Innovation driven “think tank” to build the future: fujian GongBoHui opened in 2017

Industrial expositions and fairs for investment and corporation industry project, production, docking, this year & other;6 & middot;18 & throughout;, by the letter of fujian province committee organizing events to three games, games & other;Start & throughout;.Among them, fujian industrial exposition in 2017 is particularly noteworthy in this year’s new activities.Hosting the expo main purpose is to show new industrialization of fujian province in recent years construction and industrial transformation and upgrading of the new achievements, help fujian province & other;MingYouTeXin & throughout;Product market development, enhance the brand influence, drive to new industry, new technologies, new platform, new forms and new model & other;Five new & throughout;To lead the innovation and development, and production in fujian province in recent years and docking, corporation project docking results of a review and display.Held the 15th China & middot;Channel project results fair docking activities of production, as well as the seventh private enterprises in fujian province industrial projects symposium, which will further promote a batch of latest research achievements and technical requirements of industrialization, which will accelerate the generation of good projects, such as the project docking.& other;The three major activities held at the same time is & lsquo;6 & middot;18 & rsquo;An innovative activity, will promote the capital, technology, talents, project, market effective docking, to promote the province’s supply side structural reforms and industrial transformation and upgrading has positive significance.Throughout the &;Province by the letter committee officials said.All terrain intelligent excavator, luxury cruise ships, & other;Dragon water & throughout;Emergency vehicle, 3 d printing, medical products, narrowband Internet of NB – IOT, all kinds of robot & hellip;& hellip;A large number of domestic manufacturing of high-end & other;Fujian goods & throughout;Will light up the 15th China & middot;Under the channel project results fair (hereinafter referred to as & other6 & middot;18 & throughout;).June 18 to 21, 2017 in fujian province industrial exposition will be held in international exhibition center hall no. 3 of fuzhou channel, online nearly one thousand kinds of fujian MingYouTeXin will promote the industrial products.In the past year, the province by province letter system surrounding the construction of advanced manufacturing goals, vigorously implement innovation-driven development, promoting the supply side structural reforms, bigger and stronger leading industries, speed up to cultivate strategic emerging industries, transform and upgrade traditional industries, the provincial industrial overall maintained steady growth, steadily improving the quality benefit, significant results were obtained in industrial transformation and upgrading & ndash;& ndash;In 2016 the province gross value of industrial output 4.7428 trillion yuan, up 8.6% from a year earlier.Realize the industrial added value 1.15172 trillion yuan, the ninth largest in the country.Implementation rules on the industrial added value 1.1017 trillion yuan, increased by 7.6%, growth rate higher than the national average of 1.6%, the third in the east.The total industrial investment 781.8 billion yuan, increased by 7.3%, complete technical renovation investment 507.58 billion yuan, an increase of 8.8%.Rules on industrial enterprises realized profit of 264.325 billion yuan, increased by 19.5%, growth in the fourth in the nation;The province 38 there are 34 positive growth in the industry, including chemical fiber, metal products, instruments and meters, etc. 15 industries to achieve double-digit growth & hellip;& hellip;It is to present new achievements in the field of industry of fujian province comprehensive & other this year6 & middot;18 & throughout;First held industrial exposition in fujian province, set up the comprehensive program of exhibition galleries, electronic information, machinery and equipment exhibition galleries, petrochemical, new materials exhibition, exhibition of consumer goods and other special industry exhibition seven area it covers all aspects of the fujian industrial development, 283 min in the national influential companies will also use their & other;The fist products & throughout;Bring the audience brand-new visual feast and activity experience.Province by letter appoint officials believe that the industrial exposition will present three characteristics & ndash;& ndash;One is a new, larger way.First of all, expo exhibition area of 11000 square meters, the scale for most of history;Second, as a provincial comprehensive industrial exposition, it is for marketing campaign MingYouTeXin product and market development in fujian province set up a platform, and implement new technologies, new products, new projects of effective docking, at the same time, the site will also carry out docking discussion, field sales activities;Again, through the new online & other;& lsquo;6 & middot;18 & rsquo;Industrial goods online expo & throughout;Innovation, fair to achieve industrial goods online synchronous display.Second, the industry and enterprise.Involved in the exhibition industry covers the main categories