The development advantage of machine tool of cutting of shallow analyse metal

Metallic cutting machine tool is one of the machine tool important classification, main effect is had in machining production. From in last few years data looks, metallic cutting machine tool also is be the champion in machine tool product, can say the development trend in machine tool of cutting of the metal on certain level represented the development trend of machine tool industry. So is metallic cutting machine tool in is this main machine tool big kinds what development advantage to have? Accordingly small make up look together.

Potential of market of machine tool of cutting of metal of manufacturing industry development is tremendous

Begin from 2017, before the term such as 4.0” of industry of production ” of intelligence of “ China production 2025” , “ , “ appears often in people, and these terms are transmitting a signal to us: China should develop manufacturing industry energetically. The machine tool regards industry as master, have the concern of countless ties with numerous industry. Manufacturing industry develops, numerous fluctuation You Yinglai develops the machine tool good luck, also brought a huge potential market to machine tool industry, among them by behave with metallic cutting machine tool most apparent.

Will look according to the data 2017, the crop photograph of metallic cutting machine tool relatively grew 7.7%(2017 2016 year the data) October. Machine tool industry is in period of get warm again after a cold spell, the head is in the growth sign that sees metallic cutting machine tool from this angle to did not come retentive possibility is very large. And from metallic cutting machine tool will look downstream, the industry such as our country car, electron, shipping is in ascendant phase, still have very large growth space to the demand of metallic cutting machine tool. So integration analysis, the market development space of machine tool of prospective metal cutting is vast.

Policy supports metallic cutting machine tool to have favorable development environment

2017, multinomial policy designation expands machine tool trade. Industry letter ministry is in what the beginning of the year released 2017 ” the country is new-style industrialized property demonstrative base worked 2017 point ” in point out clearly should rely on national demonstrative base, play includes machine tool of high-grade numerical control inside 10 big fields are in “ 4 base the main effect of ” domain. ” a certain number of opinions that the State Council revitalizes equipment manufacturing industry about accelerating ” domain of equipment of 16 when also put forward China to will want to develop mainly henceforth great technologies. In these policy, no matter be to point out industry of development machine tool clearly, if the machine tool such as traffic of industrial robot, shipping, orbit is downstream,still develop industry, special to the development of the machine tool advantageous. The support of policy created a favorable development environment for machine tool industry. And the advantage of machine tool industry, also be the development advantage of metallic cutting machine tool undoubtedly.

Advantage of competition of applied limits wide oneself is clear

The exterior and advantageous element that metallic cutting machine tool develops was analysed in front, from oneself of metallic cutting machine tool the analysis looks now. In light of the data that academy of industry of the look up before the basis arranges, metallic cutting machine tool distributings in product of global machine tool in occupied 5 into above, what its use it serves to show is wide. In fact, the application of metallic cutting machine tool is very wide really, small to 3C number, arrive greatly aerospace, can see its figure. Wide applied range brought market of huge of metallic cutting machine tool endurance, wave motion of single industry market produces bigger effect very hard to its. This kind of character gave metallic cutting machine tool stronger market competition ability, make it can adjust its product specific aim according to downstream development, hold oneself development dominant position thereby.

Academy of industry of the look up before coming from

Downstream market demand is big, policy environment is favorable, oneself application range is very wide also, these advantages make space of development of metallic cutting machine tool very large. If machine tool of cutting of our country metal can raise technical level, better get used to market demand, believe the progress in future will be better and better.

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