Gram of hill Qi campstool uses motor of linear, DD to assemble high speed 5 axes machining center

Hill Qi campstool is overcome (Yamazaki MaZaK) development went drive source to introduce linear motor and direct drive (DD) 5 axle control of motor vertical machining center (MC) ” HYPER VARIAXIS 630 ” , exhibit on JIMTOF 2010. In synchronism on the workpiece cutting of 5 axle control, raised fast feed rate, shortened total handling time. In X (airframe is transverse) / Y (airframe takes deep way) / Z (airframe is perpendicular direction) linear motor all is used on the axis, rate of will fast feed rose 80m/ minute. And lever of silk of assorted use ball is mixed before normally motor fast feed speed is 40m/ minute, rate rose 2 times. Except raised fast feed rate through using DD motor besides, because tigidity is tall,return and without recoil, so treatment precision also can rise. Treatment object workpiece is mixed for the plane generate electricity the spare parts such as the use impeller such as equipment and car component. Can machine a diameter 730 × height (length) 500mm, the workpiece under weight 500kg. The price is 45.2 million yen (do not contain tax) . Already sold the European business that processes car component allegedly.

The machining center of axle control of U of 5 axes + exhibits on ferry

Be in on Japanese ferry ” machine tool of the 23rd Japan is exhibited (JIMTOF2006) ” on exhibited to take the machining center with spatial province seriously ” U300 ” . Can realize 5 treatment. Outside be being machined except 5 axes, still use the U axle control of the radial and mobile lathe tool that Xiang Xuan turns, realized all sorts of turning treatment. “Because can be on a machine tool,the past that finish needs the treatment that makes on different machine tool, because this can save factory space ” (spot staff member) . Use U axle control, the taper that can make be finished almost impossibly in machining (Taper) treatment, tap treatment and spherical treatment. Still but more undertake multistage is machined conveniently wait with treatment opening slot. Save the result that the space turns to rise, used ” perpendicular ” model tray changes implement (Pallet Magazine) . Tray resembles is to watch the car that sees a car to circulate back and forth euqally. With tray transverse permutation means photograph is compared, but of will whole equipment covered an area of area control to be in 60 % left and right sides. The exterior dimension of equipment is wide 3970 × depth 2300 × tall 2740mm. The mobile quantity of X, Y and Z axis is respectively 410, 360 with 400mm. Main shaft rotate speed is 40 ~ 12000rpm, the biggest rotate speed of lathe tool is 3000rpm. Tray changes implement can load 10 tray, cutting tool changes implement can load 120 cutting tool.

Day horse share is entered advocate course of study of machine tool of neat heavy numerical control recombines second birth variable

