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  丞华数控机床展一直秉承以展商要求为导向,以专业观众\/买家需求为根本,精准、高效、扎实的去为展商做推广和买家邀请工作。本届展会,组委会继续高投入专业观众邀请工作。成立了“一对一供需对接”And & otherC2M需求定制”两个专属团队,并由呼叫中心配合,通过上门拜访、电话邀请、EDM群发、短信群发、易企秀、微信朋友圈等多种方式进行邀请调研,并采取交通补贴、餐饮补贴、住宿补贴、专车接送站、发放礼品等多种形式去邀请专业观众到会参观、采购。








Hanover GongBoHui 24 opening Baoan enterprises with high-tech products exhibition

Hannover messe 2017 German grand opening today, shenzhen baoan district in 22, 23 companies have arrived in hannover, and completed yesterday, all kinds of cutting-edge products at the booth, to show the world the baoan smart elegant demeanour, industrial city beautiful olive branch extended to the global merchants.As shenzhen industrial district, economic regions, the current baoan is take the quality as the main direction, support the development of high-end manufacturing, made solid progress & other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;Area construction, comprehensive docking German industrial 4.0.This time, more than 70 enterprises in shenzhen city to hannover messe 2017 exhibition area of more than 1000 square meters, including 23 of baoan enterprise, there are: laser, laser intelligence, o god grace semiconductor lighting, intelligent measuring 3 d vision technology, the foster’s mechanical and electrical, etc., they are the epitome of shenzhen, baoan industrial development, to show to the world in Hanover, Germany, display the baoan shenzhen.Reporter in the scene to see the exhibition yesterday, baoan district 23 exhibitors, the exhibition is methodically each booth will display industry’s top connector, frequency converter, industrial sensors, controller, LED lamp of machine tools, thermal interface materials such as the diversification of products.In 11 of the pavilion’s grace semiconductor lighting (shenzhen) co., LTD. The main display LED machine lamp, LED warning lights, LED freezer lighting, etc., the company is the domestic machine tool industry leader.Last year, chairman of the board of directors of the company chang-an zheng said, hannover messe to boost the company’s export growth, past European customers mainly through the Internet to learn about the company’s products, now showed the product to the customer home, let them have confidence in product quality, brand more.The exhibition this year, in addition to negotiate orders, to reveal the baoan more enterprise brand, the company is committed to build LED industrial light world-class brand.Pavilion is located in 26 air compressor of shenzhen bei teng technology the exhibition mold core drying machine, its module convection adsorption and regeneration technology, mold core independent removable replacement and regeneration of instantaneous emission technology, integrated drainage technology are all the world, many patent technologies such as Mr Teng technology should chairman guo hui said, will be on show for 4.0 industrial development path, closer ties with the European industrial power, expand the trade channels.Shenzhen of 17 of the pavilion in the roth electrical and mechanical technology development co., LTD., focusing on research and development, production and sales of industrial automation control products, the main display of closed loop stepper driver, stepper drives, closed-loop step and step motor.Said the company’s sales director oxidase, hope that through this exhibition to understand and develop the European market, and further understand the forefront of industrial automation technology and future trends, continuously improve product performance.During the exhibition, shenzhen, baoan enterprise will further expand the European trade channels, to develop economic and trade negotiation, analysis “4.0” industrial development path.Hannover messe (the original title: today the opening, 23 shares companies with advanced product finished, the exhibition shows the baoan and smart power industry city an olive branch to the global merchants) (source: baoan daily)

International forward-looking laser technology conference in 2017

China laser optical photoelectron industry association branch, southwest institute of technical physics, laser industry technology innovation alliance, guangdong province, shenzhen university and other ALAT in 2017 the 11th Asia (shenzhen) international laser application technology BBS at the venue, jointly organized & other;In 2017 international conference on forward-looking laser technology & throughout;.

