Which a few measure is cent of trouble removal of lathe of numerical control of high speed cutting?

1, workpiece size is exact, the surface is bright and clean spend difference   Breakdown reason: Cutting tool point of a knife is damaged, not sharp; The machine tool produces resonance, place not smooth; The machine tool has creeping appearance; Treatment technology is bad.    Solution: Cutting tool wears away or damage hind is not sharp, grind a knife afresh or the cutting tool with better choice is new not smooth to knife; machine tool produces resonance or be being placed, adjust a level, lay next foundations, what machinery of fixed and smooth; produces crawl is former because procrastinate board slideway wears away fierce, guide screw ball wears away or become loose, the machine tool should notice to maintain, iron wire should be swept after commuting, add lubricating oil in time, suit the cooling fluid that workpiece machines in order to reduce attrition; choice, below the condition that can obtain other working procedure to machine a requirement, choose higher main shaft rotate speed as far as possible.    2, phenomenon of differ in roll end diameter of workpiece generation taper   Breakdown reason: The standard that the machine tool sets was not adjusted good, one tall one low, when generation places turning of not smooth; to grow an axis, contributive data is harder, cutting tool penetration of a cutting tool is deeper, cause thimble of tailstock of; of phenomenon letting a knife and main shaft different heart.    Solution: Use gradienter adjusts the level of the machine tool to spend, lay next solid groundwork, had secured the machine tool raise its tenacity; to choose sound technology and proper cutting feed to avoid cutting tool to suffer force to let knife; adjust tailstock.    3, driver is phasic the lamp is normal, and the work measure size that treatment comes out   Breakdown reason: The machine tool procrastinates board long-term high speed moves, bring about filar lever and bearing to wear away the repetition of; tool carrier locates precision produces deviation; to procrastinate in be used for a long time board every time can accurate return treatment start, but treatment work measure still changes. This kind of phenomenon is caused by main shaft commonly, the high speed roll of main shaft makes bearing wears away serious, bring about treatment dimension to change. The metal machines small letter, content is pretty good, be worth to pay close attention to.    Solution: Lean in tool carrier bottom with dial gauge, edit program of a fixed loop through the system at the same time, the examination procrastinates board repeat fixed position precision, adjust filar lever clearance, change bearing; repeats fixed position precision with what dial gauge checks tool carrier, adjust machinery or change tool carrier; detects with dial gauge after processing work accurate return program start, it is OK to be like, overhaul main shaft, change bearing.    Wanted to affirm rate of occurrence breakdown of lathe of numerical control of cutting of which part high speed, attaint only, we can undertake next plan solve a problem. Through these measure basically can find out the place of the problem.

Before fontal city will import whole set of equipment in July times add a machine tool kind equipment batch is most

Fontal city examines quarantine bureau released data to show a few days ago, 1-7 month, this bureau examines in all superintendency entrance whole set of equipment 252 batches, goods is worth 195 million dollar, grow 44.83% respectively compared to the same period, 105.18% .    Data shows, since this year, the whole set of equipment that fontal look forward to imports basically has machining center kind, spin printing and dyeing kind, photoelectricity kind, feed category machinery to wait, among them with the machine tool kind equipment batch is most. Before July, accumulative total of fontal city port imports a machine tool kind mechanical equipment amounts to 137 batches, grow 73.41% compared to the same period. These equipment that come from the United States, Germany, Japan and Taiwan area covered machining center of automatic lathe, vertical, Che Xi compound machining center and metallic muller. Take industrial town of military importance as the shoe, before in July, the printing and dyeing of of all kinds spin that fontal city port imports kind worth of mechanical equipment money is the biggest, amount to 49.8 million dollar, grow 239.69% considerably. These entrance equipment included the computer horizontal stroke with advanced whole world to make up horizontal stroke of jacquard weave of machine, computer to make up machine of machine, printing of digital ink jet to wait. With south the computer horizontal stroke that profit group imports is made up machine for exemple, degree of automation, standardization promotes considerably, can come true a worker operates 8-10 station machine at the same time.