The accident of a Xin Ruimin look forward to that produces bearing is entered advocate, the state-owend enterprise of old brand of machine tool industry that lets already had history of 50 one’s remaining years — Inc. of equipment of neat heavy numerical control (next weighing that weigh numerical control together) the crossroad that walks along a destiny again. Before a week, inc. of bearing of Zhejiang day horse (002122.SZ, share of next horse weighing a day) release announcement to say, draft 300 million yuan to weigh capital of numerical control infuse with every 1.82 yuan price Xiang Qi, increase endowment spread hind will have Qi Chong numerical control the equity of 51.58% , those who become latter control a partner. Former big partner breaths out neat heavy numerical control together together Er city state endowment appoint quit house second seat. This recombines the beginning that initiated civilian battalion capital to buy state-owend enterprise of arms of file leader of machine tool industry. If plan is obtained,approve, mean be called ” national treasure class ” numerical control is in the Qi Chong of the enterprise of dominant of government of all previous classics recombine for many times change after making, change finally thoroughly as enterprise of a civilian battalion. “Introducing civilian battalion capital is to give enterprise infuse energy, outside force of have the aid of accelerates the development of neat heavy numerical control. ” state of city of neat neat Hal endowment appoint vice director Zhu Rong said to our newspaper on September 5. Nevertheless our newspaper is in know from personage of authority of machine tool industry, day horse share can weigh numerical control together with inferior value incorporate into one’s own forces, still have more secret reason rear. Day horse is entered advocate behind the curtain2005 ever intended and contributive the day horse share that 500 million yuan of whole buy Qi Chong numerical control is in eventually the desire that oneself realized after two years. “We can buy neat heavy numerical control, advocate the system that wants him profit from, capital, technology and brand advantage. ” Ma Quanfa of secretary of board of directors of day horse stock tells our newspaper, the company already breathed out Er city state with Qi Qi a few days ago endowment appoint signed add endowment the framework agreement that becomes a shareholder to weigh numerical control together, final nevertheless plan remains plenary meeting of meeting and company shareholder approves Chinese card inspect. Current, day horse share already expedited intermediary orgnaization to undertake assessment mixing to weighing numerical control together audit, will announce further investment and development plan subsequently. Day horse share is the promising young person of bearing industry, its parent company day horse group by Maquan the person such as the elder brother Ma Xingfa of the law established 1994. Day horse share just landed the platelet in reaching place greatly this year in March, dominant product is general bearing and lorry bearing, company total assets makes an appointment with 1.722 billion yuan. Recently two years, the day horse share that encounters intense competition in bearing industry hopes to enlarge dimensions through buying annex all the time, swim to fluctuation measurable and outspread. This company is intended last year contributive 1 billion yuan of whole buy Luoyang bearing group, but if wish,fail finally. Subsequently, day horse share tend of centre of gravity oneself old business associate weighs numerical control together. The predecessor of neat heavy numerical control is Qiqihaerdi factory of one machine tool (next weighing neat) of one machine tool, only then build at going up century 50 time. Neat heavy numerical control total 2006 production value 1.63 billion yuan, than going up year of growth 70% , before machine tool sales volume ranks an industry 3. Breath out Er city in Qi Qi nevertheless national endowment appoint look, oneself of support of neat heavy numerical control accumulates development slower, need have the aid of one section outside force, realize equity diversity on one hand in order to arouse vitality, on the other hand infuse capital develops with accelerating. And when business development the look of things is good, two afore-mentioned targets come true more easily. It is setting with this, of neat heavy numerical control bring endowment change make pace be driven in the government fall to be carried considerably fast. Our newspaper learns, many state-owned, foreign capital and civilian battalion industry ever expressed to share the interest that recombines neat heavy numerical control, state of city of neat nevertheless neat Hal endowment appoint it seems that more apt introduces civilian battalion capital. This city state endowment appoint explanation of a high level says, foreign capital becomes a shareholder more complex, the examination that obtains Department of Commerce difficulty is greater; Neat heavy numerical control has been preeminent machine tool company, inside course of study find the state-owned company that has actual strength more very hard; Civilian battalion enterprise has system and administrative dominant position, can break state-owned one is brought greatly alone manacle. “We considered all sorts of factors integratedly, the concept that includes a company, vigor, growing sex, selected stock of horse of civilian battalion day finally. ” states of afore-mentioned city of neat neat Hal endowment appoint the high level says. Occupy personage of an authority of machine tool industry to divulge nevertheless, president of neat heavy numerical control holds general manager Liu concurrently to built flourish to produce crucial effect in recombining this. He introduces one of intention of day horse share actively, it is to help neat heavy numerical control acquire older own right, reduce the governmental intervention to the enterprise. Before this, dominant of relevant government sector of Qi Chong numerical control recombine for many times change make, searching two years for the company all the time recently new ” husband’s family ” , but die without known cause mostly. On the other hand, liu Jianrong also is made through changing this, the curve realized MBO. The message says, after day horse share is entered, liu Jianrong weighs hold together numerical control the share of 15% , its yearly salary exceeds 1.2 million yuan. Nevertheless afore-mentioned views fail to get day horse share and him Liu Jianrong confirm. Recombine second birth variableReturn very difficult judgement now, day horse share is entered advocate after neat heavy numerical control, will give this to be experienced for many times recombine change the old brand state-owend enterprise that control to bring what change. “The key should see day horse share enter neat heavy numerical control, it is to develop machine tool property for a long time, still seek short-term to invest an opportunity. ” a personage says association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool, the correlation of bearing and machine tool is spent and not close together, day horse share enters industry of military plan bed this, main goal is not swim to fluctuation outspread, seek new profit point of growth however. Whole way of horse of secretary of board of directors of day horse stock tells our newspaper, the company values machine tool property, can develop for a long time in this group course of study. Notable is, as a result of ” arrival ” equestrian share is opposite the day to weigh numerical control together buy, make national development bank takes the lead those who drive ” company of group of Chinese heavy-duty machine tool ” in refuse to budge new variable is faced with again after two years. The country develops a bank to ever offerred a program that machine tool course of study recombines 2005, be about to weigh numerical control together to breath out Er together equipment Inc. , together 2 machine tools (group) finite liability company (next weighing neat 2 machine tools) , limited company of group of 2 machine tools mixes Jinan limited company of group of Wuhan heavy-duty machine tool 4 dominate exclusively one party, but heavy resistance encounters in carrying out, fail to obtain materiality to make progress up to now (refer to our newspaper to reported on July 16 ” equipment line of business recombines adjust train of thought line of central place branch undertakes ” ) . Up to now, neat heavy numerical control and neat 2 machine tools still are battle severally, former to governmental dominant change what be defeated repeatedly to recombine plan to already had some of heart ash repeatedly meaning is cold, produced introduce civilian battalion capital in order to enlarge the desire of decision-making power of enterprises, day horse share is multiplied then situation and into. Our newspaper learns, neat 2 machine tools also are in consider recombining newly change make plan, but its accuse a partner to breath out Er city state together together endowment appoint express, still do not have materiality to make train of thought into clear changing. The personage guesses, after charging a neat heavy numerical control, day horse share is participated in likely next neat of 2 machine tools change make. Whole way of horse of secretary of board of directors of day horse stock says, company have not with neat 2 machine tools develop a contact. Nevertheless he expresses implicatively, if the other equipment of northeast area makes an enterprise have an opportunity, day horse share is entered gladly also.

