Dhi to high-end five-axis machine tool service in key areas

Jinan 2 machine tool group, insist on innovation, power of intelligent manufacturing, represented by large five-axis linkage machining center of high-grade CNC machine tool to realize continuous breakthrough, from the high torque at low speed to high speed feed, from the first sets of products to provide a variety of solutions, from universal to adapt to different process requirements, from the mass market application, to replace imported JIER brand nc machine tools are more and more widely in the service of domestic key industries and major projects, to meet the demand of national strategy, made positive contributions to achieve domestic high-end equipment manufacture.Held in April CCMT2018, jinan second machine tool exhibition XHSV2525A & times;40 five-axis linkage high speed boring and milling machining center, gantry is on behalf of the independent research and development achievements in recent years, the focus of the products.The machining center is mainly used for various aluminum alloy, composite material, and black metal, other five axis machining complex curved surface parts, have the characteristics of high precision, high efficiency and high reliability.Core features applied JIER independent intellectual property rights of AC axis nc milling head, double pendulum Angle can achieve import substitution, large thin wall structure can satisfy the domestic aerospace industry, auto mould industry of large complex curved surface processing, etc. Different process requirements.Innovation leads the main key core technology in recent years, despite the obvious progress in home-made numerical control machine, but the situation of key industries high-end equipment imports still fails to change, one of the reasons is the key core technology of others.Jinan 2 machine more than ten years, adhere to independent research and development, to conquer the overloading hydrostatic guideway, automatic removable nipple and degree, high precision turn quick balance high-speed, high-speed drive technology, large gantry machine tool error analysis and precision compensation and so on a number of key core technology, become the first domestic five-axis linkage CNC machine tools is developed, and the earliest realize marketization, the scale of the enterprise.Developed in 2002 for the south-north water diversion project of the domestic first set of five-axis linkage beam gantry boring and milling machine, 2003 for changchun passenger car gantry mobile five-axis linkage boring and milling machine, 2006 developed the five-axis linkage CNC machine spindle type double gantry boring and milling machine, for the space of a factory in 2007 to provide a large of five-axis linkage milling planer, large domestic five-axis linkage CNC machine tools in the field of aerospace market applications.Double pendulum Angle CNC universal milling head is the core of five-axis linkage CNC machine features.Domestic five-axis linkage machine tool has been developing rapidly in recent years, but as a key technology of the milling head, are adopting foreign technology, restrict the development of domestic machine tool to high-end field.Jinan 2 machine tools by means of the implementation of the national major projects of science and technology, independent research and development success of the double pendulum Angle CNC universal milling head, including mechanical universal spindle type double pendulum Angle milling head series, electric spindle type mechanical drive universal double pendulum Angle milling head series, electric spindle type torque motor to drive the double pendulum Angle universal milling head series.Three different transmission structure of the double pendulum Angle CNC universal milling head, respectively, to realize high speed and high precision cutting or efficient heavy-duty cutting, can meet various process requirements of different industries, as one of a handful of master the core technology of domestic enterprises, completely broke the long-term foreign monopoly.Continues to break through the batch replace imported with the sustained and rapid development of national economy, aerospace, rail transportation, auto mould and other key industries of large high-speed five-axis linkage machining center formed vigorous market demand.With independent technical advantages of advanced products, become jinan second machine tool to open the market & other;Golden key & throughout;.In the field of aerospace, jinan second machine tool of large five-axis linkage boring and milling machining center achieved mature application, to provide space for more than ten different types of gantry machining center.In from the truck to the launcher, from the machining process of missiles, rockets and satellites, spacecraft, JIER brand processing centers are in play a security role.Among them, for an enterprise to provide XKV2755A & times;120 five-axis linkage CNC machine, milling head initially selected by the user is Germany, severe faults in the debugging, repair three times back to Germany, slow to solve the problem.To switch to jinan after two machine independently developed motorized spindle type double pendulum Angle of universal milling head to succeed.The machine took on important national defense processing tasks, endured the class three a week, more than 18 hours per day continuous processing test.Users think JIER self-developed universal milling head can completely satisfy the requirement of the large complex structure processing, import substitution can be realized.And for other German five-axis is initiated first alternative work for JIER five shaft head.Large structures in the field of aviation industry, the structure is complex, the processing difficulty is big, five-axis machining contour key technology and equipment needed for the long-term dependence on foreign imports.Jinan two independent research and development of machine tool series double pendulum Angle CNC universal milling head, can realize the aviation aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, high temperature steel and composite material parts processing, has won the main air the same order.In 2016 won the China aviation hanzhong components company 6 large order of five-axis linkage milling planer, implements the batch to enter the aviation forms a breakthrough.Auto mould processing technology performance requirements for machine tools is very high, with large processing surface and complex, the processing time and high precision of standard features, its long-term dependence on imported finishing equipment.Jinan 2 machine after many years research and development and trial and error, the special die for auto mould milling machining center, implements the large outer covering parts mold finishing, will be replace imported another class of high-grade CNC machine tools.In addition, jinan second machine tool is a breakthrough in the field of light rail, won 35 meters large five-axis linkage byd cloud rail gantry milling machine 10 sets, such as special machine tool orders.So far, jinan second machine tool configuration independent intellectual property rights of the double pendulum Angle milling head five-axis linkage CNC machine tools have been implemented more than 50 sets of batch applications, to satisfy the key areas of the market demand, to safeguard national economic security and made important contribution to national security.(the original title: dhi to high-end five-axis machine tool service focus areas) (source: China machine tool industry association)