Industrial robot wide prospect of market How to break through domestic brand?

In 2015, in order to accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry, our country put forward the intelligent manufacturing 2025, so far, only the central ministries and level, the industrial robot related industrial policy are already nearly 10, local governments have also increased subsidies for funding and supporting of the industrial robot industry funds have mushroomed emerge in endlessly.At the same time, the number of working-age population has dropped, the artificial cost increase also reversed transmission further accelerate the development of industrial robots in China.Industrial robot is a kind of multi-joint manipulator or multiple degrees of freedom in the field of industrial machinery, it can accept human command, and can also be run in accordance with the procedure arrangement in advance, is under their own power and control ability to realize various functions of a machine.The modern industrial robot can also according to the principle of artificial intelligence technology make program action.With the deepening of the domestic manufacturing process automation, industrial robot in China’s consumption is also growing.Is reported that China has for five consecutive years to become the first big consumer, industrial robots in 2017 China industrial robot production of 131000 units, up 81% from a year earlier, the strong demand of downstream automobile and 3 c industry.Huge market demand constantly stimulate the development of the domestic industrial robots, however, the development of the domestic independent brand industrial robot has been lower than expected.Lack of core parts still belong to the domestic industrial robot called flints, headed by ABB industrial robot & other;Four big families & throughout;Occupy the market share of 60%, and the domestic independent brand accounted for less than 10%, the product is mainly concentrated in the low-end value chain.From the point of sale sets share, in recent years the domestic independent brand share has been around 30%, and no significant increase, while foreign and joint venture brand still take the Chinese market to further expand production capacity, it is definitely icing on the cake for the domestic brands.& other;Four big families & throughout;In terms of core parts with homebred brand incomparable prices and technical advantages, is therefore, in recent years, they constantly expand the scale of production and sales in China.Yaskawa motor, for example, in the Chinese market, yaskawa motor turnover reached 26.9 billion yen in the first quarter of fiscal 2017, compared with a 32.1% jump in the same period last year.Because of this, yaskawa motor in fiscal 2017, says one results from company’s sales and profits increase is mainly attributed to the rapid growth of China’s market demand.Artificial intelligence at present in China, there is still a gap compared with developed countries on the basis of the talents cultivation, technical research and so on multiple levels is still a gap, this needs to be under the policy support and guidance, together, to build artificial intelligence personnel training, technical standards, product data, commercial applications, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the industrial ecology group.Facing the industrial robot industry chain hot market, the domestic enterprise short-term can share on system integration.But in the long run, there is still a long way to go for domestic industrial robot.(this article source founder securities co., LTD., this small make up finishing) (provided by China’s machine tool business, this paper use this website articles, subject to a written authorization.)

2018 CNC system industry development trend analysis Bullish on the high-end market prospect

Takeaway: numerical control system is mainly divided into economical nc system type and popular type segment in the system and high-grade CNC system, among them, the high-end CNC system market almost as the monopoly of foreign investment, mainly by fanuc, Siemens and other foreign giants, domestic only CNC ace, nanjing, guangzhou, a few companies such as huazhong CNC production ability.Enterprises have entered the leading domestic nc system independent innovation phase, but the level of competition is still low from domestic CNC system development, our country numerical control system by the start of the government-led development to today’s leading enterprise.Development up to now, although the application of numerical control system still is given priority to with international brand products, but the industry has entered a phase of independent innovation.Chart 1: the numerical control system in our country industry development source: prospective industry institute finishing numerical control system is mainly divided into economical nc system type and popular type segment in the system and high-grade CNC system, among them, the high-end CNC system market almost as the monopoly of foreign investment, mainly by fanuc, Siemens and other foreign giants, domestic only CNC ace, nanjing, guangzhou, a few companies such as huazhong CNC production ability.Because of the core components with high technology and high value-added industry characteristics, foreign enterprises tend to raise the price of the product, the development of numerical control machine