Plastic products aging become fragile Various reason

Automobil plastic net news: it’s not hard to find, plastic containers, plastic cups, plastic buckets, etc. We are living in the most commonly used to plastic products in the long run will appear the phenomenon of aging brittle, so this is the reason?Actually this with mold, equipment, raw materials, process, design of these five aspects are closely linked.A, mold (1) the gate is too small, should consider to adjust the gate size or adding auxiliary gate.(2) the shunt way too small or misallocation, should try to arrange reasonable balance or increase the size of distributary channel.(3) the mold structure bad cause abnormal injection cycle.Second, the equipment (1) barrel inside corner or obstacles, easy to promote the degradation of melting.(2) the plasticizing capacity of the machine is too small, plastic inside the barrel plasticizing inadequate;Machine plasticizing capacity is too big, plastic is heated and the shearing action in the barrel time is too long, plastic easy to aging, make the products become fragile.(3) ejection device tilt or imbalance, dry area small or improper distribution.Three, raw materials (1) in terms of raw materials mixed with other impurities or with improper or excessive solvent or other additives.(2) some plastics such as ABS, etc., will under the condition of be affected with damp be affected with damp heat and water vapor catalytic cracking reaction, result in large strain of parts.(3) plastic regeneration frequency or reworked material content is too high, or within the barrel heating time is too long, cause embrittlement of fabrication.(4) the quality of the plastic itself, such as molecular weight distribution, contains the uneven structure such as molecular chain rigidity is too large in the number of components;Or the other plastic doping pollution, bad additives pollution, dust pollution of impurities is also the cause of brittle.Four, process (1) barrel, nozzle temperature is too low, to raise it.If the material easy degradation, should raise the temperature of barrel, nozzle.(2) reduce the screw plastic back pressure and rotational speed, make the material a little loose, and reducing the plastic degradation caused by shear overheating.(3) the mold temperature is too high, demoulding difficulty;Mold temperature is too low, premature plastic cooling, fusion welded seam bad, easy to crack, especially when high melting point, such as polycarbonate plastic.(4) the mold core to a proper draft.Core difficult demoulding, to improve the mold temperature, shorten the cooling time.Cavity is difficult to take off, want to lower the temperature in the cavity, extend the cooling time.(5) as far as possible with a metal insert, such as polystyrene plastic of this kind of specific volume of brittleness of cold heat is big, can’t join the insert molding.Five, the products design (1) products with prone to stress cracking of sharp corners, gaps, or thickness vary widely.(2) the product design is too thin or hollow out too much.Conclusion: plastic products provided a lot of convenience to our life, while it also has many flaws, but we believe that the future plastic industry can develop more perfect and more convenient products.Editor: Zhao Pei male

Hals linan base production 12 million plastic cup international strategy is expected to speed up

Automobil plastic net news: after nearly two years of waiting, hals linan finally completed and put into production base.This means that the internationally renowned high-end brands in water “SIGG localization to become a reality,” the company’s international strategy propulsion to offer help.After the completion of the project, hals linan base annual sales income is 1 billion yuan.On September 9, the hangzhou qingshan lake hals industrial co., LTD. Hangzhou linan base, is a plant that makes to the world at last.The production base covers an area of 100000 square meters, has completed standardized factory building, office building and dormitory building.Completed, hals linan base integrating research and development, production, marketing, high-end cup will form the annual output of 8 million stainless steel 3 million, 3 million smart cup, plastic cup of production capacity, annual sales revenue of 1 billion yuan.Completion ceremony, the chairman of the board of hals Lv Jiang said, “linan base will be the birthplace of hals industrial 4.0, hals is ascension and an important way of development, and internationalization of hals layout is an important part of.”Hals Lv Jiang chairman, said in the future, hals industrial co., LTD. Hangzhou will hail in ultra lightweight, lead-free, seamless application of new technology and new equipment guide cup pot industry technology upgrade, at the same time to create a personalized and highly flexible production mode of digital products and services.And vacuum insulation technology used in the field of kitchen small home appliance, vacuum creating a global brand small appliances.Hals business headquarters in zhejiang yongkang, the company’s main products include vacuum cup, vacuum flask and heat preservation pot, etc.Company headquarters and the “supermarket of the world”, adjacent to yiwu market, backed by the huge market, hals since going public in 2011, operating income growth.Especially in overseas markets, in the first half of 2017, the company implemented foreign sales income is 517 million yuan, up 41.24% from a year earlier.Hangzhou hals industrial co., LTD., a wholly owned subsidiary of hals, was established in November 8, 2012.In 2015, hals linan base construction.In this new production base, the completion of high-end stainless steel cup is particularly noteworthy.According to the offering, high-end stainless steel cup (SIGG) production line construction project investment of 566 million yuan.It is reported, “SIGG” is internationally renowned high-end brands in water, in March 2016, hals acquisition SIGG Switzerland company success.SIGG Switzerland is a company with more than one hundred – year – old Swiss manufacturing company, the company in Europe and other places has a perfect sales network.Hals linan base, SIGG is in fact the localization of the product.Will be built after the implementation of the project, hals high-end cup capacity, annual output of 8 million SIGG implement SIGG cups of large-scale production, high-end cup global market for the company to provide foundation of production capacity at the same time, the company will make full use of the “SIGG” brand and channel advantages, as well as domestic brand advantage and existing marketing network, the rapid expansion of high-end cup international and domestic market, and gradually improve the company’s products in the high-end cup market share of the market.Hals Lv Jiang chairman said, three hundred (in one hundred, top, billions), modernization, standardization, automation, informationization, intellectualized), five innings (talents, capital distribution, layout, industrial layout, market layout, production layout) is a long-term struggle of hals strategic target, based on China, think globally, to participate in the fierce conflicts between both domestic and international market has become inevitable.Editor: Ye Dan