Kaheli carries ginseng of numerical control lathe to exhibit China International machinery to be versed in course of study is exhibited

On March 19, 2015 – exhibition of industry of machinery of 22 days of the 16th China International in Ning Bo the international exhibition center is held grandly. Can be bridge in order to exhibit, associate with is broad and potential client; It is ligament with the product, deliver machine tool product powerful energy. In this second exhibit on the meeting, dedicated the Ning Bo that makes at lathe blocks hertz benefit machine tool to make limited company be exhibited from numerous ginseng show itself in the businessman, compound machining center becomes mill of car of lathe bed of marble of item on display exhibit one of window on the meeting. Production limited company of machine tool of benefit of conspicuous of Ning Bo card is dedicated the production at numerical control lathe, the research that is enmeshed at domain of numerical control lathe already had more than 10 years, the technology that pays attention to numerical control lathe innovates. Company product is full of moderate of characteristic, price, invite a client with the smallest consumption, can create the biggest increase, get of user of broad machine tool love. Grip tendency of the day, to open market of peaceful wave region further, get more market share inside machine tool industry, machine tool of benefit of conspicuous of card of business of domestic famous machine tool attended machinist of this China International course of study is exhibited, can undertake conduct propaganda actively through exhibiting. Exhibit meeting site, the product of characteristic machine tool that Kaheli exhibited an audience to reveal lathe bed of much money marble to broad ginseng, include the line course that TC630, TC650 sells well twice to make the same score lathe of lathe bed numerical control and Che Xi among them machine tool of compound numerical control. The product characteristic that is aimed at machine tool of benefit blocking hertz and after service two respects, the reporter blocks what hertz benefit machine tool creates limited company to wore a manager to undertake interviewing to Ning Bo. Wear a manager to tell a reporter, the machine tool of marble lathe bed of research and development of benefit blocking hertz is not only on material more environmental protection, and not changeful form. Machine tool of brand of benefit blocking hertz has the character that high accuracy, efficient, Jing Yin produces, aid force client to improve work efficiency not only, also can operate personnel to create an easy operation environment for the machine tool. In after service respect, kaheli was built from carry out before, the service system of the unifinication after carry out arriving in carry out, act on ” excelsior make a product, actor or actress heart and soul service ” concept, it is difficult that for the client platoon care is solved. Benefit blocking hertz is OK the different need according to every client, for the client the quantity has something made to order personally numerical control private plane. No matter because the person is operation or natural disaster,Kaheli’s machine tool is and attaint, acceptance of benefit blocking hertz reachs the spot inside 24 hours, solve difficult problem for the client. It is reported, the economic center city that Ning Bo is the ala austral Chinese long delta, also be China’s main manufacturing industry base at the same time. In recent years, speed of development of peaceful wave industry is swift and violent, the industrial product production value such as Electromechanical equipment, machine tool, bearing already exceeded 700 billion yuan last year. Ning Bo blocks hertz benefit machine tool to regard Ning Bo as enterprise of native land and famous machine tool, in Ning Bo and even win universal praise of total national capital. 2015, peaceful Bokaheli will make persistent efforts, make treatment good machine with sincerity and technology, offer high grade product for user of broad machine tool, aid push ” China is made 2025 ” industry upgrades. Also hope to pass the person of the same trade’s communication, promote the comprehensive strength of the enterprise greatly.

