Power of chongqing to make intelligent transformation 2017 jia machinery was opened

sponsored by the economic information committee in chongqing, the chongqing business committee of chongqing city jia convention and exhibition co., LTD., to undertake the 18th set jia international machinery exhibition (2017) on May 25 to 28, was held in chongqing international expo center.

set up exhibition is based on the rapid growth of industrial economy in chongqing developed important exhibition equipment industry.In 2016, chongqing equipment industry closely around the task structure, promoting the transformation and increasing benefits, insist on innovation drive, to speed up the foster emerging industries, promoting the development of equipment industry made good.Steady growth of industry scale, steady growth effect is obvious.Machinery industry rules in the city on the enterprise realize industrial output 230.3 billion yuan, accounting for 9.6% of the industry, the proportion of slightly higher than the same period in 2015;GDP growth of 9.9%.Achieve sales of 224.5 billion yuan, an increase of 10.9%.Main business income is 223.7 billion yuan, an increase of 11.2%.58% growth in the equipment industry, environmental protection equipment, machine tool industry grows 41.7%, power transmission and transformation increases by 20.2%, 14.2% growth of agricultural machinery.In the aspect of equipment on the product, the city’s production of 1971 sets of industrial robots, growth 1.8 times;3384 sets of CNC machine tools, an increase of 17%.Based on city industrial economic development achievement, western machinery and equipment industry event xviii jia international machinery exhibition in May to attack.

the state fair with innovation, sharing, open, diverse, as the theme, the size of 78000 square meters, from more than 10 countries and regions, more than 20 domestic provinces and cities of more than 1000 well-known enterprises will get fine appearance, exhibits, including various types of metal-cutting machine tools, industrial automation and robotics, casting die casting and heat treatment, sheet metal equipment and products, rubber and packaging, industrial park, features, etc.At the same time the new defense intelligent manufacturing, high precision aluminum processing projects, as a whole distance, unusually brilliant.

international gathering, famous brand for

as much starker choices-and graver consequences-in will develop intelligent manufacturing as strategic task of insist for a long time, digital, networked, intelligent manufacturing is increasingly become the main trend of development.Is chongqing in past the 20th anniversary of the 2017, chongqing will be fully promote intelligent equipment industry development and manufacturing of intelligent transformation.The exhibition more intelligent products, intelligent manufacturing solution concentration.All exhibitors

equipment industry the world famous enterprise.Yamazaki mazar-e-sharif, archie, gateway, and the Bronx kang, the world famous enterprises, such as citizen, good friends will debut metal-cutting machine tools, measuring area.Fanuc, Siemens, ABB, wide number, TV and other industrial automation leading enterprises will be displayed.But, di can laser, macro mountain, chutian laser and laser equipment manufacturers to bring new manufacturing solutions.The world’s top die casting enterprise buller, force strength, rich to converge, boutique castings pavilion, will make its debut in chongqing casting association exhibition highlights.With mold industry cluster development, a growing demand market, exhibition scale strength increases by 31%, the die and mould industry is suggested, domhke, ZhuoTai, FengChang, YongSheng, Japan’s son (Hitachi), a win hundred and extension, can enterprises will be dressed up to attend.Advanced equipment, star products to compete, comprehensive display intelligence to make new style.

China aluminum industry has gone through 60 years of history, at present, China is already the world’s largest aluminium producer, producer and consumer, has become an important international market aluminum supply base.As China’s aluminum industry into the scale, the aluminum processing enterprises to enter the important period of change and transformation, China aluminum deep processing and high precision exhibition (2017) arises at the historic moment, debut set exhibition.Tianchen, parker, it’s too long, coward, pradesh and other well-known aluminum processing equipment and material manufacturers will appear.In order to further cooperate with

countries of the two fusion, such as military and civilian integration strategy, build the factory complete industrial chain display platform, improve the development of the military domain informationization, digitized integrity, systematic and coordination, the defense intelligence manufacturing exhibition will be on display at the new N2 pavilion, companies such as huawei, huashan, zte, unicom will write efficient, intelligent product export.Ac

