Shoulder heavy responsibilities of problem of conformity of system of industry of our country machine tool

Business of industry of our country machine tool strides the step that moved informatization in 80 time, already had history of more than 20 years up to now, promoted the development of machine tool manufacturing industry, obtained certain result, but from whole for, the demand that promotes industrialization with informatization still differs very far. Problem of ” of island of “ information Gu is more serious still, resource is shared below rate, investment yields and not ideal. But for each company that creates as the machine tool, do not have the footstep of rein in informatization, go up in the road of informatization all the time gropingly.

The reporter interviewed Chang Chunbai of director of center of information of manufactory of machine tool of Changchun numerous Xin, he expresses, each job must refine the line on our informatization, make clear responsibility, basically divide a measure specific carry out: Computer of management of data of design of the first PDM, CAPP(assists process to design) the standard is carried out originally. This basically is to build a PDM and CAPP to use platform, make relevant technology personnel is familiar with PDM work environment, master management of static product data, achieve fast inquiry, generate accord with requirement catalog, it is product component list, bought-in component list is waited a moment normally.

The 2nd want implementation to design process management, change management relevantly. Change in the design very frequent, this process solid almsgiver if PDM government data, change, version management gets controlling. Make blueprint of figure of place management product true, authentic, and can use for other department place. The management that designs a process basically is to should optimize this system, former to us whole design process undertakes be optimizinged adequately, improve products plan result. The 3rd, craft divides the work. Material norm, equipment flow chart is carried out.

The 4th, the product is configured and be out of shape namely design. This is at present we are in executive process difficulty is very great, everybody knows product configuration, product is fluctuant very big, necessity is very strong, executive difficulty is very great, improving further now.

The 5th and this ERP system in establishment is at present compositive.

Carry out make a focal point, so integrated will be Chongzhongzhi is weighed. Reflect the perfect number that provides in whole platform to check in this respect, this includes integrality, associated sex, accuracy 3 text analyse an examination, involve finally with ERP compositive, this compositive it is now the data of the generation in CAPP, through this compositive interface undertakes to ERP the number conveys, this is the can deliver this certainly data range in the process, can pass product and type certainly, in ERP after delivering an end the system can build cost warehouse.

Systematic conformity must solve data to share above all, the product data of machine tool manufacturing industry originates CAD and CAPP, so CAD is mixed CAPP must the data that can provide accurate, complete, standard automatically for ERP, it is more important to produce a business to much breed especially, will become ERP to carry out medium obstacle otherwise. Apply good PDM system to solve the conformity of CAD and CAPP and ERP so, on this foundation executive ERP had safeguard. If the enterprise pays attention to ERP only carry out, so state of unfavorable of enterprise executive informatization will appear again.

What put forward here is integrated, it is systematic conformity not just, still involve IT and the conformity of advanced production technology. IT with innovation gender, osmotic, drive model and times add a gender, but it cannot replace each professional technique in make however. Development of modern production technology already had the experience that accumulates for years, and still updating ceaselessly, progress, want to make IT produces its effect in manufacturing industry so, must be united in wedlock with production technology photograph. Must take IT and the course that photograph of advanced production technology, management technique combines.

Chang Chunbai cited a case: “ computer graphics is the foundation that solves CAD plot, design, at present we used this technology in make, but how has been blueprint designed, accomplish on the structure advanced, reasonable, achieve this one function namely, have facilitate make, it is mechanical design technology only, so CAD should produce effect, must be united in wedlock with photograph of products plan technology. ”

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