Processing center market analysis in China

In the modern CNC machine tools, Machining Center (MC – Machining Center) to automatic tool changer (ATC), automatic replacement artifacts (AWC), a plane, arbitrary curved surface, hole, screw thread processing, such as become a unique multifunctional and high precision, high efficiency, high automation machine tools.And quickly to the high speed, compound, environmental protection, and five axes linkage development, become the four international machine tool show’s biggest bright spot.Machining center (below to simplify, this paper use “MC”) pluripotent fickle, especially suitable for enclosure, frame, miscellaneous pieces, special complex pieces for flexible and efficient processing, such as blade can cut some ordinary milling machine, drilling machine, boring machine, further improve the machining accuracy, efficiency, reduce the conversion time, reduce the production cost.In today’s industrial machinery, body parts, accounts for about 60%, the product unceasingly to personalized, motors, lightweight development, the world of MC in the growing market demand.Especially in a flexible, a large number of efficient production of automobile industry, weight of single piece and small batch cutting, rapid production of high-tech industry, aviation, mould industry that IT efficiency model of MC has gradually become more important.MC class with his machine productivity compared with flexible: (1), the lowest productivity, the manual lathes to efficient machine, automatic machine, single dedicated machine tools and automatic line development, productivity increases, but the flexible decreases, and the United States, Germany, Japan for industrial developed countries in the 20th century 30 ~ 70 s to develop the few varieties and large quantities of production process automation.Overall productivity is high, the social material abundance.From the manual lathes to nc machine tools development of MC, productivity than dedicated machine tools to reduce relatively, but flexible.This is the United States, Germany and Japan in the 70 s to develop more varieties of small batch production process automation.Fundamental difference is that the former for mechanical and electrical hydraulic control, simple is difficult to change, the latter using microelectronic control computer technology, flexible and convenient in production, is the crystallization of human science and technology progress;Outstanding features, (2) the MC is higher productivity, flexibility is bigger, with high speed, further improve the productivity, nearly in the special machine tool, a lot, so the mass production of the automobile industry is also fully shows its efficiency.And because MC can change multiterminal, for special complex pieces can processing, so it is crucial.It can develop continuously to the FTL, FML, FMS, and adapt to the global development trend of machine tools, the development of high flexibility, high productivity, variant variables of production systems, digital, integration, intelligent direction, so it is a strategic.At present, the world is about 14 million machine tool, CNC machine in about 1.4 million, accounting for 10%.MC ownership of about 400000, accounting for 28.5% of the nc machine tool, second only to the numerical control lathe (about 500000, 35.7%).World output of about 1 million machine tool, CNC machine in about 250000, accounting for 25%.MC around 70000 units, accounting for 28% of CNC machine tool production, second only to the numerical control lathe (80000, 32%).By increasing world market demand for MC, the output of the MC in increasing production (Japan, Taiwan, 2003 respectively 10290, 16794).At present, China is accelerating industrialization and economic prosperity, machine tool market demand.In a large number of demand for all kinds of CNC machine tools, the MC of consumption, the surge in imports, in short supply, has become the whole machine tool industry in an unusually prominent weak link, seriously affecting the rapidly increase of industrial machinery power.How to break through the weak link, is currently a major issue.MC surge in demand, consumption has become the world’s top 2004, the Chinese market surge in demand for MC, consumption of 9543 units, has become the world in recent years, high;After the United States in 2001 MC consumption (about 11500).China from 1998 to 2004 in MC production, into exports, consumption, consumption of MC.From 2002 to 2004 over the previous year increased 54.8%, 51.4% and 54.8% respectively.Consumption in 2004 9543 units, 1800 units for the production (estimates that no reported Numbers) of 5.3 times.In the six years from 1998 to 2004, the consumption sum of the MC 27674, 4.8 times that of 5766 sets of production is the sum of the supply should not demand, grim.In three years from 2002 to 2004 in domestic share of MC (production\/consumption) are 24.3%, 20.8% and 24.3% respectively, in gradually decline.Analyze the main reason for the surge in consumption, roughly three: (1) the original process equipment for the whole mechanical industry structure of the old, poor performance, the “three little” sanduo (manual, automatic more less;Less more rough machining, finish machining;Inefficient, less efficient, more needs to be a lot of updates.Economic development in recent years.More money (2002 ~ 2004, fixed asset investment grew 16%, 26% and 