Garbo centerless grinding wheel

Taiwan gerber wheel produced by Taiwan gerber natural industrial co., LTD., garbo traditional grinding wheel abrasive series: aluminum oxide and silicon carbide grinding wheel.Taiwan gerber general grinding wheel grinding wheel, grinding force, good balance, good durability, suitable for all kinds of free cutting, mainly installed on the double-ended grinder commonly used.Garbo grinding wheel is suitable for general double-ended grinder, grinding wheel diameter to 6 “, 8 “, 10 “, 12 “, 14 “is given priority to, Angle of grinding workpiece grinding can be in accordance with the actual demand.Taiwan gerber wheel plane grinding wheel (inverse) : apply to any planar horizontal axis of grinding machines, processing way in accordance with the actual demand can be used in the plane or the Angle of forming.High grind cutting ratio, high precision, high benefit.Can be corresponding to various difficult to grind cutting workpiece (HRC25 ° ~ HRC64 °).Garbo grinding wheel specifications size order is complete.Plane abrasive products good sharpness, balance is very high, according to different research cut materials provide complete grinding processing solutions, and can match various brand precision horizontal axis surface grinder, complete product specifications and sizes, to meet customer delivery requirements, efficiency and cost.Garbo grinding wheel for another plane transverse qing Angle formed with grinding wheel processing requirements, special developed the unique bond system, make the grinding wheel grinding wheel forming Angle used to keep the level of excellent, import wheel effect abroad.Garbo garbo grinding wheel centerless grinding wheel and the adjustment wheel, centerless grinding wheel mainly machining cylindrical grinding, because of the high efficiency machining diameter for mass production of the grinding operation.Applicable to bearing industry, electronics industry, mold industry, traffic equipment industry and other parts of the precision grinding.Garbo wheel centerless adjustment wheel main use besides and main gear drive the workpiece operation, and can do when working in the machine control, rate of feed and transverse send has reached the requirement of workpiece precision.Stable quality, good durability, suitable machinery and auxiliary roller.Garbo wheel cylinder grinding wheel, grinding wheel diameter is given priority to with 610 ㎜ ~ 915 ㎜, applicable and large bearing grinding gerber grinding wheel, such as: car axle, the roll wheel of steel mills and paper mills, big motor spindle.And product features of domestic sex can reach the customers requirements with high precision.Garbo grinding wheel diameter grinding wheel, grinding characteristics is made slow running use work content, and the grinding wheel spindle by high speed rotating and to cooperate trace feed machine spindle movement before and after finish grinding operation.Garbo grinding wheel diameter grinding wheel “diameter” option: is about to be within the working content of the hole diameter of 60 ~ 80%.Inner grinding wheel “thickness” option: grinding wheel diameter of 30 mm below, the thickness of about the same as the workpiece aperture;Grinding wheel diameter for more than 30 mm, thickness is about 25 to 50 mm, of which shall be determined in accordance with the length of artifacts (depth).Garbo superfinishing oil stone, sand, blacksmith, carpenter oil stone, grindstone.Gear grinding wheel, garbo grinding wheel gear grinding wheel: ChanShan and mountainous gear grinding wheel, the gear wheel design unique, excellent cutting resistance, heat dissipation and keeping degree, meet the demand of customers all kinds of gear tooth type grind cutting.Product features: grind cut quickly, V and thread needed for your grinding wheel rim holding ability, good contact with the tooth surface radian can reach full depth, gear machining precision. Gerber band saw the grinding wheel grinding wheel: sharp, durable, burning of workpiece, open cutting factory is suitable for the grinding of logs or professional saw blade grinding foundry processing by the band saw blade serrate.Mainly processing ring band saw blade, is suitable for the larger log open cut or professional saw blade grinding OEM factory, sharp durability, precision grinding saw blade tooth degrees.Garbo elastic polishing wheel resin grinding wheel: with proper elasticity and water absorbability, polishing efficiency, suitable for all kinds of grinding machine factory crops, for example: the recording head, inside the compressor shaft, mould do mirror polishing grinding, etc.Suitable for mirror polishing grinding operation of all kinds of grinding machines, such as recording head, all kinds of bearings, compressed within a few insteae shaft and all kinds of mould processing.Garbo super abrasive grinding wheel series: diamond and CBN grinding wheel’s tools.Garbo method of diamond and CBN grinding wheel resin plane grinding wheel: plane grinding development up to now, hasten to the grinding requirements of high precision, high precision grinding material also evolved into choose high hardness and difficult to cut materials research, the gerber grinding wheel, therefore, in the whole grinding process requirements become so severe situation, garbo special new BSD and BSW plane grinding special-purpose resin binder, the new development of the binder used in plane grinding can play out products is much better than before when cutting force and endurance performance, and its excellent cutting performance can last for a long time to gerber wheel can sharply reduce the number of grinding wheel dressing and grinding wheel wear and tear, and enhance the work efficiency to reduce the overall cost of grinding.Garbo cylindrical grinding wheel diamond and CBN grinding wheel, suitable for grinding or spray processed by spray welding roller, screw cylindrical grinding.(300 mm to 300 mm) product use: requires high precision, high efficiency, high yield of cylindrical grinding processing requirements.Applicable scope: is suitable for grinding HSS, WC, via the spray, or spray welding material handling difficult grinding material.Product size: grinding wheel diameter is 12 “, 14 “, 18 “to 30” biggest, can be made according to customer requirements.Garbo wheel diamond CBN centerless grinding wheel: apply: requires high precision, high efficiency, high yield of round rod cylindrical processing.Products: grinding wheel diameter is 12 “, 14 “, 18 “, length of grinding wheel according to the customer ordering.Bond: metal method: used for precision ceramics, magnetic iron oxide material centerless grinding.Resin method: used for high speed steel, WC material grinding.