Inside and outside Japan are picking up litter on to the pitch after the game, fans to win respect

World Cup opener, Japan beat South American rival Colombia, the game has a symbolic significance, this is the Asian teams in the World Cup for the team’s first win in South America.In addition to win on the pitch, the Japanese fans outside also left a warm heart.After the end of the game, many Japanese fans did not leave in advance, they prepared a big blue plastic bags, garbage in court.According to the famous big V @ ono sister learning fun, a lot of fans of Columbia also stay in the stadium, with Japanese fans picking up trash.In weibo, he said: “a tweet Japanese fans at the scene, said: Colombia’s defeat to Japan after the game, the scene of the Columbia fans not only easy to congratulate Japan fans, also take the initiative to leave, together with Japanese fans at the scene of the clean garbage…Lost the game, but never lose quality.”Four years ago, the World Cup in Japan, their fans also hit the headlines.The Japanese game 1 against the ivory coast, but their fans after picking up litter in the rain, the scene also let the whole world.Bring your own garbage after watching clean is a traditional Japanese fans, whether in the previous World Cup, or in the afc champions league or the domestic J league.Second after Japan and the Greek games, Japanese fans picking up litter behavior also attracted British media reports, the daily mail, the daily mail was particularly focus, said the Japanese fans became a unique scenery in the World Cup.Before, the paper said the referee blew the final whistle, the Japanese began clearing up the rubbish in the action, and when they left, leaving behind the stadium, and they just come clean.The daily mail said, the Japanese fans everyone carry a blue plastic bag, in the game, they have a collective waving, as cheer props, and after the game, blue bag become garbage bags, used to clean up the stands.Related news Japan 2-1 in Colombia, Asian teams first win South American team, for the team’s play can win more?No one will think of elder brother, this is the start of the war of the Columbia sanchez was sent off for deliberate handball players.This is a not the unexpected accident.After it produces, the pros and cons of going to see who can bring the surprise to narrow or expand as far as possible, the Japanese coach west wild lang with Colombia team coach jose pekerman has been fight for 90 minutes, the result of natural Japanese won.West wild lang’s strategy is clear: tight don’t let go.Although the Columbia team overall strength than in Japan, but strong amplitude is not large, far less than for at least one person.Wild west long before the tactical arrangement, would want to play defensive counter-attack, but sanchez was sent off, he immediately order the armed forces, with rival exchanges.This is the west of wild lang face a quick, he is impossible to know in advance of the situation, so to change tactics, reflects the professional quality of west wild lang is higher.Can, of course, Colombia’s hold, your little debate in addition to coach fast reaction, also depends on the court playing ability to execute people?Don’t say to the Chinese team must be ineffective, even with a few other Asian teams, have to say.Just have this ability, but the Japanese players in Asia within the scope of the skills of tactical consciousness and foot ball, Japan said the second, no one dare say first.How to measure the value of the victory?I don’t speak to the conclusion that I only responsible for the listed four groups of data, your own judgment.First, Asian teams after fight with the South America, 18 transcript is: 3 flat 15 negative.This is the first time that the Asian teams win over South American teams;The second and last year’s World Cup in Brazil, on behalf of Asia’s four teams, 12 group game transcripts: 3 flat and re-imposed.Third, in the group B first round contest, Iran has win over Morocco, but the goal is oolong gift given by rivals, Japan today is active goal;Fourth, Morocco’s current world ranking is 41, into the World Cup finals last time was in 1998.Colombia’s world ranking is 16th, their team in the last World Cup in Brazil.Source: north new visual integrated (sohu) late