& other;In 2017 international conference on forward-looking laser technology & throughout;Will contain three themes: (1) the new type of laser, components and its application technology;(2) new laser application technology,(3) the other new laser technology.

the conference will focus on the theme to invite domestic and foreign well-known in the field of laser technology research team, laser device research and development team of well-known enterprises and colleges and universities, laser processing and application of the well-known enterprises leaders, around & other;Looking forward to laser technology & throughout;Core topic, this paper discusses the current cutting-edge technology in the field of laser and photoelectron technology at home and abroad such as hot topic, introduced the latest technology development area, promote the development of cutting-edge laser technology application.

conference invite dedicated to science and technology of laser and photoelectron technology research personnel and university teachers and students took an active part in the conference and contribute enthusiastically, congress accepted manuscript to related well-known publications recommended, at the same time also invited engaged in related research and industry development in the field of companies, enterprises and institutions to release enterprise image promotion and scientific and technological achievements, product information, and invited some units as the event co-organizer.

sincerely welcome the domestic and international related research institutes in the field of scientific research personnel as well as colleges and universities teachers, graduate students to contribute.

organizer: China laser optical photoelectron industry association branch, southwest institute of technical physics, laser industry technology innovation alliance, shenzhen university, guangdong province,

units to undertake: “laser technology” newsroom in photoelectric engineering college, sun yat-sen university, shenzhen university FaHe college of engineering and technology, laser industry association of guangdong province

media partners: the laser manufacturing business magazine, the magazine of the application of laser, laser manufacturing network report

: time: on May 21-22;Location:

dian-yuan fan

honorary chairman of shenzhen university Shenzhen, a professor at the university of Chinese academy of engineering, chairman of the


king 浟 southwest technology researcher at the institute of physics, & other;One thousand people plan & throughout;国家特聘专家


  阮双琛 深圳大学 副校长

  王 彪 中山大学中法核工程与技术学院 院长

  李才莉 中国光学光电子行业协会激光分会 秘书长

  邵 火 广东省激光产业技术创新联盟 理事长


  王 甦 《激光技术》常务副主编


  李 鹏 西南技术物理研究所

  安国斐 西南技术物理研究所

  董 锐 广东省激光产业技术创新联盟

  李国忠 《激光制造商情》编辑部

  莫芳蕾 《激光制造商情》编辑部

  梁华伟 深圳大学

  焦中兴 中山大学




  《激光技术》编辑部 四川省成都市人民南路4段7号西南技术物理研究所

  深圳大学光电工程学院 广东省深圳市南海大道3688号深圳大学梁华伟

  广东省激光产业技术创新联盟秘书处 广东省东莞市旗峰路162号中侨大厦B座1505


  l 新型激光器、元器件及其应用

  ØNew laser (fiber, solid-state, semiconductor, etc.),

& Oslash;High conversion efficiency of laser (CO2 and Nd: YAG laser, etc.),

& Oslash;New laser processing system, components

& Oslash;The application of new type laser

& Oslash;Photonics technology development direction

& Oslash;Other new laser technology


l new laser application technology Oslash;New laser processing technology and application of

& Oslash;Laser hardening technology and industrial application (hardening, alloying, cladding, deposition, etc.);

& Oslash;Interaction between laser and material theory and application of

& Oslash;Laser preparation of new materials, new organization and new performance)

& Oslash;Laser forming technology of manufacturing other new laser technology and application of


l Oslash;Inspect and control the laser processing

& Oslash;Laser machining process simulation and theory of model

& Oslash;Laser beam quality optimization and affect

& Oslash;Light metal laser processing

conference essay requires

conference papers will be judged by the academic committee meeting experts, thesis will into the conference proceedings, good papers will be published in domestic core journals “laser technology”, academic committee will select excellent student papers and rewarded.

& Oslash;It is forbidden to copy others work or a draft cast more, the article main content unpublished.

& Oslash;Any submission paper in both English and Chinese.

& Oslash;Abstract (300-400 words in Chinese, English 1000 characters) should include: title, author’s last name, unit, contact information, the text, four to eight key words.Should be able to accurately reflect the research results of innovations, including the research purpose, methods, results and conclusions.


