Exceed horizontal stroke of leveling of large open a book to cut product line put into production to use

A few days ago, by Shandong grand independence of ego of health equipment group exceeds on the world that design research and development creates large 3000 numerical control of 25.4 × are medium thick board horizontal stroke of leveling of open a book to read cuts product line in Shanghai saddle steel the investment of machining center makes in order to reachs HK7183 (C) equipment of vertical machining center, 3 ~ 12.7, indicating our country is large super- wide in thick board engineering capability of rolled steel treatment already achieved international advanced level.

Kunming machine tool is obtained ” the machining center brand of user satisfaction ” special honour

On June 12 afternoon, “News briefing of findings of user of the 2nd machining center ” justice · is arranged in Beijing center of exhibition of new China International is held, kunming machine tool is had the honor to win ” the machining center brand of user satisfaction ” . “User of the 2nd machining center is investigated ” machine syndicate of strategy of academy of news of head office of machine tool of magazine company, China, machinist trade and program institute by the metal, time of half an year of last a period of time. This investigation is aimed at car, aerospace, mould, generate electricity the domain that make begins the machining such as equipment, war industry in the round, the kind that takes questionnaire investigation undertakes, investigate main content to include: Machining center applies circumstance investigation, machining center dependability, stability, precision carries sexual investigation, machining center buys element investigation, wait to the homebred, evaluation that imports machining center. Brand of machining center of Kunming machine tool is chosen to be by the user in investigation ” the machining center brand of user satisfaction ” .

Machining center already controlled the development in the machine tool into amount to the product with the fastest the largest proportion

Industry of Chinese machine tool came true to exceed high speed to develop continuously, arrive all the time 2011 first half of the year, demand still very exuberant, enterprise of great majority machine tool is in produce and sale in the excited condition of two flourishing. But from last year second half of the year begins, demand is added sign is clear hasten delay, sheet of new revise and enlarge is acuteness glide, economic benefits state tends gradually austere, profit margin drops continuously. Although the high speed first half of the year increases mat base, total production value of annual China machine tool industry was added last year fast still arrive by the nearly 39% fall after a rise of the beginning of the year 32.5% of year end; Implementation profit is added fast fall by the 57.5% drama of the beginning of the year 29.8% to year end. Visible, the phasic change of industry of Chinese machine tool is acuteness last year. Homebred machining center entered fast hair exhibition period, current machining center with its efficient with high accuracy, get rapidder and rapidder development, already made the product that numerical control machine tool develops the fastest, place to occupy a proportion is the largest kind in of all kinds product, also be a kind of equipment with manufacturing industry the widest application, already made consumptive main trend. Developed country of a few main economy is the first job that regards machine tool of development numerical control as development machining center more, its development matters to national economy construction and national defence safety directly. 2011, the entrance of industry of Chinese machine tool is 20.7 billion dollar, and exit is 7.3 billion dollar, adverse balance of trade of imports and exports is as high as 13.4 billion dollar. Visible, the demand of product of tool of Chinese machine tool is objective existence, it is enterprise of domestic machine tool cannot be satisfied adequately only just; If can accomplish imports and exports to be balanced basically, chinese machine tool industry can increase the sale of 13.4 billion dollar completely last year again.

De Maji machining center of 5 axes high speed but day and night keeps running continuously

The Krallmann group that Germany hopes to ascend dark of a person of extraordinary powers is made in die-casting tool and plastic technology domain is world-famous. Recently, the plant investment that independent tool of Xidenghaosen makes an enterprise be located in Sauer from Demaji introduced HSC20linear of machining center of 5 axes high speed. Of this equipment (standard) main shaft rotate speed can be achieved minutely 42000 turn. Meanwhile, krallmann still ordered PH10~100 of tray storage system, so that be in nightly and realize unmanned operation on the weekend. Outside can achieving unconventional precision with modular chamfer besides the rough sketch that treatment gives; The cupreous electrode appearance that production gives can achieve lens side effect almost. Divide this beyond, this equipment is returned can day and night keeps running continuously, because this can rise greatly,produce can. In view of with Demaji long-term and good, also be very successful collaboration at the same time, krallmann hesitates none almost the ground with respect to make choice of Demaji regards equipment as the supplier. Nevertheless, dust Er · Dr. Shi Baisi expresses company general manager and summer of rice of financial chief inspector: “Before investment introduces device of a new machine, people also can look the product that fastens the home and quoted price of course. Nevertheless, objective for, go soon, do not have any products and quote to be able to place on a par with the HSC20linear of automation. And the HSC20linear of automation also is one branch alone beautiful ” . The group is senior the Lainaer Kelaerman of leader and CTO, to HSC20linear whole of this one automation ties the configuration with compact interconnected system and simple operation, work especially open degree of the space, offerred affirmation.

Nanjing agrees to believe milling machine of numerical control of 5 axes linkage and machining center to pass appraisal

The Nanjing that held recently agrees to believe technical appraisement of new product of accurate machine production company to be able to go up, experts express, function of machining center of vertical of high speed of milling machine of numerical control of 5 axes linkage, MMC740 stabilizes the VS655 that agrees to believe a company reliably, agree to pass appraisal. Appraisal is met on, agree to believe Li Jin of company general manager to introduce, come nearly 3 years, company and department of instrument of Tsinghua university nicety cooperate, the company threw millions yuan funds of new product research and development, the place of the main innovation of milling machine of numerical control of 5 axes linkage depends on VS655 use the left and right sides to swing the crucial technology of assembly of box of type main shaft, main shaft swings angle can from – 45 ° arrive 90 ° of + , cooperate workbench circumgyrate, achieve 5 axes linkage, cutting space is large, tigidity is good, adjust convenient. Fit the part of complex curved surface such as impeller, lamina very much. Li Jin says, machining center of vertical of MMC740 high speed, main part is homebred change rate achieve 98 % , especially production success of main shaft of machine tool high speed and design of fast shuttle table reduced machine tool cost greatly, saved cost of very big brushstroke for the user, make machine tool more economy, practical, can older rate land creates value for the user, batch production produces per year a quantity to be covered in 200, predict this product sale is controlled in 40 million yuan. On the meeting, trade of Jiangsu province classics appoint, Nanjing city classics appoint, factory of machine tool of association of quality of city of university of industry of engineering courtyard of concerned chief of bureau of Nanjing city science and technology and Nanjing aerospace university, Nanjing, Nanjing, southeast university, Nanjing, Nanjing and national machine mass are supervised examine the appraisal of the composition such as the center, pass achievement appraisal, machining center of vertical of MMC740 high speed passes appraisal of new product put into production.