Of lathe of two numerical control be opposite automatically knife method

    The cutting tool of general numerical control lathe compensates be the input after measuring to mix two kinds are inputted after trying the classics after cutting workpiece surface to calculate directly commonly used. I introduce next one belts to measure lathe of numerical control of cutting tool compensatory automatically to use a method now:

    ” 1 ” day establishs lathe of numerical control of HT20S2 of machine of essence of life is to contain what measure cutting tool automatically to compensate a function, when using, choose to want metrical cutting tool number first, turn to the position, but the hand moves usable also MDI to means inputs cutting tool date and be carried out, the cutting tool date that makes want to measure reachs the place, will measure measurement unit of cutting tool compensatory automatically to open, part to go to the X of cutting tool and Z direction those who touch correspondence measuring a head with handwheel, the buzzer after coming up against can give out noise, in the OFSET of input of cutting tool compensation that it will measure automatically, close measurement unit next (notice the hand cannot be come up against lest be operated by accident,measure a head) , the cutting tool that chooses to want metrical cutting tool number to repeat the process above to will be measured afresh is measured can.

    ” 2 ” WILLMINW203 it is a belt is assisted measure center of turning of cutting tool compensatory, be knife of the straight outfit that discharge type, the mesa of the mesa that holds a knife and vertical machining center is same, cutting tool the one outfit that make the same score a platoon is on mesa (have special tool carrier and turn tower type tool carrier is two concepts) , fixed to the knife to pneumatic switch is being opened to make when the knife device is extended come, had installed the measuring projector to the knife and had inserted power source (measuring projector is a machine tool take oneself) , the central line that wants metrical cutting tool to aim measuring projector, the choice should input knife date to be pressed twice in OFSET finished cutting tool X, z compensates an input, choose another knife to repeat the process above to had measured the cutting tool of the others. {notes: Knife of the straight outfit that discharge type does not have knife date, knife date wants him set, if set T1 compensates cutting tool input hind, set T1 compensation can be pressed automatically to add when the program when treatment decrease will finish treatment}

    Of above mix automatically assisting the benefit that measures cutting tool to compensate a method is convenient, the error is basic little inside limits.

Produce learn to grind industry of tool of cooperative machine tool is sought ” fusion “

As advanced as abroad level has bigger difference on whole of industry of tool of our country machine tool, wait for a respect in numerical control technology, efficient cutting technology especially, want fill technology is blank, implementation innovates independently, its certain way is integrated each resource, advance produce learn to grind collaboration, with seek ” fusion ” . “Cooperation can produce new productivity ” , produce learn to grind collaboration can make each just are in collaboration not only each takes what he needs, joint development, can advance the development of the industry effectively more, everyone is happy of it may be said. The yield of industry of machine tool tool learns to grind collaboration only then at when, we already textual research of have no way, if want get to the bottom of sth to trace to the source, how can just go to be mentioned together from each however.

The advantage is complementary cooperative win-win

For quite a long time, especially before development of numerical control technology, the development of machine tool manufacturing industry does not resemble nowadays so at a tremendous pace, produce learn to grind cooperative case is little little. But the arrival as revolution of new science and technology and informatization, whole manufacturing industry begins to carry fast, together with is some closer year come all sorts of new and high technologies are swift and violent development, competition of market of machine tool tool begins aggravate.

It is under such setting, industries of many machine tool tool discover home gradually, the technology that wants to realize a product is banner, sheet relies on to introduce foreign advanced technique to cannot master the technical capability of core truly after all, begin to explore own innovation then, and the enterprise often is restricted as a result of place of ability of oneself research and development, change direction then with learn to grind the bound cooperates. In the meantime, orgnaization of institution of higher learing, scientific research also realizes, the technology that simple theory studies or the research achievement of blame industrialization cannot catch up with industry of machine tool tool grows at full speed is innovated, the production that also begins to rely on big company then strengthens education and research actually, industry of tool of domestic machine tool appeared because of this to various projects cooperate or be produced gradually learn to grind cooperative task tackles key problem. When one’s early years of Guilin machine tool is developing machine tool of numerical control of 5 axes linkage, have gone through setbacks flounder to find college of Hua Zhongke ability, both sides decides yard officer tackles key problem jointly. Try hard through 4 years many, final development went abroad to produce the XK2316/3-5X that change complete 5 axes planer-type milling machine of 5 linkage numerical control. Neat 2 machine tools and collaboration of Harbin Institute of Technology developed numerical control double main shaft twister of 4 coordinate linkage, with Yan Shan the university developed aircraft of finishing of laser of large numerical control jointly, get more home is blank. The enterprise realized technical promotion and product development in project collaboration, college and scientific research orgnaization also scored academic gain from which, developed a person with ability.

