Roadside tao block beeswax rough stone is plastic expert action floating fire distinguishing true and false of wax (figure)

On October 8, 2014 Beijing collectables – autograph lovers Ms. Wei a antique stand on the side of the road for a piece of dark red on “wax the original stone”.She thinks she’s picked up a big leakage, can ask professional personage to get collectables – autograph store a appraisal, it was a piece of plastic.So, how to distinguish true and false wax?Yesterday, Ms. Wei for help this living laboratory columns, hoping to find a simple and feasible method of operation.To this end, the reporter comes to the li river graceland, the international market, in under the guidance of professionals, with industry to identify the common method, has carried on the experiment.A really rough stone as shown in the above bubbles.With flame burn according to smell you can judge true and false.Beeswax barrel beads.Really beeswax.Wax products.Survey: price rising Fraud frequently with the popularity of Tibetan buddhist culture in recent years, as one of “western qibao” beeswax also became an ornament of the young.In the li river east xinyu collectables – autograph stores graceland, the international market, sellers Zhu Boyu is introduced, the domestic price of beeswax has been bullish, doubled for nearly three years.Under the profit-driven, counterfeiting of wax on the market more and more, let a person illusory.”Beeswax is one of the most easy to” punch “collectables – autograph, if not for a long period of time, the average person is very easy to fool.”Zhu Boyu introduction, beeswax is fat liquid fossil trees actually, because is crystal plastid, between the high temperature of 250 ℃ to 250 ℃, beeswax will melt.Is based on this characteristic, common means of fraud has two kinds: one is to use beeswax broken slag melt and become “the second generation of wax”, 2 it is made of plastic, resin pure fakes.Experiment: floating fire Each have advantages and disadvantages Zhu Boyu said, identify wax of true and false, the first is “look”.He said, beeswax and amber belong to the same kind of material, is often associated with.Translucent, is a state of “full of honey”.See with the naked eye, however, the true beeswax inside there are very few bubbles, and hot melt off wax will have a lot of small bubbles, and there will be massive.In addition, the true wax texture without rules, and flowing feeling is strong.And because false beeswax is melted and through mixing, cooling, cutting, grinding and other processes, its texture is similar or even identical.So, have to discern between true and false beeswax intuitive method?Zhu Boyu brought a paper cup, filled with water, and then continued to stir in salt and fully, until the salt cannot be dissolved.At this time, the cup of salt water is a supersaturated solution.Zhu Boyu picked up a piece of wax in salt water, the beeswax floating up.Zhu Boyu said, the density of wax is slightly bigger than a water, thus can float in the supersaturated solution.However, this method cannot fully to ensure that the correct identification results, because the beeswax to all kinds of impurities, thus density will be slightly different.In addition is detrimental to assay method.Zhu Boyu took out a piece of raw beeswax rough stone, with a cigarette lighter light the corner of the flame after blowing out the smell of anxious burnt smell of beeswax.”True beeswax is a kind of turpentine flavor son, false beeswax is plastic taste.”This way, he said, although the intuitive and effective, but will cause damage to the beeswax.He suggested that if was to identify beeswax hand string, can go to hot wax beads with a hot needle hole, so that we can reduce the damage degree.Suggestion: the rule of psychological must not have now, beeswax and amber collectables – autograph projects has become the most easy to fraud.On the roadside antique stand, all kinds of “beeswax hand string”, “wax the original stone”, attracted people to come to “rule”.”In fact, everyone should keep in mind, it is in a place like this is not possible to let you pick up to” leak “.”Zhu Boyu remind, now some counterfeiters use copal resin, plastic and a mixture of wax, ShiJia characteristics the lamellar structure with beeswax, deceptive.Source: north late new vision network reporter: Wang Qipeng huanyu\/li wen JiChen\/taken