Plastic products aging become fragile Various reason

Automobil plastic net news: it’s not hard to find, plastic containers, plastic cups, plastic buckets, etc. We are living in the most commonly used to plastic products in the long run will appear the phenomenon of aging brittle, so this is the reason?Actually this with mold, equipment, raw materials, process, design of these five aspects are closely linked.A, mold (1) the gate is too small, should consider to adjust the gate size or adding auxiliary gate.(2) the shunt way too small or misallocation, should try to arrange reasonable balance or increase the size of distributary channel.(3) the mold structure bad cause abnormal injection cycle.Second, the equipment (1) barrel inside corner or obstacles, easy to promote the degradation of melting.(2) the plasticizing capacity of the machine is too small, plastic inside the barrel plasticizing inadequate;Machine plasticizing capacity is too big, plastic is heated and the shearing action in the barrel time is too long, plastic easy to aging, make the products become fragile.(3) ejection device tilt or imbalance, dry area small or improper distribution.Three, raw materials (1) in terms of raw materials mixed with other impurities or with improper or excessive solvent or other additives.(2) some plastics such as ABS, etc., will under the condition of be affected with damp be affected with damp heat and water vapor catalytic cracking reaction, result in large strain of parts.(3) plastic regeneration frequency or reworked material content is too high, or within the barrel heating time is too long, cause embrittlement of fabrication.(4) the quality of the plastic itself, such as molecular weight distribution, contains the uneven structure such as molecular chain rigidity is too large in the number of components;Or the other plastic doping pollution, bad additives pollution, dust pollution of impurities is also the cause of brittle.Four, process (1) barrel, nozzle temperature is too low, to raise it.If the material easy degradation, should raise the temperature of barrel, nozzle.(2) reduce the screw plastic back pressure and rotational speed, make the material a little loose, and reducing the plastic degradation caused by shear overheating.(3) the mold temperature is too high, demoulding difficulty;Mold temperature is too low, premature plastic cooling, fusion welded seam bad, easy to crack, especially when high melting point, such as polycarbonate plastic.(4) the mold core to a proper draft.Core difficult demoulding, to improve the mold temperature, shorten the cooling time.Cavity is difficult to take off, want to lower the temperature in the cavity, extend the cooling time.(5) as far as possible with a metal insert, such as polystyrene plastic of this kind of specific volume of brittleness of cold heat is big, can’t join the insert molding.Five, the products design (1) products with prone to stress cracking of sharp corners, gaps, or thickness vary widely.(2) the product design is too thin or hollow out too much.Conclusion: plastic products provided a lot of convenience to our life, while it also has many flaws, but we believe that the future plastic industry can develop more perfect and more convenient products.Editor: Zhao Pei male

Hals linan base production 12 million plastic cup international strategy is expected to speed up

Automobil plastic net news: after nearly two years of waiting, hals linan finally completed and put into production base.This means that the internationally renowned high-end brands in water “SIGG localization to become a reality,” the company’s international strategy propulsion to offer help.After the completion of the project, hals linan base annual sales income is 1 billion yuan.On September 9, the hangzhou qingshan lake hals industrial co., LTD. Hangzhou linan base, is a plant that makes to the world at last.The production base covers an area of 100000 square meters, has completed standardized factory building, office building and dormitory building.Completed, hals linan base integrating research and development, production, marketing, high-end cup will form the annual output of 8 million stainless steel 3 million, 3 million smart cup, plastic cup of production capacity, annual sales revenue of 1 billion yuan.Completion ceremony, the chairman of the board of hals Lv Jiang said, “linan base will be the birthplace of hals industrial 4.0, hals is ascension and an important way of development, and internationalization of hals layout is an important part of.”Hals Lv Jiang chairman, said in the future, hals industrial co., LTD. Hangzhou will hail in ultra lightweight, lead-free, seamless application of new technology and new equipment guide cup pot industry technology upgrade, at the same time to create a personalized and highly flexible production mode of digital products and services.And vacuum insulation technology used in the field of kitchen small home appliance, vacuum creating a global brand small appliances.Hals business headquarters in zhejiang yongkang, the company’s main products include vacuum cup, vacuum flask and heat preservation pot, etc.Company headquarters and the “supermarket of the world”, adjacent to yiwu market, backed by the huge market, hals since going public in 2011, operating income growth.Especially in overseas markets, in the first half of 2017, the company implemented foreign sales income is 517 million yuan, up 41.24% from a year earlier.Hangzhou hals industrial co., LTD., a wholly owned subsidiary of hals, was established in November 8, 2012.In 2015, hals linan base construction.In this new production base, the completion of high-end stainless steel cup is particularly noteworthy.According to the offering, high-end stainless steel cup (SIGG) production line construction project investment of 566 million yuan.It is reported, “SIGG” is internationally renowned high-end brands in water, in March 2016, hals acquisition SIGG Switzerland company success.SIGG Switzerland is a company with more than one hundred – year – old Swiss manufacturing company, the company in Europe and other places has a perfect sales network.Hals linan base, SIGG is in fact the localization of the product.Will be built after the implementation of the project, hals high-end cup capacity, annual output of 8 million SIGG implement SIGG cups of large-scale production, high-end cup global market for the company to provide foundation of production capacity at the same time, the company will make full use of the “SIGG” brand and channel advantages, as well as domestic brand advantage and existing marketing network, the rapid expansion of high-end cup international and domestic market, and gradually improve the company’s products in the high-end cup market share of the market.Hals Lv Jiang chairman said, three hundred (in one hundred, top, billions), modernization, standardization, automation, informationization, intellectualized), five innings (talents, capital distribution, layout, industrial layout, market layout, production layout) is a long-term struggle of hals strategic target, based on China, think globally, to participate in the fierce conflicts between both domestic and international market has become inevitable.Editor: Ye Dan