The reason behind the machine tool enterprises make cross-border very helpless

When I read in the news recently noticed that there are a number of machine tool enterprises cross-border trading.Including the nappy head brand beauty Jim will be bought a machine tool company, the title is very attention getter.I understand after just know, originally is the third base stock cross-border education field, plans to pay 3.3 billion yuan in cash to buy the jem education 100% stake.Actually say this is not the first time that third base stock crossover, the main business for research and development, design, production, sales of plastic pipeline complete manufacturing equipment and high-end machine tool enterprises five-axis revenue crisis in 2016.In 2017, the third base stock to the education industry, to seek new profit growth point.I noticed that the acquisition of shares by the third base Jim education will set up a new subsidiary, the original business will not be affected.Similarly, crossover operation of machine tool enterprises more than a third base stock.A subsidiary of shenyang machine tool of shenyang energy transmission equipment co., LTD. Is from the gear manufacturing machine tools supporting the old state-owned enterprises transformation into involved in tourism, outdoor items, and the comprehensive enterprise products, and other fields.See the above message, I believe in you heart there’s a doubt, why these originally in the machine tool industry companies cross-border business?In fact, in the end, or the fault of the poor sales of.Shares before the transition at third base, 2016 revenue fell 50.95%, net profit fell 81.81%;Shenyang energy transmission equipment co., LTD., due to market demand, in 2013 began a significant decline in performance.Behind the crossover is helpless, part of the machine tool enterprises engaged in other business because main business so not to force.Speaking poor revenue is the machine tool industry & otherCommon fault & throughout;.Industry in China started late, so is a machine tool industry.Due to lack of time to precipitate, machine tool enterprises widespread technology in China is not strong, weak competitiveness of the problem.Combined with the machine tool industry is highly affected by the external economy, before 2017 because demand is not high, machine tool sales generally.Under the limited market, the machine tool enterprises in our country should not only face the domestic numerous peer competition, and have to deal with the old machine tools abroad from enterprise to high-end market, many companies can only try very hard to compress profit space to enhance market competitiveness.However, due to the fierce competition, many enterprises in the case of small profits failed to achieve much pin, loss is unavoidable.Enterprise is the profit for the purpose, the main business under the condition of poor performance, machine tool enterprises play crossover is easy to understand.Now, crossover bring the benefits of many, at least mentioned above two enterprises do well after crossover.But some worry that, after crossover enterprise be a thing of the past, to abandon the old business after new business is mature.In addition, after the cross-border business will become complex and management are more likely to appear the phenomenon of one sector, some worry that the play crossover machine tool enterprises will eventually end up & other;Dead loss & throughout;At the same time, new and old business get into trouble.The author thought that treatment of enterprise cross-border, mentality to take it easy.First of all, to expand new business continuously create new profit growth point is the normal operation of an enterprise strategy, the difference is that some enterprises in the industry to expand the business, and others put their money before main business completely real industry.Machine tool enterprises and other enterprises and essentially no difference, both in industry expansion and cross-border investment management behavior is normal.Second, starting from the reality, in the case of poor management of main business, rather than in the old industry. Instead, turn to also can yet be regarded as a new industry development policy.If, on the other hand, can be achieved through new business & other;Relieve the state of zhao by besieging the state of wei & throughout;The effect, promote the development of the old business, is it not the best of both worlds?Finally, the enterprise cross-border not & other;Have to go without back & throughout;.Machine tool industry, for one, although there are many other businesses across the industry, the management of the enterprise, but there are also many, investment from other industries into machine tool enterprises.Such as sichuan yibin wuliangye pushtun group co., LTD will cooperate with chengdu ning river machine co., LTD., established in sichuan PuShenNing jiang machine tool co., LTD.A fortune for air conditioning of gree, also announced in 2015 to develop their own numerical control machine tools.Overall, machine tool enterprises cross-border operation is a commonplace.This tracking is noteworthy because at present, the development of the machine tool industry is not entirely satisfactory.On the one hand, step out a lot of enterprises are the poor management of the business, regardless of the reasons behind, is always give a person a kind of & other;Escape & throughout;The feeling of.On the other hand, China’s machine tool industry in towards & other;Advanced & throughout;In the process of the difficulties, especially after China launched the strategy of “made in China 2025”, as an industrial machine tool machine tool more with a special sense of mission, the key to overcome the difficult period in the industry, people are more willing to hear & other;Return & throughout;, it is more and more enterprises and resources into the industry, this time chat to avoid crossover has a sense of not harmonious.The author thought that, this kind of mentality behind, at the end of the day or for the development of the industry is not confident.& other;To speed up the steps, attitude & throughout;, this is the view of industry development at present.Machine tool industry to narrow the gap with foreign, is bound to catch up, this is the reality.However, in the development of industry, but not so quick buck.Adjust state of mind, more patience to industry development, the technology research and development more perseverance, to talent training more care about, believe that the future of the industry must have a bright future.(after)

