Centerless grinder | dongguan centerless grinder machining

HongXin precision, specializing in the production of Taiwan centerless grinder, centerless grinding machine of professional maintenance services at the same time, supply the centerless grinding machine accessories, such as main shaft, bearing, screw (from Taiwan), in order to cooperate with centerless grinding machine feeding and discharging, as well as production centerless grinding machine automatic feeder and feeder, and provides the centerless grinding machine processing service for the customer!HongXin centerless grinder, belongs to the high precision centerless grinder, high precision, good stability and good accuracy stable!HongXin company, specializing in the production of centerless grinding machine, because the focus, so professional, committed to the “HongXin” into a centerless grinding machine industry, the industry well-known brands, national pride!HongXin company to introduce Taiwan centerless grinding machine and centerless grinding machine technology in Japan, at the same time, the core of the centerless grinding machine parts are from Taiwan, centerless grinding machine in the production process, strictly the centerless grinding machine production each link of quality, centerless grinding machine shovel flower, centerless grinding machine processes such as scraping tile is completed by experienced centerless grinder senior technician, to ensure that the final factory centerless grinding machine with high precision, good stability, more durable!Now HongXin company sells on the market the centerless grinding machine by the customer the consistent high praise!Customers is generally accepted that HongXin centerless grinding machine with high precision, easy to operate, more human!HongXin company promises, HongXin company sales by centerless grinder, one year warranty, free replacement within one year of main components, 24 hours after-sales service response!HongXin centerless grinding machine series mainly brand: centerless grinder, HX – 1206 type HX – 1206 – s centerless grinding machine (drive centerless grinding machine), HX – 1206 special pressure grinding centerless grinder, centerless grinder, HX – 1808 type HX – 1810 type centerless grinding machine!HongXin company look forward to working with you to join hands in creating a centerless grinding machine industry a better future!Standard: precision grinding workpiece: ¢8 * 150 mm cut grinding: roundness 0.5 mu m, cylindricity 2 microns, finish Ra0.08 mu m. through grinding: roundness 0.5 mu m, cylindricity 2 microns, finish Ra0.08 microns.