of industry of fujian province, both the electronic information, mechanical equipment, petrochemical and other leading industries, and consumer products, raw materials and other traditional advantage industry of fujian province, and industrial design, the characteristic such as producer services industry;Has as many as 283 companies, involve wide, both the peak, sou-east motor, mansion, Ming, wang Huang etc. A batch of traditional enterprise, and Beijing east, tianma micro era, sinochem quanzhou, nine animal husbandry, new energy, winona CNC, red core micro, hercynian research institute of Chinese academy of sciences in the national influential emerging enterprises, they are the excellent representative enterprises in fujian province.3 it is exhibits fine, strong features.Fist products, the leading enterprises in the exhibition to specialization, new products, high-end scientific research and a new generation of information technology, including fuzhou luxurious yacht association, micro industrial robots, seamounts machinery all-terrain parker intelligent excavator advanced machinery and equipment, has a bright one infant milk powder, zhangzhou Huang, second generation peak Howard basketball shoes such as daily consumer goods, VR, digital home, narrowband Internet of NB – emerging products, such as IOT products and features exquisite wood carvings, annatto furniture products, by the high-quality goods, the audience will be the most visually experience over the years the brilliant achievements of fujian industrial development.In particular, industrial exposition held, province via letter fujian industrial goods online expo committee will also be synchronous launch, the platform to & other;Service enterprises & middot;Develop brand & middot;Develops the market & throughout;For the purpose to & other;Make goods fujian famous brand, leading the fujian manufacturing & throughout;As the mission, set up the fujian famous brand goods, show window, policy focus, & other;6 & middot;18 & throughout;Industrial goods online expo and so on four big modules, with photoes, video and 3 d panoramic display the entire province nearly 1000 kinds of industrial products.& other;Platform to break the traditional exhibition space and time limit for the enterprises in fujian province to provide free online display and brand promotion of the industrial products, the steps to achieve docking normalized, propaganda, at the same time to carry out brand means of cooperation, in the form of three-dimensional expansion & lsquo;Fujian manufacturing & rsquo;Influence.Throughout the &;Province by the letter committee officials said.It is understood that the platform will also further perfect function, and promote enterprise cooperation with domestic and foreign large-scale electric business platform, regularly organize enterprises to participate in the online product docking and all kinds of exhibition, the exhibition to broaden sales channels;At the same time, according to the requirements of enterprises, and gradually integrated cloud resources, cloud collaboration, supply chain, marketing chain, such as service capacity, promote industrial products online collaborative design, transformation and upgrading of business intelligence.Project area in fujian province comprehensive industrial exposition seven exhibition area, the most important is the comprehensive project area, the total area of 400 square meters of area will be the main exhibition, exhibition corporation joint exhibition, technical requirements and project area and comprehensive service docking area of four major function area, through innovative spatial structure and reasonable layout, realizes the functional partition.Among them, the main exhibition notice to show sense of modern science and technology, ministry of industry and information technology industry by big exhibition board, high-definition television curtain wall or projection, interactive electronic sand table, such as industrial corridor, introduce relevant policies of fujian province in recent years, display industry and the informationization development present situation and achievements of fujian province;Corporation docking area mainly displays in recent years, the province corporation docking results and promote the province in 2017 key investment projects and the related policies;Technical requirements and project exhibition area mainly show advanced applicable project results at home and abroad, to promote industry of fujian province enterprise technical requirements;Comprehensive service docking is divided into information service, negotiation and signing interview three sub regions, will provide attendees with information search, negotiation, signing interviews and other high-quality services.Consumer goods exhibition which is a pavilion, which is closely linked with the common People’s Daily life will be for food, textiles, footwear, arts and crafts, medicine, daily necessities, 6 architectural plates.Main food plate & other;Green health & throughout;Theme, showing the characteristics of fujian province resources food, local characteristics food, old and other traditional foods, including infant formula milk powder, red kojic rice wine, aquatic products, canned products, leisure food, organic tea oil, ecological bamboo shoots, salt diet closely related with the fujian