tool machine in China has been restricted.The industry as a whole the competitive landscape is divided into three levels: first level for the meyer burger, komatsu NTC co., LTD, ernst & young co., lai, international, and technology of Japan, Japan marina Wells, high bird co., LTD, etc., these international enterprise product technology content high, the price is higher, occupy the industry of high-end market;The second level to have the core competitiveness of domestic enterprises, mainly including jing sheng mechanical and electrical, yu ring CNC, suzhou herriott, jiangxi science and technology and institute of China electronics technology group co., LTD. Commencing sia, etc.;Third level for large Numbers of low-end enterprises, product technology content is low, serious homogeneity, the lack of core competitiveness, the competition is fierce.Chart 2: numerical control system in our country the competition level (unit: %) source: prospective industry institute organizing domestic CNC system in the enterprise competition in the market is relatively sufficient at present, the domestic market in the midrange CNC system, huazhong CNC occupies 30% market share, ranking the first;Beijing Kane emperor, dalian, occupy the market share of 22% and 14% respectively;In the domestic market of high-grade CNC system, huazhong CNC occupy most of the market share, far ahead of other companies.Chart 3: domestic market pattern mid-range nc system (unit: %) source: prospective industry institute organizing chart 4: domestic high-grade CNC system market pattern (unit: %) source: looking forward to finishing CNC system downstream industry institute wide applications since the reform and opening, our country national economy high speed development, all walks of life needs a lot of manufacturing equipment, promote the development of the numerical control system in our country industry.With escalating the level of numerical control system industry technology, its application field and downstream expands unceasingly, the current numerical control system equipment industry downstream applications related to traditional mechanical industry, the automotive industry, electrical equipment, railway locomotive, shipbuilding, defense industry, aerospace industry, petrochemical industry, engineering machinery, electronic information technology industry, and other processing industry, etc.Industry market supply and demand is mainly affected by the downstream consumer electronic products, LED products, solar photovoltaic equipment, aerospace equipment, and the integrated circuit industry sectors such as comprehensive effect.Chart 5: numerical control system in our country the downstream applications of source: prospective industry research institute with the advancement of industrial structure adjustment, new material, new technology, new industry breakthrough unceasingly, China’s growing demand for high precision spare parts, accessories manufacturing, downstream industry segment of wire cutting machine and grinding and polishing machine precision CNC machine tool equipment such as product quality, and functional aspects of requirements will be more and more high, this increased demand high-end product numerical control system directly, and this kind of high-end CNC system products in the proportion in the whole industry will continue to increase, the profit level will continue to improve.In recent years, the state council issued “made in China 2025” manufacturing power of action, targeting high-end CNC machine tools, integrated circuit and special equipment, information and communications equipment, aerospace equipment, energy saving and new energy vehicles, such as strategic focus, guide the social various resources agglomeration, promoting rapid development advantages and strategic industry.Under this background, the industry and its downstream industry precision nc system are obtained rapid development.Is currently in the middle stage of industrialization in our country, from solving the shortage of poverty to the key stage of development road of the rich economic power, downstream of the strong momentum of development, and so did the huge demand of the CNC system.China has already become the world’s largest machine tool market, and numerical control system in our country in the future market is huge.Looking forward to that of high-end CNC system’s market share will increase significantly.(the original title: 2018 CNC system industry development trend analysis Bullish on the high-end market outlook) (source: preview industry research institute)

Sanhuan in-depth communication within the group and industry hot topics

