Prime minister li keqiang, talk about intelligent manufacturing, CME China machine tool show what can do for the “made in China 2025”?

Made in China, 2025,

is in the first decade of the Chinese government implement the strategy of manufacturing power of action.”Made in China 2025″, insist on & other;Innovation drive, quality first, the green development, structural optimization, the talent for this & throughout;The basic policy, insist on & other;Market leading, government guidance, based on the current and long-term perspective, the whole advancement, key breakthrough, independent development, opening up and cooperation throughout the &;The basic principle, through & other;Three steps & throughout;Realizing the strategic goal of manufacturing power: the first step, in 2025 into the manufacturing powerhouse ranks;The second step, by 2035 China’s manufacturing sector as a whole to make world powers camp medium level;The third step, to the founding of new China in one hundred, in the lead of the world’s manufacturing power in terms of comprehensive strength.5.17 we’ll talk about our premier li keqiang made in China, 2025, prime minister of “made in China 2025” has been clear about the & other;The roadmap & throughout;, the development of intelligent manufacturing as the main direction, namely to promote the traditional industry change.Now as the world’s second largest economy in our country, military, medical treatment, the development of real estate and financial industries are very quickly, can say all industry on the basis of manufacturing, small to watch a humble small gear manufacturing, to medical equipment and even the manufacture of aircraft carriers, cannot leave the machine tools, Mr. Li showed that & other;Development of intelligent manufacturing to high-end equipment, short board equipment and intelligent equipment as the breakthrough point, vigorously promotes the key core technology research, speed up the breakthrough of sensors, industrial software, industrial control systems, such as bottlenecks, concentrated support to key areas and transform and upgrade traditional industry innovation development urgently needed equipment engineering, industrialization, launched a new materials research and development and application of major projects, enhance the basic research, application development and system integration ability & throughout;, the CME China machine tool show “made in China 2025” a key direction for perfection, & other;Intelligent manufacturing & throughout;As machine tool exhibition display area of the biggest highlights of the CME China, nearly 800 high-quality exhibitors, six exhibition areas include: intelligent plant exhibition, galleries metal cutting machine tool, metal shaping machine tool exhibition, work quantity cutting exhibition, machine tool accessories exhibition, international exhibition, nearly 100000 professional visitors, 80% of the buyers has the final decision, 60% of the audience has visited China for three consecutive years of machine tool exhibition, the past three years the volume of more than 2.6 billion yuan, accounting for more than 1.38% of the total amount of China’s machine tool market consumption, it is enough to illustrate the CME China machine tool show effect and quality.

in today’s manufacturing, large annexation of small enterprises are common, the prime minister, said: & other;To create a “made in China 2025” phalanx demonstration can make medium enterprises in the area of cluster development, form an environment, a kind of atmosphere, leading to the development of the whole country, into the global market competitive advantage into full play.Throughout the &;The survival of small and medium-sized enterprises more and more difficult, “made in China 2025” is definitely not light refers to large enterprises, formulate related plans and support measures must not only aimed at large enterprises, for small and medium-sized enterprises to give full support, promote the development of medium enterprise financing.Li said, & other;Many small and medium-sized enterprises through mass entrepreneurship, innovation development of intelligent manufacturing, has become to promote transformation and upgrading of manufacturing power to be reckoned with.On this point, the CME China machine tool show do more perfect, the world medium companies hundreds every year in CME China machine tool show stage, such as: Mr Mark, doosan, in tianjin, citizen, north village, hanwha, superior technical point, the wines, irreverent comedy, RongTian, iron king, tam, pier feng, igawa hon, tokugawa, overseas Chinese, the book of genesis, dejan, yoga, matt, honest, I cing, Wei in brands.

conference decided to pay special attention to the pilot demonstration, adjust measures to local conditions to build & other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;Pilot demonstration city (group) and intelligent manufacturing demonstration area, preferred to create a batch of & other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;Demonstration area, and support in policy and institutional innovation on the first try, formation of intelligent manufacturing and industrial cluster innovation atmosphere, creating a new growth area.Li keqiang stressed:

