To develop new functional exploration nc machine tools Break through the aviation manufacturing bottleneck

Aviation manufacturing requirements nc machine tools have advanced, integrated, flexible, high precision and high stability.Numerical control system is the core of the nc machine tool, is the brain of a CNC machine.
& have spent
faster and more strong numerical control system makes the nc machine tool has more powerful computing and processing ability, able to complete more complex and elaborate processing.Composite function make the CNC machine significantly improve the machining efficiency of parts, mechanical processing and tend to be high precision, many varieties, small batch, low cost, short processing cycle and complicated.As nc machine tools is increasingly applied to the production of aviation parts, aerospace parts processing ability has been significantly improved, complex parts profile to be able to use digital processing is complete, and its using common equipment is difficult to machining.
& have spentAlthough parts processing capacity increased, but the application level of nc machine tool needs to be improved, both programming technology and processing technology, and many can be room for improvement.Numerical control machine tool the development of advanced features, improve the processing efficiency of CNC machine tool, and maximize the advantages of nc machine tools has become the biggest problem of the technical personnel.
& have spent1. CNC machine function development content
& have spentAviation manufacturing development of nc machine tool function includes the following several aspects:
& have spent(1) develop the hardware function of nc machine tool, such as a bit of damage detection function development, processing condition of blade length, radius and built-in automatic measurement function development.This kind of function development is for part of the nc machine tool not configured when introducing online measuring devices and other hardware facilities, is introducing advanced equipment production process, to improve the advantage in the production process.
& have spent(2) the operating system of the production process, introduced advanced instructions, further developing the advanced nature of numerical control processing.Develop high level instruction machine operating system, such as the rotation of the programmable zero offset, programmable (polyhedral machining), etc.
& have spent(3) the secondary development of high-level programming language, to further improve the advantage of nc machining.
& have spentIn programming has a specific function template with the help of advanced procedures, do regular calculation, to test the machine data, judgment, and simplify, optimization of machining process or in the process of machining mistake proofing function, belongs to the known system advanced statement module program, can have more specific solutions to the problems in the parts production.
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& have spent& have spent& have spent2. The problem of numerical control machine tool application typical & have spentCNC machine tool applications, often appear the programming efficiency and machining efficiency is low, the processing problem of error-prone process more representative include:
& have spent(1) CNC milling thread compiled nc program need to compute the parameters of the more, the programming process is relatively complex and error-prone, so the thread milling program is low efficiency and high error rate.
& have spent(2) with a uniform hole or uniform tank parts, processing each hole to perform repetitive nc program, the processing parts also need large allowance for repeated calls to the same nc program on different knife repairing value to remove allowance.
& have spentThis duplication larger amount of programming work, larger workload, low efficiency of programming.Repeat the knife on the workload of big, easy to get wrong.
& have spent(3) due to the limitation of certain numerical control machine tool coordinate axis stroke, will not be used when programming cycle mode, can only write point coordinates, low efficiency of programming and error-prone.
& have spent(4) in the process of machining tool breakage if not found in time, is likely to cause scrap parts.
& have spent(5) when the parts are processed using the contour programming mode, the operator need to input tool radius within the machine tool, the input of different radius, the cutting tool cutting trajectory is different also.Mistyped easy to cause the parts of the tool radius.
& have spent(6) CNC machining parts before need to establish a coordinate system, operators need to input the coordinate origin into machine tool, the operator input parameter error prone.
& have spent3. CNC machine function comprehensive development
& have spent(1) mistake proofing function development.By the operator to filter, prevent errors occur, the body of the means of this kind of mistake proofing is a person, in the process of actual operation mistake proofing effect and the human ability, and attention has a direct relationship, can’t achieve 100% mistake proofing.Adopts special technology to control the operating process, by computer control, meet the conditions of processing, then stop does not meet the conditions, basic can achieve 100% mistake proofing.Specific include:
& have spent1) bit damage detection function development.Can effectively detect tool wear in the machining process, cutting tool damaged will call the police, avoid tool out-of-tolerance continue to manufacture parts caused by damaged parts.