famous brand products.Textile sector mainly displays in recent years, fujian textile and clothing science and technology innovation and cultural creativity, exhibitors yong rong, jin yuan, long source, NaFang, huafeng, magpie, ShangFei and other famous enterprises.Shoe plate mainly show the comfortable, fashion, health, environmental protection and intelligent products, fully embodies in fujian province as one of the three major shoe base.As arts and crafts plate & other;Beautiful teacher, inheritance and seaside turmoil throughout ancient and modern art from generation to generation &;As the theme, displays part of fujian province has a long history and splendid culture of arts and crafts boutique.Pharmaceutical sector to & other;Charm in fujian province, fujian at ease throughout medicine &;As the theme, show the characteristics of pharmaceutical products in fujian province and the national exclusive varieties, proprietary Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine yinpian, biological pharmaceuticals, health food, medical products, such as 3 d printing finalists & other;Piece of wang Huang & throughout;, fujian China first with completely independent intellectual property rights of peg-interferon & ndash;& ndash;State a totally new drugs such as bing will & other;Appearance & throughout;.As daily necessities plate & other;Life & middot;Health & middot;Technology & throughout;As the theme, plastics, furniture and paper products, bamboo products, such as features, reflect enterprise science and technology, innovation elements in traditional life appliance, traditional style and fashion concept, life and the integration of science and technology, better meet the demand of people’s life in the new consumption trend.Machinery and equipment exhibition by & other;Cars & throughout;& other;Shipping & throughout;& other;Construction machinery & throughout;& other;High-end equipment & throughout;And & otherIntelligent manufacturing throughout demonstration &;Five major parts of machinery and equipment exhibition will become the hot spot in the pavilion.For New energy vehicles, car plates southeast (fujian) automobile DX7, DX3, fujian Benz V – Class honour extended edition, New Vito business with field, cloud edition of New energy vehicles & PI;1, & PI;3, X – & PI;And a series of new energy concept car will be on display at the qi qi;Fujian overseas Chinese dragon special vehicles & other;Dragon water & throughout;3000 remote control separate emergency drainage emergency vehicle, fujian sea automation machinery carbon fiber of pure electric vehicle body will also display such as special car of the latest scientific and technological achievements in fujian province.In addition, the window is a luxury yacht ship plate, high technology of ship and Marine engineering equipment model.Window is a large intelligent engineering machinery engineering machinery plate, mansion work machinery XG836i high-altitude forcible entry intelligent excavator, jin machinery JGM825 forward type multifunctional fork truck loading, seamounts machinery co., LTD. Road pollution removal of the car will be at the exhibition hall.High-end equipment sector for CNC machine tools, industrial robots, industrial intelligent production line, hydrogen energy and fuel cell, servo motor, etc., will show kingbox double station type double conveying sole glue system HJG – PD – G2S, snowman shares compressor refrigeration equipment and so on, flake ice machine, micro parker industrial robots, etc.& other;Intelligent manufacturing throughout demonstration &;Plate display province mainly by the letter committee, actively promote the development of intelligent manufacturing policy measures and experience of practice, etc.New materials exhibition materials exhibit to & other;Leading innovation, green development & throughout;As the theme, show the advanced technology and new material industry of fujian province advantage products, covers the special functional materials, high-end metal structure material, the new type of alloy materials, green building materials, new energy materials, mainly including tungsten materials, aluminum alloy, luminescence materials, magnetic materials, semiconductor materials, li-ion battery materials, special glass, new building materials, such as cutting-edge new materials.At the appointed time, tungsten, south of fuzhou aluminum, such as green extension, fuyao, Jin Jiang industry leading backbone enterprises will come, they will show the new material industry of fujian province in the development of high-end, intelligent, green collective group.Petrochemical exhibition the exhibition will be & other;The rising of fujian petrochemical & throughout;As the theme, & other;Two base a zone & throughout;And part of the industrial chain throughout the area.Exhibition area is divided into meizhou bay petrochemical base (including springs harbor petrochemical industrial park, springs, hui petrochemical industrial park, xianyou fengting chemical new material industrial park, etc.), zhangzhou gu lei petrochemical base, fuzhou jiangyin chemical new material zone and synthetic fiber, synthetic resin, synthetic rubber, and other fine chemical products display of 7 subsystems plate, focus on petrochemical industry in fujian province, & other;Two base a zone & throughout;And part of the industrial chain