pavilion day activities, innovation the exhibition according to characteristics of industry in southwest China, and combined with the current industry hotspot, respectively, on May 25 to 27, around the car manufacturing, defense military\/aerospace, sheet metal, mold, etc during the show to build three major themes, communication, more than 30 games related topics communication meeting, activities, take turns.China (chongqing) intelligent manufacturing international BBS chair by lipeigeng academician of Chinese academy of engineering, both at home and abroad well-known experts, senior consultant and benchmark companies such as HP, IBM, changan, read the next ten years China’s intelligent manufacturing roadmap, plan for the road of industrial transformation of the digital and intelligent, help correct understanding of intelligent manufacturing, grasp the present situation and the tendency of the development of intelligent manufacturing key technologies, the correct selection.

as a national important military products manufacturing base in southwest China, has a large military enterprise, 2017 eighth military-industrial manufacturing digital technology exchange meeting will focus on military field six major industries (nuclear, aviation, aerospace, ships, weapons, electronic) intelligent manufacturing and digital manufacturing solutions of exchange of experience.2017 BBS will analyze the industry mold industry development in western China, discusses the new trend of development.

service development, benefit the west

to establish a high level professional level in the country have a certain influence of sanxin BBS, respectively in the western region of chongqing, sichuan, guizhou and other provinces and cities around the car manufacturing, mold processing, intelligent manufacture, digital technological upgrading, two fusion and other topics of the development of the technology exchange activities.Launched 4000 active purchasing enterprises acquisition plan, category involves the information such as procurement, marketing, recruitment, project construction, the collection to the list of companies and the stage of the public, promote the supply and demand information transparency.Perfect jia technical advisory group, fully give play to the role of experts, according to industry demand of the technique salon of the organization, and expert visit during the show set in link, around the one-to-one technology communication technology development, equipment type selection.Set fine cup – best craftsmen selection activities, together with the city federation of trade unions in ba-yu craftsmen selection in the whole society build respect skills, good labor great environment, will be in 27 machinery manufacturing professional engineer communication conference and awards, awards will also be submitted ba-yu artisans.

visit to enjoy more benefits of register, early attention made Carrie WeChat CWMTE2016 finish visit pre-registration service, during the exhibition can scan code directly, visit with more convenient and efficient and exhibition experience.

(the original title: jia exhibition: the 20th anniversary of the establishment of an avalanche of chongqing in past, full speed up manufacturing intelligent transformation)

Prime minister li keqiang, talk about intelligent manufacturing, CME China machine tool show what can do for the “made in China 2025”?

Made in China, 2025,

is in the first decade of the Chinese government implement the strategy of manufacturing power of action.”Made in China 2025″, insist on & other;Innovation drive, quality first, the green development, structural optimization, the talent for this & throughout;The basic policy, insist on & other;Market leading, government guidance, based on the current and long-term perspective, the whole advancement, key breakthrough, independent development, opening up and cooperation throughout the &;The basic principle, through & other;Three steps & throughout;Realizing the strategic goal of manufacturing power: the first step, in 2025 into the manufacturing powerhouse ranks;The second step, by 2035 China’s manufacturing sector as a whole to make world powers camp medium level;The third step, to the founding of new China in one hundred, in the lead of the world’s manufacturing power in terms of comprehensive strength.5.17 we’ll talk about our premier li keqiang made in China, 2025, prime minister of “made in China 2025” has been clear about the & other;The roadmap & throughout;, the development of intelligent manufacturing as the main direction, namely to promote the traditional industry change.Now as the world’s second largest economy in our country, military, medical treatment, the development of real estate and financial industries are very quickly, can say all industry on the basis of manufacturing, small to watch a humble small gear manufacturing, to medical equipment and even the manufacture of aircraft carriers, cannot leave the machine tools, Mr. Li showed that & other;Development of intelligent manufacturing to high-end equipment, short board equipment and intelligent equipment as the breakthrough point, vigorously promotes the key core technology research, speed up the breakthrough of sensors, industrial software, industrial control systems, such as bottlenecks, concentrated support to key areas and transform and upgrade traditional industry innovation development urgently needed equipment engineering, industrialization, launched a new materials research and development and application of major projects, enhance the basic research, application development and system integration ability & throughout;, the CME China machine tool show “made in China 2025” a key direction for perfection, & other;Intelligent manufacturing & throughout;As machine tool exhibition display area of the biggest highlights of the CME China, nearly 800 high-quality exhibitors, six exhibition areas include: intelligent plant exhibition, galleries metal cutting machine tool, metal shaping machine tool exhibition, work quantity cutting exhibition, machine tool accessories exhibition, international exhibition, nearly 100000 professional visitors, 80% of the buyers has the final decision, 60% of the audience has visited China for three consecutive years of machine tool exhibition, the past three years the volume of more than 2.6 billion yuan, accounting for more than 1.38% of the total amount of China’s machine tool market consumption, it is enough to illustrate the CME China machine tool show effect and quality.