In recent years, produce learn to grind collaboration already began to walk up stage by stage produce learn to grind allied road, alliance cooperates unlike average project, what just seek each is long-term and effective collaboration platform.

A few days ago, limited company of Yangzhou v machine tool and college of Nanjing grain industry are signed formally produce learn to grind collaboration and build in all ” center of engineering of automation of forging press instrument ” comprehensive cooperation agreement. Additional it is reported, chengdu tool institute recently with Xi Hua university together, both sides will spread out all-around, mutiple level collaboration. Factory of Shanghai machine tool is the production engineering research center that establishs center of cent of research and development in American Zun Zhiya technical institute more. Dalian machine tool silvered coin with Dalian light last year company of engineering of science and technology and college of Dalian grain industry form a partner, use enterprise, school two great natural resources, build platform of numerical control research and development, built center of research and development of 2000 much square metre and national level postdoctoral workstation.

Such case is too numerous to mention one by one really, even DMG of foreign capital tycoon ever also disclosed will with home college of some famous grain industry spreads out collaboration of school look forward to. Thorough long-term cooperation makes each just can be communicated effectively, the enterprise can be achieved for oneself not only as the main body of innovation close, and the academic progress that can drive college and scientific research orgnaization effectively and achievement of science and technology are changed; Produce learn to grind alliance is not the origin problem that solves innovation technology any more, help however advance technical achievement to change the whole process with industrialization, these yield learn to grind base has become new and high technology to change with industrialization hatch implement. Scientific worker has requirement of good research and development, the enterprise also will get preferential transfer the interest with industrialization, implementation ” school look forward to double win ” . Photograph comparing cooperates at simple project, produce learn to grind the development that alliance can push industry of machine tool tool in the round from whole more progresses, can reflect more ” fusion ” action.

When to think what grind an industry development about Chinese abrasive


In last few years, world economy continuance is exhausted anabiosis infirmly posture, domestic economy is added after entering new normal state fast put delay, our country abrasive grinds an industry to facing relatively grim exterior situation. Be in low below confused market background, environmental protection superintend and director is checked, raw material insanity rises wait for a problem, one disaster after another is more for the development that worries a company to abrasive, the industry is diffusing it seems that a sadness. When more person is blaming exterior element, ignored in-house factor however, oversight the problem that industry oneself exists. Recently, abrasive of former mechanical ministry grinds a tooling institute director, Zhengzhou president of limited company of development of Jin Ye science and technology, enjoy the State Council Fu Jun of Zou of special and subsidiary expert talked about him view and proposal with respect to trade current situation and prospective development.

Among 55 years when I work continuously in abrasive industry, altogether did 5 things: 1, research of testing instrument of quality of development of rate preexistence industry, produce a magnetic content to determine with one’s own hands appearance, frequency sclerometer. 2, the industry ego that carry out and implements mechanical department arms the strategy, the tooling that makes the industry had him considers to create base, what developed Chinese type in succession is smooth run dry wear emery cloth line, firing kiln furnace, colophony chip shapes aircrew, grind a treatment machine tool to decide a dot to make, the mould decides a dot to make etc. . . . . . . 3, breakthrough 3 grind a domain, begin the abrasive research in respect of project pottery and porcelain, in the State Council great the hold the belt in the recrystallization SiC open invite public bidding that do, agglomeration body, recrystallization is engaged in early in home, si3N4 combines the research of SiC and go into operation. 4, developed abrasive cleanness to produce equipment together with industry colleague: Qing Dynasty is blown machine, qing Dynasty of fractionize sirocco loop is blown machine, the directional and broken product line that make bead. . . . . . 5, begin environmental protection to remove dust design research. Most preexistence trade promotion uses dust catcher of efficient filter canister, still can carry on for home up to now the unit that design of dust catcher of large filter canister creates. Pour into of these 5 things my much painstaking effort, come 55 years, the heart does not change first, be infatuated with this to allow the trade that I spend in harships from beginning to end, review course unavoidable impressions myriad.