& have spent(2) vertical lathe, horizontal lathe knife to knife mistake proofing function development, establish the knife point inspection template respectively, and on the knife point inspection before processing, if there is no change point of the knife, the operator is suspended, can effectively avoid the parts in excess of the poor.
& have spent(3) the knife mistake proofing.Check the template, the tool radius are put to build the tool radius value for inspection prior to processing, if the input value of the radius of the suspension does not conform to the requirements, program, out-of-tolerance can effectively avoid the parts.
& have spent(4) G54 milling machining mistake proofing function and numerical control lathe machining G54 mistake proofing function development.The two coordinate system is set up respectively detection subroutine, the program runs before subroutine call detection, if the coordinate system is wrong the program and out-of-tolerance can effectively avoid the parts.
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(2) the nc machine tool function comprehensive development, implementation & other;All single intervention program & throughout;Processing.& other;All single intervention program & throughout;Processing, it is to point to be installed on the CNC machining, without human intervention, that a program started to complete processing and detection process.It will be the past product quality and processing efficiency depends on the skill level of traditional processing forms, shift the whole program, a single intervention process control and equipment to ensure the new form of function, achieve high efficiency, high precision, the whole program and a single intervention.
& have spentSpecific include:
& have spent(1) curing, cutting tools, optimization of cutting parameters, precise statistics to do the knives’ service life;According to a single intervention nc machining needs, optimize the machining process, increase the measurement procedure, reduce duplication of processing, and the original program as a subroutine in series in the machining process program, at the same time will & other;Automatically to the knife & throughout;, & otherMeasuring suspended & throughout;And & other;Hint instructions & throughout;Curing in process monitoring numerical control programs, and by means of coordinate system in the monitoring program framework directive, cutting tool parameters senior command, realize the whole machining process monitoring and management.
& have spent(2) through the cutter radius compensation, monitoring blade length compensation and the origin of coordinates, eliminate the human error, the operator in the process of data entry and make the operation more simple and easy to understand message way, more effective to reduce the operator participation rate.
& have spent(3) the origin mistake proofing, through the absolute coordinates and adjust the coordinate value judgment, and alarm when beyond, eliminate the operator in the process of the origin set wrong operation.
& have spent(4) to optimize the cutting parameter;According to a single intervention nc machining needs, optimize the machining process, reduce duplication of processing, and the original program as a subroutine in the series in the machining process program.
& have spent(5), for automatic knife instruction instead of previous manual operation on the edge of the sword;Will all process in series at the same time, through curing processing parameters, make the whole process of processing and completion.The whole process of implementation without intervention or less intervention.
& have spent6 CNC lathe on-line measurement technology function development.On-line detection can significantly improve processing efficiency, avoid secondary offline detection repair the clamping position, ensure the quality of machining.In machining parts can be real-time correction and compensation, to eliminate waste defective goods produced.Expand the nc machine tool function, improve the nc machine tool performance, improve the efficiency of nc machine tools.Automatic measurement technology, the process of turning tool automatic correction technology and automatic compensation technology to carry out in-depth study, can achieve certain processing, measuring and cutting tool compensation complete automation, improve efficiency and utilization rate of nc machine tool machining parts.
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(3) the development of machine tool compound function, improve the level of intelligent machine tools.Machine tools manufacturers should develop composite function, greatly improve the level of intelligent machine tools.The realization of the function of nc machine tool compound, real-time detection and relies on the workpiece and cutting tool, cutting tool management of intelligent judgment, data operation and control system.The high sensitivity of the probe, high-speed processing chip, a smaller, faster response of sensors and actuators and other automation products and technology will be widely used.Nc machine tool at a good program, machine tools, in accordance with the procedures prescribed by the command execution, in the process of machining, the machine can monitor whether any wear, spindle are fever, vibration, etc., can intervene process at any time, change the running parameters, reduce speed, feed rate, protect the machine or stop, etc.Machine tool manufacturers should clear the development trend of nc machine tools, master the nc machine tool development direction, make the nc machine tools, multiple functions, intelligent, and meet the needs of customers.
& have spent(the original title: aviation manufacturing encounter bottlenecks? How to develop to explore the function of nc machine tool) (source: metal processing Today’s headline number)

