Engineering machinery, both inside and outside sales six large growth stocks by money

Engineering machinery, both inside and outside sales & other;A bumper harvest & throughout;3 bellwether jinjin absorption 500 million yuan only recently, China construction machinery industry association excavator club released the latest data show that in May 2018, included in the statistics of the host manufacturing companies a total of 19313 units, all kinds of mining machinery products rose 71.3% year-on-year, the domestic market sales of 17780 units, up 69.6% from a year earlier.Export sales of 1523 units, up 95.3% from a year earlier.In January 2018, total sales of all kinds of mining machinery products in May 105935, up 60.2% from a year earlier, the domestic market sales of 98727 units, year-on-year growth of 57.7%;Export sales of 7172 units, up 103.9% from a year earlier.Excavator sales the personage inside course of study says, may have hit a new record high, at the same time, according to recent years 5 months before the excavator sales accounted for the proportion of the historical data of inference, excavator sales for the whole year is expected to set records this year.Domestic market, the benefit from domestic demand, capital construction, real estate, municipal engineering and other aspects of demand continuity is better, the future domestic sales continue to grow with certainty.On the other hand, both single month in May and January to may, the cumulative export sales growth were significantly higher than that of domestic, maintain & other;A tear & throughout;State, shows that the competitiveness of the domestic engineering machinery abroad, in the backdrop of the recovery of the global construction machinery industry, overlay & other;One Belt And One Road & throughout;Along the country because of the potential market, is expected to grow for the industry as a whole into sustained momentum.(after)