What do numerical control lathe and bed of general be open to traffic have to distinguish?

Numerical control machine tool- – it is digital control machine tool (Computernumericalcontrolmachinetools) abbreviation, it is a kind of automation machine tool of programme controll system. The main distinction of numerical control machine tool and general accuracy machine tool depends on: Numerical control machine tool contains numerical control system (programme controll system) , can realize automation treatment through weaving the program comes. And general accuracy machine tool is characteristic without this.    The treatment of numerical control machine tool to the spare parts process, it is strict the parameter that sets according to machine program place and movement carry out. It is a kind of efficient can automatic or semi-automatic machine tool, compare with photograph of general accuracy machine tool, have the following and apparent characteristic:    1, the treatment of the complex part that agrees with to the machine tool of treatment numerical control of complex abnormity spare parts can finish general accuracy machine tool hard or can be machined far from, because this is in,the treatment such as space navigation, shipbuilding, mould gets applied extensively in course of study.    2, treatment precision is tall   3, treatment stability realizes computer control reliably, eliminate factitious error, the treatment consistency of the spare parts is good, quality is stable and reliable.    4, when Gao Rou sex machines an object to change, need to change numerical control course only commonly, body reveals very good adaptability, can save production to plan time greatly. On the foundation of numerical control machine tool, can comprise have taller flexible automation makes a system – FMS   5, the precision of itself of machine tool of tall productivity numerical control is tall, rigid big, can choose advantageous treatment dosage, productivity is tall, the 3-5 that is general accuracy machine tool commonly times, to the treatment of certain and complex part, manufacturing efficiency can rise ten times even a few times. 6, rate of mechanization of work requirement good machine tool is high, intensity of operation staff work is reduced greatly, working environment is better.    7, be helpful for managing modernization to use numerical control machine tool to be helpful for be being controlled to the computer with management producer face develops, to realize production process automation created a condition.    8, investment is large, use cost is high   9, manufacturing preparation work is intricate as a result of whole treatment the process uses programme controll, the pre-construction work that numerical control processes is relatively intricate, contain technology affirmatory, to program.    10, the Electromechanical unifinication product that maintaining machine tool of difficult numerical control is a model, technical content is high, very tall to the technical requirement of maintenance technician.

Fact of Qinghai China vessel accuses a person to finish modificatory president to replace Qinghai country endowment appoint into advocate

On August 10 evening, qinghai China vessel (600243) announcement, because formalities of relevant and industrial and commercial change is finished, company fact accuses a person to save national endowment formally by Qinghai appoint change holds presiding apparitor Yu Shiguang and madam Zhu Sha concurrently for company president.

This year May, with its at world light science and technology of peak of excessive of actual pilot Qinghai and Guo Jinkai are signed ” equity buys intent book ” , suffer the Weiteda that allows Guo Jinkai hold by excessive peak science and technology the equity of 51% , because Yu Shiguang is president of Qinghai China vessel to hold presiding apparitor concurrently, its suffer the action that lets become company fact to charge a person to form administrative layer to buy through this equity.

Regard this equity as fluctuant setting, qinghai China vessel before control power structure is more complex.

Before this rights and interests changes, the biggest partner is Qinghai China vessel Qinghai is heavy-duty the machine tool is limited liability company (next weighing that “ Qinghai is heavy-duty ”) , its are direct hold Qinghai Hua Ding the share of 11.85% , in the meantime, the partner machine of Qinghai China vessel is electronic-controlled, holy Yong Chuang is cast, excessive peak science and technology holds his some Qinghai China vessels respectively 4.10% , 8.43% counterpoise except accrual with 4.1% share, deal with the partner right besides authority is irrevocable the ground, not.

This makes Qinghai heavy-duty and actual control share of Qinghai China vessel (the scale of 601113) right to vote is 28.48% , be a company control a partner.

See Qinghai again heavy-duty, machine is electronic-controlled, science and technology of peak of Weiteda, excessive parts hold its 43.74% , 15.44% with the share of 40.82% , machine is electronic-controlled partner Qinghai saves national endowment appoint become from this appear on the market company fact charges a person.

This year May, qinghai China vessel receives Qinghai of the biggest partner heavy-duty announcement, qinghai is heavy-duty planning major item, this item involves Qinghai to heavy-duty equity trades and may be brought about solid accuse person happening change, for this, stock of Qinghai China vessel stops a card since May 15.