of development achievements.Exhibitors include two refining enterprises in fujian province and rubber products, synthetic materials, basic chemical raw materials such as industry leading enterprises, graphic display, product display, and refining factory model.Electronic information area in fuzhou, Beijing Oriental large 110 – inch LCD TV and OLED display screen, xiamen tianma flexible OLED display screen, HDT colour smartphone screens and on-board display terminal, starnet sharp home intelligent terminal equipment, the company of marsh intelligent LED lamps and lanterns of the classroom as well as the light velocity digital home related application products & hellip;& hellip;The electronic information industry in fujian province most & other;Cow & throughout;The devices will be electronic information display electronics manufacturing sector.According to introducing, this area mainly display electronic information manufacturing industry, software industry and informationization of fujian province advanced products and excellent solution, fujian province of high-end electronic products and high technology content.In addition to the electronic manufacturing sector, software and information services sector is a bright spot of China shipping group and net dragon company as the leader, focusing on software and information technology in the industrial control system in fujian province, VR, anime, and applications in the areas of advantage, will bring different experiences to the public.Informationization plates is advanced Internet of things in the water conservancy water, building energy conservation, community endowment, factory automation, in areas such as intelligent car networking applications and solutions, show a more intelligent, green, modern new forms of production and life.(the original title: in 2017, fujian industrial exposition & ndash;& ndash;Innovation & other;Wisdom & throughout;To build the future) (source: fujian daily)

The 16th expo opening Attract nearly 900 companies

The 16th China international equipment manufacturing industry exposition and the third international robot exhibition opened 1 morning in shenyang international exhibition center.High-end IC intelligent machine tools, equipment, intelligent robot, intelligent of advanced intelligent equipment products such as pet exhibited in shenyang.According to introducing, this conference planning for industrial robot and intelligent equipment exhibition, national defense science, technology and industry exhibition area, general and special equipment exhibition, the international exhibition galleries, machine tools, metal cutting equipment, such as 9 exhibition area.Event including the industrial robot and intelligent manufacturing technology, 3 d printing technology and equipment, such as IC equipment, industrial design strategic emerging industry technology and equipment, with high-grade CNC machine tool and its features, general equipment and special equipment, large equipment, construction machinery and specialty vehicles such as represented by traditional equipment manufacturing industry products and defense science, technology and industry equipment and three types of civil-military integration products, exhibition area of 110000 square meters.& other;The exhibition to keep outside and stand more than 30.3% of the proportion of enterprises with foreign investment and more than 85% of the loading rate, in the domestic same type exhibition in the exhibition scale keep the leading level.Throughout the &;China expo organizing committee office director YueGuiJun said.In the robot exhibition, intelligent auxiliary device, feeding device, grip with robots and other humanoid robot attracted the attention of the audience.The expo exhibitors exhibits.xinhua Zhao Jiantong taken & other;Just press a button, can realize the automatic docking, don’t need the second person to assist.Throughout the &;Galleries in siasun robot, a robot bed chair integration, attracted many viewers.According to introducing, the robot can automatically nursing bed and the function of the intelligent electric wheelchair close 2 for one, can make patients easily turn, carry back, leg lifts.& other;In this way, can greatly save the nursing workload, and at the same time users can achieve some daily function, to help his recovery, psychological recovery.Throughout the &;Siasun robot sinica 田雪咏 said product manager.Small audience interact with dancing robot.xinhua Zhao Jiantong taken in addition to this, industrial machinery, VR, smart devices such as AR also attracted professional visitors to the exhibition, YueGuiJun said, & other;This conference is expected to visit to the total number of 160000 people, among them, the professionals and buyers will be more than 110000 people.Throughout the &;It is reported, this conference a total of 865 companies, nearly 4000 booths, of which 614 domestic enterprises, foreign and 251 foreign invested enterprises, foreign investment enterprises and foreign, mainly from the United States, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Belgium, Sweden, Britain, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Austria, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other 16 countries and regions, the world top 500 and multinationals amounted to 63.(the original title: the 16th expo opening Attract nearly 900 companies) (source: xinhua)

