Lowest cling film, plastic cups, compound bag, percent of pass

Automobil plastic net news: in February, yiwu market supervision bureau of the city within the scope of the production, sale and use of food related products supervision and spot check, the unit of a total cling film, disposable paper cups (bowl), disposable plastic cups, straws, PP bottle (bowl) 91 food-related products such as batch test, the test results, percent of pass is 93.4%.The random inspection items including heavy metals, load performance, elongation at break (vertical), gas transmittance (oxygen), etc.Test results showed that a total of 6 batches of the product is unqualified, percent of pass is 93.4%.Unqualified products are mainly for the cling film, PET\/CPP composite bags and disposable plastic cups, unqualified project are respectively gas transmittance (oxygen), solvent residue and load performance.To the unqualified products, the market regulator has carried on the processing in accordance with the law.Market supervision bureau staff warns a citizen, when buying food related products, carefully check the QS logo, the production enterprise’s name, address, product standards, production date, validity of label whether is complete, the label of products need to be careful to buy, do not buy more “3 without” product, best to legitimate business, select normal in the production of enterprises.In addition, also note when buying observe whether product appearance whether smooth level off, thickness is uniform, the presence of impurities, etc., don’t buy taste heavy plastic tableware, had better choose packaging intact, in case of bacteria and mold.Editor: Ye Dan