth has developed a set of human-machine interface based on Hyde han TNC 640 applications, through the hotkey, customized dynamic collision monitoring and diagnostic tools, processing cycle, advanced management tools, presents the friendly user interface.The pursuit of innovation & ndash;DAS + release in 2015 of EMO show, sola Ruth shows the world its innovative DAS patent system (dynamic active stabilizer).DAS system real-time enhances the dynamic stiffness of machine and improve cutting performance is as high as 300%.So reducing the process caused by the regeneration effect of traditional flutter.As a new generation of DAS system, DAS + added new function and emo show starting in 2017, including vibration level monitoring, flutter test, a new spindle speed regulating function.The pursuit of technology & ndash;Automation, multitasking and automation solutions for large workpiece sola Ruth offers a variety of automation solutions, from simple integrated into the single machine single tray system, CNC system to complex contains multiple devices by industrial computer management and integration of the workpiece and cutting tool supply system of the flexible manufacturing cell.Multitasking solution sola Ruth multi-purpose machine is most suitable for machining technology of complex workpiece, a clamping complete milling and turning.Through the design of the turning attachment head, workbench and customized processing procedures, as well as special multifunctional attachment head, sola Ruth, provides a set of implementation scheme to expand machine USES and processing capacity.In addition, the sola Ruth in long EMO 2017 exhibition will launch a smart chip solution, so that it can be easy to discharge, and thus to minimize downtime and to ensure continuous production.Large workpiece solution new sola Ruth PXG – W is a gantry multi-function machine, large size and with high accuracy and versatility.Machine tool working space is as high as 1000 cubic meters, weighing 500 tons.Sola Ruth PXG -w machine tools to perform a clamping milling and turning machining, so the production efficiency is extremely high.When large technology complex workpieces, can bring the highest returns for the customer, can carry on the processing of various shape and size of the workpiece.Machine tools used in large areas of pioneering new technologies and solutions, such as vertical ram balance system (VRB), workbench balance system (TBS) and sola Ruth thermal compensation algorithm of the latest development.The pursuit of customized & ndash;For clients to bring new competitive new products, services and solutions, confirm the sola Ruth, close to the customer pledge.Technology is always in the target solution first, and constantly adjust to meet the needs of each customer.Rich products, solutions and services, making the sola Ruth can provide to filling machines all the products (turn-key project).By cutting technology of extremely rich experience team of engineers to provide professional consulting, evaluation of customer production and processing technology, provide the optimal solution, in order to improve performance, improve the takt time, increase production capacity\/efficiency\/profit margins, etc.Ruth, set a new standard for milling, boring and turning sola Ruth is a worldwide leader milling, boring and turning technology.55 years, constantly blaze new trails, in the field of machine tool related technology has become the industry standard.Customer recognition sola Ruth in milling, boring and turning scheme on professionalism, also requires us to aggressive towards increase efficiency and productivity for the customer, customer also approved sola Ruth, technical ability, can demand customized for each product based on the case, at the same time provide turn-key projects, according to the buyer at the request of the quality, efficiency and cost, design and configuration of a complete production line.Ruth brand has a lot of experience, equipment sold more than 2500 units, almost a half for the German customers to buy.For many years also show that 80% of customers will choose to buy again sola Ruth machine tools.Sola Ruth to bart group, the group is also one of the leading European enterprises of mundra gong machine tool group co., LTD.We have nine top manufacturing plants, distribution in Spain, Germany, Britain and the United States, has a centre of excellence in Germany – BIMATEC SORALUCE;At the same time have their own research and development center, including 120 engineers and 24 bits, PhD, has over 30 years of successful operations.Dano bart group can provide the most competitive for market and comprehensive technical feasible scheme.(the original title: sola Ruth, milling, boring and turning under the digital environment application of forward thinking) (source: dano bart)

Cangzhou get optimal machine tool accessories for the expedition to clients on characteristics of steel shield

On August 25, jiangsu wuxi manager, manager, etc. Five people, sun wu to visit cangzhou gather optimal machine tool accessories manufacturing co., LTD., cangzhou get optimal machine tool accessories manufacturing co., LTD. Engineer for managers to steel plate was introduced in detail the characteristics of the shield.The telescopic guide rail steel shield is traditional protective form of machine tool.In the field of steel telescopic guideway were widely used steel shield, to prevent scraps and other sharp objects into play an effective protection, through some structural measures and proper scrapings plate can effectively reduce the cooling fluid infiltration.Cangzhou get optimal machine tool accessories manufacturing co., LTD. Steel telescopic guideway cover can adapt to the modern machine tools for high-tech, correct installation position, continuously improve the requirements of high operation speed, etc.Technical data telescopic guide rail steel shield for high-quality 2-3 mm thick steel plate cold forming, can also according to the requirement for stainless steel.Special surface polishing can make another appreciation.Cangzhou get optimal machine tool accessories manufacturing co., LTD can provide all kinds of machine tools with the corresponding guide rail protection type (horizontal, vertical, inclined and horizontal).Depending on the speed and the guide rail cangzhou poly optimal machine tool accessories manufacturing co., LTD. The developed shield structure is different also.Running speed under 10 m\/min cangzhou gathered optimal machine tool accessories manufacturing co., LTD is equipped with Ann polyester or brass slider.Medium speed under 30 m\/min cangzhou poly optimal machine tool accessories manufacturing co., LTD is equipped with rollers.Also driven plate, scraping the crumbs board and also need to use buffer between suction crumbs board system.The slide block buffer system aims to reduce collisions, noise and friction.Telescopic guide rail steel shield section number, weight and percentage of its operating characteristics are very important.Every single section should be as long as possible, so that can reduce the section number, reduce the cost.Generally the largest tensile and minimum compression ratio should be between 3:1 and 5-1.After the introduction, cangzhou optimal machine tool accessories manufacturing co., LTD. Signed up to 200000 yuan of contracts with your company.Cangzhou get optimal machine tool accessories manufacturing co., LTD. All staff will wholeheartedly for the customer service, customer satisfaction is cangzhou get optimal machine tool accessories manufacturing co., LTD., unremitting pursuit, cangzhou get optimal machine tool accessories manufacturing co., LTD will be adhering to the: & other;Quality priority & throughout;The cooperation concept of cooperation with the customers.(the original title: cangzhou get optimal machine tool accessories for the expedition to clients on characteristics of steel shield) (source: cangzhou poly optimal machine tool accessories manufacturing co., LTD.)