Shenyang machine tool vigorously promote “5 d smart valley” “Shared machine tool system is yet to be perfected

Nearly period of time, about the shenyang machine tool & other;5 d smart valley & throughout;News is overwhelming.Could be heard all over the country, about & other;5 d smart valley & throughout;Message, or project is under negotiation, or projects have been the ground.Learned, 5 d smart valley is i5 intelligent machine tools as the core, the combination of local government, to build the i5 intelligent machine Internet + + industry financial + big data + remanufacturing of intelligent manufacturing sharing platform.& other;5 d smart valley & throughout;Is based on the shenyang machine tool i5 intelligent machine, smart factory introduced new ideas & other;Products throughout the &;.5 d refers to the so-called Dnc (Digital system), Data (Data), Digital (Digital), OnDemand (to live) and Diconomy (Digital economy), & other;5 d smart valley & throughout;A number of major construction intelligent factory and & otherSix centers throughout the &;, that is, industry research center, training center for training practice, intelligent detection center, industry data cloud center, intelligent experience center and manufacturing center, integration of upstream and downstream enterprises to gather, for regional customers order settlement, machine connected to the Internet, online design, technology support, such as a complete set of services and solutions, to realize intelligent ecological sharing.In recent years, shenyang machine tool through the core technology breakthrough, walked out of a from the i5 intelligent machine tool products to the intelligent factory, from smart factory to & other;5 d smart valley & throughout;And from & other;5 d smart valley & throughout;To the i5 intelligent manufacturing ecological system of intelligent manufacturing new pattern.Now, a new business model has gained the backlash on the market.At present, jiangsu JianHu, jiashan, zhejiang, liaoning FengCheng 10, represented by the local government has intelligent manufacturing valley construction agreement and shenyang machine tool.So far, JianHu, Zhong Xiang, jiashan, shiyan, ma on shan has five smart valley project, involved in industries including automotive, new energy vehicles, petroleum machinery, aerospace components, energy-saving light source, robot parts, wind power, pump industry, semiconductor, pv, reducer, and other fields.A source says, recently, nantong of jiangsu province some high-tech zone and shenyang machine tool group co., LTD. Signed a cooperation agreement, to build shenyang machine tool & middot;Some & other;5 d smart valley & throughout;Reached cooperation, intelligent machine tools as the core, the intelligent plant as the carrier, the two sides to develop high-end intelligent manufacturing demonstration base, increase some industrial foundation supporting capacity and surrounding areas.The project total investment 300 million yuan, of which the equipment investment is 120 million yuan.Project will revitalize the original method leite co., LTD., jiangsu area in the zone and the interior decoration and equipment approach will be conducted at the same time, in the near future is expected to begin in June.At that time, there will be 300 machine tools in some high-tech zone.After the project into, will strive to build intelligent sharing manufacturing base.Shenyang machine tool group received orders from elsewhere, if enough time in the local production, you can put such as east and production;On the other hand, if in some received orders to production, can also go into other parts of the production.In addition, by machine tool & other;Sharing & throughout;Boot, pay mode, lack of money is a good way to break through the entrepreneurs, the lack of platform of barriers.Sharing economy has spread to all walks of life, with the advantage of sharing mode, for more than three years, shenyang machine tool i5 intelligent machine orders received more than 20000 sets, factory signed more than 50 national intelligence, smart signing for nine valley, created a miracle sales pace.However, currently on the market more than 20000 i5 intelligent machine, only 11000 tsu into & other;Sharing platform & throughout;More than half of, there are still not connected to the Internet.After some business owners worry about technology sharing will be stolen.Shenyang machine tool group chairman said GuanXiYou & other;For the future, intelligent manufacturing is the inexorable trend.Throughout the &;And how to implement in the trend & other;Really sharing & throughout;, achievement & other;True throughout the economy &;, you also need to further perfect the credit system and improve the basic facilities construction and clear machine measurement rules before.At present, shenyang machine tool to & other;Zero down payment & throughout;Give customers the machine rental, in the form of charge by the hour or by processing capacity.At present, shenyang machine tool is exploring how to use & other;Flow throughout the &;Settlement, based on data transmission back to the machine’s operation, work out the industry recognized standard of settlement, make chinese-made master say, build new industrial development of new formats.(this article source workers daily, this small make up finishing.)(this article is provided by China machine tool business original, reproduced this website articles, subject to a written authorization.)