Bearing of machine tool of tall nicety of science and technology of made of baked clay axis develops a success

Bearing of accurate machine tool belongs to product of hi-tech content, high additional cost, it is the key that covers with tiles in recent years product research and development and market develop the axis. As the put into production of garden of industry of made of baked clay axis, the company introduced the world’s advanced accurate bearing product line, bearing of machine tool of nicety of much norms high accuracy produces successfully already. In recent years, as the development of machine tool industry, also put forward to use bearing high rotate speed, high accuracy, compound model, environmental protection wait for higher demand. The company points the development way of machine tool industry, begin the research and development of bearing of accurate machine tool works, user of development of project technology personnel, with the user a synchronism develops development.

Labour believes a ministry to hold the group of great and special leader such as machine tool of high-grade numerical control to meet

On Feburary 3, 2009, industry and informatization ministry are held ” machine tool of high-grade numerical control and foundation make equipment ” science and technology is great and special leader group meeting, the conference is mixed by industry informatization ministry minister, special guidance is chaired in Li Yi of group group leader. Industry and informatization ministry, hair changes appoint, the member joined the leader group of the unit such as courtyard of bureau of work of family of ministry of science and technology, Ministry of finance, Ministry of Education, national defence, Chinese Academy of Sciences, project the conference, conference of attend as a nonvoting delegate of group leader of vice director of office of special executive government, overall group. Miao Wei of director of office of industry and informatization ministry undersecretary, special executive government did the job to report to the conference. The conference is discussed passed advisory committee of office of special executive government, overall group, expert list of 3 origanization construction and regulation of special and confidential job, temporary to special executive government measure put forward to revise a proposal, and the principle was passed special the first project that start plans 2009 year. Conference decision, put on record by the program as soon as possible and give an official 3 origanization construction; Revise perfect and special executive government further temporary measure, after reaching unanimous opinion, release along with all the others with regulation of special and confidential job; Each member unit should feedback on time right special ” 915 ” plan and 2009 the modification opinion of annual plan; Clutch the guideline of the project approving that has the first task that start and follow-up task releases the job.