Xining CNC machine tool production rose 52.2% in the first half of the year

The equipment manufacturing industry since the first half of 2017, xining borrow & other;The one hundred – day crucial & throughout;, & otherHuang Jinji battle & throughout;Opportunity of development, the scale above equipment manufacturing industry to complete the industrial added value 3.038 billion yuan, up 34.1% year on year, growth is increased by 8.5% over the previous year, the provincial industrial proportion of 6.8%, year-on-year increase of 1.1%;The equipment manufacturing industry completed investment of 3.002 billion yuan, an increase of 1.5 times.Overall, run in the first half of the province of the equipment manufacturing industry to present & other;Steady development, continuous positive & throughout;In the situation.Xining CNC machine tool production during the first half year-on-year growth of 52.2%, according to statistics in the eight key industries, the added value of six industry keep year-on-year growth, an increase of 75%.In the growth of the industry, five industry growth rate is higher than the entire province average growth.Among them, the electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing complete the added value of 2.36 billion yuan, up 42.4%.Computer, communications, and other electronic equipment manufacturing complete the added value of 042 million yuan, up 30.8%.General equipment manufacturing complete the added value of 269 million yuan, up by 63.5%;The added value of fabricated metal products completed 174 million yuan, up by 32.9%;Instrument and meter manufacturing complete the added value of 057 million yuan, an increase of 16.4%.Special equipment manufacturing and automobile manufacturing industry growth decline is larger, fell by 63.5% and 63.5% respectively.Of particular concern is 1 & ndash;In June, 137, the province of CNC machine tool production rose 52.2% year-on-year, gear, 245 tons, up 31.7% from a year earlier, solid waste treatment equipment 91, fell 45.2% year on year, optoelectronic devices, 350000 (tablets, sets), up 4.5% from a year earlier.In addition, half a year to the province’s equipment manufacturing industry and the following some new window: & ndash;& ndash;Key industries market rebound.In the first half of this year, xining province machine tool, the gear, drying equipment, non-standard equipment and other industries orders year-on-year growth significantly, qinghai hua ding equipment manufacturing co., LTD. In the first half of the complete output value 60 million yuan, rose 2 times;Qinghai drying equipment co., LTD. In the first half of 3419 sales revenue of 31.25 million yuan, up 1042% from a year earlier, the qinghai heavy machinery manufacturing co., LTD. In the first half of the complete output value 24.51 million yuan, up 12% from a year earlier.& ndash;& ndash;Technological innovation have made new achievements.Qinghai hua ding equipment manufacturing co., LTD., national science and technology major projects products & ndash;& ndash;High-speed vertical machining center smoothly through the national technical acceptance.Qinghai one CNC machine tool co., LTD. In order to meet the needs sapphire processing enterprises in the province, developed the sapphire tao great special equipment, improve the industrial supporting ability in the province.Hercynian hua hui chemical machinery co., LTD., established in qinghai provincial engineering technology center & ndash;& ndash;Corrosion resistant non-standard equipment manufacture and experiment platform through the acceptance of pressure vessel, and put into operation.Qinghai second machine tool manufacturing co., LTD. Research and development of new products QH2 – LG750 CNC single screw machining machine has passed the user acceptance, QH2-042 – b crankshaft fillet rolling CNC machine tool marketing.& ndash;& ndash;Progress was made in construction of key projects.Qinghai conde casting machinery co., LTD. 680 mn multi-function extrusion and forging die forging press project bifunctional commissioning acceptance work, successful debugging a root in the category of vertical compression of the world’s longest 16 meters of large diameter steel pipe, and the aircraft landing gear and railway fork heart samples;The northwest region’s largest wire and cable manufacturing enterprises & ndash;& ndash;Xing Ming in qinghai electric power material co., LTD., a phase of the project is formally put into production, can not only make the xining province produced ultra-high voltage cross-linking power cable, is also an important way to extend electrolytic aluminum industry chain;Associated are flat pipe rack facilities manufacturing co., LTD., with annual capacity of 50000 tons of corrugated steel pipe (board) construction project two production lines have been debugging finished, ready for production.