& other;In today’s world factors conducive to the development of peace began to increase, we must seize this rare opportunity.Accelerating the construction of China’s unique advantages, play a good manufacturing powerhouse.Throughout the &;Regardless of whether they are “made in China 2025” which direction, CME China machine tool show did not dare to say the industry first, as a rising star, just three years, displayed in the time of 12 days, the CME in east China machine tool exhibition has become the largest and most professional machine tool exhibition, the exhibition based on the Yangtze river delta, service the whole of China, facing the world, made a small contribution to the development of China’s manufacturing industry, believe CME China machine tool exhibition future hand in hand to the exhibitors who continue to help the development of China’s manufacturing industry.

Fu Elmer: keep improving mold excellent quality

The global machine tool industry the strongest technology industrial feast CIMT2017, attracted from all over the world converged on the machine tool manufacturers, precision tools from Germany expert fu, also with its new V series star shine at the exhibition.& other;The first, is on display at the new 500 and VGrind360 VPulse V series products, this series of products unmatched precision technology and excellent production performance will make the audience.Throughout the &;Fu Elmer (taicang) machinery co., LTD. General manager Mr Xiao-hu Yang said.Fu’s group global sales director JüRgenHauger fu Elmer (right) and Mr (taicang) machinery co., LTD., general manager of greater China, Mr Xiao-hu Yang VPulse 500 is equipped with new discharge generator, as the core component of the product and the pulse generator, it can realize more strong cutting power and more excellent surface quality.The product adopts the mature modern machine kinematics organization layout, let all structure of take in everything in a glance, can effectively guarantee the production and maintenance in the process of high precision;Equipment operation follows the intuitive and easy to use design concept, the use of adjustable touch panel operation, make the programming and control in control, for the high efficiency, zero error of production has created favorable conditions.VGrind 360 100 mm in diameter is a used in the production of carbide cutting tools of 5 axis grinding machine, and multiple processing technology perfect union.Its biggest characteristic is the best in the C axis rotation point, distribution of the two vertical grinding spindle, it can be finished in a short time, all kinds of milling cutter and a bit of multiple, batch processing precision.Due to shorten the stroke linear axis, thus effectively reducing the processing time.New VGrind 360 together with top 5 CNC numerical control shaft, within the short trip can realize perfect interpolation, shorten the processing time at the same time, also can achieve higher precision.As a technical and service enterprises, fu, dedicated to provide users with high value-added solutions, in order to better meet the needs of the Chinese market, first, in 2004 to set up shop in China, and founded the second largest in Asia in taicang branch and production base, can provide users with the production, assembly, sales and service all aspects, such as support.At the same time the world high-end precision manufacturing rich experience accumulated transplanted into China, to fully meet the challenges facing the Chinese user demand and future development.Fu’s group global sales director JüMr Rgen Hauger said: & other;First, to provide Chinese users of products is the most advanced, the top products from Germany headquarters, because China is the first, very value of a market, we hope that with the help of advanced products to help Chinese users solve various problems encountered in processing in order to improve efficiency.Throughout the &;Because the products excellent performance, makes more and more Chinese companies use fu’s machine tool production and processing.& other;In the first quarter of 2017, our business orders for 2016 years the amount of orders throughout the year, indicating that the customer is fully trust in our products, but also take the test at the same time, that’s what we have to take the corresponding method to shorten the delivery cycle to meet user needs.Throughout the &;Yang said that in order to shorten the delivery cycle, improve the machining process, first, adopted the modular production line, realize flexible manufacturing, really improves the production efficiency.At the same time, the first at the end of 2016, has carried on the communication with users, in the full understanding user after the future market demand, orders are made in advance to shorten the delivery cycle.In the future, fu, will continue to focus on product research and development, constantly improve the production process in order to offer more advanced equipment to Chinese users, the smooth transition of power of China’s manufacturing industry.(the original title: top quality create excellence) (source: MM exhibition express)

2017 taizhou May 13, the 6th international machinery exhibition grand opening!

