Customer satisfaction brand of machining center

Customer satisfaction brand of machining center recently announced in Beijing.Our country is the application of the machining center.How to improve the market share of the domestic machining center?Domestic processing center should go the way of a kind of development?Of machining center users in our country often choose what brand of machining center?In use process, the processing center which exposed the problem?Used for machining center have what evaluation?In order to solve the above problems, a comprehensive understanding of the machining center, the application of “mechanical workers” magazine, “modern parts” magazine, and in October 2005, the China machine tool corporation joint for half a year’s “application processing center survey”, hope to be able to get detailed data from processing center users.In the survey, users vote their satisfaction brand of machining center.On this basis, the processing center survey team to focus on the user telephone counseling, and refer to the panel’s opinion, finally selects the user satisfaction of machining center 10 mainland brand (shenyang machine tool, dalian machine tool, etc.), the user satisfaction of five Chinese Taiwan machining center brand (friends, etc.), the user satisfaction of ten foreign processing center brand (DMG in Germany, the United States hardinge, etc.).Former vice-minister of ministry of machinery industry Liu Yansun said, a machining center using investigation is very meaningful.At present, the state of independent innovation is the enterprise as the center, take the market as the guidance, the establishment of national innovation system.Among them, market orientation is very important, market research is important means to obtain first-hand information market.From the point of the machining center using investigation, development and application of the machining center has a lot of problems in our country, the processing center manufacturers should borrow the survey results to improve, to make more customer satisfaction products.(source: China industry news)