& ndash;& ndash;Industry docking econonmy.In the first half of the province equipment manufacturing complete upstream and downstream industry docking amount is 2.034 billion yuan, an increase of 99.4%.Dongda heavy steel structure co., LTD., active docking in qinghai province infrastructure projects in roads, power grids, warehousing, success in six projects, contract amount of 20.44 million yuan;Qinghai hengye equipment manufacturing co., LTD., fix attention on water conservancy project in the province and pipelines, investment 10 million yuan introduced pipe manufacturing equipment technology, expanding the area of the product;Heavy machinery manufacturing co., LTD in photovoltaic stents in qinghai, non-standard equipment manufacturing, machinery processing, a new breakthrough in the reconstruction plate, totaled 24.55 million yuan, signing a contract rose 42% from a year;Qinghai shaped heat treatment co., LTD. Heat treatment of the integration of public service platform in xining region heat treatment resources basically completed, in addition to provide heat treatment service for enterprises in the province, to lanzhou in gansu province and other regions to expand business, operating income growth of 145% year-on-year in the first half of the year.& ndash;& ndash;Special funds support enterprise development.Era of qinghai new energy technology co., LTD. And green grass in qinghai new energy technology co., LTD, declare two & other;Intelligent manufacturing integrated standardization and the model of the new project & throughout;Strive for national subsidy funds of 22 million yuan in 2017, qinghai one CNC machine tool co., LTD & otherXH7960 made lie transformation type machining center & throughout;Won the first in 2017 (sets) of major technical equipment insurance subsidy funds of 420000 yuan.(the original title: in the first half of the province’s equipment manufacturing industrial added value 3.038 billion) (source: qinghai news)

Jiangmen focus on niche singles title

& other;Since its establishment, we always focus on their own sophisticated processing equipment, we independent research and development equipment precision is high, execution efficiency is higher, collaborative is better, so can have very high market share.Throughout the &;Guangdong branch jie machinery automation co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as & other;Jie machinery & throughout;)Sales center, deputy general manager liu about the company’s equipment, gushing.Jie machinery staff showed reporters equipment running records.Founded in 1998, jie machinery, has focused on the equipment manufacturing industry, development, production and sales.The company chang-xi li, general manager of the sales center, jie mechanical attaches great importance to the research and development, every year 12% of their profits to the research and development, not only in the department have a r&d team, also the research and development of cooperation with customers, the customers need products directly.Focus on niche, focus on innovation, adhere to own their own core technology, it is a delegate with jie machinery jiangmen the common features of the equipment manufacturing industry.Data show that since 2015, jiangmen, the added value of the equipment manufacturing industry average growth of 12.45%, 4.95% higher than the city’s industrial output growth.Advanced market vision help build & other;Singles & throughout;& other;Ten years ago, the company will start to make the industrial robot, we give up now.We put more energy on the research on man-machine interaction, the machine data export, make full use of good data, realize the man-machine networking, ultimately meet the requirements of customers.We sell to the customer, for example, a device, when we collected the machine data to tell the customer the status of the machine, need what kind of operation, etc.Throughout the &;Chang-xi li told reporters, jie machinery in this area has been one of the leading enterprises in the market.Chang-xi li revealed that smartphone before ten years ago, jay machinery has been on the study of the flat glass process.Is precisely relies on advanced market vision, innovative research and development technology, the jie machinery in the 3 c product touch screen plate glass related business of the national market share of 40%, engraving and milling machine and its deformation products production and production accounted for 12% of the country.In fact, the advanced equipment manufacturing industry in jiangmen & other;Singles & throughout;Emerge in endlessly.Car is the only guangdong in guangdong enterprises to obtain the inter-city trains, manufacturing license;Fuhua heavy industry is Asia’s largest producer of semi-trailer special components, the no.1 global trailer axle production for many years;Guangdong high-tech Kate precision machinery co., LTD., is the country’s largest professional production of precision linear rolling guide vice production enterprises;Sea hon electric co., LTD. Is the world’s largest manufacturer of three dimensional wound core transformer.Strategic emerging industry cluster development of 30% of the world’s washing machine the dishwasher drainage pump market share, Jiangmen Idear – Hanyu Electrical be – Stock Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as & other;Throughout, han yu &;)Under the wave of intelligent manufacturing, is actively seeking transformation.To er han yu Chen Yuanzhang charging pile group general manager said: & other;Drainage pump’s breakthrough is becoming more and more difficult, we seek from the core components of home appliance transformation to the core component of pure electric vehicles, the company’s future is one of the focus of the development of new energy vehicles with high efficiency drive motor and its control