From small to big, more than two new SW spindle machining center is about to appear

High precision machining small parts – as the largest processing center BAW02 BA742 new double spindle machining center – 22 perfect SW processing of cast iron and steel products range SW will be EMO exhibition in milan in 2015 on display more than two new spindle machining center at the same time.New BAW02-22 is equipped with linear motor technology, it is the existing machine tools in the smallest SW, spindle spacing is 250 mm, used for high speed and high precision processing of aluminum alloy and other nonmagnetic materials.BA7 series of machine tools will be on display for the first time it the four main types of BA742 & ndash;The largest processing center & ndash;Will be a perfect full machining range of steel and cast iron parts.In addition, SW can provide machine with automation solution and complete the whole production line.Due to reasons such as technology and management caused by the cutting time will shorten due to the innovation of service.More and more car oems in the integration of the powertrain again, their general concept of modules using more common parts.This is actually increase the number of the same general parts.& other;Using multiple spindle machining center, suppliers can imagine this solution is very economic and reliable, and can use the minimum covers the requirements to achieve high speed increase of production capacity.Throughout the &;SW sales director Reiner Fries.Double linear motor acceleration and KV value for high speed machining of small aluminum alloy parts, such as turbine impeller, SW adopted compact machine BAW02-22.Spindle spacing is 250 mm, cradle type table, torque motor and linear motor technology, covers an area of only 4 square meters.In addition to the absolute higher dynamic BAW02-22 compared with ball screw drive of machine tool and its acceleration KV value can be doubled.Mr Reiner Fries also pointed out that & other;Even in high precision machining of a space curved surface need to trace mobile, a new machining center is a combination of high dynamic accuracy and by using lossless linear motor is extremely low total cost of investment and use.Throughout the &;Processing using torque of 1360 nm as chassis parts, cast iron and steel processing and the fast rise in number of stents or industrial enclosure, SW now provides maximum BA7 models BA742 four series of machining center spindle.The new BA742 spindle spacing is 350 mm, configuration HSK100 spindle drive, processing parts when the total torque of 1360 nm.Although BA742 size larger, but it still is designed to be integral hoisting type machine, it can be used the overall transport directly to the customer site installation.High machine tool maintainability & ndash;Even with end users in addition to focus on higher automation production, they also value does supplier have the ability to have the whole line of the system and other production process.At the beginning of 2015 SW acquired Bartsch company, so now SW is fully capable of providing customers with automation solution.SW and Bartsch finished several big projects have a successful cooperation.Bartch recommended above the SW processing center on the installation of robot, which can make the robot free machining center of any position.PULSE to reduce the chip time by using PULSE after-sales service program, SW on the SW machine utilization rate in the total life of the highest capacity and the service quantity, since 2000, every two units of the SW machine sold in a is to buy the remote service.More and more users rely on remote monitoring through a secure connection to connect to the server up monitoring information of the machine.& other;SW shows each year millions of hours of work time & ndash;Also is through these data for the cutting time we have a more in-depth research.Throughout the &;Through PULSE services can provide a predictive maintenance program.In addition, through the data points according to can show: through simple adjustment procedure can improve the capacity of great potential.Welcome to milan EMO 2015 know SW, our booth: 11 pavilion F06 booth!Reiner Fries, sales director of SW company profile German ace d machine tool co., LTD. (referred to as “SW company, called the SchwäBische Werkzeugmaschinen co., LTD.) is headquartered in Germany baden-wurttemberg sheeran berg, was formally established since 1981, SW has always focused on the production task for the customer to provide the most economic and strategic significance to the solution.SW operates in 35 countries and regions in the world, its core product spindle machining center enjoys a high reputation in the metal processing industry, widely used in automotive, aerospace, hydraulic and other manufacturing areas.SW can provide more than four or five axes linkage horizontal axis spindle (2, 3 or 4 spindle) processing center, especially suitable for mass production of complex workpiece, in improve workpiece machining efficiency, to reduce the unit cost has a very high competitive advantage;By SW company research and development and has a patent of the overall frame structure, to ensure the high rigidity and stability in the processing, machine tool applied to SW most models.In & other;Four effect syncretic & throughout;As the motto, SW company locate in & other;Technology experts & throughout;, not only production machine tool, but also committed to the optimization of processing technology, continuous improvement process.In order to ensure the workpiece processing quality of implement customer requirement, SW company can according to customer needs to provide customized solutions, including machine tools, fixture, cutting tools and production process and a series of turnkey engineering solutions.For more details about SW, please click,