Horizontal and transfer from abroad machining center to see the gap

With the development of China’s processing technology and mature, automobile, aerospace and other industries demand for multi-axis linkage machine is increased and multi-axis linkage machine tool is more and more widely used in the processing production.Because before the foreign blockade, domestic multiaxial products is still in its infancy.This period to Germany and Italy, for example, to show industry’s mature horizontal, multi-station product technology, as well as the overall solution in the industry.German Licon rincon company multiple spindle horizontal five-axis machining center to take up the space is little, save a space, saving the cost of investment.Machine tool area and the number of operators required makes double spindle machining center and is more attractive than single spindle of machine tool.Three different machine platform covers the spindle distance from 1000 mm, 700 mm to 450 mm range.And can provide a suitable 4 axis and 5 axis nc machine tools, machine tool with HSK, 63, 80 and HSK100 HSK spindle.Italian MCM processing center for manufacturing of the company’s product line includes a full set of high-end horizontal machining centers, flexible manufacturing cell and flexible manufacturing systems, and through a variety of standard automation module can be set up according to the customer demand production system.Therefore, automobile, aerospace, machinery industries from Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, the United States and other countries of the most representative enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises were chose to MCM.Germany’s SW company can provide 4 axis and 5 axis machining center, also can support 5 axis synchronous processing.SW technology center, the user can be optimized processing technology, continuous improvement and test the new program, in order to improve production efficiency.SW feature is 2 axis and four axis horizontal machining center, at the same time provide multi-axis drilling machine and related supporting services.German HELLER all processing center, in the group’s global production network in accordance with the unified HELLER’s high quality standard production, against all affect the stability of the equipment, precision, and quality is the core parts of in-house r&d and manufacturing.German wheeler joy NBH series 5 axis horizontal machining center is used in the mold processing, aerospace industry shape and the outline of the machining process of complicated geometry, a clamping, complete processing advantage is significant.Additional equipped with powerful milling and turning.Although a disparity between the multi-axis machining technology in China and abroad, believe that through the efforts of domestic companies constantly, in the near future, also can appear on the market more and more Chinese independent brand of multi-axis products!(after)