system.Throughout the &;Er han yuxin energy motor vehicle project has started construction, investment of 2.6 billion yuan of new energy car battery materials and new town project investment of 3 billion yuan of motor industry in jiangmen, signing on long superior industry in a hybrid car major breakthroughs were made in special field of nickel metal hydride battery cathode material & hellip;& hellip;More and more new energy automobile industry chain enterprises choose in jiangmen, help new energy automobile industry cluster development.With new energy vehicles, jiangmen strategic emerging industries to flourish, industrial agglomeration effect.With rail transit industry cluster as an example, jiangmen and introduction of guangdong in the car, knorr and all the city traffic equipment project, preliminary formed parts and the whole supply chain;Heavy card and commercial vehicle industry cluster formed by fuhua group, cimc vehicle, soldiers in the group, the world top 500 Delphi group as the core enterprise of exclusive cars, commercial vehicles and parts industry cluster;The ship and ocean engineering equipment initially formed shipbuilding industrial cluster, form a complete set of ocean engineering, ship, yacht industry, ship repair & other;The five one & throughout;The industrial system of the ship.Will bring more than 300 customers the loaded contact & other;In the future, the enterprise should have long-term development, must want to go out, combining foreign and local advantages.Throughout the &;To er han yu Hu Huan, director of the general manager sent a the most true voice.Jiangmen city vice mayor Cai Dewei said, jiangmen is bead west gateway cities, the third session of the pearl river west bank advanced equipment manufacturing industry international fair for investment and trade (hereinafter referred to as & other;The third bead will contact & throughout;)Is of great significance to make full use of this platform to promote the development of equipment manufacturing industry.At the third bead contact jiangmen will use an area of 3000 square meters exhibition site, the focus is intelligent equipment, energy-saving and environmental protection equipment, new materials, new energy equipment, characteristics of general equipment (motor), large transportation equipment, rail transit, new energy vehicles, vehicle, Marine engineering), such as industrial cluster development new luminescent spot.Jiangmen is understood to have picked up more than 60 enterprises exhibitors, collected more than 50 pieces of representative physical exhibits.In order to better use of the third bead will contact platform, strengthen the communication with other urban enterprises, promote the development of domestic advanced equipment manufacturing, jiangmen, also invite customers to attend now to implement sea star, shenyang machine tool intelligent YunKe, calling from huaxun ark companies such as head and so on more than 300 customers.In addition, the jiangmen also summary the first signing dozens of projects, will in the bead contact sign up at the meeting.Cai Dewei also revealed that jiangmen will melt into a large bay area of guangdong, the use of hong kong-zhuhai-macao bridge and pressure-pad-force channel is the opening of the opportunity, fully integrated internal and external resources, and actively seek new orientation, new development of jiangmen.(the original title: jiangmen focus on niche singles champion emergence) (source: foshan daily)

2017 China industrial Internet congress opened in hangzhou

Along with the high-speed development of information industry, the evolution of individual consumer behavior change from Internet technology increasingly become a new industry development momentum.On September 1, guided by the ministry of industry and information technology, the zhejiang province people’s government, the Internet society of China, zhejiang province economic and information commission, sponsored by the hangzhou city people’s government of 2017 (the second) industry in China Internet conference opened in hangzhou.The reporter learned from the meeting, the meeting with & otherNew Internet ecological building industry & throughout;As the theme, give play to effect of assembly platform, borrows the advantages of the Internet industry and manufacturing industry in zhejiang province, build industry the Internet ecosystem, build industry the Internet & other;Fu can & throughout;Center.2017 China industrial Internet congress opened in hangzhou is of concern, China unicom Internet industry research institute, industrial Internet laboratory formally announced at a convention.In addition, it also released the top ten Internet intelligent factory, top ten enterprises industry innovation project, by the industry focus.Both China & other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;, & otherInternet + & throughout;, or the United States advocated & other;Industry throughout the Internet &;Or Germany to build & other;4.0 throughout & industry;, promote the development of manufacturing industry and the Internet fusion is a national strategic target.Ministry of the letter, director-general of the department of soft Xie Shaofeng said: & other;Zhejiang province is the largest manufacturing industry in our country, is also the pioneer of the Internet industry.In recent years, the