Of servo products successfully entered the machining center machine industry

Recently, in the server of a CNC machine tool company in nanjing high-speed machining center machine matching success, of servo products thus successfully entered the high-speed machining center machine industry.Along with the development of the equipment, mould and hardware industry, market demand for high-speed machining center is more and more big, compared with ordinary numerical control machine, high-speed center except with the knife dish with the function of automatic tool change, the machining efficiency, accuracy, stability and so on various aspects are greatly improved.However, for the equipment, the corresponding technical requirements also more and more high.Ac servo motor as the driving part of the machine tool, the stand or fall of performance directly determines the processing performance of the machine tool.In order to guarantee the overall quality of the machine tool, the current domestic high-speed machining center machine USES the overseas well-known brand servo motor.It can ensure the quality of the product, but because of the imported motor prices lead to high cost of high-speed machining center machine tool, in order to reduce the cost of high speed machining center machine, USES the high quality and low price of the servo motor is the only way out.Nanjing some nc machine tool company engaged in various types of CNC machine tools and related product development design and manufacturing, has a strong technical strength, in the industry have a higher visibility.Through long-term observation and comparison of a heart, the company targeting on of servo motors.In electronic manufacturing is the world famous multinational companies, in wujiang of jiangsu has a great scale production base, can provide all kinds of high quality industrial automation products, electric control and mechanical drive, coupled with its subsidiary, zhong da electric flux across the country 34 city branch and service outlets, to deliver the most fast and sincere service to every user side.But because the products in the domestic production, and compared with the imported brand has a lot of price advantage, so the customer to use it instead of imported motor held out much hope.Readily said the nc machine tool company to have a high cost performance of servo motor, the product quality under the condition of unchanged, a much lower cost will be, the service can be more in place, the good is fully staffed, in the future, subsequent batch used for servo motor to replace imported famous brand will be imperative.(source: China’s industrial control network)