Suzhou antimony m: winning by “smart and essence of” welding tools

China welding tool once made important contributions to machining, in the last century the nineties.With slashed prices of solid carbide cutting tools, indexable tool rapid rise, and the requirements of the cutting speed increase, a sharp fall in the number of welding tool market share.But because the welding tool to save hard alloy, PCD, high-end high speed steel and metal ceramic shall not replace the advantages of precious metal materials, especially the large size of non-standard cutting tools field, as long as the welding tool design is clever, keep high standards of accuracy, there are still a lot of living space.Tools is a magic weapon for antimony, on the welding tool sales, gains a lot of orders.
& have spent& have spentAntimony tamar non-standard welding tool & have spentBefore welding tool for base material is not stable, single structure, welding defects, lead to the dimensional accuracy and tool life.To overcome the above problem, must be targeted to improve, to make a breakthrough.
& have spentChoose the high quality base material (1)
& have spentHard alloy is usually used together with matrix material, the choice of substrate material mainly considering the size of the carbide when using the load.Antimony tamar tools are high speed, high precision cutting tools of production, so the choice of substrate is commonly W18Cr4V HSS, due to the linear expansion coefficient of high speed steel and carbide is close, welding stress is smaller, the knives’ service life.
& have spent(2) advanced structural design
& have spentThe welding of the tools of antimony knife has three forms: plug welding, the welding head and set type.For blade diameter under D12, priorities and welded, the diameter of D12 – D32 scope, priority choose whole welding head, above for D32 preferable tipped structure.Reasonable structure design, not only can the greatest degree to save hard alloy material, ensure the welding strength at the same time, reduce welding stress.
& have spentCommon welding tools, mostly outside the structure of cold, antimony tools can design various kinds of internal cooling way, has in the end, radial, between water tank and water production a variety of forms such as section water, greatly reduce the cutting temperature, so as to improve cutting efficiency and service life.
& have spent(3) reliable welding quality
& have spentWelding tool problem is one of the most general desoldering and trace out of shape.Antimony tamar tools on the welding quality control mainly there are several tips.The first is the surface treatment of welding area, to do perfect, welding the surface both matrix and cemented carbide, cooperate with the joint rate and surface quality are very important.Second, antimony tools during welding, strictly control the speed of temperature rise, according to the different specifications, the temperature and time strictly reasonable collocation, the matrix of annealing and carbide of thermal stress is reduced to a minimum.Finally, the heat preservation and aging treatment after welding is extremely important.General factory, after welding for a low temperature aging, aging treatment is no longer do after, actually such thermal stress and stress can release completely.So, antimony tools will increase again after coarse grinding a long aging treatment.So the implementation of the secondary aging, not only in the most stress, as well as the possibility of deformation of the substrate is minimized.
& have spent& have spentLarge diameter welding reamer pure grey water (center) & have spent(4) the use of advanced coating technology at low temperature
& have spentLow temperature coating technology maturity, in recent years has made it possible welding tool coating.This is a good things the icing on the cake.
& have spent(the original title: suzhou antimony m: welding tool to & other qiao and refined throughout the &; win) (source: antimony tools)

Hyde: automation in the industry for seam tracking system

Using the optical transmission and imaging principle, through calculating the welding seam and welding torch, the deviation between the output deviation, performed by the sports institutions in real time to correct deviation, accurately guided automatic welding torch, so as to realize the intelligence of welding seam in the process of real-time tracking.On March 18, 2017 China Qingdao international convention and exhibition center in Qingdao fastener equipment exhibition, island city startups Hyde automation of welding seam tracking system, won the praise of the industry.
& have spentHyde, head of the automation Yang Shihui tells a reporter, the Internet industry in Qingdao and under the background of intelligent manufacturing vigorous development, Qingdao Hyde automation technology co., LTD. Was born in 2015, the company is to provide personalized solutions, intelligent overall production line to produce a service-oriented high-end intelligent equipment manufacturers.Company focused on independent research and development integration intelligent automation production line, visual and laser tracking system, welding system, handling grab system, such as bending system and laser cutting system.
& have spent