& Oslash;In the end, please be sure to indicate the first author or corresponding author accurate address, zip code, email, phone number, and indicate the attendees name and contact information.论文摘要从即日起以email的形式投寄。


  论文发表:经专家评审后,被会议录用稿件将择优在《激光技术》(中文核心、科技核心期刊)正刊出版。Published article must pay a certain layout fee.



  ²The offer of time: on March 10, 2017,

(Friday) & sup2;The full paper deadline: May 1, 2017,

(Monday) & sup2;Meeting time: on May 21-22, 2017, (on Sunday – Monday) mobile phone

attendees information early bird discount:

(fee will apply ALAT arbitrary a meeting at the same time, lunch, tea, gifts and meeting materials)

& pound;2017年5月15日前600元\/人

  £2017年5月15日后及现场注册800元\/人 £学生五折 *会议现场付款只接收人民币现金


  账 户 名:广东星之球激光科技有限公司



  1、 请注明汇款用途:

  2、 ALAT会务费+参会人员姓名


  共 人参会,合计 元

  是否需要发票:( )发票抬头:





Power of chongqing to make intelligent transformation 2017 jia machinery was opened

sponsored by the economic information committee in chongqing, the chongqing business committee of chongqing city jia convention and exhibition co., LTD., to undertake the 18th set jia international machinery exhibition (2017) on May 25 to 28, was held in chongqing international expo center.

set up exhibition is based on the rapid growth of industrial economy in chongqing developed important exhibition equipment industry.In 2016, chongqing equipment industry closely around the task structure, promoting the transformation and increasing benefits, insist on innovation drive, to speed up the foster emerging industries, promoting the development of equipment industry made good.Steady growth of industry scale, steady growth effect is obvious.Machinery industry rules in the city on the enterprise realize industrial output 230.3 billion yuan, accounting for 9.6% of the industry, the proportion of slightly higher than the same period in 2015;GDP growth of 9.9%.Achieve sales of 224.5 billion yuan, an increase of 10.9%.Main business income is 223.7 billion yuan, an increase of 11.2%.58% growth in the equipment industry, environmental protection equipment, machine tool industry grows 41.7%, power transmission and transformation increases by 20.2%, 14.2% growth of agricultural machinery.In the aspect of equipment on the product, the city’s production of 1971 sets of industrial robots, growth 1.8 times;3384 sets of CNC machine tools, an increase of 17%.Based on city industrial economic development achievement, western machinery and equipment industry event xviii jia international machinery exhibition in May to attack.

the state fair with innovation, sharing, open, diverse, as the theme, the size of 78000 square meters, from more than 10 countries and regions, more than 20 domestic provinces and cities of more than 1000 well-known enterprises will get fine appearance, exhibits, including various types of metal-cutting machine tools, industrial automation and robotics, casting die casting and heat treatment, sheet metal equipment and products, rubber and packaging, industrial park, features, etc.At the same time the new defense intelligent manufacturing, high precision aluminum processing projects, as a whole distance, unusually brilliant.

international gathering, famous brand for

as much starker choices-and graver consequences-in will develop intelligent manufacturing as strategic task of insist for a long time, digital, networked, intelligent manufacturing is increasingly become the main trend of development.Is chongqing in past the 20th anniversary of the 2017, chongqing will be fully promote intelligent equipment industry development and manufacturing of intelligent transformation.The exhibition more intelligent products, intelligent manufacturing solution concentration.All exhibitors

equipment industry the world famous enterprise.Yamazaki mazar-e-sharif, archie, gateway, and the Bronx kang, the world famous enterprises, such as citizen, good friends will debut metal-cutting machine tools, measuring area.Fanuc, Siemens, ABB, wide number, TV and other industrial automation leading enterprises will be displayed.But, di can laser, macro mountain, chutian laser and laser equipment manufacturers to bring new manufacturing solutions.The world’s top die casting enterprise buller, force strength, rich to converge, boutique castings pavilion, will make its debut in chongqing casting association exhibition highlights.With mold industry cluster development, a growing demand market, exhibition scale strength increases by 31%, the die and mould industry is suggested, domhke, ZhuoTai, FengChang, YongSheng, Japan’s son (Hitachi), a win hundred and extension, can enterprises will be dressed up to attend.Advanced equipment, star products to compete, comprehensive display intelligence to make new style.