Garbo centerless grinding wheel

Taiwan gerber wheel produced by Taiwan gerber natural industrial co., LTD., garbo traditional grinding wheel abrasive series: aluminum oxide and silicon carbide grinding wheel.Taiwan gerber general grinding wheel grinding wheel, grinding force, good balance, good durability, suitable for all kinds of free cutting, mainly installed on the double-ended grinder commonly used.Garbo grinding wheel is suitable for general double-ended grinder, grinding wheel diameter to 6 “, 8 “, 10 “, 12 “, 14 “is given priority to, Angle of grinding workpiece grinding can be in accordance with the actual demand.Taiwan gerber wheel plane grinding wheel (inverse) : apply to any planar horizontal axis of grinding machines, processing way in accordance with the actual demand can be used in the plane or the Angle of forming.High grind cutting ratio, high precision, high benefit.Can be corresponding to various difficult to grind cutting workpiece (HRC25 ° ~ HRC64 °).Garbo grinding wheel specifications size order is complete.Plane abrasive products good sharpness, balance is very high, according to different research cut materials provide complete grinding processing solutions, and can match various brand precision horizontal axis surface grinder, complete product specifications and sizes, to meet customer delivery requirements, efficiency and cost.Garbo grinding wheel for another plane transverse qing Angle formed with grinding wheel processing requirements, special developed the unique bond system, make the grinding wheel grinding wheel forming Angle used to keep the level of excellent, import wheel effect abroad.Garbo garbo grinding wheel centerless grinding wheel and the adjustment wheel, centerless grinding wheel mainly machining cylindrical grinding, because of the high efficiency machining diameter for mass production of the grinding operation.Applicable to bearing industry, electronics industry, mold industry, traffic equipment industry and other parts of the precision grinding.Garbo wheel centerless adjustment wheel main use besides and main gear drive the workpiece operation, and can do when working in the machine control, rate of feed and transverse send has reached the requirement of workpiece precision.Stable quality, good durability, suitable machinery and auxiliary roller.Garbo wheel cylinder grinding wheel, grinding wheel diameter is given priority to with 610 ㎜ ~ 915 ㎜, applicable and large bearing grinding gerber grinding wheel, such as: car axle, the roll wheel of steel mills and paper mills, big motor spindle.And product features of domestic sex can reach the customers requirements with high precision.Garbo grinding wheel diameter grinding wheel, grinding characteristics is made slow running use work content, and the grinding wheel spindle by high speed rotating and to cooperate trace feed machine spindle movement before and after finish grinding operation.Garbo grinding wheel diameter grinding wheel “diameter” option: is about to be within the working content of the hole diameter of 60 ~ 80%.Inner grinding wheel “thickness” option: grinding wheel diameter of 30 mm below, the thickness of about the same as the workpiece aperture;Grinding wheel diameter for more than 30 mm, thickness is about 25 to 50 mm, of which shall be determined in accordance with the length of artifacts (depth).Garbo superfinishing oil stone, sand, blacksmith, carpenter oil stone, grindstone.Gear grinding wheel, garbo grinding wheel gear grinding wheel: ChanShan and mountainous gear grinding wheel, the gear wheel design unique, excellent cutting resistance, heat dissipation and keeping degree, meet the demand of customers all kinds of gear tooth type grind cutting.Product features: grind cut quickly, V and thread needed for your grinding wheel rim holding ability, good contact with the tooth surface radian can reach full depth, gear machining precision. Gerber band saw the grinding wheel grinding wheel: sharp, durable, burning of workpiece, open cutting factory is suitable for the grinding of logs or professional saw blade grinding foundry processing by the band saw blade serrate.Mainly processing ring band saw blade, is suitable for the larger log open cut or professional saw blade grinding OEM factory, sharp durability, precision grinding saw blade tooth degrees.Garbo elastic polishing wheel resin grinding wheel: with proper elasticity and water absorbability, polishing efficiency, suitable for all kinds of grinding machine factory crops, for example: the recording head, inside the compressor shaft, mould do mirror polishing grinding, etc.Suitable for mirror polishing grinding operation of all kinds of grinding machines, such as recording head, all kinds of bearings, compressed within a few insteae shaft and all kinds of mould processing.Garbo super abrasive grinding wheel series: diamond and CBN grinding wheel’s tools.Garbo method of diamond and CBN grinding wheel resin plane grinding wheel: plane grinding development up to now, hasten to the grinding requirements of high precision, high precision grinding material also evolved into choose high hardness and difficult to cut materials research, the gerber grinding wheel, therefore, in the whole grinding process requirements become so severe situation, garbo special new BSD and BSW plane grinding special-purpose resin binder, the new development of the binder used in plane grinding can play out products is much better than before when cutting force and endurance performance, and its excellent cutting performance can last for a long time to gerber wheel can sharply reduce the number of grinding wheel dressing and grinding wheel wear and tear, and enhance the work efficiency to reduce the overall cost of grinding.Garbo cylindrical grinding wheel diamond and CBN grinding wheel, suitable for grinding or spray processed by spray welding roller, screw cylindrical grinding.(300 mm to 300 mm) product use: requires high precision, high efficiency, high yield of cylindrical grinding processing requirements.Applicable scope: is suitable for grinding HSS, WC, via the spray, or spray welding material handling difficult grinding material.Product size: grinding wheel diameter is 12 “, 14 “, 18 “to 30” biggest, can be made according to customer requirements.Garbo wheel diamond CBN centerless grinding wheel: apply: requires high precision, high efficiency, high yield of round rod cylindrical processing.Products: grinding wheel diameter is 12 “, 14 “, 18 “, length of grinding wheel according to the customer ordering.Bond: metal method: used for precision ceramics, magnetic iron oxide material centerless grinding.Resin method: used for high speed steel, WC material grinding.