Tri-ring group co., LTD has held 2018 equipment management and the core equipment manufacturers communication meeting, 12 cars and auto parts manufacturing enterprise group, on behalf of the industry, five well-known experts, more than 50 core equipment manufacturers on behalf of a total of 133 people attended the conference.Assembly by hubei three-ring complete industrial co., LTD., chairman of Mr Zhang, tri-ring group co., LTD. General manager Mr MeiHanSheng delivered a speech.9 guests have been invited to deliver a speech, content involves extensive.In view of the current manufacturing industry wide attention topic of intelligent manufacturing, e – works Dr Digital network CEO, huazhong university of science and technology enterprise Huang Pei share the topic & other;Intelligent manufacturing frontier trend & throughout;Report, pointed out that developed countries & other;One hundred – year – old & throughout;Pragmatic propulsion intelligent manufacturing, made in China 2025 is already not I stay stage, and put forward the professional advice on how to realize intelligent manufacturing.The relevant technology of the automobile industry, process and key content of the speech.China machinery industry group machine casting machinery co., LTD., an assistant to the general manager\/senior engineer Li Laisheng lecture on the topic of & other;Auto parts casting new technology, new technology & throughout;, this paper introduces the current international advanced green casting equipment and the latest technology.Shanghai electrical and mechanical school painting academy of Chen jian, dean of the lecture on the topic of & other;Auto parts & coating technology and the latest development trend throughout;At home and abroad, enumerates the advanced cases, especially introduces the application of green environmental protection requirements under the latest technology, and predict the future development direction of Chinese coating industry.In addition, huazhong university of science and technology institute of materials & s.consistent professor introduced otherThe development of die forging technology and its equipment & throughout;Professor, China mechanical engineering society maintenance branch secretary-general Yang Shenzhong tells the story of & other;Modern equipment engineering & ndash;& ndash;TMP system management & throughout;, Germany wear industrial (China) company director Mr FlorianGruss, Germany fox lubricant (China) company mister Fan Xinchun German industrial equipment outsourcing services and industrial lubrication technology made a speech.Hubei three-ring forging co., LTD. All equipment minister Mr Zhou Ming made & other;Third ring forging equipment management process, and the future outlook & throughout;Theme report, hubei three-ring complete industrial co., LTD., chairman of Mr Zhang speech topic for & other;Read & lsquo;E maintenance & rsquo;Throughout the &;.In group discussions, enterprise representatives and core equipment manufacturers around the cold working process, thermal processing equipment respectively security system subject to carry on the positive interaction, raise the difficulty, want to countermeasures, to eliminate the confusion existed in the equipment management.(the original title: sanhuan in-depth communication within the group and industry hot topics) (source: tri-ring group)

10 machine tool inventory Germany enterprise, these are Germany to the world capital of ostentation

Germany, machine tool technology is the most developed country in the world, is the machine tool industry’s top countries.The German government has always attached importance to important strategic position of the machine tool industry, and fostering energetically in many ways, and Germany put special emphasis on scientific experiments, integrating theory with practice, pay equal attention to basic research and applied technology research.German machine tool association believes that over the next few years the trend of the development of the machine tool technology will reflect on the personalized, automation, high efficiency.Industry machine tool for domestic and overseas orders, Germany, in 2014 is expected to achieve 10% growth, machine tool production rose by 3%, to 14.8 billion euros, will become the all-time highs.The following is a German machine tool enterprises.1, the target, Michael Gildemeister target, mai group is a leading global metal cutting machine tool manufacturers, the main business scope includes & other;The machine tool & throughout;, & otherService & throughout;And & other;Software solutions & throughout;.Target, mai Group (GILDEMEISTER Group) by del grams (DECKEL), MAHO (MAHO) and target (GILDEMEISTER) these three brands to become the world’s largest metal cutting equipment manufacturers.Behind success is the group’s ten factories in Europe on the constant pursuit of innovation and continuous optimization of production and logistics.Target Group (GILDEMEISTER Group of affiliated companies with damage sales and service company (DMG Vertriebsand ServiceGmbH) as a worldwide sales, service and market oriented unified organization.At present the company is more than 50 countries and regions in the world, and all the important industrial countries and agencies.In order to better provide services to Chinese users, target, mai Group (GILDEMEISTER Group) in Shanghai in 2002, bought a foreign machine tool plant production workshop.Target, mai Group (GILDEMEISTER Group) first outside of the factory in Europe has been founded in Shanghai in January 2003, completed and put into production.Shanghai factory production in the machine tool industry the latest CNC milling machine and CNC lathe.And can provide according to customer demand a variety of choice function to adapt to a variety of purposes.Target group company President card he appears to think, China will become the world’s largest machine tools in the near future demand.2, Germany through fast Germany TRUMPF group through fast TRUMPF group is one of the leading enterprise in the field of global manufacturing technology, was founded in 1923, has 80 years of glorious history.It near