CIMT2015 small five axis machining center analysis (picture)

In & other;The new normal & middot;The new development & throughout;As the theme of CIMT2015 (the 14th China international machine tool exhibition) on April 20, 2015-25 in Beijing China international exhibition center (new) held successfully.CIMT2015 TTF attending as the well-known large-scale machine tools, has attracted extensive concern of domestic and overseas manufacturers and users.Five-axis linkage machining center for high-end products, machine tool industry is mainly used for complex artifacts (such as impeller, vane, screw, etc.) processing.High precision of five-axis nc machine tools for a nation’s military, aerospace, precision medical equipment, scientific research, has significant influence, precision instruments and other industries is & other;The soul of manufacturing & throughout;.The machine tool exhibition overseas exhibitors, a total of about more than 70 sets of five axis machining center, the international well-known brand stirring, exhibits full of beautiful things in eyes.Now this exhibition for some small and medium-sized do some review on analysis of five-axis linkage machining center.One such machine, universal five-axis linkage machining center is mainly used for the complex impeller, small and medium mould, medical apparatus and instruments, for five of steam turbine rotor surface processing, more extensive applicable industry.The spindle forms can be divided into vertical and horizontal two kinds.1, vertical five-axis machining center (1) the German wave DZ08FX dual axis high speed five-axis machining center, the configuration of double spindle, the cradle of type double pendulum turntable, can achieve at the same time of 5-axis linkage of two workpiece processing.Although double spindle machining center is single spindle of machine tool is expensive, but the main function of double spindle machining center and the auxiliary function of high efficiency, covers an area of less, processing route is short, can shorten the processing time, reduce the processing cost, energy saving effect is remarkable.Machine adopts steel marble casting lathe bed structure, new materials of high rigid structure, thermal stability is good.The three-axis machine tool schedule of 450\/270\/310 mm respectively, rapid straight axis feed speed 75 m\/min, 1 g \/ 1.5 g \/ 2 g acceleration, top speed of 100 r\/min, A shaft axis C top speed of 1000 r\/min, spindle HSK40A hilt, spindle speed 18000 r\/min, chip crumbs for tool change time of 2.1 s.Using fanuc control system.(2) the Japanese VARIaxisi mazar-e-sharif grams – 700 USES the cradle type double pendulum turntable, hollow screw cooling.The machine is the main parameter turntable & phi;700 mm, triaxial schedule 630\/1100\/600 mm, A shaft: – 120 & deg;~ 30 & deg;, C axis: 360 & deg;, Xenia is realized by using touch screen operation, the machine from the internal and external protection to the operating station, appearance design, fine arts and crafts.USES the lift control system.(3) the Swiss MIKRONHPM800U five-axis linkage machining center, machine tools is increased MSP machine tools and the main shaft protection function, and a live demonstration, its advantage lies in four aspects: easy to operate, fully functional, safe and reliable, the working efficiency.The machine is the main parameter triaxial schedule 800\/800\/550 mm, straight axis rapid feed speed 61 m\/min, the spindle speed of 20000 r\/min.(4) dalian cape KMC800U modified gantry framework design, cradle type double pendulum turntable, the use of mineral cast stone high rigid gantry structure design, has good vibration suppression, thermal deformation and moisture performance.Through double drive technology center drive, rotation axis adopts torque motor, using the laser interference feedback loop technology.The machine is the main parameter turntable & phi;800 mm, triaxial schedule 900\/800\/540 mm, A shaft: – 130 & deg;~ 130 & deg;, C axis: 360 & deg;, straight axis feed speed quickly 48 m\/min, A shaft 30 r\/min, the highest speed C axis top speed of 75 r\/min, spindle HSK63A hilt, spindle speed 12000 r\/min.(5) Shanghai billiton VMC – pu han C20H adopts vertical dynamic column structure, compact structure, cover an area of an area small;C shaft torque motor drive, A shaft rolling worm gear and worm drive;Provide customized impeller machining software and lateral line contact milling technique;Equipped with a custom design of CAM software, can effectively improve the processing quality, prolong tool life.The machine tool main parameters: the turntable diameter & phi;210 mm, triaxial schedule 250\/260\/280 mm, A shaft: – 30 & deg;~ 100 & deg;, C axis: 360 & deg;, German motorized spindle, the spindle speed of 42000 r\/min, the handle HSKE40.Siemens numerical control system is 840 DSL.In the machine tool exhibition vertical product varieties and quantity is more, the United States haas also new UMC750 five-axis linkage machining center, in addition in giessen, Germany hammer, DE ma jing machine, the heck, Han Guodou mountain, modern electrical and mechanical institute, Beijing, dalian, dalian machine tool third base, glory in shandong, shandong huachen, hanland machine, Beijing carved, Taiwan li chi, friends and other companies have also exhibited their vertical five-axis linkage machining center, hotel A, C, B, C table, single drive, double drive, rotary table size, structure, layout form is different, give A person A kind of feeling of flowers.2 five axis machining center, horizontal German company GROB GA550 structure layout is characteristic, L lathe bed, bed and most basic components are welded structure rigidity, machine placed on three leveling device, and on the adjustment, there are also three plus leveling device, can make the machine more stable.At the same level of machine tool, the G550 Z axis have a longer stroke;Its main shaft installation location for improvement of the machine tool rigidity.Chip removal through the inversion of machine tool position and integrated chip removal device directly, the best chip disposal methods chip will not fall on the fixture, processing after the completion of the surface finish is greatly increased.This series of machine tool structure is compact, cover an area of an area small, it can realize dry wet processing.This series of machine tools are produced in dalian.Second, special type of five-axis linkage machining center 1, leaf blade in five-axis linkage machining center production of five-axis linkage machining center Beijing mechanical and electrical main courtyard, sichuan, jiangsu new long march red, etc., better known outside the main have Swiss starr raga & middot;Sea walcott (StarragHeckert), lacy