25.8%, respectively), energy, transportation, metallurgy, power generation, engineering machinery, shipbuilding, mold, IT walks of life all needs to purchase of large, medium and small variety of MC, quantity bedding face is wide;(2) the rapid development of automobile industry, car production from 2002 to 2004 in 325, 444, 5.07 million vehicles, respectively engine cylinder block, cylinder head, transmission and all kinds of auto parts processing, all needs to add a high speed, high precision, environmental protection and energy saving of all kinds of MC;(3) aviation, national defense, military industry, adapt to the new situation.Both in increasing production capacity, all large and medium-sized vertical, horizontal, gantry, 5 axis control the high performance of MC, and require more variety, quality, delivery fast.MC continuous surge in imports, in 2004 as the world’s first MC China imports amounted to 8095 units in 2004, has become the world’s first (United States, Germany, Japan imports 2001 respectively 5183, 4762, 135).In 2003 and 2004, the import the Numbers increased by 54.6% over the previous year, 54.6%, respectively.The import amount increased by 74.6% over the previous year, 74.6%, respectively.In addition, the MC imported 8095, 2004 for the import of 27% of the 30100 sets of CNC metal cutting machine tool, more than a quarter.On the amount of 27.8% of the $3.43 billion, more than a quarter.MC imports $2004 in 955 million, more than the special CNC machine tools ($929 million) and numerical control lathe ($456 million), in the first place.In 2002 ~ 2004 all kinds of MC sets, the amount of imports of vertical MC quantity bedding face is wide, the largest followed by horizontal, gantry.Imported vertical MC 6004 units in 2004, accounting for MC import of 74% of the total 8095 units.The import amount is $442 million, accounting for MC import 46% of the total amount of $955 million.In 2003 and 2004, the MC import country (region) in China.To counter, followed by: (2048, 3517), Taiwan (1821, 2791), Japan, South Korea (517, 765), etc.In the average unit price, in 2004, the average between $137000 to $3.7, and higher price of Germany, Italy, Switzerland, 30.9 ~ $499000, is a high performance.2004 MC imported from Germany, Italy, Switzerland, a total of 485 units, accounting for the MC of 6% of the total imports of 8095 sets.Amount is $213 million, accounting for 22.3% of the $955 million.Roughly show that imports of MC, mostly mid-range, a few high-grade.MC China a large number of imports, and exports of very few, is evident from the above table 1, imports rose rapidly, while exports.MC imported 8095, 2004, 352 sets of 23 times is exports.From 2003 to 2004 Chinese exports of MC, the sum.Export 352, 2004, 140 than in 2003 increased by 151%.Amount is $3.91 million, 24% less than $4.85 million in 2003, the average amount per $2004 in 11100, 112% less than $34600 in 2003.May is basically light machine export.For the future efforts to expand exports, to solve the problems, it is necessary to further analysis and study of the decline of the export unit price.The competitiveness of China’s MC analysis and competitive analysis of market demand outlook for China’s MC At present, China’s international competitiveness of MC is poor, is the indisputable fact that, from the large imports, many of the small volume Numbers are clearly reflected.Important has the following points: (1) the market share, in 2004 China’s 1800 sets of 1800 sets of MC production, consumption, pounced just share (production\/consumption) of 18.9%.China MC production value of about $126 million (for production estimates, no report, 1800, in 70000 dollars) each, spending $1.077 billion, amount of market share is 11.7%;(2) the technical level, the MC abroad, mainly in: precision positioning accuracy is higher than + \/ – 5 microns, most domestic MC below + 8 microns.Foreign high-speed MC spindle speed is generally in the 12000 ~ 25000 r\/min, up to 70000 r\/min, domestic MC minority of 10000 ~ 15000 r\/min.Foreign fast feed mostly in more than 40 m\/min, sometimes up to 60 m\/min, 90 m\/min, the domestic most of MC is 30 m\/min, individual up to 60 m\/min.(3) working reliability, stability, the average time between failures (MTBF) MC abroad are more than 1000 hours, homebred MC general about 600 hours.Failure rate is higher, the user reflect strong;(4) scientific research, design, foreign research and design talent, factories, scientific research and design of more than 80 people to 600 people.Scientific research funds accounted for the proportion of sales is commonly 3% ~ 5%, some as high as 8%.In total, mid-range MC in technology at home and abroad, can be made, but the low production capacity, volume is not large, comprehensive competitiveness is improved but still not strong.High-grade MC although exhibited a lot, but really is not much, gain market recognition, on the whole, was still in the stage of research and development of research and product trial.MC China market outlook in the future through the above analysis, can be expected over the next five years the MC demand will continue to increase, and China’s MC market prospect.As to how to reduce imports, expand exports, China gradually balance, mainly depends on the correct strategy and talent, scientific research, innovation, quality, cooperation and credibility.(source: China metal processing network)