In the meantime, because partner Guo Jinkai puts Weiteda in capital requirement, make over its to hold some partial equity of Weiteda. At world light the decision passes his excessive peak science and technology buys actual pilot the Weiteda that allows Guo Jinkai hold the equity of 51% .

On July 11, excessive peak science and technology and Guo Jinkai signed formal equity to make over a contract, conventional Guo Jinkai Weiteda the equity of 51% in all 5.1 million yuan of contributive forehead, transfer excessive peak science and technology with sixteen million six hundred and eighty-four thousand six hundred yuan.

Nowadays, bilateral equity is made over finish.

From this, excessive peak science and technology amounts to 51% equity especially through hold power indirect hold Qinghai is heavy-duty the share of 15.44% , direct hold Qinghai is heavy-duty the share of 40.82% , afore-mentioned share come 56.26% .

Yu Shiguang and Zhu Sha adopt excessive peak science and technology indirect hold Qinghai is heavy-duty the share scale of 56.26% , the scale that controls right to vote of share of Qinghai China vessel actually secondhand thereby is 28.48%; in addition, yu Shiguang is direct hold Qinghai Hua Ding the share of 0.02% . Accordingly, the scale that controls right to vote of share of Qinghai China vessel actually at world light and Zhu Sha is 28.50% , the reality that becomes Qinghai China vessel charges a person.

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About science and technology innovation installs industrial economy to prop up the survey of action to the sea

“ current world, who pulled science and technology to innovate ’ of nose of this ‘ ox, who has walked along science and technology to innovate chess of this pace on the offensive, who can take banner chance, gain an advantage. ” sea installs a county to place innovation of science and technology in core position from beginning to end in recent years, drive of comprehensive executive innovation develops the strategy, force hurried industry lasts healthy and banner development, innovation of science and technology supports action to industrial economy increasingly remarkable.

One, achievement of development of the industry of innovation of Hai Anke ability that prop up strikings.

1. Innovation of science and technology leads industry banner development. 2016, the sea installs dimensions gross value of industrial output, industry to answer duty sale, industry raises a cost 3 big economic norms seize chief in whole town, result of innovation of science and technology cannot do not have: Increase sale of industrial make out an invoice completely 41.6% come from produce learn to grind cooperative project, production value of property of new and high technology occupies the ” of close “ half of country of dimensions industry, gross and occupy than all occupying Nantong town the first.

2. Innovation of science and technology promotes industrial structure to be optimized continuously. The sea brings dimensions industry the promotion of proportion year after year that production value of property of new and high technology and burgeoning property production value hold dimensions industry production value, achieve respectively to the end of 2016 48.58% grow contributive rate to be in to economy with progress of 37.1%; science and technology 60% above, be judged to be complete province first, whole town’s exclusive intellectual property saves construction area demonstrative county by force, obtain batch of China to produce learn to grind cooperative innovation demonstrative base. Provide innovation power most in economy of countrywide county region in 50 strong ranks, hai Anyue resides the 5th.

3. Innovation of science and technology strengthens a business own innovation ability. How does the sea adopt “ man-to-man ” to coach the measure such as the service, increase company of new and high technology to breed strength, devoted intensity raises business research and development apparently, own innovation ability increases significantly, innovation industry group takes shape. The couplet hair spin, spin that open great, east lumber new material builds provincial intelligence workshop in succession, product of day of morning of auroral new energy resources, Jiangsu is maintained to be province head stage (set) product, manage of fast of Fox group, sea holds product line high to become surveyor’s pole of innovation of course of study of domestic person of the same trade, day principle columns of a hall, connect 17 innovation such as embellish enterprise to receive in glory ” of champion of singles of countrywide industry “ , bright group happy event picks morning technology of 2016 year country invents second-class award.

2, the primary experience that the industry of innovation of Hai Anke ability that prop up grows.

