Hold the rice planting mechanization promotion there

On June 12 morning, luoyang NongJiJu button in mengjin cemented town west village, luoyang was held in 2018 rice planting mechanization promotion presentation there.The presentation demonstrates the total land deep loosening & ndash;Laser level land & ndash;Efficient plant protection & ndash;Rice live & ndash;Five technology such as mechanization of rice planting.Mengjin county town of cemented with & other;Hilo-systems jiangnan, the hometown of fish and rice & throughout;Reputation, here has a long history of planting rice, the output of rice grain full, colour and lustre is transparent, taste sweet, cemented rice is famous as a household name.Because of the high cost of artificial planting rice restrict the development of the city’s rice crop, but also restricted the city’s agricultural machinery mechanization level.In April this year, the city’s agricultural machinery technical department organization mechanization of rice planting technology backbone to province first region yuanyang country has carried out in-depth study and research.After technical expert argumentation, the introduction of suitable for rice production mechanization technology in the whole process of the city.The technology to mechanization planting and harvesting mechanization as the main body, form a complete set of mechanized agriculture and mechanical flat land, machinery, plant protection, soil preparation technology, etc.At the presentation will not only make people understand and master the mechanization planting technology, also let the people see the benefits of mechanization planting, make the vital feeling use mechanization planting is the province of the save Labour when the province, and to improve efficiency, increase their income, thereby promoting the city agricultural mechanization level sound and rapid development.(after)