Dalian wazhou group 280 million yuan order to realize internationalization development

In may, hannover messe 2017 has held in Germany hannover exhibition center, is known as & other;China bearing industry cradle & throughout;Dalian wazhou group with two brands of high-end bearing, with the international well-known companies signed a $280 million order and determine the next step in the field of new energy, and the other international well-known companies in the field of auto bearing the further cooperation intention, become the biggest winner dalian exhibition enterprises.

wazhou group to become the biggest winner of dalian enterprises during the fair, Siemens and other international well-known companies to wazhou booth negotiations, to give highly praise to the wazhou products and technology.Hannover messe
was founded in August
, after 70 years of continuous development and perfection, has become the largest international industry event, contact is considered to be the important international activities in the field of technology and business.Wazhou group is dalian city, liaoning province, and
national excellent enterprise technology innovation and demonstration enterprises.In recent years, wazhou group companies to build internationally competitive large bearing group as the goal, in terms of product structure, market structure adjustment and independent innovation, win the opportunities and advantages in the market, have accumulated in the innovation development power, in the adjustment of accumulated experience, created a rapid development in the transformation of power and conditions, with the supporting bearing system to solve the equipment manufacturing industry development requirements and to undertake a large project of form a complete set of bearing capacity.Wazhou group chairman of the board of directors of the company
meng said, facing the future, wazhou group will further enhance learning and communicating with the world, actively expand international cooperation, vigorously cultivate international industrial technology of high-end talent, improve enterprise technology innovation and management innovation ability.
(the original title: China’s high-end bearing at Hanover GongBoHui order) 280 million yuan (source: epicenter wide net (Beijing),

The second China smoothly dual-use technology innovation contest preliminaries

On July 21, 2017, the second China dual-use technology innovation contest preliminaries was completed successfully in Beijing.Through expert review, 33, 263 companies and innovative team of 326 projects the semi-final.
& have spentClear review rules and requirements of

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this contest since May 15 launch, around a new generation of information technology, new materials, high-grade CNC machine tools and robots, and other areas of the seven recruited 816 entries.Among them, a new generation of information technology, aerospace field project, the 27% and 19% of the total.Look from the organization to declare project number, sichuan and jiangsu provinces on the top.
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to protect fair competition, fair, the organizing committee set up advisory committee, review committee, supervision committee.According to the articles of association, a random sample of 80 experts under the guidance of the review committee, in accordance with the completed a preliminary review, the review rules the supervision committee to review the whole process supervision.
& have spentReview the
have spentAccording to evaluation experts,
compared with the first contest, the contest entries units and the team to prepare more fully, highlighted the technical highlights and comparative advantages, material is more detailed and enclose roadshow video.Several experts said, the competition the contestant project quality is higher, a number of innovative projects aimed at the niche industry application, has better industrialization prospect.
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8 month, edition, competition organizing committee will organize a pre-match help advance unit and team to improve the level of competition.Mid to late August, competition semi-final will be in xi ‘an, changzhou, wuxi, xiangtan and ganzhou 5 cities, in the form of the defense, along with technology and product demonstrations, from aspects such as technology, market, investment experts evaluation, the selection of the final project.Before and after the end of September, contest finals will be held in chengdu in sichuan province, according to the shortlisted for the final project of 5%, 10%, 20% decide the gold, silver and bronze medal project.
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the second contest by the ministry of industry and information technology, ministry of finance, national defense industry bureau, development of military equipment, military training management department, the national federation of industry and commerce, sichuan provincial people’s government jointly hosted.During the preliminaries, the people’s liberation army daily, Beijing TV, sina, and other media reported.
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(the original title: the 2nd China smoothly dual-use technology innovation contest preliminaries),