Jiangsu multi five surface processing center for breakthrough

In recent years, as the world machine tool market constantly into high-speed, composite, intelligent direction development, environment protection, etc, more surface processing technology developing at a rapid speed.At the same time, under the strong support of high-speed machining technology, the machine more surface processing technology as a kind of development trend, has been increasingly showing its powerful energy.Especially in the case of gantry machine tools, surface machining technology is more highlights its powerful advantages.In this area, jiangsu multi nc machine tool co., LTD. Has been walking in the forefront of the domestic machine tool enterprises.In simple terms, surface processing is to make a few more to the many kinds of processing technology, implemented on a machine tool.And according to the present market situation, the pursuit of all pack in a card under the complete parts of processing is the general trend of manufacturing technology.Obviously, if a multifaceted process machine can complete the past must be completed by a few machine tools many times under the clamping processing, be helpful for the long-term benefit of the enterprise., for example, as a kind of high performance large nc machine tools, can be automatically removable nipple pentahedron gantry machining center can be under a clamping workpiece, the face of mounting surface outside of the multiple different processes processing, as a result, not only can shorten the processing time, improve the machining precision, and can shorten the production cycle, improve production efficiency.But, because our country numerical control machine tool development, manufacturing level and international advanced level there is a gap, many facets of the China machine tool is still in its infancy.How to realize the leap-forward development, to the machine tool industry to enter the high-end field, become the target of many Chinese companies.And developed pentahedron gantry machining center, and enlarge the varieties of high-end products, no doubt is one of the means to form core competitiveness.Almost all foreign large machine tool company can produce this kind of pentahedron gantry machining center, such as Japan’s big corner, Honda, mitsubishi, Germany’s watt, in France, Italy’s JOBS, etc.In addition, the domestic individual machine tool manufacturers have been able to produce a variety of products can be replaced manual function.However, it can automatic removable nipple machine tool products are rare in the country.For a long time, jiangsu multi nc machine tool co., LTD. Has been to try to realize this dream.Since 2000, the company began to invest a lot of manpower material resources development pentahedron gantry machining center.After making a lot of effort, in the spring of 2001, the company on display at the Beijing international machine tool fair pentahedron gantry machining center, is a can realize head automatic switching, transfer function, and can lie in vertical, two kinds of condition of automatic tool changer efficient machine automation, so as to realize the removable nipple removable nipple to manual operation with automatic operation for the first time.It is understood that the machine has been in jiangsu multi nc machine tool co., LTD. Internal product processing plays an important role.In changchun, in the first half of 2004, the company is a mould co., LTD., produced with a variety of machine tools, the spindle speed is 6000 RPM, the user reflect good, won the national utility model patents.It is understood that so far, the machine tool use in good condition, stable precision, high reliability.Nevertheless, jiangsu multi nc machine tool co., LTD., is not satisfied.They realized that this function only a single machine head automatic replacement, to better meet the requirements of user multiple head automatic replacement, must develop automatic library, and realize the various functions of automatic entry.To this end, the company technical personnel once again into the development of hard work.Recently, the company for changchun a photoelectric technology co., LTD developed pentahedron gantry machining center can achieve this goal.At the same time, the company also own determines the next target: in a few months, to realize automatic machine removable nipple from single head to long the second crossing, so as to further improve the degree of automation, enhance market competitiveness.(source: China machine tool business network)