UK media: according to research using the plastic product may cause migraines

Automobil plastic net news:, according to UK media use plastic cups or bottles of water can make millions of britons have a headache.New research shows that synthetic material package contains a “degeneration” chemicals may cause migraines.According to the daily mail website reported on December 2, bisphenol A (BPA) is thought to is associated with A variety of diseases such as obesity, infertility, and heart disease.Now, this is published in the latest study in the journal of toxicology research, points out that bpa causes severe migraines, affects one 7 of adults.Study authors urged a migraine patients from their diet to eliminate potential sources of pollution, including microwave tableware, plastic bottles and water dispenser.Their research report said: “by” fresh food diet intervention studies show that just three days later, the urine of patients with bisphenol A was significantly lower (down 66%).”Report said: “these findings from our research results show that the reducing contact with patients with migraines in clinical trials for bisphenol A…Headache in patients with reduced frequency and\/or strength, may reveal the ways to improve the life quality of patients with migraine headaches.”Researchers suggested that migraine patients should stop using plastic microwave tableware, plastic cups and plastic bottles.It is believed that A migraine is associated with A sudden change in the estrogen level, and can simulate the function of estrogen bisphenol A.Britain, about 5 million people suffer from migraines, but female incidence is three times as many men.Reported that bisphenol A is very common, from car dashboard to shower curtain, cashier receipt and cosmetics, etc. All sorts of things are used., including the European Union, Canada and China, many countries have already taken action to baby bottles shall be forbidden to use this chemical.Editor: Wang Huiying mobile client download 】 【 automobil information