Wu Chong group WHCQ1600 horizontal machining center was awarded the red dot award

international red dot design awards in Essen, Germany aalto theatre, China north industries group wuhan heavy machine tool group co., LTD and shenyang industrial design co., LTD., joint design of brahman Wu Chong WHCQ1600 horizontal machining center machine tool of 4662 eligible product stand out from the whole world, to become China’s first equipment manufacturing industrial design award winning products.

Red Dot Design Award (Red Dot Design Award) designed by renowned German association Design Zentrum Nordrhe in Westfalen was founded in 1955, “the iF Award” with Germany, the United States “IDEA Award” and called the world three big Award, “international industrial Design of the academy,” said.Red dot award, adhere to the principle of open, fair and rigorous selection, innovation level, function, the human body function, ecological effect and durability as the index to evaluate for the product, the most forward finally and can lead the industry product design trends.

whcq1600 horizontal machining center designed for Wu Chong group independent research and development with high speed, high efficiency, high precision of large horizontal machining center, the machine main specifications and parameters and technical performance indicators have been close to or reached the international advanced level.Outer protective design new WHCQ1600 horizontal machining center, through the engineering technology and art means will be located in high intelligence and high-tech product image, finally embodied in products function, structure, process, visual transmission, the relationship between the market and so on, the enterprise culture and mutual fusion recognition system, make it become the image of the “state” machine tool enterprise communication platform.

Makino milling machine to launch special horizontal machining center a40 aluminum alloy die casting parts

Makino milling machine production is
from July 2015 to start selling to specialise in aluminum alloy die casting parts finishing the use of “a40” horizontal machining center.The product without the function of heavy cutting, so the spindle rotation, XYZ axis movement and the cutting tool replacement more agile, can make the finishing homework time shortened by 25%, at the same time, in order not to let chip in the way, also strengthened the scraps discharge capacity, can prevent the interrupt processing.Makino is expected, affected by the global auto demand, used for the realization of lightweight aluminum die-casting parts will also increase, so the product is developed, and on June 24, 2015 in as the main demand with the release of North America.

general to implement additional processing aluminum die casting parts, such as the flat part of the form is used to install other parts, machining screw hole and screw thread processing, etc.These additional processing with machining center, cutting tool and workpiece contact time actually only half, half the time spent in changing cutting tool and the tool to the processing on the part of the operation.The key is to shorten the cutting time, stop the restart of the spindle and replacing tool to set by the speed of the startup time.Makino, through the method of spindle miniaturization, reduce the inertia force, shorten the start-up time.Thus will compete model usually takes more than 1 second startup time (the time required to 12000 RPM) reduced to 0.45 seconds.Cutting tool replacement in

, in a typical case to happen every 10 seconds time, to as high as millions of times a year, as a result, even change a shorter time is less than 1 second, accumulated can also save a lot of time.New products of the main shaft for 40, but its size and 30 spindle basic same, so that the inertia force decreased by 65%.Due to the length of the drive shaft rotation of motor rotor is shorter, in order to make up for it, increase the input voltage to 400 v, to ensure the enough torque and rotational speed.

in addition, when screw thread processing to tapping segment clockwise screwing in the hole processing, and then pull reversal, so the spindle will stop.New product also shortened the time needed for the job, and the speed of the screw thread processing itself from the usual 3000-4000 RPM to 3000 RPM.

due to the main shaft to realize lightweight, therefore the X, Y axis is more agile movements.Accelerated the increase of the acceleration, the greater the acceleration, so that to achieve constant acceleration time reduced by half.In driving the workbench of Z axis and B axis rotary worktable, joined the “inertia force control functions”, will detect the workpiece weight, lighter in weight when using high acceleration.

to wreck a automatically stops when processing in cutting tools, the new product standard to tool irradiation light, through the image detection tool technology.The check just 0.1 seconds.Due to the use of the probe and the check methods of contact takes 0.7 seconds, so changed to use image processing means of non-contact inspection methods.

in recent years, the precision of the aluminum alloy die casting technology, constantly improve the finishing the required cutting allowance has become very small, so the processing done in a very small load.But the problem is the number of the number of parts and the machining of screw has not been reduced.Therefore, processing enterprises hope to offer a large number of light cutting machine tools.Animal husbandry, according to “shorten the operation time 25% had a huge effect on reducing costs, even if the machine more, is enough to back to this”.The biggest workpiece diameter of 630 mm,

a40 largest workpiece height is 900 mm.Axial travelmotion of X 560 mm, Y Z axes 640 mm.The largest workpiece weight is 400 kg.X, Y, Z axis feed speed up to 60000 mm\/min.Fuselage size is 2410 * 4249 * 4249 mm wide, weighs 6000 kg.