How should vertical machining center uphold commonly used part at ordinary times?

Vertical machining center regards the treatment of high automation as equipment, when be used for long or be operated by accident, can appear such or in that way breakdown, so we should have done work of daily care and maintenance. For this, small the technical personnel that made up specially to consult limited company of machine tool of numerical control of Chongqing essence favour, get the following verdict:    1, electromotor of servo of vertical machining center and part of main shaft electromotor   Servo electric machinery and the dynamical source that controlling a system is a machine tool and place of precision pilot key, the key checks noise and temperature rise. If noise or temperature rise are too big, the parameter that should be being found out is the mechanical problem such as bearing or as suitable as its amplifier sets an issue, adopt relevant measure to try to solve. If appear,servo axis is in in motion unusual sound, it is the mechanical noise that causes as a result of as guide screw, shaft coupling, different as servo electromotor heart likely, but electromotor of vertical machining center and shaft coupling come away, run electromotor alone, if electromotor still has noise, so proper adjust speed annulus gain and positional annulus gain, make electromotor breathed, if do not have noise, judgement is guide screw and shaft coupling homocentric spend a question, new and corrective homocentric degree, join with electromotor again, the problem can be eliminated commonly. 2, vertical machining center measures feedback component   Measure feedback include coder, grating feet, often should check detect whether does each component join become loose, whether be polluted by oily fluid or dirt, dirt and petty scrap minor details mar this kind of component likely.    3, vertical machining center is electric control a share   Often check join machine tool outside it is normal to receive voltage of three-phase power source; Link of component of examination electric equipment is nice; CRT of have the aid of shows diagnostic picture checks of all kinds switch effective; It is normal to check each relay, contactor to work, contact is good; Hot relay, electric arc is restrained implement wait for protection component is significant; Examination vertical machining center is electric cabinet is inner yuan of parts of an apparatus whether temperature is exorbitant. Undesirable to contactor contact contact, can ravel contactor, with the high temperature oxide of surface of contact of little file hilt defeat is dropped, mix with pledget next alcohol will be sundry brush piece, assemble afresh, reoccupy avometer undertakes guiding connecting a test to contact.    4, system of numerical control of vertical machining center controls a share   Control system includes numerical control unit, power source module, i/O interface, servo amplifier, main shaft amplifier, operate face plate, monitor. In safeguarding, basically be to check each concerned voltage value to whether be inside formulary limits; Whether does electric component join have become loose; The fan movement of each function module is normal, the dirt on cleared fan and filter dirt net.

Group of SW of China of settle of supplier of high end of much main shaft open brand-new journey

