CNC vertical machining center machine meet the use requirements of the mould industry

CNC vertical machining center machine suitable for plastic mould, shoes mould, injection mould, die-casting mould, IC die and mould manufacture and car, motorcycle parts, metal parts, precision parts processing, use in machine tool industry, under the research and development of precision and the processing speed have great progress.Jun said Jane into land, fine machine head, jun fine machine in the world machine tool market, according to the actual needs of customers, to launch series of vertical machining center machine, designed for die &mold tailor-made, V V – 65-85 – V – 85 such as a variety of models, each machine main structure parts, such as pillar, workbench, base mining height are broken rigid box design, suitable for heavy cutting resistance stability.Can match Japan fanuc or mitsubishi controller, and equipped with all kinds of knife library, meet the needs of users.And jun fine machine CNC vertical machining center machine excellent machining performance, including the design of the Z axis sliding track in the track, the hardening and precision grinding, the surface and then paste the teflon wear-resistant, its main shaft adopts P4 level precision ball bearing Dou Angle, whether they can maintain at high speed or low speed milling drilling machining precision and stability;The workbench and the base of the X, Y axis adopt line rail design, in addition to the use of C3 level double precision ball screw nut, three-axis servo motor and ball screw with flexible coupling drive straight, the back has the advantages of small gap, good positioning accuracy, so the X axis and Y axis and the parallel degree of workbench face up to the accuracy of 0.01\/300 mm.Jane into lu pointed out that the past the company highly acclaimed powerful universal milling machine manufacturing quality, play again on a CNC vertical machining center machine, therefore, in the processing of durability, accuracy and stability, especially under a lot of effort, including the development of high rigidity, square box main structure type slide paste teflon wear-resistant, Gao Pinghang degree, etc., to ensure that every quality of CNC vertical machining center machine factory.(source: China plastics business network)

Zhejiang day fine machines, vertical machining center exported to Japan

Send digital precision machinery co., LTD. Zhejiang, independent development and production of vertical machining center has been exported to Japan.According to day fine hair machine Wang Benshan introduction, general manager, the company has been committed to tools machinery production line research and development, its products with perfect configuration and excellent performance by the trust of customers at home and abroad.The company production of nc machine tool exported to Vietnam, myanmar and other countries.The Japanese a well-known multinational company, after the shop around the Japanese hair raise the “ball” pure machine, once purchased, hair essence machine 4 vertical machining center, will be used for the company’s auto parts manufacturing factory in Japan.(source: China industry news)

Benson, precision machine listed small vertical machining center

Sen pure mechanism are listed on the stock market has a small vertical machining center “NV1500 DCG”.The price for 18.1 million yen (RMB 1.39 million).Aimed at 100 mm below the precision mold and small precision parts processing, suggesting that’s pure mechanism has formally entered the market.Using advanced NC control, and can completely prevent thermal displacement measures, make the out of roundness is 0.8 microns.”Compared with other companies’ products, 20% higher than that of performance” (the company President masahiko), the company in the market showed strong confidence.By using 2 is Driven by the method of using the root Ball Screw (Ball Screw) to drive the Gravity Center of the moving object DCG (Center of Gravity drive, Driven at the Center of Gravity) theory.To suppress the vibration occurred in the process of moving.In addition, by will easy to fever control panel and oil separating the controller and the host machine, at the same time by making the coolant loop in the motor base, can prevent the heat of the motor to the machine tool host, through the above measures, can avoid the influence caused by the temperature change.Machine size is only 850 x long running 1935 x 2092 mm high.The standard of spindle rotation speed is 24000 RPM and optional machine speed is 40000 RPM.The handle specifications for HSK E32.Equipped with ATC can deposit 30 tool.(source: China machine tool business network)

Customer satisfaction brand of machining center

Customer satisfaction brand of machining center recently announced in Beijing.Our country is the application of the machining center.How to improve the market share of the domestic machining center?Domestic processing center should go the way of a kind of development?Of machining center users in our country often choose what brand of machining center?In use process, the processing center which exposed the problem?Used for machining center have what evaluation?In order to solve the above problems, a comprehensive understanding of the machining center, the application of “mechanical workers” magazine, “modern parts” magazine, and in October 2005, the China machine tool corporation joint for half a year’s “application processing center survey”, hope to be able to get detailed data from processing center users.In the survey, users vote their satisfaction brand of machining center.On this basis, the processing center survey team to focus on the user telephone counseling, and refer to the panel’s opinion, finally selects the user satisfaction of machining center 10 mainland brand (shenyang machine tool, dalian machine tool, etc.), the user satisfaction of five Chinese Taiwan machining center brand (friends, etc.), the user satisfaction of ten foreign processing center brand (DMG in Germany, the United States hardinge, etc.).Former vice-minister of ministry of machinery industry Liu Yansun said, a machining center using investigation is very meaningful.At present, the state of independent innovation is the enterprise as the center, take the market as the guidance, the establishment of national innovation system.Among them, market orientation is very important, market research is important means to obtain first-hand information market.From the point of the machining center using investigation, development and application of the machining center has a lot of problems in our country, the processing center manufacturers should borrow the survey results to improve, to make more customer satisfaction products.(source: China industry news)

This is a “water” day!You really can drink some water?