The exhibition

will be held on May 13 to 15, held in taizhou international expo center, exhibition by the Shanghai united news conference and exhibition service co., LTD., professional to undertake, the exhibition theme: mechanical and intelligence, planning content and exhibition display Settings are: CNC machine tools exhibition, mould manufacturing exhibition galleries, hardware mechanical and electrical, welding cutting exhibition, industrial automation and robot exhibition, etc., from home and abroad is expected there will be more than 300 machinery industry manufacturers, 500 standard booths, exhibition area of 12000 square meters,

taizhou city is located in the central core of jiangsu province, one of 16 Yangtze river delta center city, on the other side of the south and zhenjiang, changzhou, wuxi, nantong in the east, west, yangzhou, yancheng in north.Taizhou industrial solid economic foundation.More than 34000 all kinds of existing industrial enterprises, of which the enterprises above designated size 1083, formed by mechanical and electrical, chemical, textile, food, light industry, medicine, building materials, such as the main body of the pillar industries have produced chunlan group, the Yangtze river pharmaceutical group, ling light group, the Dan group, xingda cord, shipbuilding and so on one batch of new century sales reached 1 billion yuan, or $one hundred million enterprise profit tax.Taizhou has formed basic category is complete, has a certain scale and level of industry system.Ship manufacturing, auto parts, oil equipment, deceleration machine, CNC machine tools industry preliminary formation of agglomeration effect, vessels, forklifts, cranes, gasoline engine, diesel engine, reducer and a batch of fist products such as petroleum drill pipe, motor has high visibility and market share both at home and abroad.In taizhou door

as the only professional machinery and equipment exhibition, taizhou equipment manufacturing industry exposition has been successfully held five sessions, taizhou in 2017, and even in China only a feast to mechanical manufacturing, the exhibition held to reduce the purchase cost of taizhou machinery manufacturing enterprise overall, improve production technology, promote the transformation and upgrading, promote the exchange some important industry, in the state advocates & otherThroughout 2025 & made in China;And & otherMachine throughout substitution &;Under the background of & other;Taizhou manufacturing & throughout;To & other;Taizhou smart & throughout;Shift will inevitably produce a great force!

CIMT2017 closing smoothly Release of industry transformation and upgrading of the new signal