Recently 20 come to those who witnessed an industry to produce for years can gigantic add, the ego of internal composition is adjusted. Company of former backbone of key of 10 large following fades out of the market gradually, replacing civilian battalion company grows flourishingly, the competitive smoke of gunpowder that does not have foreword diffuses. The person makes between this process of hearten is: New technology, new management concept appears ceaselessly, rely on the ability of oneself, held off basically on the situation that main facility and technical support import the century before 70 time, the technology that partial China innovates if: Qing Dynasty blew the occurrence of machine to replace craft of acerbity, alkaline, bath, from now on China made the; of abrasive industry also walk out of a country the door, especially bright company rolls out gold to be blown with Qing Dynasty machine after the directional and broken concept that is core, the technical benefit that is an enterprise and economic benefits promote substantially created a condition, the abrasive product of partial enterprise also can participate in quality competition in the international market, colophony already did a large number of improvement on the foundation that forming machine group is introducing emery wheel, quality of manufacturing efficiency, product and automation degree belong to international advanced level. Anthracitic replaced SiC of oil anxious smelt to gain ground in China. But, quite one part abrasive grinds an enterprise to still be in start low, tooling the state of weakness of strength of backward, technology, still produce on the whole so far can serious superfluous, manufacturing level is low, pollution is serious.

The abrasive of a large number of exit remains low to go out, high price is entered, common grind wander in category of medium, cheap product from beginning to end, very inaccessible international is advanced level, the grinder of Chinese numerical control of a large number of exit still needs form a complete set of foreign emery wheel, arenaceous belt grinder is returned in Chinese popularity rate far insufficient.

Anyhow, current abrasive trade is fond of care half, happy is abrasive industry already became dimensions, have the demand that ego innovates and power, of care is adjust greatly in structure of this countryman economy in, can abrasive industry be in blaze renascence?

Should cause those who take seriously is:

1, the environmental protection problem of abrasive industry: These year come, although each enterprise and company of Zhengzhou gold bright remove dust in environmental protection,the respect did much significant work, but far the requirement of short of country and the need that the situation admits, the enterprise should take seriously highly and increase environmental protection investment.

2, the foundation of automation of producer type nowadays of abrasive industry is very fragile, when can just cast off concentrated model labor strike digitlization, intelligence turns production. Labor natural resources of China was not in the past already is enough and cheap.

3, the blame grinding utility of abrasive, be like,measure the product with big and additional very high cost: The material of rice of accept of body of boracic agglomeration of carborundum, carbonization, α-Al2O3 resource dominant position that should use itself energetically tries to develop.

4, the entrepreneur of proposal abrasive industry people, the change compares the production value, concept that compares dimensions,

These year come, need solves have a few problems:

1, why the power consumption of corundum smelt is in on century seventies 7 arenaceous had achieved 1970 degrees, and the period with so high now electrovalency, average level is the industry actually 2500 degrees, be because,completely aluminous quality problem?

2, arenaceous belt grinder is the equipment with a kind of efficient, low cost, high popularity rate, arenaceous belt of China is produced now had had quite level and dimensions, why arenaceous belt doesn’t grinder rise with respect to development?

3, all trades and professions been developinging automation to produce pattern energetically now, the country also is in prop up energetically intelligent robot industry, why doesn’t abrasive industry have even an unmanned workshop? Golden bright company although the corundum product line that in Guiyang 3 hill design makes is judged to be a technology by the industry advanced, but still did not implement automation. Just think: If want to accumulate promotion intelligence to turn production in industry bedding face, how can the foundation that there is mechanization, automation come true?

Review the current situation, I feel to a few need and colleagues discuss jointly:

1, the industry must organize force to do; abrasive to grind a product analysis of level of domestic and international technology, conclude on this foundation; China abrasive grinds a product to develop a program, find difference, make clear a target, such ability participate in an international market strongly to compete.

2, aggrandizement abrasive grinds provided standardization research and quality to monitor a level. The standard is crucial, the standard should consult the technical level of the international market, combinative China is actual, establish the basic threshold that gives development of OK and incentive industry, is not a few big plants attend a meeting, the result of democratic appraise sth through discussion with a few obedient majority. The standard standard that I feel us is serious lag, for instance: The standard with arenaceous F, standard that cleanness spends, the organization of emery wheel, hardness and intensity. . . . . .

3, how to activation further the function of guild? Present abrasive grinds an association to work very hard, did many good works for each enterprise, organizing an industry to develop jointly also was to use a heart, exhausted power. But it is after mechanical ministry cancel, how does guild supersede partial function of the government, how to change what leave below planned economy mode: Abrasive industry is a center with enterprise of 3 affiliated to a ministry, the pattern of unitive entire industry, transform true, have factitive more, where is the course of study of know the business, guild that knows technology, richer cohesive affinity?