China aluminum industry has gone through 60 years of history, at present, China is already the world’s largest aluminium producer, producer and consumer, has become an important international market aluminum supply base.As China’s aluminum industry into the scale, the aluminum processing enterprises to enter the important period of change and transformation, China aluminum deep processing and high precision exhibition (2017) arises at the historic moment, debut set exhibition.Tianchen, parker, it’s too long, coward, pradesh and other well-known aluminum processing equipment and material manufacturers will appear.In order to further cooperate with

countries of the two fusion, such as military and civilian integration strategy, build the factory complete industrial chain display platform, improve the development of the military domain informationization, digitized integrity, systematic and coordination, the defense intelligence manufacturing exhibition will be on display at the new N2 pavilion, companies such as huawei, huashan, zte, unicom will write efficient, intelligent product export.Ac

pavilion day activities, innovation the exhibition according to characteristics of industry in southwest China, and combined with the current industry hotspot, respectively, on May 25 to 27, around the car manufacturing, defense military\/aerospace, sheet metal, mold, etc during the show to build three major themes, communication, more than 30 games related topics communication meeting, activities, take turns.China (chongqing) intelligent manufacturing international BBS chair by lipeigeng academician of Chinese academy of engineering, both at home and abroad well-known experts, senior consultant and benchmark companies such as HP, IBM, changan, read the next ten years China’s intelligent manufacturing roadmap, plan for the road of industrial transformation of the digital and intelligent, help correct understanding of intelligent manufacturing, grasp the present situation and the tendency of the development of intelligent manufacturing key technologies, the correct selection.

as a national important military products manufacturing base in southwest China, has a large military enterprise, 2017 eighth military-industrial manufacturing digital technology exchange meeting will focus on military field six major industries (nuclear, aviation, aerospace, ships, weapons, electronic) intelligent manufacturing and digital manufacturing solutions of exchange of experience.2017 BBS will analyze the industry mold industry development in western China, discusses the new trend of development.

service development, benefit the west

to establish a high level professional level in the country have a certain influence of sanxin BBS, respectively in the western region of chongqing, sichuan, guizhou and other provinces and cities around the car manufacturing, mold processing, intelligent manufacture, digital technological upgrading, two fusion and other topics of the development of the technology exchange activities.Launched 4000 active purchasing enterprises acquisition plan, category involves the information such as procurement, marketing, recruitment, project construction, the collection to the list of companies and the stage of the public, promote the supply and demand information transparency.Perfect jia technical advisory group, fully give play to the role of experts, according to industry demand of the technique salon of the organization, and expert visit during the show set in link, around the one-to-one technology communication technology development, equipment type selection.Set fine cup – best craftsmen selection activities, together with the city federation of trade unions in ba-yu craftsmen selection in the whole society build respect skills, good labor great environment, will be in 27 machinery manufacturing professional engineer communication conference and awards, awards will also be submitted ba-yu artisans.

visit to enjoy more benefits of register, early attention made Carrie WeChat CWMTE2016 finish visit pre-registration service, during the exhibition can scan code directly, visit with more convenient and efficient and exhibition experience.

(the original title: jia exhibition: the 20th anniversary of the establishment of an avalanche of chongqing in past, full speed up manufacturing intelligent transformation)

Prime minister li keqiang, talk about intelligent manufacturing, CME China machine tool show what can do for the “made in China 2025”?