1. Strengthen administrative guiding, build innovation environment. The leader takes seriously highly. Hold to a party to an undertaking to catch the first productivity from beginning to end, straighten system of science and technology further, tilt force, capital to assemble of science and technology, build excellent progress platform, breed main body of industry of innovation of science and technology actively, build the innovation atmosphere with whole good society energetically. Policy is driven strong. How does the sea serve as system of innovation of complete province science and technology to reform one of two pilot cities integratedly, government of provincial Party committee, province gives “ 10 policy ”; affection of county of my county base oneself upon excogitates stage “1+7” to carry out opinion and; of policy of form a complete set to establish two family level division starts garden, each division garrison post creates skilled personnel office, form a leader to present as leading role, fluctuation linkage, complete; puts forward a vivid aspect that share 2020, investment of whole society research and development occupies proportion of area total output value to be in 2.9% above, contribution of progress of science and technology leads the cause in 65% above, compose builds the prefectural region economy that is main feature with innovation drive to develop new pattern, walk out of the way that the innovation drive that has local distinguishing feature develops. The activity is advanced solid. Begin mechanism of “ county class to serve innovation of ”“ of travel of industry science and technology to do poineering work to install expert of ”“ Chinese Academy of Sciences to walk into the sea to bring the activity such as ” in the sea deep, have butt joint of many 100 enterprises of more than 200 expert and place early or late, reach tens of cooperative project. Assessment guiding is effective. Execute “ monthly to comment on, quarterly assessment, year seizes a cup of ” to examine a system, increase the assessment weight of index of pair of core of innovation of science and technology, ” of a party to an undertaking of “ of party card of aggrandizement division garrison post catchs “ the responsibility assessment of ” of the first driving force, ensure science and technology innovates policy air plant.

2. Highlight style of proprietor of an enterprise, promote innovation capability. Cultivate innovation industry actively. Entire county is new and high technical company 143, exert oneself of; of front row of the North Jiangsu in gross Jusu breeds ability of a batch of innovation investment of strong, science and technology is large, the gold of sex of innovation of science and technology with strong competition of sufficient, market mixes development reserve strength silver medal enterprise, 2016 gold company enterprise of 20 the home, silver medal 60. Deepen produce learn to grind collaboration. Division garrison post, branch is organized every year produce learn to grind the activity is amounted to hundreds of times, many 500 enterprise and place of 120 colleges courtyard build entire county collaboration concerns, carry out nearly 3 years produce learn to grind cooperative project 672, introduce achievement to change a project 92, pay cooperative funds 370 million yuan, research and development gives domestic head stage to cover a product 50 many, initiate product 120 many. Strategy of executive intellectual property. My county is decided to be demonstrative county of project of strong county of national intellectual property, have the honor to win Chinese patent outstanding award 5, save patent gold prize 1, save patent and outstanding award 4. Current, entire county owns effective invention patent 2220, 10 thousand people invent patent to have a quantity to amount to 25.63.

3. Focusing high end develops, accelerate innovation transition. Breed industry singles champion. Precede according to industry of ability of front row of industry of “ enterprise dimensions, research and development, industry of equipment of high end of product class industry, intelligence sets an example, brand image industry is optimal, energy-saving fall bad news industry is best the target of ” , support 21 keys enterprise to contend for achieve ” of champion of industry “ singles. Current, already had before industry of body of 17 enterprises ascend 3, 3 enterprises are seleted enterprise of champion of individual event of industry of province manufacturing industry, an enterprise is selected save 100 strong innovation company. Make platform of high-end research and development. Hold to “ politics school to build enterprise of bibcock of industrial academy, industry to build look forward to of officer of company of 100 million yuan of enterprise academy, enterprises and new and high technology to build business of industry of platform of research and development, dimensions to build ” of orgnaization of research and development in all in all, cent administrative levels advances platform of research and development to build. Big, Shanghai is handed in south wait for school and my county collaboration to build the industrial academy such as robot, new material in all greatly 7, with me many 100 enterprise began the county to be full of the collaboration of effect. Drive industrial high end to develop. Mix with industry of 4 big dominant 4 big burgeoning industries board piece for the key, breed built demonstrative base of industry of base of property of characteristic of torch of a batch of countries and country, province. Silk crop, polyamide fibber produces per year a quantity, cut fold a mechanical sales volume to take the throughout the country respectively 6% , 12.5% , 12.5% , home market of transformer, lubricious weaving is had rate amount to respectively 8% , 8.5% .

4. Highlight new feature to breed, infuse innovation aftereffect. Breed angel to invest a project. According to “ governmental guiding, society is participated in, the risk is carried in all, the principle that encourages innovation ” , guide investment of business of capital have more than needed to establish angel fund, poineering project of equity investment talent. The target mission that will establish butt joint of project of talent of angel fund, attract and angel fund at the same time implements division garrison post and department, ecbolic a batch of science and technology in small small company. Make carrier of hatch of science and technology. Compose builds “ from achieve a space + hatch implement + the science and technology of accelerator ” does poineering work hatch system, build hatch of enterprise of national level science and technology implement two, hatch of enterprise of provincial science and technology implement, accelerator, numerous achieve a space 5, those who form talent and project is benign and interactive.