The updating cycle of engineering machinery demand continues to expand sales continue to grow

By repeated concerns about the construction machinery sector, why is still have risen with peach blossom?Over the past 2018 years, engineering machinery sector is constantly pessimism, with more than expected in data display to switch back and forth, so that the majority of investors to its love-hate relationship.This recent excavator data in May once again break the market pessimism, and the reverse one of the main reasons, from the most see failure of the infrastructure field.Surprise again may excavator sales data again exceed market expectations, cuhk strength is highlighted.According to the latest figures in May 2018, excavator sales of 19313 units, year-on-year growth of 71.35%, a sharp points products, large and medium-sized dig sales growth significantly more than a little digging, was reported in May the big dig sales of 2435 units, up 59.7% from a year earlier, the dig sales rose 90.3% to 5012 units, small dig sales rose 63.3% to 10333 units.In addition to excavators and other engineering machinery sales also surged situation comprehensively.Kilter to finance, April loader, grader, bulldozers, rollers, and crane sales reached 11836 units, 611 units, 989 units, 2767 units and 3121 units, respectively, year-on-year growth of 40.32%, 36.08%, 43.38%, 27.10% and 70.27%, present a thriving scene construction machinery field.Why engineering data can be repeatedly more than expected?Mechanical engineering, especially in excavator cuhk models also grew more than expected, a large part of the credit is in the field of infrastructure.In terms of infrastructure, while financial deleveraging and strict controls of the fundamental key of local government debt, capital construction investment growth in 2018 would be tightened on the financing side and the present situation of slowing down.But because of the role of the for 6.5% GDP growth in the palm, it infrastructure growth downward space is limited, especially in January and February 2018, the national investment in fixed assets year-on-year growth of 7.9%, year-on-year growth of 16.1%, and infrastructure investment is still shows that the infrastructure investment to the necessity and importance of the national economy stable.And from the planning level, 2018 categories, major infrastructure of road transport industry plans to complete the forehead not much difference between early 2017 goals.According to the major traffic infrastructure construction action plan for three years, 2016-2018 will focus on advancing the railways, highways, waterways, airports, urban rail, such as 303 projects, involving a total investment of about 4.7 trillion yuan, the traffic infrastructure for nearly three years high laid a foundation.Among them, the highway project, a total of 13, 2018, and 2017 flat, involves the investment of 200 billion yuan, from 2017, more than 26.156 billion yuan.And CPPCC work report also noted that in 2018 China plans to complete the road waterway transportation construction investment of about 1.8 trillion yuan, the same as last year’s annual target.Trading data from the line again, the source of the dealer orders in 2018, is one of the first municipal engineering, next is the highway construction, the construction of new countryside construction, mine construction, real estate.At the same time, according to industry professionals, in its main activity in south China, in 2018 the new construction of roads, railways and other large projects, compared with the previous years has greatly increased.Due to the different engineering conditions need different types of excavators, railways, highways, airports and other infrastructure, and so did the demand of large equipment, the villages and towns construction is corresponding to the miniature and small equipment needs.That is why engineering machinery field can bring a surprise to the market, and large excavator performance is more attractive.Want to know is that large excavator sales in May and must be suppressed.It is understood that because of a shortage of parts fittings supply, there is an obvious of the leading enterprises in the part of the big dig out of stock, but the big dig starts and no obvious drop, this means that the big dig sales reflect market demand is not true.However can cause engineering machinery companies constantly broken before high, more than