Transflex spindle machining center more applications in the field of composite processing


Transflex Transflex flexible manufacturing system for my company cooperation with Sweden MODIG company development and design of a new type of the flexible manufacturing system consisting of multiple spindle machining center.Transflex perfect adaptive ability, the unit of work and conveyor line, with zero, multiple spindle high-speed machining tool change time and with the advantages of the linear motor drive.Because the machine has the linkage of the feed shaft, dynamic spindle interpolation function, thus able to automobile, aviation and other fields require high machining accuracy, surface roughness requirement of high quality, the outline of complex and multifaceted porous parts, milling, interpolation and milling, drilling, boring, thread milling and the efficient composite processing of tapping screw thread, and other procedures.Transflex excellence in composite processing mainly comes from the following core technology.

(1) high production efficiency and adaptability: due to the use of numerous technologies such as tool change time, so the central processing equipment operation time is reduced effectively, so as to achieve the high productivity.Since all the spindle has its own knife library system, so each spindle can meet the requirements of different processing methods, achieved good adaptability.Through rapid locking positioning fixture positioning device, reduces the workholder transposition of time.Time:

(2) no change knife in the other main shaft running at the same time, the equipment complete change in the background.Before getting into processing position, the speed of the spindle has reached the required.Based on this principle, the spindle acceleration, deceleration and tool change time will be deducted from the cycle time.

(3) the optimization of the spindle system: according to the application conditions and customer requirements to determine the number of main shaft, up to 10 root spindle can be installed.For all the purpose of the main shaft of the optimization.Spindle machining scope of tapping screw, laser, milling, drilling, grinding, and powerful processing, etc.

(4) no repeated clamping workpiece: TransFlex can install up to 10 horizontal or vertical spindle, at the same time with up to 5 axis of workpiece positioning system, which can, in most cases, more complete individual artifacts surface processing.

(5) outstanding dynamic performance, match with linear motor.TransFlex high speed and high acceleration, through in the X, Y, and Z up use linear motor, can achieve very high interpolation and position tolerance.

(6) auxiliary time is short, can be done automatically fixture replacement, at the same time can be done in a few seconds the main shaft of the cutter disc replacement, can also according to the production requirements to determine each cutter tool number.

Transflex flexible manufacturing system local area, the overall shape and the machine is mainly suitable for aerospace, military industry and automobile industry such as small to medium size of housing, housing and cylinder head and other parts processing.


(2) HOUSING parts processing scheme with MAGNA company LG HOUSING parts as an example, the whole process and the technological process are described below.

magna cylinder shell specifications for 239 mm * 193 mm * 198 mm, the material is AlSi9Cu3, parts machining parts with A datum, G face, A ‘face, G and D.

artifacts based on third class high surface (X1, X2, X3) and two taper hole 2 (R1) positioning hydraulic clamping, machine tools with the fourth axis rotation.

spindle selection and distribution of cutting tool, eight independent spindle unit and the knife library according to the principle of process optimization are arranged at both sides of the processing area.Machining parts and process the beat is as follows:


(1) A datum.Processing step work with plane milling, drilling, reaming, boring and tapping screw, machine and beat, get A datum plane cutting time of 45.01 s.

(2) G datum.Step processing industry has a plane milling, milling ring groove back, drilling, reaming, boring, boring and tapping screw, machine and beat, get G datum plane cutting time of 42.87 s.

(3) the back of A datum – A ‘datum.Processing step milling flat, composite drilling and tapping screw, etc., and machining the beat, to get A ‘datum plane cutting time is 11.93 s.

(4) G datum on the back — G ‘datum.Processing step work with milling flat, chariot, drilling and tapping screw, machine with the beat, get G ‘datum plane cutting time is 6.98 s.

(5) D datum.Processing step work with milling flat, chariot, drilling and tapping screw, machine with the beat, get D datum plane cutting time of 1.32 s.

(3) when machining time distribution and production capacity of

parts Transflex can achieve rapid positioning, its main shaft positioning the total time is 52.02 s, time is 20 s, loading and unloading workpieces cutting time is 111.3 s, the total processing time is 183.28 s.

4. Conclusion in

, two Transflex equipment can complete the task of annual output of 300000 pieces, and needs only one clamping workpiece, the multi-channel process after the accumulated error is small, significantly improved the precision of machining of complex, reduce the sets and covers an area of the machine tool, simplifying the material flow, shorten the entire process, reduces the technical limitations on the product design.