Roadside tao block beeswax rough stone is plastic expert action floating fire distinguishing true and false of wax (figure)

On October 8, 2014 Beijing collectables – autograph lovers Ms. Wei a antique stand on the side of the road for a piece of dark red on “wax the original stone”.She thinks she’s picked up a big leakage, can ask professional personage to get collectables – autograph store a appraisal, it was a piece of plastic.So, how to distinguish true and false wax?Yesterday, Ms. Wei for help this living laboratory columns, hoping to find a simple and feasible method of operation.To this end, the reporter comes to the li river graceland, the international market, in under the guidance of professionals, with industry to identify the common method, has carried on the experiment.A really rough stone as shown in the above bubbles.With flame burn according to smell you can judge true and false.Beeswax barrel beads.Really beeswax.Wax products.Survey: price rising Fraud frequently with the popularity of Tibetan buddhist culture in recent years, as one of “western qibao” beeswax also became an ornament of the young.In the li river east xinyu collectables – autograph stores graceland, the international market, sellers Zhu Boyu is introduced, the domestic price of beeswax has been bullish, doubled for nearly three years.Under the profit-driven, counterfeiting of wax on the market more and more, let a person illusory.”Beeswax is one of the most easy to” punch “collectables – autograph, if not for a long period of time, the average person is very easy to fool.”Zhu Boyu introduction, beeswax is fat liquid fossil trees actually, because is crystal plastid, between the high temperature of 250 ℃ to 250 ℃, beeswax will melt.Is based on this characteristic, common means of fraud has two kinds: one is to use beeswax broken slag melt and become “the second generation of wax”, 2 it is made of plastic, resin pure fakes.Experiment: floating fire Each have advantages and disadvantages Zhu Boyu said, identify wax of true and false, the first is “look”.He said, beeswax and amber belong to the same kind of material, is often associated with.Translucent, is a state of “full of honey”.See with the naked eye, however, the true beeswax inside there are very few bubbles, and hot melt off wax will have a lot of small bubbles, and there will be massive.In addition, the true wax texture without rules, and flowing feeling is strong.And because false beeswax is melted and through mixing, cooling, cutting, grinding and other processes, its texture is similar or even identical.So, have to discern between true and false beeswax intuitive method?Zhu Boyu brought a paper cup, filled with water, and then continued to stir in salt and fully, until the salt cannot be dissolved.At this time, the cup of salt water is a supersaturated solution.Zhu Boyu picked up a piece of wax in salt water, the beeswax floating up.Zhu Boyu said, the density of wax is slightly bigger than a water, thus can float in the supersaturated solution.However, this method cannot fully to ensure that the correct identification results, because the beeswax to all kinds of impurities, thus density will be slightly different.In addition is detrimental to assay method.Zhu Boyu took out a piece of raw beeswax rough stone, with a cigarette lighter light the corner of the flame after blowing out the smell of anxious burnt smell of beeswax.”True beeswax is a kind of turpentine flavor son, false beeswax is plastic taste.”This way, he said, although the intuitive and effective, but will cause damage to the beeswax.He suggested that if was to identify beeswax hand string, can go to hot wax beads with a hot needle hole, so that we can reduce the damage degree.Suggestion: the rule of psychological must not have now, beeswax and amber collectables – autograph projects has become the most easy to fraud.On the roadside antique stand, all kinds of “beeswax hand string”, “wax the original stone”, attracted people to come to “rule”.”In fact, everyone should keep in mind, it is in a place like this is not possible to let you pick up to” leak “.”Zhu Boyu remind, now some counterfeiters use copal resin, plastic and a mixture of wax, ShiJia characteristics the lamellar structure with beeswax, deceptive.Source: north late new vision network reporter: Wang Qipeng huanyu\/li wen JiChen\/taken

Inside and outside Japan are picking up litter on to the pitch after the game, fans to win respect

