CNC vertical machining center machine meet the use requirements of the mould industry

CNC vertical machining center machine suitable for plastic mould, shoes mould, injection mould, die-casting mould, IC die and mould manufacture and car, motorcycle parts, metal parts, precision parts processing, use in machine tool industry, under the research and development of precision and the processing speed have great progress.Jun said Jane into land, fine machine head, jun fine machine in the world machine tool market, according to the actual needs of customers, to launch series of vertical machining center machine, designed for die &mold tailor-made, V V – 65-85 – V – 85 such as a variety of models, each machine main structure parts, such as pillar, workbench, base mining height are broken rigid box design, suitable for heavy cutting resistance stability.Can match Japan fanuc or mitsubishi controller, and equipped with all kinds of knife library, meet the needs of users.And jun fine machine CNC vertical machining center machine excellent machining performance, including the design of the Z axis sliding track in the track, the hardening and precision grinding, the surface and then paste the teflon wear-resistant, its main shaft adopts P4 level precision ball bearing Dou Angle, whether they can maintain at high speed or low speed milling drilling machining precision and stability;The workbench and the base of the X, Y axis adopt line rail design, in addition to the use of C3 level double precision ball screw nut, three-axis servo motor and ball screw with flexible coupling drive straight, the back has the advantages of small gap, good positioning accuracy, so the X axis and Y axis and the parallel degree of workbench face up to the accuracy of 0.01\/300 mm.Jane into lu pointed out that the past the company highly acclaimed powerful universal milling machine manufacturing quality, play again on a CNC vertical machining center machine, therefore, in the processing of durability, accuracy and stability, especially under a lot of effort, including the development of high rigidity, square box main structure type slide paste teflon wear-resistant, Gao Pinghang degree, etc., to ensure that every quality of CNC vertical machining center machine factory.(source: China plastics business network)