5. Highlight a talent to prop up, wide get together innovation person of outstanding ability. Widen the talent introduces channel. Carry out ” of person of outstanding ability of “ sea accept to plan energetically, bring ability orgnaization to build overseas of; of good cooperation relation with market of college courtyard place, talent, major early or late enrol ability to bring wisdom workstation; invites the Chinese Academy of Sciences to wait for controller of place of 50 colleges courtyard to hold the position of innovation poineering political instructor, successive two years of of all kinds talents, “ double achieve group ” attract to count Nantong city the first. Breed high-end talent project. Project of talent of thorough executive high end breeds a project, guide talent of high administrative levels and high-level project to install assemble to the sea. The key bred talent project 2016 24, among them 11 projects sale amounts to 20 million yuan. Optimize a talent to develop an environment. The policy that increases pair of talent attract supports strength, to coming sea “ double start talented person of ” high administrative levels, OK and highest the starting capital that enjoys 5 million yuan, inside 3 years offer the policy such as pay interest in the form of a deduction when selling a bill of exchange of loan of poineering place, bank freely to give aid to, still can enjoy policy of the privilege that buy a house, offer relevant “ one-stop ” serves.

3, when to think what go into business of new normal state installs science and technology to innovate to prop up industrial economy to develop further.

1. Enlarge an advantage, use the good experience that innovation works. Innovation of my county science and technology props up the main experience that industry grows: Science and technology innovates always nurture industry vitality, own innovation ability and innovation of science and technology of; of core competition ability lead comprehensive promotion business industry be on “ to borrow force to develop science and technology of ” drive; to innovate to solve developing effectively to highlight problem; government to send force to ensure innovation development, produce effect better, collect each field force rise, form the resultant force that science and technology innovates, give power of new productivity, development. Should have used with sufficient the successful experience that my county innovation develops, enlarge industry late dominant position, effective guidance is new round of development, the new state that development industry science develops.

2. Comply with general trends, allow domestic and international innovation sequence of thought. Current whole world is new revolution of round of science and technology and industry change to be in be pregnant with, the core strategy; that innovates to already became world main state 18 big since, our country is innovation drive establish the core strategy of development, publish national innovation drive to develop strategic outline early or late, cogent how should the sea of core position —— that places innovation in development overall situation brave the wind and waves, multiply situation and on, grab catch development of long triangle unifinication, “ to be taken all the way belt of economy of ” , the Yangtse River is construction, coastal development, conform the development good luck such as Shanghai, shanghai of positive support by coordinated action builds center of innovation of global science and technology, implement innovation drive strategy deep, promote science and technology the administrative levels of innovation and standard in the round, make the city zone into city of the railroad harbor with main city of portal of ala of Shanghai metropolitan north, innovation.

3. Build platform, form stereo and appropriate innovation environment. What should increase crucial to science and technology progresses and innovating segment is devoted, ensure the stability of 3 funds defray grows science and technology, improve use beneficial result ceaselessly. Establish mechanism of venture capital investment of perfect and new and high technology, build what industry of science and technology of medium and small businesses borrows money to assure fund, capital of society of join forces guiding increases the investment that develops to science and technology, form “ government to throw as soon as possible to guide, business investment gives priority to body, social investment is complement, foreign capital throws the industry of diversity science and technology that is crucial ” to throw a mechanism.

4. Value a handsome appearance, compose builds the innovation team of sustainable progress. Strengthen high administrative levels to innovation talent is introduced and be bred, make innovation talent echelon formation, the study ability that develops innovation to recruit imperative of all kinds talented person mainly, practice ability, innovation ability. Perfect system of each social security further, reform science and technology rewards policy, bring brainpower “ into play double the initiative that starts ” .

