A trade war with China continue to upgrade the machine tool industry in urgent need of the individual

The American secretary of state for a long time codel & middot;Hull think, & other;Thriving trade between countries is to build a lasting peace throughout basic elements &;.Also, the establishment of a lasting peace is also a fundamental guarantee of trade between the two countries.But for the moment, Donald & middot;Trump & ndash;& ndash;By the New York times as the worst President of the United States are trying to pass a number of measures undermine peace and stability of the trade relations between China and the United States, build a bridge of inequality between sino-us trade.A, escalating a trade war with China in March this year, announced that it would trump to impose punitive tariffs on Chinese as much as $60 billion worth of goods.China and the United States after three trade talks, hope to negotiating on problems.But the United States has not put, on June 15, the White House said in a statement on china-us trade again, given China’s intellectual property theft and technology and other unfair trade practices, to $50 billion in total, 1102 kinds of products to China a 25% tariff contains important technology industrial goods.50 billion this listing includes products related to the strategic plan in 2025 made in China, to dominate the emerging high-tech industry to promote the growth of China’s economic future.The us trade representative, Wright ze said bluntly, America’s actions is directed at & other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;, hoping to block China’s industrial upgrading.In the list of the 50 billion goods, industrial robots, numerical control machine tools, new energy vehicles, electrical equipment, steel, non-ferrous metal, chemical industry and so on China’s current focus on the development of industry become the main target of the the American tax.Of nc machine tool as the basis of manufacturing industry, also hit the trade war in the United States.This of the nc machine tool industry in China is undoubtedly a heavy blow.According to a survey of the German association of machine tool manufacturers, in 2017, the China machine tool export 10.7% of the U.S. market, is China’s first machine tool exporter.The machine tool market in China machine tool export occupies a pivotal position.To be expected, the trade war the launch will be in a certain degree of impact on the export of China machine tool, which influence the development of the whole industry.On this basis, the numerical control machine tool industry in China to reduce external dependence, strengthen independent.Second, ready to fight the insight to trump the government’s changing tactics, we have been unable to accurately predict the where is the end of a trade war, or how long it will last.However, given the history of tips we can be clear, sino-us trade friction is structural, long-term problems, so we should be ready to fight.And the best way to fight is to strengthen the independence of machine tool industry, reduce risk, looking for a new economic growth point of machine tool industry.1, deepen the reform, stimulate domestic demand.Transformation and upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry is currently in phase, to further deepen the reform will promote industry development, stripping unhealthy function, promote the marketization of state-owned enterprises in the machine tool, activate or cleaning faltered, widespread losses of state-owned enterprises in the machine tool, eliminate backward production capacity.And impress the consumer is also important to the growth of domestic demand, improve the domestic demand structure irrationality, thereby stimulating the development of the industry as a whole.2, open up new export markets.Southeast Asia including India, Thailand can be a good export market.On the one hand, in the past two years India’s manufacturing industry has developed rapidly, especially after the modi took office, the Indian government on the economic front sweeping reforms to promote India’s economic growth, will have great improve manufacturing in India.The current manufacturing in India accounted for 18% of GDP.On the other hand, compared with developed countries, China’s machine tool products have certain advantage in price.Three, zte event is warning zte’s & other;Chip & throughout;Events in the past few months citizens who gave strong warning role, make everybody realize the way of economic growth in China, can not blindly pursue speed, the core technology must also occupy a certain weight.If can’t achieve great breakthrough on the core technology and progress, economic development will be disciplined by others.But for now, China’s mastery of core technology of the nc machine tools is still very weak, especially in the field of high-end machine tools, and technology are developed countries such as Germany and Japan, hard to compete.So, on the machine tool industry independent, not just to get rid of the dependence on foreign markets, to improve the mastery of core technology.1, adhere to the innovation in the prominent position.Nc machine tools is the foundation of industrial modernization, as well as the objective need of promoting the construction of manufacturing power fast.To solve the problem of core technology of numerical control machine tool, the innovation in the prominent position.Encourage innovation, perfecting the innovation mechanism of reward, as one of the core elements of the industrial development by innovation.2, training machine tool industry related personnel.Talent is the development of the industry’s reserve force, is the core force of technology development.Relevant talent cultivating machine tool industry, to build both related high-end the cultivation of innovative talents and training service system, and to formulate policies to encourage talent training.Finally, it is worth, emphasized the autonomous machine tool industry is not returned to the islands of self sealing, but the fusion and development in a better way.The machine tool industry in China needs to continue to uphold the concept of opening up and cooperation, adhere to the market-oriented, deeper and wider into the global supply system.But in the outside, we also need to face the challenge of various sudden, independence is to reduce the risk, the best way to meet the challenge.(after)