Spark machine tool carries high-quality goods of center lathe product to appear on CIMT2015

On April 20, exhibition of machine tool of the 14th China International (CIMT2015) the center is exhibited in Beijing China International (new house) hold. Company of machine tool of day water spark carries company CK61100E/3m, CK6636/3m and CK61160/5m product of machine tool of these 3 numerical control appears exhibit meeting, caused domestic and international ginseng to exhibit the attention of travelling merchant. New old client comes round to look around in succession, negotiate collaboration, bearer of the forefathers that exhibit a stage is gone to, send lively picture.    CIMT2015 is sponsorred by association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool, china International exhibits central group company to undertake, it is to be in ” new normal state ” the international machine tool that holds below big setting shows grand meeting. Accordingly, sponsor an unit will current exhibit the theme of the meeting to be certainly ” new normal state, new development ” . 2011 since second half of the year, industry of tool of our country machine tool suffers effect of economic big environment, market demand gross drops, put forward to optimize a structure to the enterprise, demand the new requirement that demands quality of essence of life, promotion newly.    Li Weiqian of president of company of machine tool of day water spark, general manager, liu Jiang of vise general manager and sale ministry, outside attended to exhibit via the sectional staff such as center of place, technology meeting. Face new situation, the company prepares actively, organize lathe of center lathe of 3 numerical control, pipe to wait for product of machine tool of large numerical control to enter current exhibition, at the same time constituent technology, salesperson attends exhibit meeting, understand industry change and market demand.    Exhibit during the meeting, sponsorred an unit to hold ” forum of international of CEO of manufacturing industry of 2015 machine tools ” and ” news briefing of news of international machine tool ” wait for a variety of technical communication activities, the industry commended in the meantime advanced unit. Afterwards of company of machine tool of day water spark was obtained 2014 ” have development latent capacity most 10 strong companies ” , selected ” China makes a trade 10 get greatly army ” after the enterprise, be in again exhibit of the meeting ” news briefing of news of international machine tool ” on the association of industry of tool of machine tool of 2014 degrees of China that has the honor to win association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool to choose ” 30 strong companies ” honorary title. Company president Li Weiqian attended news news briefing and appearance receive award.

The process designing treatment of numerical control lathe handles technology

The process designing treatment of numerical control lathe handles technology. 1. Determine the treatment place of workpiece and specific contentThe working procedure content that is needed to be finished on this machine tool by treatment workpiece certainly reachs the connection of its and around working procedure. (1) workpiece machines the circumstance before in this working procedure. For example cast, forging or good stuff, appearance, dimension, mental allowance. (The datum plane that the form that working procedure of the line before 2) already processed place, dimension or treatment of working procedure of the line before this working procedure needs give, fiducial aperture. (This 3) working procedure wants the place of treatment and specific content. (4) weaves to facilitate craft reachs a program, graph of the semifinished product before scale gives this working procedure to machine reachs this working procedure to machine a graph. 2. decides the outfit of workpiece places means and design clamping apparatus, the workpiece treatment position with firm already ground, fixed position is standard ask with clamp, choose or design fixture. Numerical control lathe uses 3 claw to hold workpiece; axis from centering chuck clip more kind workpiece still can use tailstock tip to support work. Because rotate speed of main shaft of numerical control lathe is extremely high, it is facilitating workpiece clamp, use chuck of motivation of hydraulic pressure high speed more, because it already carried strict balance in the manufacturer, have high rotate speed (limited speed can amount to 4000~6000r/min) , tall clamping force (force of the biggest push-pull is claw of 2000~8000N) , high accuracy, attune convenient, via, service life is long wait for an advantage. Still can use soft ungual clip to hold work, soft ungual dambered surface is made up randomly by handlers, the clip that can obtain ideal holds precision. Through adjusting oil cylinder pressure, changeable chuck clamping force, in order to satisfy the special need that clip supports Baobi and all sorts of changeful body work. Suffer force to be out of shape to reduce long and thin axis to add man-hour, raise treatment precision, and aperture axis is taken in treatment kind the Kong Shi inside workpiece, can use hydraulic pressure automatic centering center is worn, centering precision can amount to 0.03mm. 3. machines plan certainly(One) the principle that machines plan certainly, treatment program calls craft plan again, the treatment program of numerical control machine tool includes to make situation of working procedure, labor and the content such as course taking a knife. In process of treatment of numerical control machine tool, because treatment object is complex diversiform, especially the appearance of outline curve and position are Protean, add material different, batch is not coequal the influence of many sided element, when making treatment plan to specific spare parts, undertake concrete analysis and distinction are treated, agile processing. Only such, ability makes the treatment plan that makes sound, achieve Gao Hecheng of quality actor, efficiency thereby this low end. The general principle that makes treatment plan is: First thick hind essence of life, first close hind far, first inside hind outside, block is least, course taking a knife is the shortest and special situation is special processing. (1) first thick hind essence of life, manufacture efficiency to rise and assure the finish machining quality of the spare parts, when cutting is machined, arrange rough machining working procedure first, inside shorter time, the many mental allowance before finish machining (what if pursue,3-4 shows a share inside medium dotted line) take out, satisfy the surplus uniformity requirement of finish machining as far as possible at the same time. After rough machining working procedure is arranged, then arrangement changes the semifinishing machining that undertakes after the knife and finish machining. Among them, the purpose that arranges semifinishing machining is, when the uniformity that leaves surplus after rough machining cannot satisfy finish machining requirement, can arrange semifinishing machining to regard as transitional working procedure, so that make finish machining surplus small and even. It is OK to be being arranged when one knife or the finish machining process that many knife has, the final outline of its spare parts is machined continuously by last knife and become. At this moment, the position of knife of advance and retreat that machines cutting tool should consider appropriate, do not want to in successive outline arrangement cuts support of the people to be cut or change knife and stand as far as possible, lest be out of shape because of cutting force changes suddenly and creating flexibility, cause the generation on smooth join outline mutation of exterior cut, appearance or stop the defect such as knife mark is ill. (2) first close hind far, what what say here is far with close, it is to press treatment place to be apart from size at what nod to the knife relatively. Be in usually, it is especially when rough machining, normally arrangement leaves close to knife dot place to be machined first, from the treatment after choosing far place to the knife, so that shorten,cutting tool shift is apart from, reduce idle stroke time. To turning treatment, first close hind far be helpful for carrying wool blank or semi-manufactured goods rigid, improve its cutting condition.