in today’s manufacturing, large annexation of small enterprises are common, the prime minister, said: & other;To create a “made in China 2025” phalanx demonstration can make medium enterprises in the area of cluster development, form an environment, a kind of atmosphere, leading to the development of the whole country, into the global market competitive advantage into full play.Throughout the &;The survival of small and medium-sized enterprises more and more difficult, “made in China 2025” is definitely not light refers to large enterprises, formulate related plans and support measures must not only aimed at large enterprises, for small and medium-sized enterprises to give full support, promote the development of medium enterprise financing.Li said, & other;Many small and medium-sized enterprises through mass entrepreneurship, innovation development of intelligent manufacturing, has become to promote transformation and upgrading of manufacturing power to be reckoned with.On this point, the CME China machine tool show do more perfect, the world medium companies hundreds every year in CME China machine tool show stage, such as: Mr Mark, doosan, in tianjin, citizen, north village, hanwha, superior technical point, the wines, irreverent comedy, RongTian, iron king, tam, pier feng, igawa hon, tokugawa, overseas Chinese, the book of genesis, dejan, yoga, matt, honest, I cing, Wei in brands.

conference decided to pay special attention to the pilot demonstration, adjust measures to local conditions to build & other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;Pilot demonstration city (group) and intelligent manufacturing demonstration area, preferred to create a batch of & other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;Demonstration area, and support in policy and institutional innovation on the first try, formation of intelligent manufacturing and industrial cluster innovation atmosphere, creating a new growth area.Li keqiang stressed:

& other;In today’s world factors conducive to the development of peace began to increase, we must seize this rare opportunity.Accelerating the construction of China’s unique advantages, play a good manufacturing powerhouse.Throughout the &;Regardless of whether they are “made in China 2025” which direction, CME China machine tool show did not dare to say the industry first, as a rising star, just three years, displayed in the time of 12 days, the CME in east China machine tool exhibition has become the largest and most professional machine tool exhibition, the exhibition based on the Yangtze river delta, service the whole of China, facing the world, made a small contribution to the development of China’s manufacturing industry, believe CME China machine tool exhibition future hand in hand to the exhibitors who continue to help the development of China’s manufacturing industry.

Broaching machine lubrication work need each user attention

Unlike other machine, broaching machine, another structure characteristics is stiffness big, this is in order to match the accuracy control of the control system, in order to adapt to the high precision machining.Compared with the traditional broaching machine, CNC broaching machine generally using embedded steel rail, so keep broaching machine precision time is long, its service life can be extended.
& have spentAs a result of the numerical control broaching machine price is higher, the control system of long service life, so the slide guide of nc broaching machine also requires good abrasion resistance.Vertical broaching machine said due to nc broaching machine tool slide two directions respectively driven by two sets of servo motor, so its transmission chain is short.There is no need to use these wheels, light poles and other transmission parts, use servo motor directly with screw connection drive head movement.Servo motor can also use synchronous belt between screw vice or the gear coupling.CNC broaching machine tool carriage moving ball screw pair adopted in general.Ball screw pair is one of the key mechanical parts CNC broaching machine, ball screw installed on both ends of the rolling bearing is special uranium bearing, its pressure Angle is larger than that of common angular contact ball bearing car is much this kind of special bearing matching installation, is selected, the best is in pairs in the bearing factory.To drag the deft, nc broaching machine lubrication are full, most of them adopt automatic lubricating oil mist.Nc broaching machine has cooled sufficiently, protective more tightly wait for a characteristic, automatic operation is generally in the closed or semi-closed state.
& have spent