Hyde automation: weld tracking system in the industry for supplying & have spentStartups Hyde automation is well received by the personage inside course of study
& have spentAt present, Hyde automation systems and products have been widely used in the industries of railway train, automobile manufacturing, steel industry, ship manufacturing, electronics manufacturing, petrochemical industry, household appliances industry and medical and health industry, etc.Dedicated to producing high quality, high efficiency and energy saving of intelligent solutions, the applications of robot teaching system, the digital training, teaching software, and practice a classic case of accumulation, has a number of national patent technology.
& have spentAccurate tracking of weld seam tracking system
& have spentIn addition to the automation of intelligent products, the company is also involved in the training field.Hyde robot training center, affiliated to Qingdao Hyde automation technology co., LTD., in January 2017, cooperation with the west coast of Qingdao innovation entrepreneurship center, is the only carrier in the west coast for the purpose of employment robot engineer training base, training courses focus on robot, double learning mode through the interactive practice, and aimed at small and medium-sized enterprise cultivating talents, the current shortage of robot application engineer to complete automation talent from the campus to the workshop the last step of the way.
& have spentBased programming can be used to complete the practice base and advanced programming, robot teaching tasks, which can realize the robot calibration tool coordinate system, robot programming teaching, such as line, arc, surface programming programming practice teaching function;The base at the same time also can be used as teaching and research institutions for robot application study, secondary development and test platform.
& have spent(the original title: Qingdao start-ups developing welding tracking robots won the national patent) (source: Qingdao news network)

Haas maag u-shaped clamp: a clamping can realize the whole process of grinding

Haas maag grinding machine co., LTD successful again meet the requirements of the height of the complex cutter complete processing field.Through the new development of u-shaped clamp technique, no pass only a clamping blade from immediate can realize the whole process of grinding.
& have spentHaas maag grinding machine co., LTD on its axis grinding machine introduced a highly unusual application technology: U for no groove shaped blade clamping technology.Both ISO standard blade or without special blade can now pass at haas maag Multigrind®Implement a clamping, grinder and complete the whole process of grinding.
& have spent

the fit & ndash;& ndash;Used to pass the blade of haas maag U clamping
& have spent

haas maag application engineer FréDéRic Brenat explained: & other;If I had to complete grinding workpiece of multiple side, I have to make sure 360 degrees without interference, namely the proximity of grinding wheel and workpiece.Our engineers through a unique concept of the clamping, namely with the help of two ejector between lock clamping force on the blade, the perfect solved the interference problem of grinding.Throughout the &;
& have spent

grinding experts play each other: application engineer FréDéRic Brenat (right) and haas maag, managing director of Thomas Bader
& have spent

, managing director at Thomas Bader core power of new development explained, & other;One-piece machining solutions is our ideas, so we in the absence of groove blades complete processing areas of development is the trend of The Times.Through a new u-shaped clamp, we can now through a clamping, complete processing with concave or convex contour without drilling artifacts.By u-shaped clamp, our user only once clamping, it can be completed in Multigrind®The CA in the grinding machine without all the side full of grinding roller blades.New u-shaped clamp can find application in all haas maag grinder, and have been implanted in grinding software Multigrind®In the Horizon.
& have spent

security force to lock in haas maag U no groove of the clamping blade
& have spent

haas maag is now in the delivery of the machine is equipped with almost all Multigrind®Horizon grinding software.The powerful 64 – bit architecture based multi-function grinding grinding programming software has made unprecedented simple, flexible, and unique in the world.Multigrind®Horizon software used to date for the following three kinds of grinding package version: used in cyclotron symmetry class tool package, 3-d grinding software package (applies to the aerospace industry, can also be applied to medical technology), and is used for cutting blade and inversion type blade packages.Now more added no pass the blade used for module!Throughout the &;

& have spent& have spent(the original title: new clamping U make it possible: no pass comprehensive grinding blade) (source: haas maag grinding machine co., LTD.),

GF processing plan new CUT P series wire cutting machine

In a new era of innovation, with electronic components, auto industry, medical apparatus and instruments for quality of production speed, flexibility, and puts forward the more strict requirements.
& have spent

& have spent

to face future challenges, GF processing scheme launched a new CUT P series wire cutting, complete solution to meet demanding application, to learn about it together!
& have spent1, high precision, high efficiency and flexibility on the basis of the CUT P
& have spent+
& advanced temperature control technology have spentThe cut

