Engineering machinery demand recovery focus on leading enterprises

Has comprehensive coverage, species continue to remain active on June 22, cycle, including construction machinery sector for stranger rose, plate within reach just road machine, such as sany heavy industry to rise significantly.In may, according to data in January 2018 – a total of 105935 units, all kinds of mining machinery products rose 60.2% year-on-year, the first five month sales volume has reached 2017, 75.50% in the year and the domestic market sales of 98727 units, year-on-year growth of 57.7%;Export sales of 7172 units, up 103.9% from a year earlier.The personage inside course of study is expected to 2018 drivers sales growth at around 30%.Lv Juan founder securities analyst, said drivers in sales high constant innovation, and other construction machinery industry and macro economy are;The scissors & throughout;.Over the next three years, on the basis of the palm in the update demand, as the engineering mechanical permeability ascending, export proportion increasing, industry structure optimization, restore elasticity, leading enterprises statements is expected to surpass cycle.Further, in May 2018, the domestic leading enterprise of sany heavy industry, xugong construction machinery, liugong drivers sales year-on-year growth are higher than the industry average growth rate of 71.3%, leading enterprises, for ascension, further optimize market pattern.Founder securities believes that engineering machinery leading enterprises in the next three years is expected to maintain rapid growth of net profit.First, with the artificial replacement, unit investment continued growth in the number of engineering machinery, engineering machinery permeability continued ascension;Second, stock because of two aspects of environmental protection and age to enter for a period of 5 to 6 years renewal period, upgrading requirements to ensure the sustainability of growth;Third, export growth, especially export accounts for a significantly higher than the industry leading enterprises export proportion;Fourth, leading enterprises repair, industry competition pattern optimization benefit statements, profit elasticity is enormous.(after)