Led and laser and Italy Prima Power strategic cooperation to lead a new era for intelligent equipment

On June 15, 2018, the Chinese brought gen with Italian Prima laser Power strategic cooperation signing ceremony was held in cangzhou international conference center.Cangzhou municipal committee, deputy mayor wen-ge li, Italian foreign trade commission chief representative of Beijing Emanuele De Maigret, Italy’s rema group chairman Gianfranco Carbonato, Italy’s rema China chairman of the board of directors of the company, Flavio Gregori, chairman Chen Zhihong led and laser, laser processing of Chinese optical society committee, director of the king, China machine tool industry association of chang-cheng guo, fung, chairman of Hong Kong force Li Xiuliang, chu shang group wuhan chutian RongZhi throws the enterprise (limited partnership) execute transaction partner lupo, canal zone district party committee, deputy secretary of the district xiang-yang gao, district party committee standing committee member and deputy warden Zhang Zhenquan, district party committee standing committee member and minister of united front work department FanQingQuan, from cangzhou, the canal zone, more than 20 park enterprises directly under the leadership of enterprises represents, customers, suppliers, and more than 20 well-known news media attended the signing ceremony, jointly witnessed the has special significance for China and the world’s strategic cooperation signing ceremony.Before the ceremony, the central television station, hebei TV, cangzhou television and news media reporters for led and laser and Prima Power of strategic cooperation and future development direction of the interview.On the signing ceremony, government leaders, industry experts, corporate party successively from different angles to interpret the development and the huge influence in all aspects of the laser.Signed by Prima Power China chairman Flavio Gregori and led and laser Chen Zhihong chairman on behalf of the two sides signed a contract, led by the government, industry experts, and partners to help sign.Signed a contract, after the completion of a common lifted the champagne contract has come to a successful conclusion.And industry and partners have congratulation, blessed signing in his success.After the signing ceremony, to bring xin-chao wang gen laser vice President issued a laser marketing policy.Prima Power China chairman Flavio Gregori Prima latest technology.Founded in 2010, led a laser, it is the first batch of national high-tech development zone emphatically introducing high and new technology enterprise, holds the core technology, laser cutting machine, welding machine industry influence among the top three.Prima Power as the leader of sheet metal processing machinery and systems, is a global automation, intelligent, 3 d technology leader.The through combining, led and laser Chen Zhihong chairman said to Prima Power complementary advantages, resource sharing.Introduced a laser absorption Prima Power in the field of automation, the three dimensional, advanced technology, will become the representative of the national laser industry intelligent, this not only to the development of led and laser have a vital role, even more for the most part to drive the progress of the laser industry upgrading in China and even all over the world.This is a far-reaching business cooperation, China and Italy’s laser industry leaders of strategic alliance, its power has been far from 1 + 1 & gt;2 to describe, but a fusion, will create an unprecedented miracle in the future.Joint venture, led and laser in the next 3-5 years will be developed into laser industry automation, intelligent star enterprises.As enterprise of cangzhou canal zone laser industrial park, the joint venture of cangzhou city 2018 strategic & other;The new five engine & throughout;Development plays a huge role;Optical valley in the north also gradually expand the influence, so as to promote the coordinated development of beijing-tianjin-hebei.(source: led and laser)