The workshop of digitlization of lathe of high-grade numerical control that the Chinese Academy of Sciences develops is passed check and accept

On July 1, national intelligence is made special ” demonstrative project of development of workshop of digitlization of lathe of high-grade numerical control and application ” through checking and accept. The project is checked and accept can develop by Yunnan province and chair, invite concerned expert composition to check and accept a committee of experts, right ” demonstrative project of development of workshop of digitlization of lathe of high-grade numerical control and application ” undertook checking and accept. Check and accept a committee of experts to think this are tall compound, efficient, tall flexible, tall intelligence changes ” digitlization workshop ” , in domestic machine tool at present production industry still is belonged to first, the project realized multinomial technology innovation, obtain the technical positive result of plentiful and substantial, fill of partial project achievement the blank of domestic congener product, reached home banner, international is advanced level. Agree with a project consistently through checking and accept.    National strategy Information Industry implemented project of 20 major projects 2013, among them one of it is intelligent equipment is made. “Demonstrative project of development of workshop of digitlization of lathe of high-grade numerical control and application ” it is national intelligence make special in machine tool industry the project of first layout, accord with national policy to need, the aim that the project implements is the demonstrative business that should build intelligence to make in machine tool industry, for the machine tool entire industry takes the lead in realizing intelligence to make rise to lead action.    This project is built period 3 years, always invest 350 million yuan. The project is mixed by the treatment inside product line two parts are machined to comprise outside product line, the treatment inside product line basically assumes the precision work of the spare parts, the partial semifinishing machining that the treatment outside product line basically assumes a part and go up test and verify of the craft before the line. Project development content includes to digitlize workshop canal to charge system, intelligence machine tool research and intelligent processing technique, 5 (saddle of lathe bed, headstock, main shaft, bed, 3 / tailstock) spare parts of machine tool key is flexible product line and to it the line peripheral of form a complete set equipment, intelligence upgrades transform equipment, throw 91 in all / cover equipment composition. Implementation mixed flow is flexible make, automatic fluctuation makings, product identifies automatically and dog, online and automatic detect, breakdown of control of intelligence of product flow direction, intelligence is diagnosed, treatment parameter is optimized, manufacturing process real time monitoring and manufacturing management informatization.    Equipment numerical control changes project key rate achieve 100% , manufacturing efficiency is covered 100 times by lunar production rise to be covered to 300, product line personnel decreases 57.5% , bring down of specific power consumption 38.4% , working procedure of spare parts key makes check percent of pass by 64% rise to 96% , the product makes precision and stability rise significantly. Yunnan CY group is a purpose application demonstrative enterprise, the project upgrades to the transition of CY group and prospective development has important sense, came true by machine tool of stand-alone numerical control Xiang Zhi can be flexible the product structural adjustment that product line transforms; By intelligence flexible the industrial transition that product line transforms to digitlization workshop and even digital chemical plant upgrades; Serve to hi-tech by single equipment manufacturer and the system is compositive the change that uses trade. The project has solution of digitlization workshop whole and system the capacity that compositive applying, can have promotion application in equipment manufacturing industry.    The project is carried out advanced with digitlization, flexible change reach a system the progress that compositive technology makes equipment research and development and application for the intelligence of core, the research and development that will make our country creates a field in intelligence achieves the major breakthrough on the technology, fill the blank that equipment of our country high end makes, can replace foreign entrance. The project is carried out for Yunnan province ” China is made 2025 ” provided demonstrative project and applied case, become domestic master to make the model of the industry, make the homebred class that digitlizes equipment and level promote significantly.

Lathe of appearance of installation numerical control has what note

The attention when installing lathe of numerical control appearance prevents slideway to be out of shape, bed foot and working mesa maintain a level.    Advocate electric machinery has a level the buy in leather belt annulus and perpendicular leather belt annulus side buy installs means two kinds:    Horizontal installation electric machinery and machine tool are in same plane; Installation of perpendicular electric machinery is in machine tool lower part.    The V-belt of coupling main shaft and electric machinery must adjust the rate with appropriate degree of tightness.    After use period of time, want to undertake be adjustmented appropriately to bearing of machine tool main shaft, ensure the best clearance of bearing, in order to assure the stability of the use effect of the machine tool and product, improve the service life of main shaft bearing.    Lathe of numerical control appearance uses work of pinchcock head clamp commonly, before switching on the mobile phone, must affirm extremelying He Wei and you are mixed all round safety of other personnel person and the hidden trouble existence with safe facilities.    The machine tool is Electromechanical unifinication design, the ability after beard classics grooms operates a machine tool.