Gap of post of worker of operation of numerical control machine tool is big

Labor shortage is used after the section as agreed upon and to. It is reported, the technology such as storage, content shedding, sale, mechanical design talent is major invite applications for a job the post with meeting most exuberant demand. The station of jockey of machine tool equipment such as milling machine of grinder of lathe of numerical control machining center, numerical control, numerical control, numerical control hand in short supply. Labor shortage is used after the section as agreed upon and to. It is reported, the technology such as storage, content shedding, sale, mechanical design talent is major invite applications for a job the post with meeting most exuberant demand. According to investigation, this and current economic situation are close together and relevant. 2015, hopeful of industry of tool of our country machine tool walks out of interval of be issued to lower levels, predicting industry whole develops state general and on year keep balance or small growth. Get warm again after a cold spell of beginning of spring of machine tool industry, drove the development of obtain employment situation. The station of jockey of machine tool equipment such as milling machine of grinder of lathe of numerical control machining center, numerical control, numerical control, numerical control hand in short supply.    The near future, shanghai spring breeze acted 2015 first invite applications for a job is met in treasure mountain area service center of foreign staff obtain employment is held, 20 enterprises brought 340 post, among them the technical type of work of great majority encounters ” awkward silence at an occasion ” . The Teng Kewu of enterprise of Shanghai god dragon tells a reporter, him company is having many 250 stuff, among them 80% it is mechanic, “Lacked a person, the machine tool leaves not to rise, enterprise have to goggle at eye looks at a loss. Enterprise have to goggle at eye looks at a loss..    Refer the form using worker worker this year, the personnel of invite applications for a job of a lot of enterprises expresses, suffer big environment effect this year, whole manages not quite with labour form want. To mechanical industry, the technical industry that has experience is opposite less, added new difficult problem to the enterprise undoubtedly. How to solve an enterprise to hire difficult question, become an enterprise to need settlement urgent matter. More personnel of invite applications for a job of a few companies expresses, general work is good search, mechanic but too difficult. In spot of invite applications for a job, the controller of invite applications for a job of much home company discloses, besides automation line worker, want to find jockey of machine tool of the lathe work that accords with a requirement, planing, number, electric welder to wait, it may be said is ” lottery win a prize in a lottery ” , machine rate is real too low. The time of a few hours, of deliver resume most 34 people, unwarrantable still come round.    Do not enrol a person, does the compensation that gives out give power not quite? To this, almost the answer that controller of all invite applications for a job gave out to deny. Day one nicety is mechanical (fontal city) yellow head of department of limited company government introduces to the reporter, the company is hired or give priority to with worker of a gleam of, among them electronic-controlled (distribution) student needs to enrol 10, pay pay is 2000-3000 yuan / month, numerical control machine tool / apprentice should enrol 10, pay pay is 3500-5000 yuan / month. “This year second half of the year, product line plans to undertake two are made, enrol 956 people again even to moment. ” the introduction according to Director Huang, the pay of apprentice of numerical control machine tool is not low.    As we have learned, to draw technical talented person come round, the monthly pay that these enterprises give out compares what the corresponding period had 10% above last year basically to go up, jockey removes firewood generally to be in 4000 yuan, and 6000 yuan come 9000 yuan is to be able to be found everywhere more, if add a bag to eat,encase, the other welfare such as overwork allowance, had comparatived considerable. But as a result of current and main applicant ” farming 2 generation ” , lack a skill generally, however not reconciled to is in training of a gleam of, let a lot of enterprises encounter ” it is difficult to hire ” problem.    The station that operates a worker to solve numerical control machine tool is vacant, the administrator of a few enterprises expresses, it is OK that trainee should have relevant and mechanical background only, the student with this year’s professional machinery also can be fostered. The company plans to train the person of foundation of a few organic instrument even, break traditional pattern, will reduce cost of choose and employ persons through recruiting trainee, foster them into professional again. Blessing like that the Ben Yue of heart processing factory is furtive in express, milling of lathe work of similar machine tool, machine tool these type of work are ” the more the better ” , even if applicant does not have too much skill to also have nothing to do with, “Want to agree to work only, we can groom mount guard. We can groom mount guard..    Resource of manpower of 3 whale fire control revive manager introduction, if three-year institution of higher learning, undergraduate course reachs the mechanical design of above record of formal schooling,wait for the talent of relevant direction only, company special reception. The demand of this respect is reflected likewise go up in day vast group, chen Qiaozhen of controller of resource of company labor power says, “What we want is can n/arc drafting, get the automation, talented person that has mechanical design, the company will throw more product, need engineers of more research and development, the firewood since three-year institution of higher learning, undergraduate students can achieve 449 yuan. The firewood since three-year institution of higher learning, undergraduate students can achieve 449 yuan..

