Development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry increases active power into industry strong

This year first half of the year, manufacturing industry of equipment of our country high end develops as before driving, whole is added fast fast at equipment manufacturing industry, and the proportion in industry rises ceaselessly, hopeful will be become henceforth draw the main power that uses industrial economy growth. As a whole, high-end equipment manufacturing industry is transition of current manufacturing industry upgrades the battlefield ” with the hottest “ , foreground one auspicious.

Importance of high-end equipment manufacturing industry is highlighted

Current, our country has become manufacturing industry big state, but the contradiction of “ is big and not strong ” still perplexes our country manufacturing industry. Before academy of look up industry ” high-end equipment production industry analyses a report ” data shows, in high-end equipment domain, the integrated circuit chip of 80% makes our country the equipment, large petrifaction equipment of 40% , car of 70% makes crucial equipment and advanced intensive change agriculture to equip to still rely on an entrance. Chinese equipment is at present self-sufficient although rate was achieved 85% , but main concentration is in in low end domain.

Equipment manufacturing industry is a country is strategical the mark that industry and industry rise, it is the foundation of manufacturing industry and place of core competition ability. Accordingly, make ” from “ China to realize Chinese manufacturing industry the change that to “ Chinese wisdom makes ” , 2010, be in ” the State Council is bred about accelerating and development is strategical the decision of burgeoning industry ” in, high end equipment manufacturing industry regards 7 old strategies as one of burgeoning industries, the China that help strength is made raise technical content.

High-end equipment manufacturing industry is the high-end part of equipment manufacturing industry, have a technology concentrated, additional cost tall, growing space is large, drive action to wait for outstanding characteristic by force. Specific for, main show of ” of “ high end is in 3 respects: The first, technical content is high, expression is knowledge, technology concentrated, the successive; that reflects much discipline and skill of much territory high-grade the 2nd, be in value catenary high end, the diagnostic; that has high additional cost the 3rd, core position is held in industrial catenary, its develop a level to decide the integral competition ability of industrial catenary.

Join the real case of current China, direction of development of high-end equipment production key includes traffic of aerospace, orbit, marine project, intelligence 8 domains such as equipment of automobile of equipment of equipment of equipment, clean energy, energy-saving environmental protection, new energy resources, foundation and general part.

Development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry is driving

Drive in national policy below, development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry is swift and violent, major breakthrough is obtained in many domains.

For example, in last few years, manufacturing industry of equipment of our country marine engineering obtained great progress, especially equipment of development of marine oil gas has better progress base. Our country realizes the own design that shallow water oil gas equips basically already to build, shipping of partial ocean project forms a brand, deep-sea equipment is made obtain certain breakthrough. 2016, industry of marine engineering equipment is finished advocate business Wu income seventy-six billion five hundred and seventy-eight million yuan, grow 7.7% compared to the same period.

Be like again, industry of equipment of transportation of our country orbit is preliminary already established framework of innovation of technology of equipment of national course transportation, already built the orgnaization of national level research and development that is a delegate with laboratory of state of modern course traffic 10, national innovation enterprise 5, center of technology of national cognizance company 13. Formed maintain industry technology center to be a backbone with lab of project of key laboratory of laboratory of research center of national project technology, national project research center, state, state, country, country, the system of innovation of research and development that covers fundamental technology, general character technology, product implementation technology. 2016, sales revenue of industry of orbit transportation equipment picks up somewhat, achieve four hundred and twenty-eight billion nine hundred and sixty-two million yuan, grow 10.0% compared to the same period.

In addition, dimensions of market of robot of our country industry grows ceaselessly, already made the market with the rapiddest growth on the world. 2016, crop of our country robot is 72426, relatively rose compared to the same period 2015 30.4% . Current robot appears increasingly in each domains of production, life, chinese industry is greeting the production that is core with digitlizing intelligence to make to change. These configuration the industrial robot of each different is actual the ” of “ figure appellation that is manufacturing automation equipment, because ” of “ machine substitution is accelerated ceaselessly, the production of workshop of common factory production and management become quicker, efficient, we are drawing times of ” of “ intelligence factory.

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