At present, significant changes have taken place in China’s machine tool market, significantly reduce the total demand, accelerate the upgrading of demand structure new features more and more obvious.April 17 solstice 22 to & otherNew requirements & middot;New supply & middot;New & throughout;As the theme of the 15th China international machine tool exhibition (CIMT2017) held in Beijing China international exhibition center (new).As an important trade show China’s machine tool industry, the exhibition scale of 131000 square meters, a total of 1639 exhibitors, the audience of more than 150000 people.It is reported, the exhibition has been held in China international exhibition center (new) success the four terms, exhibits include metal cutting machine tool, metal shaping machine tool, machining and special machine tools, such as the laser processing inspection and measuring equipment, numerical control systems, industrial robots, logistics distribution system, casting machinery and heat treatment equipment, welding equipment, material manufacturing, application software, woodworking machine and other related manufacturing technology and equipment, etc.This exhibition exhibits include digital manufacturing and solutions, intelligent technology, high efficiency and automation, specialization, etc., the Chinese and foreign related enterprise shows its strength, the interpretation of the current environment of the world’s machine tool industry is facing new challenges and opportunities, and impress the audience.To promote Chinese and foreign exchange new technology as the world’s machine tool industry’s most influential one of the four international famous exhibition, China international machine tool exhibition is not only to show the world advanced manufacturing technology and machine tool products, is also to promote Chinese and foreign technical communication and important platform of China machine tool industry technology progress, is to observe the world the best window for the first machine tool market demand change.The reporter understands, the area of domestic and overseas exhibitors all around 50% of the total area of the exhibition exhibition.Exposition attracted 1639 exhibitors in 28 countries and regions participating, growth of 5.5% over last year, the domestic exhibitors 800, overseas exhibitors, 839.Germany, the United States, Switzerland, Japan and other 12 countries and regions, trade organizations and trade promotion agency group exhibition.The global machine tool manufacturing industry of famous enterprise with relatively large squad at the exhibition.Many & other;Throughout China starting &;& other;Throughout Asia starting &;And & otherGlobal starting & throughout;Latest product to see spectators, also provide a wide range of choice for the majority of buyers.A purchaser from shandong tells a reporter, he saw, timely grasp the industry dynamics will be great help for their career.& other;Every time I visited several session of exhibition, to find new products, new technology & throughout;.It is understood that since founded in 1989, China international machine tool exhibition in the related party, under the joint efforts of partners with industry colleagues, scale, brand status and industry influence, the atmosphere in the active market, and promote exchanges and cooperation, to promote industrial progress plays an irreplaceable positive role.Grasp the market change fresh air to the Chinese machine tool market is experiencing a comprehensive and profound changes, the main characteristic is rapid upgrading of demand structure.The exhibition theme & other;New requirements & middot;New supply & middot;New & throughout;Agreed with China, & other;Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in & throughout;During & other;Supply side structural reform & throughout;The development of the main line.Industry experts said the complete automation, customization and widespread shift upgrade become the main direction of market demand structure.In order to meet the market demand new changes, machine tool manufacturing industry must start from the supply side, with satisfy clients’ demand for new products technology and service mode, through transformation to adjust their own development momentum., according to organizers of the exhibition exhibits the level of coverage and varieties, specifications have reached a new level.Contains tens of thousands of pieces of the host, the feature, CNC system, measuring tool measuring tool, machine tool appliance and rj, accessories and other industrial chain main product categories.Among them, the host products include metal cutting, metal forming, the gear processing, special processing, and other equipment, has attracted the United States, Germany, Italy, Taiwan, China, Japan, Switzerland, Spain, Britain, France and other countries and regions of the machine tool industry association and related industry group visit head on the ground.This exhibition is not only a new product and technology exhibition platform, is also the sharing of ideas and information and communication platform.According to understand, to meet the organizations and personnel of various and multi-level demand, the exhibition organizers planned and prepared report CEO international BBS, advanced manufacturing technology, key areas of domestic CNC machine tool application symposium, & other;The window of the colleges and universities throughout the &;Special area, international business conferences, annual & other;Throughout industry top ten &;30 strong evaluation results release, and industry association, association leaders machine of all countries and regions, nc machine tools special results display and hundreds of rich and colorful activities such as lectures about technical exchanges, to further enrich and improve the exhibition participants of harvest and experience.(the original title: machine tool exhibition release industry structure upgrading signal) (source: “China trade news”)

Shanghai even deepen counterpart cooperation relationship to revive GongBoHui dalian city

Exhibition organized by dalian municipal people’s government, dalian China exhibition service co., LTD., to undertake 2017 (19th) dalian international industry fair on May 25 solstice 27 in dalian xinghai and dalian world expo center, convention and exhibition centre.The reporter understands, as the 2017 Shanghai dalian city two city counterpart cooperation relations after the establishment of the first solo exhibition will start the project, the GongBoHui got two city government attaches great importance to, the support of all the departments of the government gave the biggest strength, size and specifications have been an unprecedented increase.No.1
to revive the industry of new China shows, dalian industrial exposition has very important historical position, no.1 is the veritable industry of the People’s Republic of China.In
as a 2017 Shanghai dalian city counterpart cooperation relations after the establishment of the first solo exhibition will start the project, the GongBoHui got two city government attaches great importance to together, all the departments of the government supported the biggest strength.The exhibition scale and specifications have been an unprecedented increase.

