Tell intelligence to make traditional machine tool you can be washed out completely nowadays?

Say the wave before the billow after the Yangtse River is pushed, as the fashionable that intelligence makes, more and more automatic and masked equipment are continuous like emerge emerge in large numbers. The figure that is less than traditional machine tool has seen it seems that on the market nowadays, be replaced basically by place of numerical control machine tool, very much traditional machine tool already entered museum, or make a kind of symbolistic thing. Keep turning as the gear of time, can be traditional machine tool washed out completely in the future?

The machine tool is apart from already had history of hundreds of years of development today, be in such new old in changing years, ceaseless and organic bed is washed out by times place. Arrive all the time however today, a lot of labour still have a few traditional machine tools to give out heat in ceaseless glow inside the factory. The author ever had enquired controller of a lot of companies when visitting machine tool company why using traditional machine tool as before, reach the answer that come is as follows roughly:

One, traditional machine tool is low-cost

To the enterprise, controlling manufacturing cost is very important. Very much traditional machine tool especially lathe, same power, light of numerical control lathe purchases cost one is about to compare common lathe several times more expensive, the charge such as material of bad news of the maintenance of later period, maintenance, form a complete set also tower above a lot of. Although at present numerical control machine tool is replacing traditional machine tool ceaselessly, but the dominant position with solid petty gain of traditional machine tool still cannot be replaced, say traditional machine tool is in so short-term inside be washed out very hard thoroughly.

2, traditional machine tool more apply to miniature treatment and spare parts 2 times to revise

When need produces the part of certain small lot, the advantage of traditional machine tool came out now with respect to body. Major specialized worker needs to see the blueprint of the spare parts only, can pass traditional machine tool to come out treatment of this spare parts, can saying is 100 a key to do sth know general rule of one a key to do sth.

The machine tool user nowadays more jubilation custom-built change this term, this also raised taller requirement to producing the manufacturer of the machine tool. When manufacturing this kind of machine tool, because the spare parts is custom-built,turn a product, a lot of moment need a worker to undertake 2 times modification to machining the component that come out, if use process designing of numerical control machine tool right now again, energy of too wasteful rather time. A lot of experienced worker pass traditional machine tool to have simple treatment directly, the spare parts can be used, this is one of main reasons that a lot of manufacturer withhold traditional machine tool.

3, pay of personnel of numerical control process designing is high, the talent is enrolled hard

With the equipment of a lot of automation nowadays even laser equipment photograph is compared, the advantage that traditional machine tool needs to be operated by hand only still is supported by a lot of experienced worker. Because not be every worker of metropolis process designing, to company controller, personnel of numerical control process designing often needs higher pay, and numerical control system a lot of kinds, the operator difficulty that should look for machine tool of a perfectness numerical control should compare the machine tool worker that seeks a convention apparently tall.

4, the enterprise throws cost question

Although numerical control machine tool is gaining ground ceaselessly nowadays, but to the enterprise, one-time devoted and many capital comes batch changes equipment often can create very great pressure to the enterprise. Use considering rationalize of company capital have enough to meet need, equipment wait for a problem, major company can choose change stage by stage numerical control equipment, traditional machine tool still can be used to undertake the part is machined in the workshop of a lot of enterprises so.

Summary rises can see, although intelligence creates the big climate that has made manufacturing industry progress nowadays, but equipment all-pervading circumstance is changed to fall in intelligence, traditional machine tool has his to become the dominant position of one case oneself as before. The author thinks, as later intelligence of numerical control machine tool changes degree to promote ceaselessly, traditional machine tool may be accumulated to replace by bedding face, but should accomplish fall into disuse completely, come round to say to return with respect to eye not quite feasible.

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