the group headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany di jean root (Ditzingen), in the field of industrial laser and laser systems is the global leader in technology and market.Based on the rapid development of the Chinese market, TRUMPF group continued investment in China since 2000, successively in taicang, jiangsu and guangdong dongguan invested four production enterprise, production CNC sheet metal processing machine tool and the medical equipment and so on.Through fast group headquarters in Germany di jean machine tool production history of more than 80 years, with is one of the leading enterprise in the field of global manufacturing technology.Now has seven Chinese subsidiary, two of which are production-oriented enterprises.Fast (China) co., LTD. Was set up after, will be the mainstream of TRUMPF group products into China for the first time.The company plans to gradually in China research and development, production and sales of TRUMPF brand of all kinds of CNC numerical control machine tool, the current products for TRUMPFTruLaser3030 series CNC planar laser cutting machine, after the market gradually strong, will gradually for local development and research, in the hope of further joint market demand in China. From the processing of machine tools, sheet metal and materials to the laser technology, electronics and medical technology, it is to constantly innovative led technology development trend.It is to set a new standard of technology, and at the same time is committed to opening up update more products to the vast number of users.It (China) co., LTD. Is responsible for it at the same time global product sales and after-sales service support business in China.In Shanghai, Beijing, dongguan, chengdu, and more than 20 cities in China have sales and after-sales service network, and have the spare parts warehouse in Shanghai, shenzhen and taicang.The number of machine tools has been installed in China more than 2000 units.3, Schuler Schuler, Schuler group’s history can be traced back to 1839 by Louis Schuler Gppinge created the forge in Germany, since 1852 the company produces metal processing machine tool.Austria, endree, Group (Andritz Group now has Schuler, most of the shares.As a global technology and market leader in metal forming industry, Schuler, provide for the metal processing industry machines, production lines, mold, process technologies and services.Its clients include automobile manufacturers and their suppliers, and forging, and household equipment, packaging, energy and electrical industry in many companies.Schuler is also the casting technology market leader, system solution for aerospace and rail industry.Schuler clients include electrical appliance industry and industry manufacturers.The company high quality technical service personnel to meet the United States and Canada and services related to various requirements.To carry out the design and development of internal high pressure forming, and design a new internal high pressure forming equipment and mold.At the same time also to carry out the internal high pressure forming with mold production and trial production.In addition the company also has the ability to make their internal high pressure forming series products.Located in Canton, schuler company production line, annual production of about 600.000 series high pressure molding products.ServolineL the schuler company made the fastest in the world press line.Schuler ServolineL speed up to 23 flush times per minute\/new rod manipulator can carry one module and two or one module and four parts.It equipped with a piece of loader, cross rod manipulator and the tail line system, the design of the whole line is compact, speed up to 23 at times a minute.Straight line adopts servo drive technology, the guarantee high productivity at the same time, also with good flexibility, high energy efficiency and lower unit costs.Schuler this year launched a new generation of press automation device: lose weight 50%, dynamics and energy efficiency increase of 20%.Bar of the robot design is derived from six axis industrial robots, and schuler engineers added two axes on the basis of this, control robotic arm and horizontal drive respectively.So, maneuverability, flexibility, and yield have been significantly improve.A new generation of rail robot is equipped with process data interface, to welcome the industry prepared for 4.0 times.While intelligent network functions make it also can be used as a monitoring process and report any error analysis tools.Therefore, 4.0 bar robot continues to play an important role in high yield production, is ideal for future press line equipment.4, ella, mark Emag mark of origin dates back to 1867.At the beginning is a founded in Saxony treasure cen, cast iron and machine tool manufacturers.Company reconstruction in 1952, located between Stuttgart and ulm city, from today, the company is located near the salah.Company began making lathe reconstruction.In the 80 s, Mr Mark achievements in the field of manufacturing highly automated CNC lathe units.The production system are exported to all over the world, all walks of life use.In 1992, Mr Mark as the world’s first machine tool plant introduced inversion type lathe.Characteristic of the lathe spindle is finished loading, walking and spindle, and head is fixed.That is to say, Mr Mark will be changed traditional lathe.Mr