Dalian machine tool rolls out door of high-powered VX32 dragon machining center

Door of VX32 series dragon machining center machine tool is the advanced characteristic that group of Dalian machine tool draws lessons from foreign machine tool, the door of new generation dragon that manufactures by oneself machining center, overall use modular design, can the demand according to different user, implementation moves head of bridge, calm bridge, pallet changer, main shaft to be exchanged automatically (the head of main shaft angle that achieves the user special purpose such as 5 treatment) the machine tool that waits for different configuration situation, this machine tool is applied to large, medium-sized, board kind, dish kind, the thick, finish machining of the type spare parts such as housing and casing, those who fit all sorts of accurate parts is medium small lot production.    System of control of machining center machine tool is door of VX32 series dragon FANUC-18i, deserve to have video of Chinese of chromatic liquid crystal, its measure a process to realize full numerical control, have first-rate man-machine interface, tall stability and Gao Ke rely on a gender, the operation is convenient. Use digital type to communicate servo, can realize treatment of reference axis linkage, can undertake waiting for an operation with circular arc interpolation point-blank, the spare parts installs card hind to be able to finish mill, boring automatically last time in workbench, auger, the enlarge, treatment that attacks a variety of process such as whorl.    Machine tool pillar, lathe bed, ram, crossed slip, workbench uses high strength cast-iron material casts figuration, its structure is compact, have bear the weight of greatly sectional, have good tigidity and suck brace up quality, made sure high accuracy is machined. Main shaft uses system of refrigeration of cooling fluid loop, make machine tool advocate the temperature of transmission system keeps consistent with temperature of machine tool lathe bed from beginning to end, control main shaft temperature rise, restrain the heat with overall machine tool to be out of shape.    The device that change a knife is used stand lie changeover type manipulator changes a knife, implementation stands, of horizontal main shaft change knife function automatically, the machine tool can provide system of automatic pallet changer, make the machine tool is processing work while, the work that can want to machine to the next undertakes installing, improve work efficiency, reduce the auxiliary working hours when the machine tool moves, the machine tool can realize the function of head of automatic exchange main shaft, can ask according to what the face of different point of view of the user machines, offer multiform angle head configuration.

The new-style Che Xi that De Maji rolls out high-end technology is compound machining center

Demaji machined an industry to roll out the machine tool of a series of high end technologies in the light of the mould recently, the key rolls out mill of 4 axes car Ta1250TC4A of Juan of CTXbe of compound machining center. Its deploy car mill main shaft (turn up 12000r/m) , issue knife tower, deputy main shaft and B axis, can use the torsion motor that makes face or treatment of 6 5 axes linkage, contain 24 knives knife library. Its innovation plan provided sufficient flexibility for all sorts of diverse demands, can change technical configuration according to using requirement actually, apply extensively at drive technology, auto industry and mechanical manufacturing industry to wait. Brand-new CTX series also depends on open up of new-style CTXbeta1250TC4A machine tool 4 axes turning produces new field.

Exceed horizontal stroke of leveling of large open a book to cut product line put into production to use

A few days ago, by Shandong grand independence of ego of health equipment group exceeds on the world that design research and development creates large 3000 numerical control of 25.4 × are medium thick board horizontal stroke of leveling of open a book to read cuts product line in Shanghai saddle steel the investment of machining center makes in order to reachs HK7183 (C) equipment of vertical machining center, 3 ~ 12.7, indicating our country is large super- wide in thick board engineering capability of rolled steel treatment already achieved international advanced level.

Kunming machine tool is obtained ” the machining center brand of user satisfaction ” special honour

On June 12 afternoon, “News briefing of findings of user of the 2nd machining center ” justice · is arranged in Beijing center of exhibition of new China International is held, kunming machine tool is had the honor to win ” the machining center brand of user satisfaction ” . “User of the 2nd machining center is investigated ” machine syndicate of strategy of academy of news of head office of machine tool of magazine company, China, machinist trade and program institute by the metal, time of half an year of last a period of time. This investigation is aimed at car, aerospace, mould, generate electricity the domain that make begins the machining such as equipment, war industry in the round, the kind that takes questionnaire investigation undertakes, investigate main content to include: Machining center applies circumstance investigation, machining center dependability, stability, precision carries sexual investigation, machining center buys element investigation, wait to the homebred, evaluation that imports machining center. Brand of machining center of Kunming machine tool is chosen to be by the user in investigation ” the machining center brand of user satisfaction ” .

Machining center already controlled the development in the machine tool into amount to the product with the fastest the largest proportion

Industry of Chinese machine tool came true to exceed high speed to develop continuously, arrive all the time 2011 first half of the year, demand still very exuberant, enterprise of great majority machine tool is in produce and sale in the excited condition of two flourishing. But from last year second half of the year begins, demand is added sign is clear hasten delay, sheet of new revise and enlarge is acuteness glide, economic benefits state tends gradually austere, profit margin drops continuously. Although the high speed first half of the year increases mat base, total production value of annual China machine tool industry was added last year fast still arrive by the nearly 39% fall after a rise of the beginning of the year 32.5% of year end; Implementation profit is added fast fall by the 57.5% drama of the beginning of the year 29.8% to year end. Visible, the phasic change of industry of Chinese machine tool is acuteness last year. Homebred machining center entered fast hair exhibition period, current machining center with its efficient with high accuracy, get rapidder and rapidder development, already made the product that numerical control machine tool develops the fastest, place to occupy a proportion is the largest kind in of all kinds product, also be a kind of equipment with manufacturing industry the widest application, already made consumptive main trend. Developed country of a few main economy is the first job that regards machine tool of development numerical control as development machining center more, its development matters to national economy construction and national defence safety directly. 2011, the entrance of industry of Chinese machine tool is 20.7 billion dollar, and exit is 7.3 billion dollar, adverse balance of trade of imports and exports is as high as 13.4 billion dollar. Visible, the demand of product of tool of Chinese machine tool is objective existence, it is enterprise of domestic machine tool cannot be satisfied adequately only just; If can accomplish imports and exports to be balanced basically, chinese machine tool industry can increase the sale of 13.4 billion dollar completely last year again.