De Maji machining center of 5 axes high speed but day and night keeps running continuously

The Krallmann group that Germany hopes to ascend dark of a person of extraordinary powers is made in die-casting tool and plastic technology domain is world-famous. Recently, the plant investment that independent tool of Xidenghaosen makes an enterprise be located in Sauer from Demaji introduced HSC20linear of machining center of 5 axes high speed. Of this equipment (standard) main shaft rotate speed can be achieved minutely 42000 turn. Meanwhile, krallmann still ordered PH10~100 of tray storage system, so that be in nightly and realize unmanned operation on the weekend. Outside can achieving unconventional precision with modular chamfer besides the rough sketch that treatment gives; The cupreous electrode appearance that production gives can achieve lens side effect almost. Divide this beyond, this equipment is returned can day and night keeps running continuously, because this can rise greatly,produce can. In view of with Demaji long-term and good, also be very successful collaboration at the same time, krallmann hesitates none almost the ground with respect to make choice of Demaji regards equipment as the supplier. Nevertheless, dust Er · Dr. Shi Baisi expresses company general manager and summer of rice of financial chief inspector: “Before investment introduces device of a new machine, people also can look the product that fastens the home and quoted price of course. Nevertheless, objective for, go soon, do not have any products and quote to be able to place on a par with the HSC20linear of automation. And the HSC20linear of automation also is one branch alone beautiful ” . The group is senior the Lainaer Kelaerman of leader and CTO, to HSC20linear whole of this one automation ties the configuration with compact interconnected system and simple operation, work especially open degree of the space, offerred affirmation.

Nanjing agrees to believe milling machine of numerical control of 5 axes linkage and machining center to pass appraisal

The Nanjing that held recently agrees to believe technical appraisement of new product of accurate machine production company to be able to go up, experts express, function of machining center of vertical of high speed of milling machine of numerical control of 5 axes linkage, MMC740 stabilizes the VS655 that agrees to believe a company reliably, agree to pass appraisal. Appraisal is met on, agree to believe Li Jin of company general manager to introduce, come nearly 3 years, company and department of instrument of Tsinghua university nicety cooperate, the company threw millions yuan funds of new product research and development, the place of the main innovation of milling machine of numerical control of 5 axes linkage depends on VS655 use the left and right sides to swing the crucial technology of assembly of box of type main shaft, main shaft swings angle can from – 45 ° arrive 90 ° of + , cooperate workbench circumgyrate, achieve 5 axes linkage, cutting space is large, tigidity is good, adjust convenient. Fit the part of complex curved surface such as impeller, lamina very much. Li Jin says, machining center of vertical of MMC740 high speed, main part is homebred change rate achieve 98 % , especially production success of main shaft of machine tool high speed and design of fast shuttle table reduced machine tool cost greatly, saved cost of very big brushstroke for the user, make machine tool more economy, practical, can older rate land creates value for the user, batch production produces per year a quantity to be covered in 200, predict this product sale is controlled in 40 million yuan. On the meeting, trade of Jiangsu province classics appoint, Nanjing city classics appoint, factory of machine tool of association of quality of city of university of industry of engineering courtyard of concerned chief of bureau of Nanjing city science and technology and Nanjing aerospace university, Nanjing, Nanjing, southeast university, Nanjing, Nanjing and national machine mass are supervised examine the appraisal of the composition such as the center, pass achievement appraisal, machining center of vertical of MMC740 high speed passes appraisal of new product put into production.

Heavy industry of 3 water chestnut is in large dragon door adds column gate in machining center series inside wide the type that is 4m

Heavy industry of 3 water chestnut rolled out large dragon door 5 machining center ” Plano-Machining MVR ” the ritzy type of series — inside column door wide be 4.25m ” Plano-Machining MVR 45 ” . Can machine Japanese Road Traffic Law to set upper limit (wide 3.5m) large metal component. Basically face the component such as liquid crystal, solar battery and the treatment that make coal tub component wait. Main shaft rotate speed is 6000rpm, fast feed speed is 18m/min. To achieve the lasting accuracy that runs for long and efficiency, through increasing column door and beam, raised the tigidity of whole machine tool. Additional, the slip orbit bizygomatic breadth that enlarging workbench while, orbit root number increased 4 from 2, the stability after ensuring workbench is increased thereby. The length of workbench is standard 6m. At this moment, but 35t of the biggest load. Workbench length can be 8m or 10m through choosing set, can part 30t of the biggest load and 25t. Match stock machine program to make software. This software has a program to assist a function, need to input a few information only can set a variety of treatment mode. In addition, undertake to can operating an area main maintenance works, in the operation the area configured a variety of device centrally, and to facilitate processing cuts bits, conveyer belt unit was provided in airframe interior, rose to be reached easily with the gender safeguard a gender.

Gram of hill Qi campstool uses motor of linear, DD to assemble high speed 5 axes machining center

Hill Qi campstool is overcome (Yamazaki MaZaK) development went drive source to introduce linear motor and direct drive (DD) 5 axle control of motor vertical machining center (MC) ” HYPER VARIAXIS 630 ” , exhibit on JIMTOF 2010. In synchronism on the workpiece cutting of 5 axle control, raised fast feed rate, shortened total handling time. In X (airframe is transverse) / Y (airframe takes deep way) / Z (airframe is perpendicular direction) linear motor all is used on the axis, rate of will fast feed rose 80m/ minute. And lever of silk of assorted use ball is mixed before normally motor fast feed speed is 40m/ minute, rate rose 2 times. Except raised fast feed rate through using DD motor besides, because tigidity is tall,return and without recoil, so treatment precision also can rise. Treatment object workpiece is mixed for the plane generate electricity the spare parts such as the use impeller such as equipment and car component. Can machine a diameter 730 × height (length) 500mm, the workpiece under weight 500kg. The price is 45.2 million yen (do not contain tax) . Already sold the European business that processes car component allegedly.

The machining center of axle control of U of 5 axes + exhibits on ferry

Be in on Japanese ferry ” machine tool of the 23rd Japan is exhibited (JIMTOF2006) ” on exhibited to take the machining center with spatial province seriously ” U300 ” . Can realize 5 treatment. Outside be being machined except 5 axes, still use the U axle control of the radial and mobile lathe tool that Xiang Xuan turns, realized all sorts of turning treatment. “Because can be on a machine tool,the past that finish needs the treatment that makes on different machine tool, because this can save factory space ” (spot staff member) . Use U axle control, the taper that can make be finished almost impossibly in machining (Taper) treatment, tap treatment and spherical treatment. Still but more undertake multistage is machined conveniently wait with treatment opening slot. Save the result that the space turns to rise, used ” perpendicular ” model tray changes implement (Pallet Magazine) . Tray resembles is to watch the car that sees a car to circulate back and forth euqally. With tray transverse permutation means photograph is compared, but of will whole equipment covered an area of area control to be in 60 % left and right sides. The exterior dimension of equipment is wide 3970 × depth 2300 × tall 2740mm. The mobile quantity of X, Y and Z axis is respectively 410, 360 with 400mm. Main shaft rotate speed is 40 ~ 12000rpm, the biggest rotate speed of lathe tool is 3000rpm. Tray changes implement can load 10 tray, cutting tool changes implement can load 120 cutting tool.