P series wire cutting machine
& have spent

temperature change is the biggest factor that influence the high accuracy.Even in the temperature stability of the workshop, the temperature control technology to ensure the stable temperature in & plusmn;0.2 & deg;C range, thus can realize high precision machining stably for a long time, the contour accuracy can reach & plusmn;2 & mu;M.
& have spent+ first-class pulse power IPG
& have spentFirst-class intelligent digital interpublic pulse power supply on the market, processing surface roughness can reach Ra0.08 & mu;M, and the processing speed is faster than made machine by 20%.
& have spent+ AC CUT HMI 2
& have spentHumanized user interface design, intuitive and easy to use and comfortable touch screen to improve the working efficiency of the operation.In both programming in machine tool and import data from CAD\/CAM software is easy to use.
& have spent2, a new era of automation, improve capacity of
& have spentProductivity, piece cost and flexibility is crucial, GF processing scheme of new waste management solutions to shorten the processing time is up to 20%.
& have spent

& have spent

+ & have spentAutomatic waste management (ASM)
& have spentWire cutting processing to realize full automation for the first time.Traditional waste removal operation in the whole process takes up 20% of the time, and need manual operation.Automatic waste management will reduce the manual operation and increase the processing time.
& have spent+ automatic waste connection (ASW) mission
& have spentEasy to configure, a new automatic waste connection function automatically insert welding in the cavity, forming micro clamp with inverse corrosion technology.Therefore, can be manually before finishing a slight knock, convenient to remove the insert.Shorten processing time by up to 10%, shorten the time required for manual operation was 90%.
& have spent3, expert system, to guarantee the processing effect is the essence of technology
& have spent+
& energy experts have spentFor the height change of the workpiece, & other;Energy experts throughout the &;Avoid broken wires, wire electrode on the parts to ensure the highest possible speed on technology at the same time.In addition, the height changes, intelligent module to ensure the smooth transition of power surface without a line.In the mold processing applications to achieve the highest quality of workpiece.
& have spentExperts
+ surface & have spent& other;Surface of experts & throughout;Control of discharge parameters of the workpiece during finish machining, in order to achieve the highest surface quality and polishing operation is minimized, and at the same time maximize the workpiece quality.
& have spent+ contour experts
& have spentControl surface detail perfectly.For any profile or height of the workpieces, & other;Experts throughout the &;Can automatically adjust the rough machining and surface fine processing parameters, to ensure the highest contour accuracy and geometry size.
& have spent
+ wire electrode experts & have spentFor any height of artifacts, & other;Wire electrode experts & throughout;Can dynamically control the wastage of the wire electrode, ensure that the highest geometric accuracy.Wire electrode cost reduced 25% than the parent machine tool.
& have spent+ taper expert
& have spent& from 0 deg.To 30 & deg;Taper can guarantee high precision (45 & deg; option).& other;Taper expert & throughout;As well as the unique Quadrax®Design, according to the cone Angle, even large cone Angle, can real time according to the size of the cone Angle correction in the processing of the position of wire electrode.Surface quality can be up to the surface of the cylindrical machining quality.If a complete calibration, taper Angle or even better than 20 seconds.
& have spent4, embrace the future, high availability is the key to the success of
& have spent

& have spent

processing time is to create the value of time, this is the SMART GF processing plan and interconnect solutions to improve productivity and machine availability.
& have spent+ & have spentManagement resources, with intelligent materials improve the production efficiency of
& have spent+ & have spentWorkShopManager CellManager and raise the level of automation
& have spent+ & have spentMonitoring and tracking to ensure the high quality, eTracking digital process monitoring
& have spent+ & have spentStrong technical support, rConnect ensure maximum availability
& have spentAutomation system wire cutting processing can be combined with other technologies, formed a complete industrial production 24 hours a day, seven days a week non-stop production.Software management solutions to deal with all production data, improve the effective processing time for several times.
& have spentFrom just a few grams of weight surgical instruments to 6 tons of die casting workpiece, technologically advanced CUT P series machine tool can meet the requirements of users to the most critical applications, delicate and to the pursuit of every detail, help the user to further enhance competitiveness.

& have spent& have spent(the original title: a new generation of speed, flexibility, and quality, this is the severe wire cutting machine tools!)(source: GF processing scheme)