zhejiang province actively seize the opportunity of science and technology revolution and industry revolution, worked out the action plan of enterprise on cloud, cloud, accelerate the enterprise achieved positive results.The Internet society of China is the active promoter of the Internet industry and practitioners.Throughout the &;The meeting also attracted, chairman of the China Internet association WuHeQuan, member of Chinese academy of sciences jian-quan yao, member of Chinese academy of sciences Yin Hao industry experts, with China unicom, drops travel, mitsubishi electromechanical, chint group, China academy of information and communication, and many other industry leading Internet companies and research institutions together, & other;From the two fusion to the industry throughout the Internet &;, & otherInternet + & throughout;In the era of Internet of things industry development, & otherPrepare & lsquo;Internet + & rsquo;Is the build person of industry ecosystem & throughout;, & otherThe traditional industry data application development & throughout;, & otherToward to the cloud platform & throughout;, & otherThe wisdom of the future interconnection factory & throughout;Topics such as the theme speech, share experience, traditional industry and Internet integration innovation manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading of the Internet to study opportunity, share the industry forefront of the Internet technology and theory at home and abroad.Use online, digital, intelligent and a series of advantages of Internet technology, integration of industrial production, the realization of the design, development, manufacturing industry in areas such as management synergy and business model, to promote industry internal efficiency and external service ability, the Internet has become a global manufacturing industry one of the important path of transformation and upgrading, but also boost the importance of China’s manufacturing industry to upgrade & other;Accelerant & throughout;.Said at the meeting, chairman of the China Internet association WuHeQuan & other;Cover industry to the Internet with wisdom factory as the goal, the whole industry chain and the application of life cycle, and across the enterprise, realizing the two fusion depth.Throughout the &;Industrial design of the Internet many levels, can implement step by step, but the premise is the need to have at the top of open standards and global concept design, cloud is a good foundation.WuHeQuan also pointed out that the big data, intelligent, mobile Internet, cloud computing and the rise of the Internet of things, help enterprise & otherThroughout smoke cloud drive content &;, the transformation and upgrading.But the Internet to promote enterprise digital transformation of industry, the need to adapt to business process reengineering, management innovation, industry, the Internet is also difficult to success.& other;China’s Internet industry throughout the conference &;Will be based on the status quo of the Internet industry and manufacturing industry in zhejiang province, a full analysis of small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises how to make use of Internet technology, realize the integration innovation.In addition also hope to rely on the conference, agglomeration advantage resources, boosting Internet development become China’s industry in zhejiang province new heights.The reporter understands, number in the middle and small private manufacturing enterprises in China.In order to help zhejiang & other small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises;Net & throughout;Upgrade, the current is in zhejiang province to make breakthrough in the field of manufacturing industry and the Internet fusion development, cloud plan launched hundreds of enterprises, vigorously implement the machines substitution, networking, digital factory as the direction of the intelligent manufacturing development plan, accelerate the exploration can meet the demand of small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises of Internet development path.The meeting host in hangzhou yuhang district is hand in hand China unicom building & other;Industrial town in the Internet & throughout;.Hangzhou yuhang district party committee secretary of the municipal committee, Mao Xihao says, in May this year & other;Industrial town in the Internet & throughout;Create a list for hangzhou municipal featured town.Town in order to promote transformation and upgrading of traditional industries as the goal, very important for a new generation of information technology, to promote the whole industry chain, product whole life cycle of the Internet into the method, concentration in the service of industrial transformation and upgrading of innovation to create the Internet industry.In & other;Internet + & throughout;As the core essential factor, speed up the research and development of the Internet to various industries, manufacturing, distribution, financing and so on each link of the reform, comprehensively promote the depth of the integration of information technology and manufacturing, the formation of a new generation of information industry.(the original title: 2017 Chinese Internet congress opened in hangzhou industry: Internet ecosystem building industry) (source: channel epicenter wide network of zhejiang)