Mark technology comprehensive and perfect, can provide customers with the processing class, axial parts and body parts of machine tools and production systems.Whether lathe, grinding machine, hobbing machine, laser welding machine or machining center – Mr Mark group for almost all applications to provide the best production plan.Mr Mark in intelligent automation technology of advanced technology can greatly help the customer equipment simple, the production efficiency, but also can effectively save the cost, so as to promote enterprise to get fast development.Mr Mark machine tool co., LTD., manufacture of machine tools and production systems in leipzig, almost covers the oil industry, automobile manufacturing and supporting industry, machinery manufacturing industry and all applications in the field of aerospace industry, etc.Since the leipzig, the company has become one of the molecules, Mr Mark group integrating both sides of the technology and experience, it constantly develop and manufacture as mark series, but their target user oriented machine type.Reverse thinking innovation processing technology created the mark of the company’s industry leading position.In 1992 mark the craftsmanship, first introduced the clever inverted vertical lathe, a great success.Since then, Mr Mark make persistent efforts, the company has developed a new inverted multifunctional production centre.Now, Mr Mark has truly become inverted important machine tool manufacturer in the world.5, to lam KorberSchleifring si to lam group is a child under the German korber group, korber group including paper machinery, tobacco machinery and machine tool group.Machine tool group in the past few decades, has acquired many of the world’s best grinding machine manufacturers, including stu (STUDER), bao ning (builder BLOHM), the United States (MAEGERLE) geller, Joan (JUNG), short (SCHAUD), Mick Rosa (MIKROSA), Eva (EWAG) and WALTER (WALTER).To lam group in addition to the headquarters in Germany, have many companies in the United States and Europe and other countries, products all over the world.Products into China in the 1960 s, to now, lam has more than 3000 sets of products have been in the automotive, motorcycle, aviation, aerospace, ships, weapons, and many other manufacturing areas play an important role in the military industry system about a third of the total number of si to lam machines.No matter in which aspects of high precision machining, to lam group is an international, efficient and reliable partners, can provide the best possible technical and the most economical solution.To lam group, there is a requirement for high precision grinding mainly serve the customer, the customer are areas are: the auto industry and auto parts manufacturers, tool industry, turbine manufacturers, tool and die maker, medical technology, machine tool, the watch industry and aviation industry.The main market are Western Europe, North America and China.Korber to lam machinery (Shanghai) co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as KSMS) belongs to the si to lam group, has 1.6 square meters of production plants in Shanghai, the country more than 200 employees, in addition to the factory in Shanghai, in Beijing, chongqing, guangzhou and wuxi.KSMS grinding machine market leader in China, in a flat molding grinding, internal and external circular grinding and grinding tools provide innovative technology products.To lam provide plane and molding grinding, internal and external circular grinding and tool grinding machine, its products are widely used in aerospace manufacturing industry, automobile and auto parts manufacturing, heavy industry and other industries.Products produce steadily rising at the rate of average growth rates of about 50%, so far, has been to provide users around the world to lam of more than 100000 sets of grinding machine, not only solved the technical problems for the user, also has brought remarkable economic benefits for them.6, because of the generation, the Index for generations, is founded in 1914 by the Leo heremans Hahn, in the same year started the knife tower production of automatic lathe.He is a from hot-blooded entrepreneurs in the region, and his creative ideas and follow strict quality as a cornerstone left a very deep impression to the person.Within forty years sold more than 20000 automatic lathes, for because of these Banks in the world have great acclaim mat foundation.In 1975, due to the generation of Banks to start producing more spindle automatic lathe.After a few years the company into the numerical control technology market, here for generations, quickly won the role of pioneer.In the company’s founder, the son of eugen Hahn died, 85% of the company to the foundation.In 1992, because of the generation, launched a new generation of products based on the modular parts car milling compound center.In 1997 from a neighboring town lai hing Bach\/firth, traube lathe manufacturing company takeover and as an independent subsidiary to join for generation, group.Until today have two brands follow a company’s strategy.Because of the special advantage in the development of generation, for each customer to provide the best solution.Traube along with its subsidiaries, the group with the most extensive product provide for turning workpiece complete processing, for batch production can also be applied to single production.For