these.Concerns are not limited to the under stricter environmental protection situation, the updating cycle of engineering machinery demand continues to expand.In addition to the original equipment aging, in response to a & other;Energy conservation and emissions reduction, green manufacturing & throughout;Goals, some does not meet the environmental standards of equipment will exit the market, face replacement.Such as environmental protection issued in 2016 stipulates that since April 1, 2016, not meet the requirements of the national phase iii must be road mobile machinery sales, the market often mention & otherThe second stage equipment facing delisting comprehensive & throughout;.Line from the latest market situation, the current used a serious shortage of market resources, and is affected by the state environmental protection policy, pollution of the larger direct injection machines cannot enter China, led to the used phones directly into new customer demand increment.Kilter after many times of finance and economics to mention overseas market demand change, again in the data.It is understood that because & other;One Belt And One Road & throughout;Along the line of 64 countries including 17 less developed south-east Asian countries such as India, its infrastructure is relatively backward, will bring no small incremental demand for construction machinery.In may the latest data, the overseas export growth is more bright eye, domestic exports of all kinds of drivers of 15123 units, rose 95.3% year-on-year, sharply higher than domestic year-on-year growth of 69.6%.And the risk of the leading enterprises in continuous under control.Kilter learned that the financial risk accumulated quickly and after capacity expansion cycle of the situation is different, experience only difficulty will slowly excluding risk factors of leading enterprises, after the return to high profit period still put risk prevention in the important position, lower the credit sales downpayments and extension of the repayment period to attract customers to also did not appear.As in a domestic leading enterprise the latest sales data, sales of its full share is close to 20%, far higher than previous years, more than 30% high down payment proportion has reached 40%, the high quality trade accounted for 60% to 70%.So kilter finance had been mentioned Hong Kong best engineering machinery mark & ndash;& ndash;The Chinese dragon, in the market is expected conversion can break through the former high constantly, establish the new platform.In the context of the current market situation, construction machinery sales in the second half of 2018 is still big probability can bring pleasantly surprised, at this time of the Chinese dragon is have a stronger focus on value.(after)

Italian ICE industry delegation to visit China machine tool industry association

On June 13, executive vice President of Mr Chang-cheng guo on behalf of the Chinese machine tool industry association received Italian udinese delegation.The Italian delegation’s visit, was in November last year Italy international trade commission (ICE) and China machine tool industry association signed a cooperation under the framework of the memorandum.Udinese in the northeastern Italy, is Italy’s economy developed areas, metallurgy, machinery and light industry developed.The delegation led by Italy udinese district, environmental protection, food packaging machinery and machine tool maintenance, the head of the nine companies such as information and communication technologies, the leader is Italian industry federation udinese regional President Anna Danieli ms Mareschi and udinese regional chamber of commerce chairman, Mr Dapozzo visiting purpose is to understand and investigate the development of China’s machinery manufacturing, seeking cooperation opportunities.Chang-cheng guo introduces the basic situation of China’s machinery manufacturing field, and the “made in China 2025” a brief interpretation of Italy introduced the Italian industrial development situation, the two sides have cooperation in the future.China mechanical equipment maintenance and retrofit technology association and China heavy machinery industry association leaders attended the meeting.(the original title: Italian ICE industry delegation visit, communication) (provided by China’s machine tool business, this paper use this website articles, subject to a written authorization.)(after)