Kitamura developed new type of vertical machining center

Kitamura machinery has developed a new type vertical machining center (MC) – “Super – trunnion”.The MC is A X\/Y\/Z axis added on the basis of inclined shaft axis and rotation axis B axis of 5 axis machine.Installation area is smaller, and both in (side) on the side of the fuselage and positive replaceable artifacts, operation more convenient.Machinable the maximum size of 630 x 630 mm diameter workpiece.Complex shape parts and metal mold processing.The MC in support of the maximum load of A shaft work station, using the high rigid Trunnion Type Cylinder (Trunnion Type Cylinder).Based on the sliding surface to form more smooth surface hardening, grinding, further improve the machining accuracy.In addition, equipped with provincial energy was adopted to design the spindle grade 4 speeder, revolution achieved 20000 RPM.In addition, the company will also in machine tool exhibition “EMO Hannover 2005 (2005 Hanover international machine tool fair, on September 14 ~ 21, 2005, Hanover, Germany)” on display at the MC.(source: China textile network)