generations, and traube choose German factory as the main manufacturing sites, and important core parts of the machine tool in their production of machine tools for processing.Confident and very well trained staff is the guarantee of high quality machine tools, these are reflected in their industry and to work in the process of manufacture of machine tool is very concerned about every detail.China’s industry is currently in the phase of rapid development, the demand for high-end CNC machine tools will be increasing accordingly.In April 2001, Germany for generations, the company set up joint venture with dalian machine tool group dalian for generations, machine tool co., LTD., for seven years the development of the company to make the world attention.Through joint work in dalian Germany management personnel and experienced management, make dalian be constantly because of the generation by generation, machine tool company, group, advanced machine tool production and manufacturing process.7, constant Aaron Heller HELLER1894 Neil gottingen founded in Germany, with annual sales of 592 million euros, 60% of them are from the automotive industry, where clients including passenger cars, trucks and agricultural machinery manufacturers, distribution of the remaining 40% in mechanical engineering, power generation, mold manufacturing, aerospace industry, etc.HELLER machine products include: horizontal machining center, five axis machining center, milling\/car centres, flexible manufacturing systems, the crankshaft and camshaft machine tools, etc.HELLER from single to 150 million euros worth of total package manufacturing system, the new machine to full service agreement to machine modification.Especially in the field of crankshaft machining and light transmission system, HELLER is one of the three largest partners in the global market, recently developed a small light machine tools, crankshaft filled the gap of internal and external milling process of low-end products;Double wire arc spraying technology, successfully solves the problem of engine cylinder hole coating, has now entered the crankcase manufacturing chain, production line put into operation in Germany.China changzhou factory is HELLER group after Germany, Britain, the United States, Brazil, set up the fifth in the global machine tool production base, is to build international production networks, HELLER group to build and optimize the value chain, as part of the purpose is to ensure that HELLER group can be very competitive price for global customers to provide quality & other;HELLER manufacturing & throughout;The solution.Constant (HELLER) released the industry’s leading CP80005 shaft milling machining center.In addition to meet the demand of the above, it can also be by setting up effective cutting parameters to achieve efficient operation.In addition to meet all industry standards, CP8000 also set a new benchmark in terms of machining dimension.

A spark machine tool company achievements won the provincial science and technology progress second prize

To fully implement the party’s spirit of 19 major, in-depth implementation of jinping the new era of Chinese characteristics socialism, commendation and reward for 2017 in the province has made outstanding contributions to the progress of science and technology activities of science and technology workers, further promote scientific and technological progress and independent innovation, inspire the innovation power and vitality of the science and technology workers, accelerate the construction of an innovative gansu, according to the measures for the gansu province science and technology reward (gansu province people’s unofficial 104) regulation, gansu province, the government has for a 2017 year entire province scientific and technological achievements, and has made outstanding contributions to science and technology workers.Gansu province government decided to award bao-wen wei comrade in gansu province, institute of modern physics, Chinese academy of sciences hero with science and technology award.At the same time, there are 10 results respectively in gansu province natural science one, two, three, seven achievements respectively in gansu province technology invention in the first, second and third prize, 131 results respectively obtained the progress prize in science and technology in gansu province first, second and third class.Spark machine tool company staff liu, hai yu, YanHeFei, dirmtrijevic n, Dong Quanhong, QiuGuoQun, juck, bin-bin zhang, “Xu Yan, xiao-wei Chen as the main persons completed 2017 & ndash;J2 & ndash;018 vtc5240 nc vertical progress prize in science and technology of compound machining center in gansu province was awarded the second prize.The provincial government hope to promote achievement prize winners, make persistent efforts, innovation, again.The entire province general scientific and technical workers must carry forward the indifferent to fame and wealth, selfless dedication, practical, the innovation of scientific spirit, to promote scientific and technological innovation as own duty, forge ahead, hard work, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, to the construction of a new happiness in gansu province to make new greater contributions.(the original title: spark machine tool company results of a science and technology progress prize of province for) (source: spark machine tool)