Chen Huiren leads a group to went to Taiwan to undertake a person of same business communicates an activity

October 2015 19-24 day, according to cross-strait entrepreneur job of meeting year focal point schedules the summit, standing vice-president holds association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool concurrently secretary-general Chen Huiren leads a group to went to Taiwan to undertake a person of same business communicates an activity.    During the stage, delegacy inspected accurate machinery to consider to develop a center centrally in Taichun area, always enter company of Electromechanical of prosperous of machinist estate company, Cheng, Qing Hong Electromechanical industry company, Taiwan is brought promote Inc. of science and technology of Inc. He Yintai, their advocate business Wu involves applied technology research, machining center, report to machine component of function of guard of inside and outside of electric machinery of machine tool, main shaft, machine tool and scroll to wait. These 6 enterprises are in Taiwan this domain is before rank the first place or be being resided 3 models in delegate, and the type is more comprehensive: Have manufacturing company already, have scientific research orgnaization again; In the enterprise, have mainframe company already, have company of functional component form a complete set again; In mainframe business, already gold cuts treatment mainframe business, again report processes mainframe business.    Accordingly, inspect an activity this very helpful to understanding the integral situation of industry of Taiwan machine tool, also formed series to inspect report and industry to share from this.    Fact of essence of life manages (TPS) , essence of life calls beneficial management in the mainland, it is the method of a kind of production management that shows place of company of Japanese abundant field is created. Going up century 80 time, our country regards one of methods of 18 kinds of modern management as to try to be popularized energetically seed profit management. There also are many enterprises to had carried out seed profit to produce administrative method inside machine tool industry, but what be carried out seriously truly and insist to come down is few however, general it is blast and beautiful frame work. Accordingly, we are such to enterprise of Taiwan machine tool management of the fact that impose fine is very interested in praise highly and serious fact.    When making an on-the-spot investigation to always take company of industry of He Qinghong Electromechanical of machinist estate company, company controller is very earnest the practice that introduced an enterprise to carry out fact of essence of life to manage to us with detailed ground and experience. Bring although carry out fact of essence of life to manage without clear introduction,start a company, but the managed a system to also reflect fact of essence of life to manage marrow of this company. As we have learned, taiwan economy ministry comes to solid managing extending essence of life all the time for years, enterprise of a lot of machine tools tries to carry out in very serious ground, and from which benefit. Always held water 1954 into machinist job Inc. , it is Taiwan machine tool one of representative companies are had most in the industry, have many 500 stuff. Main product has establish horizontal machining center, stand lie door of compound machining center, dragon milling machine of lathe of machining center, numerical control, numerical control.    This company supervises fact of essence of life the particular case that uses at the company, the particular production of creation manages mode to call YCMPS. Method of this kind of management with high quality, low cost, short hand in period for the target, with complete member participate in for basic form, make from 5S foundation, eliminate all waste, improve product and service quality, shorten date of delivery. They manage target and strategy to be a basis with the company, established division of 9 3 seminar, cent to meet, part formulate job plan, develop an activity. Often still organize preeminent business inspect and learn each other’s work, with be inspired from which. They still put forward catchword: Manufacturing site reveals office namely, want at any time high grade groove.    Company of industry of the Electromechanical that celebrate grand held water 1975, it is the whole world opportunity of treatment of the 5th big discharge produces a business, the house in the sale that machines a machine tool in mainland report the 2nd, have stuff 300 much people. This company specific the way that executive essence fact runs calls CPS management the way, advocate ” complete an innovation, own improvement ” , every job unit should analyse plan and character everyday, reveal look in management board on.    Government sees the reality of essence of life of the company that celebrate grand board   In the manufacturing site of these two companies, the management that we see each team and group looks board on paste is worn a variety of management chart, showing all sorts of plan that administer a project and quality. Can see, look board the dynamic progress that reflective is manufacturing management, is not make an issue of, do sth for show.    It is besides primary manufacturing activity, can insist for a long time to develop so trival government activity, doing not have the culture of enough and powerful motive and height to agree is impossible. Enterprise of Taiwan machine tool can hold to, be opposite at the private enterprise reduce cost, enhance the quality, pressing pursuit that enhances market competition ability and strong desire, working at Taiwan enterprise serious, pursue perfect culture gene. This perhaps is us the reason place that a lot of enterprises cannot perserve, just also be we should learn the administrative marrow that draw lessons from.