Made in China, 2025,

is in the first decade of the Chinese government implement the strategy of manufacturing power of action.”Made in China 2025″, insist on & other;Innovation drive, quality first, the green development, structural optimization, the talent for this & throughout;The basic policy, insist on & other;Market leading, government guidance, based on the current and long-term perspective, the whole advancement, key breakthrough, independent development, opening up and cooperation throughout the &;The basic principle, through & other;Three steps & throughout;Realizing the strategic goal of manufacturing power: the first step, in 2025 into the manufacturing powerhouse ranks;The second step, by 2035 China’s manufacturing sector as a whole to make world powers camp medium level;The third step, to the founding of new China in one hundred, in the lead of the world’s manufacturing power in terms of comprehensive strength.5.17 we’ll talk about our premier li keqiang made in China, 2025, prime minister of “made in China 2025” has been clear about the & other;The roadmap & throughout;, the development of intelligent manufacturing as the main direction, namely to promote the traditional industry change.Now as the world’s second largest economy in our country, military, medical treatment, the development of real estate and financial industries are very quickly, can say all industry on the basis of manufacturing, small to watch a humble small gear manufacturing, to medical equipment and even the manufacture of aircraft carriers, cannot leave the machine tools, Mr. Li showed that & other;Development of intelligent manufacturing to high-end equipment, short board equipment and intelligent equipment as the breakthrough point, vigorously promotes the key core technology research, speed up the breakthrough of sensors, industrial software, industrial control systems, such as bottlenecks, concentrated support to key areas and transform and upgrade traditional industry innovation development urgently needed equipment engineering, industrialization, launched a new materials research and development and application of major projects, enhance the basic research, application development and system integration ability & throughout;, the CME China machine tool show “made in China 2025” a key direction for perfection, & other;Intelligent manufacturing & throughout;As machine tool exhibition display area of the biggest highlights of the CME China, nearly 800 high-quality exhibitors, six exhibition areas include: intelligent plant exhibition, galleries metal cutting machine tool, metal shaping machine tool exhibition, work quantity cutting exhibition, machine tool accessories exhibition, international exhibition, nearly 100000 professional visitors, 80% of the buyers has the final decision, 60% of the audience has visited China for three consecutive years of machine tool exhibition, the past three years the volume of more than 2.6 billion yuan, accounting for more than 1.38% of the total amount of China’s machine tool market consumption, it is enough to illustrate the CME China machine tool show effect and quality.

in today’s manufacturing, large annexation of small enterprises are common, the prime minister, said: & other;To create a “made in China 2025” phalanx demonstration can make medium enterprises in the area of cluster development, form an environment, a kind of atmosphere, leading to the development of the whole country, into the global market competitive advantage into full play.Throughout the &;The survival of small and medium-sized enterprises more and more difficult, “made in China 2025” is definitely not light refers to large enterprises, formulate related plans and support measures must not only aimed at large enterprises, for small and medium-sized enterprises to give full support, promote the development of medium enterprise financing.Li said, & other;Many small and medium-sized enterprises through mass entrepreneurship, innovation development of intelligent manufacturing, has become to promote transformation and upgrading of manufacturing power to be reckoned with.On this point, the CME China machine tool show do more perfect, the world medium companies hundreds every year in CME China machine tool show stage, such as: Mr Mark, doosan, in tianjin, citizen, north village, hanwha, superior technical point, the wines, irreverent comedy, RongTian, iron king, tam, pier feng, igawa hon, tokugawa, overseas Chinese, the book of genesis, dejan, yoga, matt, honest, I cing, Wei in brands.

conference decided to pay special attention to the pilot demonstration, adjust measures to local conditions to build & other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;Pilot demonstration city (group) and intelligent manufacturing demonstration area, preferred to create a batch of & other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;Demonstration area, and support in policy and institutional innovation on the first try, formation of intelligent manufacturing and industrial cluster innovation atmosphere, creating a new growth area.Li keqiang stressed:

& other;In today’s world factors conducive to the development of peace began to increase, we must seize this rare opportunity.Accelerating the construction of China’s unique advantages, play a good manufacturing powerhouse.Throughout the &;Regardless of whether they are “made in China 2025” which direction, CME China machine tool show did not dare to say the industry first, as a rising star, just three years, displayed in the time of 12 days, the CME in east China machine tool exhibition has become the largest and most professional machine tool exhibition, the exhibition based on the Yangtze river delta, service the whole of China, facing the world, made a small contribution to the development of China’s manufacturing industry, believe CME China machine tool exhibition future hand in hand to the exhibitors who continue to help the development of China’s manufacturing industry.