Shanghai dalian city two cities to establish counterpart cooperation in order to meet the needs of more exhibitors, the organizing committee of the opening up of the dalian world expo center as 2 hall, collected nearly a thousands of Chinese and foreign enterprises and the audience to participate in the urban areas from different countries.Participation of foreign companies and enterprises with foreign investment in China were from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, China, Germany, Japan and other developed countries and regions around the world each big industry.Participation of domestic enterprises, respectively, from Beijing, Shanghai, tianjin, zhejiang, jiangsu, liaoning, jilin, guangdong, hebei, shandong, shaanxi and other 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions.
the exhibition, a total of 11 large exhibition areas: machine tool and mold exhibition, industrial automation and exhibition on electric power, high technology and new technology exhibition, fluid machinery and power transmission area, the electronics industry exhibition galleries, hardware tools, welding cutting and heating area, industrial cleaning area, liaoning local industrial products and industrial brands displays, liaoning industrial park investment promotion and capital introduction exhibits galleries, cooperative city industrial enterprise groups.
Shanghai city even the two city counterpart cooperation relations, will start after the establishment of the first solo exhibition project introduces to the reporter, director of the organizing committee of
, as Shanghai dalian counterpart relationship established first cooperation projects, the exhibition will become the strategy of rejuvenating dalian again landmark event.2017 dalian international industrial exposition is Shanghai, two cities start the project cooperation and docking, the Shanghai municipal people’s government organized dozens of companies to the exhibition, and organize large-scale economic and trade delegation to visit even, investment, the exhibition during the two cities will be a series of counterpart cooperation agreement.Previous dalian GongBoHui exhibition site

countries issued and implemented the “state council on deepening the implementation of a new round of strategy of rejuvenating northeast accelerate the northeast area economy stabilises opinions on some important measures of positive, driven in this policy, Shanghai and dalian to achieve the effective docking.The local governments cooperation actively, strengthen economic ties.Dalian international industry fair as two city counterpart cooperation start the project, carrying the city of Shanghai, dalian counterpart cooperation and docking strategic task, and a series of counterpart cooperation projects will set sail with the aid of dalian international industry fair this platform.

the internationalization, modernization, intelligent GongBoHui GongBoHui, participation of domestic enterprises and foreign enterprises, number of enterprises with foreign investment and the scale will be three times as many as 2016.The year 2017 is & other;Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in & throughout;Start the first year of development, is also the implementation & other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;Along with the year of the basis of & other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;Manufacturing the promulgation of the blueprint for reform, the country’s industrial reform, China’s ministry of industry to the modernization of intelligent is the trend of The Times, the trend will be in the GongBoHui incisively and vividly.2017, artificial intelligence, robot, 3 d printing lasts hot represented by the new technology, the international competition has to reconstruct the industrial manufacturing and currently in & other;Digital intelligent manufacturing & throughout;As the core of the third industrial revolution is in the rapid progress of high and new technology but also emerge in endlessly, the more modern and intelligent of the exhibits will shine on this GongBoHui.At the appointed time, industrial robots, 3 d printing technology, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), and the present of VR technology will appear in the GongBoHui.Due to the influence of rising, & other;Dalian instrumentation industry alliance & throughout;And dalian’s first 3 d printing society, & other;Add material manufacturing (3 d printing) in dalian to learn & throughout;Early in the GongBoHui formally established and held a grand ceremony.In addition, the exhibition enterprise large-scale exhibition in Japan, Japan Nagoya and kanagawa prefecture groups participate in the exhibition, yaskawa, library card, nachi, panasonic robot, Nagoya, knives, mitsubishi, keyence, NKK, SMC, TDK, omron, tianjin superior, dozens of Japanese companies on the exhibition.
exhibition of a professional, precise,
since 2014, dalian international industry fair traders drove 150000 kilometers, running across all industrial park, industrial park in liaoning province and key scriptorium, electrical and mechanical market, and in combination with the industrial park management committee of liaoning province, the industrial enterprises in the area under its jurisdiction to do fishing expeditions, formed the accurate data.Northeast China and bohai bay area industrial industries more than 10 m, of which more than 30000 enterprises above designated size.The GongBoHui has a very wide range of product coverage, basic covers the whole process of industrial production.From raw materials, to mechanical processing and electrical automation, etc., both materials, product manufacturing, automated production, fine processing, power electronic technology development will be at the conference to get perfect show.
in recent years, the development trend of intelligent digital industry has begun to take shape, the global digital process is also completely change the whole industry sector, whether Germany & other;4.0 throughout & industry;Or & other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;, the innovation of the supply chain in the full set of production process and traditional production chain to the fully digital transformation of the industrial production chain, visit the audience will also get the latest on this GongBoHui understanding.
(the original title: Shanghai dalian teamed up with the high & other industrial no.1 & throughout;)(source: the new business)