This is a “water” day, the world water day! To the world, the United Nations has issued dire warnings: water will soon become a profound social crisis. In 1993, the United Nations general assembly resolution, determine the annual March 22 as “world water day”. What about water, how much do you know? About water, do you really have to? How important is oblivious. Water? How important is water for the human body? A set of data, you will know! The content of water body accounts for about 70%. People’s need for water is second only to oxygen, water, participants in the whole process of metabolism in the body. And water plays an important role in regulating body temperature, body fluid loss as long as of reach a quarter of the weight loss would die! How important is water on the earth? In 71% of the earth’s surface is covered by water, no water, the earth lost his original appearance. Life on earth needs water to sustain life, humans need water for irrigation and other agricultural activities, sometimes even need to use water to cure. Being a few facts about water (1) human available freshwater resources accounted for only 0.34% of all freshwater resources; (2) threatened by water scarcity nearly 80% of the world’s population; (3) of freshwater resources per capita is only 1\/4 of the world per capita amount, per capita water resources is one of the poorest countries. (4) every 8 seconds a child die for water pollution (5) a is not leaking faucet flow out on January 1 to 6 cubic meters of water, a leaky Flow out toilet January 3 to 25 cubic meters of water… Do. How to form a bit to save water? (1) washing machines to wash a few clothes, don’t set too high water level. (2) put a brick in the toilet water tank or a bottle of water. (3) monohydrate is multi-purpose, such as collecting laundry wastewater to flush the toilet or mop the floor. (4) when washing up to wipe the surface stains. 5. Use a shower instead of the bath while taking a bath. 6. Collect air conditioning dripping water. 7) turn off the tap in time. Water is so important to us, so if you really can drink again? Small make up to you to sort out a few tips for drinking water, come to see: water, you drink it? Q1: when are the most the water? A lot of people just drink when thirsty, studies show that people during the thirst is in the state of dehydration, satisfy the thirsty feeling alone drinking water can complement the body fluid loss is 40% – 60%, active moisturizing is very important. In fact, from a health point of view, the human body at some point most in need of water, if timely filling water at this time, can not only quench thirst, and to ensure the water balance, and even can play the role of detoxification, preserve one’s health, disease prevention. After getting up early. Human loss 450 ml water, every night to get up early to drink water to dilute the blood in full, dehydration can also improve the night Before bed, such as what is said above, can prevent water at night After eating salty, too salty, can lead to high blood oral mucosa edema, cold boiled water can drink water or lemonade at this time, try not to drink sugary drinks or yogurt, that will only add to thirsty. Air conditioning: half an hour of air conditioning room is dry, easily resulting in the loss of moisture. After the bath, constipation, fever when all need filling water. Q2: when are the most don‘t drink more water? We should be enough water every day. But that does not mean that any time need filling water blindly. Sometimes no brain water also will go wrong! Before a meal, for example, unfavorable drink lots of water, because water will dilute gastric juice, affect the digestion. Be steamed bread, for example, it chokes, don’t drink water, because it can make steamed bread swell! Stuck in the throat! For example, when you have a cold drink blindly, it will cause dehydration. Can drink water electrolyte, don’t be a large number of drinking, every time a drink, about 200 ml, interval after a period of time to drink better. Q3: what kind of ” beiju drink won’t a tragedy? Every day you use a cup to drink water? Plastic cups, ceramic cups, paper cups, wooden cups…If you use the glass, congratulations you choose the right the beiju. The glass in the process of firing contains no chemicals, don’t have to worry about drinking poisonous elements; The glass surface is smooth, easy to clean, not easy to breed bacteria and dirt. A drink with a glass is the most healthy and safe. Q4: what kind of water is the most health You may think that the water in the water dispenser is good quality water, actually inside “secondary pollution” is very serious. Test data show that water dispenser of hot and cold water supply, and 3 months not to wash will have a lot of bacteria breeding, including escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus, etc.