World Cup opener, Japan beat South American rival Colombia, the game has a symbolic significance, this is the Asian teams in the World Cup for the team’s first win in South America.In addition to win on the pitch, the Japanese fans outside also left a warm heart.After the end of the game, many Japanese fans did not leave in advance, they prepared a big blue plastic bags, garbage in court.According to the famous big V @ ono sister learning fun, a lot of fans of Columbia also stay in the stadium, with Japanese fans picking up trash.In weibo, he said: “a tweet Japanese fans at the scene, said: Colombia’s defeat to Japan after the game, the scene of the Columbia fans not only easy to congratulate Japan fans, also take the initiative to leave, together with Japanese fans at the scene of the clean garbage…Lost the game, but never lose quality.”Four years ago, the World Cup in Japan, their fans also hit the headlines.The Japanese game 1 against the ivory coast, but their fans after picking up litter in the rain, the scene also let the whole world.Bring your own garbage after watching clean is a traditional Japanese fans, whether in the previous World Cup, or in the afc champions league or the domestic J league.Second after Japan and the Greek games, Japanese fans picking up litter behavior also attracted British media reports, the daily mail, the daily mail was particularly focus, said the Japanese fans became a unique scenery in the World Cup.Before, the paper said the referee blew the final whistle, the Japanese began clearing up the rubbish in the action, and when they left, leaving behind the stadium, and they just come clean.The daily mail said, the Japanese fans everyone carry a blue plastic bag, in the game, they have a collective waving, as cheer props, and after the game, blue bag become garbage bags, used to clean up the stands.Related news Japan 2-1 in Colombia, Asian teams first win South American team, for the team’s play can win more?No one will think of elder brother, this is the start of the war of the Columbia sanchez was sent off for deliberate handball players.This is a not the unexpected accident.After it produces, the pros and cons of going to see who can bring the surprise to narrow or expand as far as possible, the Japanese coach west wild lang with Colombia team coach jose pekerman has been fight for 90 minutes, the result of natural Japanese won.West wild lang’s strategy is clear: tight don’t let go.Although the Columbia team overall strength than in Japan, but strong amplitude is not large, far less than for at least one person.Wild west long before the tactical arrangement, would want to play defensive counter-attack, but sanchez was sent off, he immediately order the armed forces, with rival exchanges.This is the west of wild lang face a quick, he is impossible to know in advance of the situation, so to change tactics, reflects the professional quality of west wild lang is higher.Can, of course, Colombia’s hold, your little debate in addition to coach fast reaction, also depends on the court playing ability to execute people?Don’t say to the Chinese team must be ineffective, even with a few other Asian teams, have to say.Just have this ability, but the Japanese players in Asia within the scope of the skills of tactical consciousness and foot ball, Japan said the second, no one dare say first.How to measure the value of the victory?I don’t speak to the conclusion that I only responsible for the listed four groups of data, your own judgment.First, Asian teams after fight with the South America, 18 transcript is: 3 flat 15 negative.This is the first time that the Asian teams win over South American teams;The second and last year’s World Cup in Brazil, on behalf of Asia’s four teams, 12 group game transcripts: 3 flat and re-imposed.Third, in the group B first round contest, Iran has win over Morocco, but the goal is oolong gift given by rivals, Japan today is active goal;Fourth, Morocco’s current world ranking is 41, into the World Cup finals last time was in 1998.Colombia’s world ranking is 16th, their team in the last World Cup in Brazil.Source: north new visual integrated (sohu) late

Centerless grinder | dongguan centerless grinder machining

HongXin precision, specializing in the production of Taiwan centerless grinder, centerless grinding machine of professional maintenance services at the same time, supply the centerless grinding machine accessories, such as main shaft, bearing, screw (from Taiwan), in order to cooperate with centerless grinding machine feeding and discharging, as well as production centerless grinding machine automatic feeder and feeder, and provides the centerless grinding machine processing service for the customer!HongXin centerless grinder, belongs to the high precision centerless grinder, high precision, good stability and good accuracy stable!HongXin company, specializing in the production of centerless grinding machine, because the focus, so professional, committed to the “HongXin” into a centerless grinding machine industry, the industry well-known brands, national pride!HongXin company to introduce Taiwan centerless grinding machine and centerless grinding machine technology in Japan, at the same time, the core of the centerless grinding machine parts are from Taiwan, centerless grinding machine in the production process, strictly the centerless grinding machine production each link of quality, centerless grinding machine shovel flower, centerless grinding machine processes such as scraping tile is completed by experienced centerless grinder senior technician, to ensure that the final factory centerless grinding machine with high precision, good stability, more durable!Now HongXin company sells on the market the centerless grinding machine by the customer the consistent high praise!Customers is generally accepted that HongXin centerless grinding machine with high precision, easy to operate, more human!HongXin company promises, HongXin company sales by centerless grinder, one year warranty, free replacement within one year of main components, 24 hours after-sales service response!HongXin centerless grinding machine series mainly brand: centerless grinder, HX – 1206 type HX – 1206 – s centerless grinding machine (drive centerless grinding machine), HX – 1206 special pressure grinding centerless grinder, centerless grinder, HX – 1808 type HX – 1810 type centerless grinding machine!HongXin company look forward to working with you to join hands in creating a centerless grinding machine industry a better future!Standard: precision grinding workpiece: ¢8 * 150 mm cut grinding: roundness 0.5 mu m, cylindricity 2 microns, finish Ra0.08 mu m. through grinding: roundness 0.5 mu m, cylindricity 2 microns, finish Ra0.08 microns.