Last year in October, suzhou — the supplier of solution of machining center of much main shaft with banner whole world limited company of machine tool of German dust Si Wei (SW company) its were held in area of Suzhou industry garden the activity of royal practice celebration of Suzhou new plant. Chinese division general manager Mr Norbert Wiest expresses Aisiwei, SW(Suzhou) build a mark to wear SW group entered a brand-new phase in the development of Chinese market, suzhou factory is SW company be in first beyond Germany abroad factory, proved pair of China markets adequately take seriously and the determination of base oneself upon at China. This also is China of settle of supplier of high end of the first many main shaft. Settle China, deepen this locality to change a serviceMr Norbert Wiest says to the reporter, aisiwei machine tool (Suzhou) limited company always invests 17.5 million euro, the factory covers an area of nearly 18000 square metre, already had the SW naked machine that installs an entrance formerly in Germany to finish the service that makes key plan now, only of a workshop produce per year can can realize 44. In the meantime, suzhou factory still assembled the client is custom-built service, check and accept beforehand, try cut, the technology is revealed, groom, the multinomial function such as spare parts storehouse, after service. SW devotes oneself to the will most perfect service chain belt to give all China the client. Additional, 3 earths area serves southern, northward, southwest of the ministry establish, can be in more resolve all problems and demand for the client for a short while. “Of Suzhou factory holding water is the important milestone that SW company grows in Chinese market, also indicating the formal be born that our this locality changes the strategy. For can more client of press close to, accomplish true this locality to change a service, SW also made the effort of a lot of respects. German design, China is assembled, more accord with this locality client effective demand: Real opportunity grooms, spot craft, promote technology of this locality staff the standard ceaselessly; Ministry of 3 great services, much ground is enclothed, resolve client question for a short while; Many storehouse, store can powerful, satisfy client requirement as far as possible. The client that SW Suzhou factory can hold to to be China and even Asia-Pacific area is offerred most high grade change a service with convenient this locality, perserve develop and market of deep ploughing China. ” Mr Norbert Wiest still expresses. Much main shaft lies add top class supplierSince establish was core product with machining center of horizontal of much main shaft 1984, SW from beginning to end the research and development of this product mixes involve make. The product of SW basically is used at machining the steely spare parts of different measurement and spare parts of cutting of aluminium alloy high speed. Great reputation is enjoyed in very high to crop, precision and efficiency requirement automobile industry, hydraulic pressure industry and aviation domain. All machine tools of SW provide very high technology content, arrive from grating feet linear electric machinery, two end prop up clamping apparatus workbench and pitching moment electric machinery. For the design respect from the machine tool, SW owns patent of integral frame type the multinomial and peculiar technology such as design of workbench of double beam of design of workbench of type of design, rectangular beam and cradle type. Introduce according to Mr Norbert Wiest, the patent design of structure of lathe bed of integral frame type is the technical advantage that SW horizontal machining center has a characteristic most, the main purpose of this design is to realize the production of stability of high accuracy, high quality, SW says for ” QUBE Construction ” . The horizontal of main shaft installs what be helpful for scrap in machining a process to eliminate, make handlers more the treatment process that watchs machine tool interior easily. Cradle type duplex operation makes what work has in another workbench while the design concept of the stage can realize treatment assemble and unassemble. Such design avoided to be in assemble and unassemble semifinished product and when processing work stop machine, and can operate place of automatic outfit remove stage makeup and costume directly, to most project, a SW machine tool that contains 4 axes or 5 axes linkage can install clip to complete a work through two the treatment of all high accuracy. And identical crop, to still using the user that machine tool of sheet main shaft produces, need to pass outfit clip and implementation of many operation personnel ability for many times. City plant always invests Aisiweisu 17.5 million euro, the factory covers an area of nearly 18000 square metre, already had the SW naked machine that installs an entrance formerly in Germany to finish the job that makes key plan now, only of a workshop produce per year can can realize 44. SW aids force China to make 2025Attentive person discovers not hard, there are a such small characters on the side of indicate in SW company — ) of expert of engineering technology of The Technology People(. This is the management concept of SW. This expresses, SW is distributors of a machine tool not merely absolutely just, SW is its employee more those who pay attention to is how optimal the client of technical experience help that uses a machine tool solves a problem, offer integral solution to make thereby for them the client’s production more the company that profit turns. “Specific for, need the part of treatment in the light of the client namely, help them choose a machine tool that suits most, offer the manufacturing solution of highest effect, economy for them. ” the place that Mr Norbert Wiest emphasizes this is SW core value. Create a company besides car component, these need the industry such as hydraulic pressure, atmospheric pressure the key client that large quantities of manufacturer that measure treatment also are SW company, its product can use casting die of treatment industry fluid and casting die of car carrier fluid. To heavy cut and high speed cutting, SW has substantial product line to get used to different measurement, the spare parts that different capable person asks with different treatment character. Accordingly, SW is in at the beginning of entering Chinese market, had had the applied experience with global automobile manufacturing industry and hydraulic pressure rich industry, so of the solution offerring ability to be able to say is SW in the another a magic weapon besides the product. This also is why SW can be in short-term inside obtain Chinese mainland the main reason that famous car manufacturer favors. “In recent years, china is experiencing production transition to upgrade, intelligence is made and the concept of industrial automation warms up ceaselessly, the government also puts forward ‘ China is made 2025 ‘ development program, these Germany that always hold to with SW ‘ industry 4 ‘ concept special agree. No matter be from SW efficient itself of high quality machine tool product, still buy new company to promote automation level to look ceaselessly from us, we clutch the opportunity that contemporary China industry expands transition quickly. It is orderly that SW Suzhou factory plans next industry 4 executive plan deliver China stage by stage, for Chinese industrialization development brings positive effect. ” interview finally, acceptance of Mr Norbert Wiest says.