5. Aggrandizement serves, reinforce the innovation change of governmental function. Combine the need that innovation admits, the government is better produce effect, aggrandizement serves, improve efficiency, utmost ground conformity and optimize resource of prefectural region science and technology, the effective combination linkage of each element in realizing system of prefectural region innovation to build. Perfect the innovation policy of form a complete set. Serious research makes talent policy, science and technology devoted policy, produce learn to grind to combine policy, project to drive the; such as policy to build the evaluation that suits prefectural region science and technology to systematic; is developed energetically and develop technical market, build perfect the advanced experience that all sorts of technical intermediary orgnaizations and technical exchange; publicize innovation drive to develop energetically and advanced character, the social atmosphere that builds talent of esteem knowledge, esteem, scientific civilization.

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Industry of tool of our country machine tool will be shown 2018 gentle development posture

Enter in industry of machine tool tool after 2017, the features of tool market takes on an entirely new look, foreign enterprise and domestic company are same, sales revenue came true generally to be as high as the rapid growth of 20% above. Review the tool market of our country, from 2016 second half of the year begins to stop drop time firm, appeared to anabiosis apparently. Up to now, from 2017 all the year round development trend looks, tool market is maintaining produce the good progress state that wants two flourishing, for development of industry of machine tool tool laid good foundation 2018.

Show according to data of national statistic bureau, the machine tool industry of our country is in gold cut a machine tool 2011 advocate after business Wu income achieves the history to be nodded high, ever appeared successive fall of 5 years, drop in recent years nevertheless extent year after year closes narrow. Full 2017 pension cuts a machine tool advocate battalion income hopeful stops drop machine tool of figuration of firm; of look forward to achieved the history to be nodded high 2014, appeared 2015 brief fall, later after restoring quickly to grow; tool to achieved perch 2013, ever appeared 3 years to glide, to 2017 income appears growth. Industry whole goes situation appear piece steadily trend of get warm again after a cold spell.

And 2017 1-11 month, industry of tool of Chinese machine tool comes true advocate business Wu income nine hundred and twenty-one billion three hundred and seventy million yuan, grow 6.7% compared to the same period. Among them in main product category, gold cuts a machine tool advocate business Wu income is 137.4 billion yuan, drop compared to the same period 1.3%; figuration machine tool 88.5 billion yuan, grow 11.6%; to be versed in measure and quantity appearance are 108.6 billion yuan compared to the same period, grow accessory of 13%; machine tool to be 52.9 billion yuan compared to the same period, grow 6.9% compared to the same period. Trade situation appears piece firm in have into, firm in to good posture.

Concerned expert points out, with the development 2017 the trend looks, tool of our country machine tool yielded 2018 will with kept balance 2017 or grow somewhat, predict industry of tool of Chinese machine tool will achieve moderate growth 2018.

But from the point of order situation, 1-11 month our country imported gold to cut a machine tool to be 6.5 billion dollar 2017, grow 16.8%; figuration machine tool to import 1.39 billion dollar compared to the same period, growth 9.4%; tool imports 1.44 billion dollar, grow 18.9%; and be in respect of high-end machine tool, grew 31.6% compared to the same period to the machine tool order of day annual 2017, add to 10 thousand 645.5 billion 16 million yen, achieve the history new tall. Predict the machine tool imported the forehead to will present apparent growth 2018, to high end the demand of the machine tool will promote further.

Overall and character, industry of tool of our country machine tool stopped 2018 drop look forward to is firm, will show bottom and smooth moving trend. In respect of high-end machine tool, the industry needs to strengthen own innovation, reduce the dependence to the entrance. And of the adjustment as structure of our country economy and demand structure upgrade, the enterprise needs to intensify the pace that transition upgrades, consolidate foundation, seek develops.

(The article is achieved formerly by net of business affairs of Chinese machine tool offer, print uses this website manuscript, require authorization of Confusion classics face. Require authorization of Confusion classics face..

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The machine tool austral Jinnuoji extends power of master section reappearance

Nearly 500 arhat open full-court in all machine tool tool is revealed purchase storm

March 2018 27-29 day, machine tool of international of the 21st Jinan is exhibited heavy curtain will be pulled open in Jinan international exhibition center, join at present postpone a business near 500, enable Jinan international exhibition center in all 6 exhibit a house greatly, exhibit an area 40000 smooth rice, the professional audience that predicts to will attract 50000 person-time is present look around.

At the beginning of postponing operation from the machine tool austral Jinnuoji, sponsor convenient and affirmatory the theme that the 2018 machine tools austral Jinnuoji extend, make Shandong the province is dedicated clinch a deal the machine tool industry of the quantity is exhibited meeting, it is at the same time current exhibit can plan to join the ginseng that postpones business to exhibit in detail value and the visiting value of visiting business, started machine tool of 2018 gold Nuo to exhibit at the same time face the whole that exhibits business and user to serve a system, from hold “9.22”“10.26” , “1.16” to wait for a series of exhibiting business and activity of communication of technology of user close quarters, promotion exhibits the experience of the service after exhibiting of business and user.