& have spentWithin

CNC spiral vertical broaching machine & have spentBroaching machine is through the broach types of machine tools for processing, it is mainly used for machining hole, plane and formed surfaces, so in practice, used to broach is each user should be aware of, this will directly affect the normal use at a later stage of broaching machine, small make up next for you first make a brief introduction about broaching machine part of the broach and the function of each part, broaching machine broach is mainly composed of two parts, respectively is: work and non-work part.
& have spent1, work part
& have spentCutting parts: 1) cutting part there are a lot of blade, cutting effect.Blade diameter increases by teeth, use it to remove all the machining allowance.
& have spentPart 2) calibration: calibration on the part of cutter tooth correction effect.The number of teeth is less, the tooth is the same diameter.
& have spentPart 2, non-working
& have spent1) handle department: clamping broach, the transmission power.
& have spent2) neck: connection part of the neck and behind each part, and the diameter of the handle of the same or slightly smaller in diameter.Broach material, size, and other general mark played in the neck.
& have spent3) transition cone: the transition between the part of the neck was leading the field, on the center.
& have spent4) leading department: cutting department before entering the workpiece, the guiding role, preventing broach askew, and can check whether pull before the workpiece aperture is too small, so as to avoid the first cutter tooth broach burden is too heavy and damaged.
& have spent5) after the lead department: keep the broach the correct position, preventing broach was leaving artifacts, drooping artifacts and damage already processing surface and blade.
& have spent6) after supporting department: for long and heavy broach, still need to do a tail in the leading department behind (the department), the diameter D tail depending on the size of broaching machine bracket, tail length l = (0.5 0.7) D the tail.But not less than 20 mm general requirements.
& have spent(the original title: broaching machine lubrication work can not be ignored), (source: changsha, intelligent equipment co., LTD.),

Signing ceremony for a new generation of automobile glass pretreatment line released formally

In recent days, the luoyang city technology bureau scientific research seminar and a new generation of automobile glass pretreatment line release signing ceremony was held.Old city technology bureau, the national development and reform commission, the labor bureau and MangShan office letter related responsible for the comrades to participate in the signing ceremony.Through the efforts of the three-year research, by the old equipment manufacturing enterprises & ndash;& ndash;Luoyang treasure ring CNC precision equipment manufacturing co., LTD., independent research and development of a new generation of intelligent auto glass pretreatment line to finish the debugging, has the production conditions.Signing ceremony for a new generation of automobile glass pretreatment line released officially held this equipment from automatic slice, to cutting, bye, edge grinding, drilling, the whole production line to realize the automatic and intelligent production, comprehensive performance has been more than counterparts at home and abroad equipment, absolutely is in the lead!The smart car glass production equipment after the marketization operation, will completely break the high-end automotive glass processing equipment in China by foreign enterprises monopoly market structure.According to Li Zhiwei, head of the company, the growth lines one-click 39 servo motor highly centralized control operation, there is only one control cabinet to operate, it can automatically identify the glass size, thickness, only need to input all kinds of parameters on the computer, you can easily adjust the punching machine, grinding machine, slicing and so on these parameters, achieve the best processing effect.Previously, our country automobile glass processing equipment has long been a handful of foreign enterprise monopoly, product price is high.Only fuyao glass glass processing enterprises, the domestic several big companies such as adopting imported equipment for auto glass processing, many enterprises can only according to the production process adopts the traditional stand-alone processing way to organize production, waste of resources, low production efficiency.Luoyang ring company accurately grasp the development trend of intelligent glass processing industry in our country, realize the localization of smart car glass production equipment.This production line has already successfully declared 5 patents of invention, 7 patents of utility model.& other;Robot and intelligent equipment industry is the key of the municipal party committee municipal government determine the industry, we guide jurisdiction on the traditional advantage the products intelligent upgrade renovation, promote product upgrading.At the same time actively play a role of policy guidance, encourage equipment manufacturing science and technology innovation, new products occupy market with intelligent equipment, realize the new breakthrough.Throughout the &;The old city science and technology bureau chief Yuan Yonggong said.(the original title: a new generation of automobile glass pretreatment line on-line) (source: image network)