ladder (Liechti), power Ming & middot;Ferrari Ma Daier (WilleminMacodel), Italy (C.B.F errari), Germany’s muir (Hamuel), etc.The machine tool exhibition has only Beijing mechanical and electrical product BF160 blade five-axis linkage machining center, the machine is high speed and high precision of five-axis linkage machining center, unique, novel structure with good rigidity and flexible design, can be applied to the steam turbine blades, the steam engine for gas turbine blade and aviation complex parts processing.The characteristics of the machine tool’s axis of rotation of A and B are driven by A torque motor, realized the high rigidity and high dynamic characteristics;Straight axis Y axis synchronous double drive, ensure the machine tool rigidity and dynamic characteristics;Straight axis adopt ceramic bead screw configuration, solves the problem of limited ordinary screw transmission speed;Equipped with a dedicated high-speed motorized spindle blade machine.This kind of machine tool in the rear blade five-axis machining processing software has many technical key points.2, five-axis graphite processor Japan makino company of N2-5 xa small horizontal five-axis machining center, is A special for the first time in the field of graphite and efficient processing of new products, compact design, A and B axis adopts torque motor direct drive.High feed shaft, high torque and high rigidity motorized spindle from roughing to finishing at one time, can greatly improve the graphite electrode machining efficiency, reduce the tooling cost.The three axis machine tool schedule 300\/300\/230 mm, A shaft angular – 30 & deg;~ 120 & deg;, axis B & 360 deg;, the handle HSKA40, spindle speed 20000 r\/min.Three, composite multitasking five-axis linkage machining center (1) the horse fine machine in giessen new laser gain material with five-axis machine tool cutting LASERTEC653D is unique compound machine tools on the market at present, in a fully functional 5 axis milling machine used to add material type laser overlaying welding technology.Add material manufacturing is a new technology, fused with five-axis milling is an innovation.This series of machine tool can be as pure laser machine, can also be used as a laser and five-axis milling machine tool, through the HSK interface to replace the spindle head, on a precision machine tool can achieve five-axis milling machining, five axis laser texture paint, five-axis laser etching.(2) Han Guodou mountain was awarded the 2014 international PUMASMX3000S red dot design award, through the adoption of ergonomic design, improve the machine’s operation and maintenance convenience.The machine has three straight axis X, Y, Z and B and C axis two axis of rotation.Adopted the Y axis stroke always stay in a new design of 300 mm, width can be processed large, complex shape of turbine blade and other parts;Orthogonal structure type B axis, while expanding the processing scope, improve the production efficiency, increase the operating personnel work scope;Through a clamping can realize three common equipment production capacity;Using the front knife library design, convenient for user to confirm and change knife, provide more convenient ATC performance;Sleek design, can adjust the height of the rotary work station, greatly improving the convenience of operation personnel.(3) the Swiss beauty starr lagardere group treasure sc-s191 multitasking five-axis linkage machining center, processing spindle axis B in the installation;Straight axis adopts linear motor drive;B, C shaft torque motor drive;Automatic up-down material unit and machine tools, grasping forceps stored in, knife use fashion in the main shaft, with the aid of numerical control shaft complete operation;The machine is the main parameter triaxial schedule 400\/200\/410, shaft angular – 25 ~ + 115 B, 360 C axis & deg;, spindle speed 30000 r\/min, the straight axis fast moving speed of 50 m\/min, 1 g acceleration, seven axes and three main shaft to implement multitasking machining.More than four, comparison and analysis on domestic and overseas exhibits the simple introduction of five-axis linkage work center, it is not difficult to find that the following points: (1) five axis machining center of the core technology & ndash;& ndash;Five-axis CNC system, mostly using Japan fanuc, Siemens of Germany, the German Hyde han, etc.Domestic system manufacturer, in central China has five axis system, but its high grade five axis CNC system can not completely meet the demand.(2) feature is another important segment.Most of the domestically produced five axis machining center turntable, electric spindle, guide rail, screw, grating ruler of imported products, such as even knife library mostly use made in Taiwan.(3) domestic five axis machining center needs to be improved in the design concept, some products form structure and the overseas product looks the same, the actual lack of holistic view on the overall design, some detail design also needs to be strengthened.(4) in the five axis machining center and the integration of technology, the software level, outside a lot of five-axis vendors can provide a full range of technology solutions, in can offer less in this respect.(5) the domestic five axis machining center reliability needs to be improved.Users find the same structure, same performance parameters of domestic although five axis machining center has the advantages on price, but not enough robustness and accuracy stable is a bit poor, failure rate is higher than the foreign similar products.Main reason one is the basic thing in such aspects as material, casting, heat treatment, machining done is not good enough, the other is in the numerical control system parameters optimization adjustment needs to be strengthened.(6) the machine tool exhibition, various manufacturers of five axis machining center completely disruptive innovation of new products is relatively small, it will be a norm of the exhibition, and later can’t always have a disruptive innovation.In fact, take a closer look at, the product in appearance, function and accuracy have been improved.Increased innovation is a direction, but the quality of existing products to improve, also is not easy, it takes a lot of work, a classic good product is to be able to stay in the market for many years unbeaten status.There is no denying the fact that as things stand, imports of five axis machining center, especially in high-end products, no matter external or internal are better than domestic.But some products are gradually catch up with.As long as we increase the general technologies such as new materials, new technology research, well-grounded, efforts to improve product quality, the gap is narrowing.(after)