Hals linan base production 12 million plastic cup international strategy is expected to speed up

Automobil plastic net news: after nearly two years of waiting, hals linan finally completed and put into production base.This means that the internationally renowned high-end brands in water “SIGG localization to become a reality,” the company’s international strategy propulsion to offer help.After the completion of the project, hals linan base annual sales income is 1 billion yuan.On September 9, the hangzhou qingshan lake hals industrial co., LTD. Hangzhou linan base, is a plant that makes to the world at last.The production base covers an area of 100000 square meters, has completed standardized factory building, office building and dormitory building.Completed, hals linan base integrating research and development, production, marketing, high-end cup will form the annual output of 8 million stainless steel 3 million, 3 million smart cup, plastic cup of production capacity, annual sales revenue of 1 billion yuan.Completion ceremony, the chairman of the board of hals Lv Jiang said, “linan base will be the birthplace of hals industrial 4.0, hals is ascension and an important way of development, and internationalization of hals layout is an important part of.”Hals Lv Jiang chairman, said in the future, hals industrial co., LTD. Hangzhou will hail in ultra lightweight, lead-free, seamless application of new technology and new equipment guide cup pot industry technology upgrade, at the same time to create a personalized and highly flexible production mode of digital products and services.And vacuum insulation technology used in the field of kitchen small home appliance, vacuum creating a global brand small appliances.Hals business headquarters in zhejiang yongkang, the company’s main products include vacuum cup, vacuum flask and heat preservation pot, etc.Company headquarters and the “supermarket of the world”, adjacent to yiwu market, backed by the huge market, hals since going public in 2011, operating income growth.Especially in overseas markets, in the first half of 2017, the company implemented foreign sales income is 517 million yuan, up 41.24% from a year earlier.Hangzhou hals industrial co., LTD., a wholly owned subsidiary of hals, was established in November 8, 2012.In 2015, hals linan base construction.In this new production base, the completion of high-end stainless steel cup is particularly noteworthy.According to the offering, high-end stainless steel cup (SIGG) production line construction project investment of 566 million yuan.It is reported, “SIGG” is internationally renowned high-end brands in water, in March 2016, hals acquisition SIGG Switzerland company success.SIGG Switzerland is a company with more than one hundred – year – old Swiss manufacturing company, the company in Europe and other places has a perfect sales network.Hals linan base, SIGG is in fact the localization of the product.Will be built after the implementation of the project, hals high-end cup capacity, annual output of 8 million SIGG implement SIGG cups of large-scale production, high-end cup global market for the company to provide foundation of production capacity at the same time, the company will make full use of the “SIGG” brand and channel advantages, as well as domestic brand advantage and existing marketing network, the rapid expansion of high-end cup international and domestic market, and gradually improve the company’s products in the high-end cup market share of the market.Hals Lv Jiang chairman said, three hundred (in one hundred, top, billions), modernization, standardization, automation, informationization, intellectualized), five innings (talents, capital distribution, layout, industrial layout, market layout, production layout) is a long-term struggle of hals strategic target, based on China, think globally, to participate in the fierce conflicts between both domestic and international market has become inevitable.Editor: Ye Dan