The application of virtual training system of CNC machining center

VR is an advanced computer user interface, it has changed to the keyboard, mouse and other traditional man – machine interface, the user can directly in 3 d space information in real-time operation, by constructing a virtual environment, landscape design and model, make the operator under the action of interactive devices, through the visual, hearing, touch, the way real life habits, such as intuitive and natural interaction with virtual world, can make the operator immersive feeling, “immersion” in this environment, is very realistic to feel the presence of the scenery and environment model.Current VR system has to wear and not wear two kinds, in order to make virtual machining center training system is more economic, appropriate USES non wear vOS system, its visual through the computer screen provides user, do not need to wear a helmet and data glove, although there is no immersive, but the price is cheap.Plans to build the virtual training system of machining center of VR application in the virtual operation training platform, its core by computer, the necessary hardware (such as a graphics card and sound card) and software system, mainly includes four function module and 3 d database.CNC machining center is a virtual training system based on the simulation of the economical VR system, has a strong engineering oriented features, there is no standard in general virtual environment development at home and abroad, can be based on the existing VR system for secondary development, set up a new system or integrated part of the system module.Virtual vocational and technical training system is based on vR kernel, through the establishment of virtual training environment, and develop the corresponding application.Therefore, it is a flexible training simulation system, can with the progress of technology and virtual upgrade.(after)