Industrial robot situation a good many positive factors to promote the development of domestic enterprises

Industrial robot as & other;Machine throughout substitution &;One of the important link, in recent years gradually to the attention of the more and more domestic manufacturer.In & other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;Strategic layout and structural shortage of labor market, under the double stimulation of robot industry into the rapid growth of our country.China since 2013 as the world’s largest consumer market, industrial robot and remain today.At present, the industrial robot has formed bohai rim, Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta and the Midwest four big industrial concentration area.Domestic industrial robot manufacturers are gradually rise, and start with & other;Four big families & throughout;Competitive market at home and abroad.Data show that in 2014 China’s industrial robot sales of 57000 units, year-on-year growth of 55%;In 2015, sales reached 68000 units, up 19%;Sales of nearly 90000 units in 2016.Comprehensive above factors, can be expected that in 2018 China’s industrial robot sales will reach 127000 units, in the next five years (2018-2022), the average annual compound growth rate of about 23.24%, in 2022 China’s industrial robot sales will reach 293000 units, arguably China’s industrial robot market prospect is considerable.Guangzhou CNC industrial robots in recent years, along with the advancement of robot body and core parts localization, cost reduction (shorten payback period), artificial replacement, the acceleration of import substitution, a large number of domestic enterprises is developing in the golden period of robot.Rising labor costs down the price of industrial robots as fewer demographic dividend, labor shortages, rising labor costs, China’s labor cost advantage compared with other developing countries slowly weakening, labor-intensive industries to gradually shift to other southeast Asian countries.Compared to the rising labor costs, high efficiency of the industrial robot and & otherNo rest & throughout;Advantage makes it become the first selection of more corporate & otherLabor & throughout;.Compared to the previous multi-million dollar robot devices, today’s industrial robots have been able to let the most affordable price.So buying robots instead of human naturally into a lot of plans for the development of the enterprise.National policies to support intelligent manufacturing the trend of The Times in April 2016, the state ministry of industry, the national development and reform commission, ministry of finance jointly issued by the robot industry development planning (2017-2021).”Planning” is put forward, and five years to form our own relatively complete industrial robot system, and lists the main task of the targeted.One is through significant landmark product; the first breakthrough2 it is to develop the robot key components.Three is to strengthen industrial foundation ability;Fourth, promoting application demonstration;Five is to cultivate leading enterprises.China in the transformation and upgrading of industrial robot industry demand release, dividend highlight national policy, the capital market the opportunity of boost phase superposition, the robot industry chain manufacturing and system integration, its upper parts, middle ontology downstream huge potential application in the field of investment.Combined with the current trend of intelligent manufacturing, robot replace artificial proportion will increase.As future people requirements of the quality of product promotion, our country manufacturing industry would be in the direction of intensive and intelligent industrial upgrading, will be more and more high degree of automation, the demand for automation equipment will also gradually released.Although at present our country’s capacity for independent innovation of the industrial robot is low, the products are mainly to mid-range, robot but there is no denying that many companies are struggling to forge ahead towards a more high-end products.Every journey begins with a single step, as long as the domestic companies have the spirit of the scaling new heights, then believe that the future of domestic industrial robot must be light!(this article is provided by China machine tool business original, reproduced this website articles, subject to a written authorization.)