Ten years plastic, more need to reflect on consumer behavior

Fixed number of year of the original title: ten plastic, more need to reflect on consumer behavior in People’s Daily reported on May 28, from June 1, 2008 since the implementation of the “plastic limit order”, in the use of large business super obvious drop, substitutes increase, but with the development of new forms, such as electricity, express delivery, delivery, plastic boxes, plastic packaging and other consumption rising fast, new resource environment pressure.”Plastic limit order” pushing for ten years, its effect and see around the landfill can know.Sometimes think, when we occupy offspring survival environment of that kind of selfish ruthless, as the name “after my death, even if the deluge of Louis xv.Among the people, the recycled biodegradable plastic substitutes for a wave of high a wave, people look forward to the ability of scientists to find something entirely replace plastic packaging.In fact, this is also the effort direction in last decade.Such as effective as of May 1st this year, the provisional regulations on the express clearly put forward to express enterprises are encouraged to use environmental protection packaging materials, recycling express packaging materials.Development and reform commission also said that to adjust the plastic limit jointly with relevant departments to study, study and formulate in electricity, express delivery, delivery, and other industries to limit a series of non-biodegradable plastic packaging used related implementation plan.But this decade trying to say is very disappointing, because after all, science is not everything, at least in a short period of time.To compare the current promoting environmental protection plastic bags, for example, its environmental effect is compared with the initially anticipated is compromised.Because of the “environmental protection plastic bags need strict conditions to degradation, such as temperature, moisture content and specific reactor, etc., in the natural environment is very difficult to degrade.”Dedicated to the research of environmental experts noted that the “environmental protection plastic bags”, is still mixed together and all kinds of rubbish, eventually sent to landfills or FenShaoChang, still can’t degrade to achieve the purpose of environmental protection.And ordinary plastic bags, the only difference is that consumers only “in order to meet the demand of their green, spend some money”.Some have argued that the environmental protection bags, canvas bags, paper bags, can use to replace?But neither canvas bags, paper bags are pollution caused by the consumption of resources are not less.Experts said that if the paper bag, need to plant trees, cut down a tree, into the process of pulp, paper and canvas shopping bag involved in cotton cultivation, the industry of water energy consumption not only want to consider the use of pesticides, fertilizers, consider utilization of land resources, transportation, printing and dyeing, circulation, the cost of the waste landfill after burning.If we want to replace, even one over ten of the usage, pressure on the environment is also very big, can’t even worse than not environmental protection bags.From consumer standpoint invented disposable plastic products reflects the convenience of superiority over so far.Consumers can use very cheap price, buy follow one’s inclinationsly and then discarded.However, this convenience is based on another not convenient, that is to sacrifice the environment.After the white plastic incineration or landfill pollution of our water, pollution of our air, even when we eat fish contained plastic particles, we will understand that we harvest the inconvenience is far outweigh the convenience of the use of disposable plastic products.I subscribe to an environmental expert opinion, the fundamental way to solve the problem is not to find a substitute for plastic bags, really want to do is look at our consumer behavior.Why couldn’t we just moment leave these disposable products: plastic bags, plastic straw, plastic bottles, plastic lunch box?Even plastic bags with their relatively small size great convenience to the person but not a moment away from the body, why can’t we give up the relatively large size, or the use of pleasure is not so significant disposable packaging boxes, plastic straw, etc?When we buy takeout, why can’t the food into our own vessel?We can consult some practices abroad.Mid-may, vancouver’s parliament voted to zero waste program “2040”, Forbidden City merchants next June 1, to the customer to issue a one-off plastic straw, foam plastic cups and packing boxes.In February this year, the queen of England to declare war on plastic formally queen want to in all his royal turf, a complete ban on using a plastic straw and plastic bottles!Palace chef can only use ceramic plates, glasses, as well as recycled paper cups.Smell this, when we ask ourselves: “why can’t we?”This newspaper commentator 2 item