Fu Elmer: keep improving mold excellent quality

The global machine tool industry the strongest technology industrial feast CIMT2017, attracted from all over the world converged on the machine tool manufacturers, precision tools from Germany expert fu, also with its new V series star shine at the exhibition.& other;The first, is on display at the new 500 and VGrind360 VPulse V series products, this series of products unmatched precision technology and excellent production performance will make the audience.Throughout the &;Fu Elmer (taicang) machinery co., LTD. General manager Mr Xiao-hu Yang said.Fu’s group global sales director JüRgenHauger fu Elmer (right) and Mr (taicang) machinery co., LTD., general manager of greater China, Mr Xiao-hu Yang VPulse 500 is equipped with new discharge generator, as the core component of the product and the pulse generator, it can realize more strong cutting power and more excellent surface quality.The product adopts the mature modern machine kinematics organization layout, let all structure of take in everything in a glance, can effectively guarantee the production and maintenance in the process of high precision;Equipment operation follows the intuitive and easy to use design concept, the use of adjustable touch panel operation, make the programming and control in control, for the high efficiency, zero error of production has created favorable conditions.VGrind 360 100 mm in diameter is a used in the production of carbide cutting tools of 5 axis grinding machine, and multiple processing technology perfect union.Its biggest characteristic is the best in the C axis rotation point, distribution of the two vertical grinding spindle, it can be finished in a short time, all kinds of milling cutter and a bit of multiple, batch processing precision.Due to shorten the stroke linear axis, thus effectively reducing the processing time.New VGrind 360 together with top 5 CNC numerical control shaft, within the short trip can realize perfect interpolation, shorten the processing time at the same time, also can achieve higher precision.As a technical and service enterprises, fu, dedicated to provide users with high value-added solutions, in order to better meet the needs of the Chinese market, first, in 2004 to set up shop in China, and founded the second largest in Asia in taicang branch and production base, can provide users with the production, assembly, sales and service all aspects, such as support.At the same time the world high-end precision manufacturing rich experience accumulated transplanted into China, to fully meet the challenges facing the Chinese user demand and future development.Fu’s group global sales director JüMr Rgen Hauger said: & other;First, to provide Chinese users of products is the most advanced, the top products from Germany headquarters, because China is the first, very value of a market, we hope that with the help of advanced products to help Chinese users solve various problems encountered in processing in order to improve efficiency.Throughout the &;Because the products excellent performance, makes more and more Chinese companies use fu’s machine tool production and processing.& other;In the first quarter of 2017, our business orders for 2016 years the amount of orders throughout the year, indicating that the customer is fully trust in our products, but also take the test at the same time, that’s what we have to take the corresponding method to shorten the delivery cycle to meet user needs.Throughout the &;Yang said that in order to shorten the delivery cycle, improve the machining process, first, adopted the modular production line, realize flexible manufacturing, really improves the production efficiency.At the same time, the first at the end of 2016, has carried on the communication with users, in the full understanding user after the future market demand, orders are made in advance to shorten the delivery cycle.In the future, fu, will continue to focus on product research and development, constantly improve the production process in order to offer more advanced equipment to Chinese users, the smooth transition of power of China’s manufacturing industry.(the original title: top quality create excellence) (source: MM exhibition express)