The robot shapes in the metal the analysis of 4 big application of the machine tool

Automobile industry past is the robot uses the mainest field all the time, as the promotion of automation demand, industrial robot application gets bigger extend, outside be being used except traditional solder reinforce, the robot carries a battlements, burnish, spray in next makings on the machine tool, stock, assemble waited for a domain to also get applied extensively. Metallic figuration machine tool is the main component of machine tool tool, form cutting normally with expensive work intensity, noise pollution, the connection such as metallic dust is together, be in high temperature sometimes tall wet in the environment that has pollution even, the job is simple and as dry as a chip, the enterprise enrols person difficulty. Industrial robot and figuration machine tool are compositive, can solve problem of enterprise choose and employ persons not only, also can enhance treatment efficiency and security at the same time, promotion machines precision, have very large development space.

Numerical control loses curved chance compositive application

The robot folds curved compositive applying to basically have two kinds of kind. It is with folding curved machine is a center, the robot configures vacuum acetabulum, magnetic force is divided piece on next stage of work or material rest, fixed position, makings stages, retroflexion frame form the unit that fold a turn. 2 it is robot of robot and laser equipment or punching machine of numerical control revolving stage, industry walks axis, board makings transmission line, fixed position stage, the board that vacuum acetabulum grasper forms is flexible machine a line. Aisiduli controls the technical peace station of system and system of machine tool numerical control in the robot with oneself, implementation is not had seam join, development changes curved software package, the robot in 50% discount tortuous course holds makings implementation closed-loop control in the palm. Below the different speed that fold a turn, what robot implementation matchs automatically is complete dog, package of the software that fold a turn also makes fold a turn to show teach time to shorten from past 2-3 day 2-3 hour. Very good applying get in the treatment such as door of switch ark, file ark, elevator, guard against theft.

Compressor punch is compositive application

Compositive application basically has robot and compressor punch two kinds of means. Be: of makings of fluctuation of punch of only station robot? Piao of  of illicit of evil spirit of ü   washs ㄒ of hard Qu San to attack after? of anxiety of broadleaf plant ㄎ locates, move again secretly punch is carried out in sending compressor the mould, after punch ends, take through the robot makings put stow station, realize robot of only station compressor to expect automatically up and down. 2 be robot punch connects line: ?  of ぜ of す of commonplace of 8  Jing still feeds to fold of  of buy of Ti of ⒊ of  of wash of  of  of  of buy of ㄑ of Tong of to joke of cough of evil spirit of  of ɑ of ü  Tong ひ looks for  ? to need to cooperate to machine in much stage compressor, whole product line by the robot that tear open a battlements, expect to be transmitted between robot, compressor on carry a robot, tail string robot is comprised. Compare with the manipulator photograph of linear coordinate, use industrial robot to have more flexible, did not wait for high demand to the mould, easy and compositive. Stand proudly machine tool net thinks, use own compressor to control system and robot control system to not have seam join, can make the movement of the robot and compressor are achieved optimal and harmonious, use spot bus line, make efficiency of whole product line the biggest change, security is higher.

Hot die forging is compositive application

Heat up die forging product line to be comprised by press of two die forging normally, one is used at punch, another is used at cutting a margin. Compositive application configures robot of hot die forging normally two robots, a high temperature stock after be in charge of handling intermediate frequency furnace moves give die forging of strike out form press, another is in charge of taking makings hind to move from press of die forging of strike out form send press of another die forging to undertake cutting a margin. Adhere to prevent workpiece of high temperature punch mould, need undertakes to the mould black lead lubricates after punch every time, lubricant and OK finish by the robot, also can use special orgnaization implementation. Because forging,be high temperature tall wet and again black lead lubricates brought harsh environment, should notice a robot particularly defend the job and robot itself fight heat radiation ability, electric machinery of axis of company robot 4-5-6 is in Aisidu arm of machine National People’s Congress and small arm joint, have ego to be far from the structural characteristic of heat radiation. In die forging press installation electron cam controls a system, make die forging press carries travel and robot move harmonious, improve treatment efficiency, promote systematic security.

Solder reinforce is used

Soldering is working procedure of the line after material of forming machine bedplate is machined, the robot solders have resistance welding and arc solder two sort, solder the 40% above that robot application occupies whole robot to apply. Arc solder application is with the machine the person is core, the compositive welder such as clamping apparatus of configuration welder, machine sending silk, welding torch, tool makes a station. Aisiduke offers 6kg, arm to grow for 1400, the 1600 special arc welding machine with 2000mm implement person workstation. Resistance welding application is with the machine the person is core, gun of configuration spot welding, solder the workstation of compositive spot welding such as clamping apparatus of bag of unit of controller, hydrosphere, cop, tool. The machine of special resistance welding that Aisiduke offers 220kg, arm to grow 2600mm makes a station artificially. In addition, automation company is Aisidu solder application development is special solder software package, will solder library of expert craft parameter is compositive in robot system, satisfy all sorts of types to need.

The robot is advanced production technology and the typical delegate that automation equips, equipment of estate of intelligent chemical industry has become global manufacturing industry to upgrade the foundation of transition. Industrial robot and numerical control machine tool are compositive application, make intelligence is made move toward reality from the concept with factory of digitlization workshop, intelligence.