The 5 axes that loose riverside machinery brings you high accuracy machine a machine tool

It is early 10 years ago, machinery of loose riverside of Japanese company limited makes place (the following abbreviation ” Song Pu is mechanical ” ) the kind that has carried an agent undertakes selling in China. And the ceaseless promotion that machines equipment and demand of automation treatment machine tool to 5 axes as Chinese market, machinery of the Song Pu two years ago established a delegate to be in in Shanghai, so that provide product and service for Chinese user better. Meeting the next day is postponed in SIMM, the reporter had favour to see mechanical Shanghai delegate is in Song Pu chief delegate is long Mr Bao Shengyu. Long protect a gentleman to say frankly: “2012 although get the influence of global economic situation, sale status is not ideal, but the circumstance had begun to improve 2013. The potential of contain of Chinese market place is very tremendous, there will be certain addition henceforth to the demand of 5 axes machine tool especially. ” according to long protect gentleman introduction, loosen early before 10 years when riverside machinery just enters Chinese market, the client once had bought 4 Song Pu’s mechanical 5 axes machine tool at the same time, this client application to 5 axes equipment is already special and perfect now. Although Chinese market remains the same to the demand of 3 axes machine tool now prep above 5 axes, but long protect a gentleman to believe, prospective China market is similar to such client to be able to increase ceaselessly necessarily. Current, the equipment that loose riverside machinery sells is Japan to install an entrance formerly entirely, compare with other equipment photograph, main shaft of its high speed is Song Pu him machinery to produce entirely, use handiwork to debug entirely, such can long maintenance the precision of equipment, supply the equipment of a high accuracy, tall stability for the user. Also the characteristic as a result of equipment high accuracy, song Pu’s mechanical product is in the industry such as aerospace, car, accurate instrument, communication, mould and medical treatment is applied extensively. Industry of cure of this its doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is long protect a gentleman to think to need special attention. On this SIMM exhibition, rollout of loose riverside machinery machining center of its VX-1000 vertical. This machining center is Song Pu have in product of mechanical vertical machining center abound the newest type that configure and optimized cost effectiveness. In recent years, rise abruptly as Asian economy, the market of vertical machining center falls quickly, loose riverside machinery is in to raise vertical machining center the price competition ability of global market, sign OEM agreement with Taiwan manufacturer, research and development gives VX-1000 model. Of the vertical machining center that machinery of successive Song Pu accumulates all the year round make have a technology only, undertake new design, still maintained Song Pu’s mechanical quality while the success lowers the price. Regard machining center cardiac as main shaft, those who deploy is Song Pu the main shaft that the MAXIA rotate speed that mechanical and own original creation develops is 15000r/min, in special the room that do not have dirt undertakes assembly adjustment, machine difficult cutting material to all can be faced completely from the high speed of aluminous material should. Its use what serve as option before a variety of functions, include to promote type conveyer (scraper type) , conveyer of screw type cutting, high pressure is cooling and perforative (2MPa) , heat of instruction of CE of European safe standards, main shaft changes the high accuracy treatment with a compensation function stable implementation. From this VX-1000 type has rich configuration not only, more the cost effectiveness that came true to optimize. Current, the sale portion in Chinese market took loose riverside machine only 10% , long protect gentleman hope to be able to promote this number 20% , the time that he plans to use 3 years will achieve this goal.