4, industry need considers to develop an orgnaization. Zhengzhou of mechanical 1984 ministry direction of main attack of the 3 changes that grind place, cancel common abrasive, grind, grinding lab, the 3 content that grind had adapted for the most part, just withheld exceed hard data and place name, to 1984 from 1958 technology of grinding of common abrasive abrasive accumulates the industry dissolve for 0, from now on, the industry lost a technology to rely on, the country pledges check center lacks technical guiding capacity, the technical development of whole industry loses way. Arrive 33 years of present from 84 years, the dimensions twice of the industry grows, but the whole of technical level rises and not ideal. At this late hour, the abrasive that witnesses abroad grinds the extruding of the home made product in providing a product to be opposite, be at a loss what to do, when doesn’t the technical bibcock of the industry know to you just can be formed?

I blue, it is me those who speak of this at 4 o’clock, do not know to who should put in ‘s charge to be in charge of, who to put in ‘s charge to do? Anyhow, the trade that I expect us can no sooner has one fallen than another steps into the breach, one every day healthy, the; China that we also can grind a product for abrasive produces some day and proud.

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Can electric car arise to market of machine tool tool how old influence?

During the EMO 2017 that just ends, oxford economy forecasts a center to organize concerned association to hold the market to forecast harmonious meeting, the develops pair of machine tool markets effect that one of topic for discussions that discuss on the meeting are electric car. Not come singly but in pairs, in federation of manufacturing industry of as mechanical as Germany equipment (when VDMA) communication, and the reporter in press conference of association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool involves this one issue in the query. By this token, industry of tool of global machine tool is paying close attention to the electric car influence to prospective market.

Because do not have engine, gear-box also simplifies relatively, the component amount of pure electric car has about 200 only, for 1/6 of car of traditional internal-combustion engine, if replace fuel car entirely, guard estimation, machine tool and tool consumption will reduce 50% above considerably.

However, whether does pure electric car compare economy of oil fuel car, environmental protection really? So, a lot of element such as course of development of boat of battery life and recycle, add, infrastructure needs comprehensive consideration. China is the whole world the oldest car makes a state, advocating pure electric car actively to develop at present, just also begin to discuss oil fuel car to exit the schedule of the market, but when to start this schedule after all, sealed still.

Although each just are opposite WHEN(time) with HOW(how) do not have final conclusion, but anyhow, industry of machine tool tool should consider the issue of whereto transition.

In EMO 2017, we see too much company, its product arrives from cutting tool lead plane, arrive from testing instrument functional component, be in for industry 4 timeses prepare, and the enterprise outside a few industries uses this one turning point, in succession platform of as big as joint development of business of machine tool tool data, the interconnection each other that develops company level understands a technology, supply intelligent chemical plant for the user. Anyhow, can foreknow, no matter will come the hardware market of machine tool tool how, the company should reflect oneself value and promotion market competition ability necessarily through the service.

(Original title: Can electric car arise to market of machine tool tool how old influence? Can electric car arise to market of machine tool tool how old influence??

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Because industry of Japanese machine tool moves order to anticipate on Chinese demand


According to ” net of day classics Chinese ” report, favour of village of meal of chairman of association of Japanese machine tool industry is born to held a press conference in Tokyo on September 27, will annual order anticipated 2017 on move to 1.55 trillion yen, relatively this premise is tall 15% . This anticipates achieve adjacent 2007 history on the Gao Shuiping of highest 1.59 trillion yen.

Form from what order anticipates in light of, predict inside need to grow 13% than 2016, reach 600 billion yen, need to grow 32% outside, reach 950 billion yen. The impulsion of growth is Chinese demand anabiosis. Enter after 2017, the installation cost demand related IPhone of Chinese new fund is shown gradually, those who appeared to come from electronic product acting labour to serve is special need, push considerably tall order.

Statistic of association of Japanese machine tool industry shows, 1~8 month came from China 2017 outside need accumulative total to reach 223.2 billion yen, had exceeded 2016 the accumulative total forehead of annual. Suffer Chinese driving expression to drive, rimeiou the demand of the developed country is very strong also.

Although the electronic product generation of Chinese home is versed in demand steeps fall likely, but meal village points out, the average machine of; China keeps strong on certain level, pull use range big. The risk that electronic product generation is versed in can rely on other sphere to offset, think order anticipates hopeful is reached.

Will look with more long-term vision, return industry of existence China manufacturing industry to upgrade good factor of this one interest. Chinese government put forward ” China is made 2025 ” guideline, the industry that pushs manufacturing industry upgrades, increasing to the demand of high-powered Japanese machine tool. Sen Yayan of president of chance of DMG dark essence expresses in the light of Chinese client, more and more difficult support before equipment makes a product, cogent feeling got change.

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