The solution of technology of cutting tool of environmental protection of “ efficient · that will hold in Qingdao on September 22 among them communicated meeting ” to gather to originally especially Qingdao of group of heavy steam of the famous tool industry such as handkerchief of gram, Waerte, Yi Sika, Ma, Zhuo Le and China is versed in again, undertook splendid speech and technology are discussed.

The key of “ car component that at Jinan long Qing Dynasty will hold on October 26 makes technical spot answer doubt is met ” is integrated industry strength, the system is compositive the car is truckload the neat go into battle such as representing of industry of delegate of company of equipment of delegate of company of treatment of delegate of trade delegate, car component trade, domestic and international research organization and universities and colleges, machine, machine tool, tool, come from friend fine, Mu Ye, bottle hill, big river bend the engineer that waits for world name look forward to is to gave the spot to bring precious dried food to share more.

Still the manufacturing industry of “ air conditioning that ran at city of heart city fierce on January 16 purchases handler technology to discuss and seed profit wisdom go to groom guild of equipment of machine tool of city of guild of mould of city of class ” activity, peaceful on January 23 wave, Ning Bo and Ning Bo, mould of equipment of 500 more than machine tool is relevant enterprise colleague assemble.

Besides to exhibit business and user people the platform of technical communication respect is built with the service, golden Nuo machine tool exhibits same attention to exhibit meeting eve to exhibit business and user to understand each other deep more. Reason during the Spring Festival came 2018, jin Nuo close tie exhibits what in March the machine tool exhibits the Jinan international of 27-29 day to exhibit elegant demeanour greatly business old man, the ginseng that register exhibits intelligence equipment is covered more than times 400, the lord postponing business that the industry tastes above of many 100;80% newly expresses to will be in the send out between 27-29 date bought welfare in March, dozen fold, decrease completely, return the ” of “ skill in various types of combat such as benefit to make come out completely, the machine tool is highest and favourable 100 thousand, cutting tool is low to 4 tuck up, participate in activity of master section indulgence with all one’s strength.

Same, the work in the same placing that golden Nuo machine tool exhibits audience ministry force of the volley year ago, similarly hereinafter pace invites the line on the line to buy the home to look around greatly machine tool of international of Jinan of 27-29 day JM2018 was exhibited in March, fervent and ceaseless rest. 2017, buy the home to invited the footmark Xiang Na that restricts a group to had walked along and other places of Nanjing, Ning Bo, Guangzhou greatly, sought the big user that includes and other places of rich of Wei lane, Zi, Heibei, Shenyang north, walk along Iran of prep so far as of door going abroad even, for labor force machine tool of 2018 gold Nuo is exhibited do more by force bigger and ceaseless before row. Kongfu does not lose an observant and conscientious person, up to now, golden Nuo machine tool is exhibited already incorporate into one’s own forces on 1000 large volume purchase demand clew smally.

Additional, nuo machine tool exhibited gold to still prepare Chinese seed profit meticulously to produce course of training camp characteristic to exhibit business and user, specially invite has old and alive group experience of work of 500 strong companies and the powerful actual combat that more than 10 years the enterprise seeks advice from actual combat experience consult expert adviser and instructor group, be aimed at cadre of collectivity of manufacturing industry enterprise, guide ponder over the production that solves this enterprise turnover rate of wasteful, improvement, quality, equipment, inventory, capital, shorten the pertinent question such as manufacturing cycle, aid force to break manufacturing industry low-level profit pattern, in order to achieve quick profit breakthrough.

March 2018 27-29 day, the machine tool austral Jinnuoji exhibits international exhibition center of the royal Jinan that start 6 exhibit a house greatly, 500 arhat carry tile of high-end intelligence equipment 40000 smooth rice wins battle master part. Full-court item on display is all ready, price privilege, 50 thousand person-time is true perform grab “ knife ” , grab anthology of mad drama of “ bed ” , sow 3 days repeatedly, miss without time put!

Sweep a code to be registered beforehand, machine tool of Jinan of the Nuo that enjoy gold exhibits VIP courteous reception!

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