Benson, precision machine listed small vertical machining center

Sen pure mechanism are listed on the stock market has a small vertical machining center “NV1500 DCG”.The price for 18.1 million yen (RMB 1.39 million).Aimed at 100 mm below the precision mold and small precision parts processing, suggesting that’s pure mechanism has formally entered the market.Using advanced NC control, and can completely prevent thermal displacement measures, make the out of roundness is 0.8 microns.”Compared with other companies’ products, 20% higher than that of performance” (the company President masahiko), the company in the market showed strong confidence.By using 2 is Driven by the method of using the root Ball Screw (Ball Screw) to drive the Gravity Center of the moving object DCG (Center of Gravity drive, Driven at the Center of Gravity) theory.To suppress the vibration occurred in the process of moving.In addition, by will easy to fever control panel and oil separating the controller and the host machine, at the same time by making the coolant loop in the motor base, can prevent the heat of the motor to the machine tool host, through the above measures, can avoid the influence caused by the temperature change.Machine size is only 850 x long running 1935 x 2092 mm high.The standard of spindle rotation speed is 24000 RPM and optional machine speed is 40000 RPM.The handle specifications for HSK E32.Equipped with ATC can deposit 30 tool.(source: China machine tool business network)